Fashion Photography by Kristian Schuller

Kristian Schuller

Kristian Schuller is a Paris-based photographer. Born in Romania, Kristian emigrated with his family to Germany at an early age. He studied fashion design with Vivienne Westwood and photography with F.C. Gundlach at the University of Fine Arts Berlin.

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Portrait Photography by Yossi Loloi

Yossi Loloi

Yossi Loloi is a talented 39 years old photographer based in Milan, Italy. Loloi’s path to photography began in the art classes he took at his international school in Milan. His love of art abided despite deciding to drop out of school at age 16 to join his father in the family’s carpet business.

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Locked in the Ether by Kenji Shibata

Kenji Shibata

Kenji Shibata is a talented photographer and artist based in Osaka, Japan. For his Locked in the ether series, Kenji froze an array of flowers in blocks of ice and then photographs them as they are thawing.

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Photography by Eiffel Chong

Eiffel Chong

Born in 1977 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Eiffel Chong graduated with a Masters in International Contemporary Art and Design Practice from the University of East London and is currently a photography lecturer at an art institution in Malaysia.

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Creative Photography by Thomas Herbrich

Thomas Herbrich

Thomas Herbrich is a talented photographer and artist based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Thomas was born in 1955, he begins his career of photography in a studio of still life. Enjoy also his smoke photography.

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Fashion Photography by David Burton

David Burton

David Burton was born january 1968 in London, England. Having left school at 16, David took an apprenticeship with the hairdresser vidal sassoon and spent the next four years at his knightsbridge salon. It was while working for sassoon that he first experienced a fashion photographer at work.

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Portrait Photography by Ramona Rosales

Ramona Rosales2

Native of Los Angeles, photographer Ramona Rosales injects a little bit of her love for Southern California into her work. Whether in the color, humor or attitude, it all comes through each of her images, no matter the location or setting.

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Models from Famous Paintings in Real Life by Flora Borsi

Hungary-based photographer Flora Borsi created a series of photographs called Real Life Models where she imagines how would look models of distorted paintings in real life.

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In Dogs We Trust by Will Robson Scott and Ollie Grove

yo+muts 001

In Dogs We Trust, a 124 page hardback book, reveals the special relationship between dogs and their owners on both sides of the Atlantic. Photographers and friends from childhood Ollie Grove and Will Robson-Scott spent years searching across the social spectrum to shoot intriguing characters and their beloved hounds in locations as diverse as Hackney, Hampstead, Venice Beach, Brooklyn and Queens. Published and designed by Victory Edition , NYC.

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Portraits From Brazil Crackland

From teenage mothers and fathers to truck drivers and homeless addicts, Brazil’s 24 hour drugs market Crackland has become home to people from all walks of life.

Located in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, crack cocaine users visit the open-air bazaars to buy rocks of the drug and smoke it in plain sight, day or night. As the country’s drugs crisis reaches epidemic levels, its markets pull in anyone looking to get high. Some of whom once held jobs, had loving families and harbored dreams of a better existence – all lost to their addictions.

In this March 17, 2015 photo, Eduardo Santos de Souza, 46, poses for a portrait in an open-air crack cocaine market, known as a “cracolandia” or crackland, where users can buy crack, and smoke it in plain sight, day or night, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Souza, a father of 8 children, with 4 different women, says he has cut down on his drug use and has a life outside crackland. (Photo by Felipe Dana/AP Photo)

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Instagrams by Simone Bramante

Simone Bramante

Simone Bramante is a talented photographer, creative director, designer, illustrator and traveler from Bologna, Italy. He shoot a lot of landscapes, travel and nature photography, all photos on his instagram captured with iPhone.

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Fashion Photography by Emma Summerton


Australian born Emma Summerton graduated from the National Art School in Sydney, where she studied Fine Arts majoring in Photography. After graduating, Emma went to work as a photographic assistant for 6 years. Emma moved to London in 1998, where she worked as assistant to artist Fiona Banner and occasionally collaborating with Fiona on photographic projects including shooting many images for Fiona banner’s first book released in 2003.

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Sculpture Athletes by Tim Tadder and Cristian Girotto


California-based advertising photographer Tim Tadder, in collaboration with Paris-based retoucher Cristian Girotto, created a series of photos entitled Sculpture Athletes.

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Landscape Photography by Pawel Kucharski

Pawel Kucharski

Pawel Kucharski is a talented 40 years old photographer based in Opole, Poland. He shoot also a lot of nature, travel and panoramic photography.

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Wedding Photography by Oleg Shel

Oleg Shel

Oleg Shel is a professional wedding photographer and videographer based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He studied at St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications.

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