The Contrasting Beauty of Iceland by Iurie Belegurschi

Due to the almost constant presence of floating ice and iceberg parts near the Iceland coast the scenery there is just gorgeous. Photographer Iurie Belegurschi created a stunning series of contrasting photographs where the fire of the Sun is opposed to the deep cold of the ice.

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Landscape Photography by Michal Mierzejewski

A Hole in the World

Michal Mierzejewski is a talented self taught photographer based in Wroclaw, Poland. He studied at the Agricultural University at the Faculty of Environmental Protection. Michal shoot a lot of nature, landscapes, and long exp photography.

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Fashion Photography by Kai Z Feng

Kai Z Feng

Kai Z Feng was born in Shanghai and is now based in New York after starting his career in London. At 24, he found photography and started injecting his unique style of artistic vision into the fashion world.

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Portrait Photography by Lukas Wawrzinek

Lukas Wawrzinek

Lukas Wawrzinek is a talented amateur photographer based in Wolfsburg, Niedersachsen, Germany, who found love in portrait photography in 2012.

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Nature Landscapes by Arild Heitmann

Arild Heitmann

Arild Heitmann, 35, is a well established landscape photographer based in the small town of Evenskjer. Large portions of his childhood were spent in the woods and the mountains chasing large trout. In 2007 he started bringing his camera on these trips and this was the start of a growing career as a nature photographer.

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Black and White Street Photography by Peter Turnley

Peter Turnley

Peter Turnley is renown for his photography of the realities of the human condition. His photographs have been featured on the cover of Newsweek 43 times and are published frequently in the world’s most prestigious publications. He has worked in over 90 countries and has witnessed most major stories of international geo-political and historic significance in the last thirty years. His photographs draw attention to the plight of those who suffer great hardships or injustice. He also affirms with his vision the many aspects of life that are beautiful, poetic, just, and inspirational.

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Free High Quality Stock Photos #2

Photos has always been an important element of web design. High quality photos are a must have requirement for a website, it will improve your website or a blog article. This post is part of our weekly series of posts that showing free high quality stock photos. These images are perfect for backgrounds, headers, web sites, apps, articles, blogs or presentations.

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Instagrams by Gabriel Isak

Gabriel Isak

Gabriel Isak was born in 1990 in Huskvarna, Sweden. An early gift from his father would form his future and the way he would communicate with the world, a small compact camera which he would use to document life around him.

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Fine Art Fashion Photography by Bara Prasilova

Bara Prasilova

Bara Prasilova studied The Institute of Creative Photography at Silesian Universiy, she lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic. A key role in her work plays her memory, mixture of real and fictional as well as her sense of absurdity. Her visual world consists of imaginary memories of what never happened and explorations of what could have happened it we dropped the habit ot drawing our own limits.

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Landscape Photography by Yannick Lefevre

Yannick Lefevre

Yannick Lefevre is a talented selft taught photographer based in Cannes, Alpes-Maritimes, France, who just started photography since May 2008 and he learns so fast. Yannick shoot a lot of travel, urban and cityscape photography.

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Black and White Photography by Nydia Lilian

Nydia Lilian

Nydia Lilian is an photographer & graphic designer from the city of Monterrey, Mexico. One of her greatest passions is traveling, being the perfect combination between her craft and meeting and documenting new places. She was the typical daydreamer, traveling inside her vivid imagination and with a strong inner world. Now, all this is projected in her professional work, creating new, fantastic alternate dimensions.

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The View from the Train by Rolf Sachs

Rolf Sachs

Conceptual artist and designer, Rolf Sachs is recognised for his distinctive, multidisciplinary approach. His work takes inspiration from everyday objects that contain ‘traces of life.’ It is the human touch within objects which fuels his thinking, allowing him to move freely between art and design, searching for the ‘inner soul,’ character and honesty in unexpected and overlooked places.

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Much Loved Stuffed Animals in Mark Nixon’s Photo Project

Irish photographer Mark Nixon created a lot of portraits of old toys that were loved, maybe, even too much.

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Vintage Photography by Art Kane

Art Kane

Art Kane (1925 – 1995) was one of the most influential photographers of the twentieth century. A bold visionary, Kane’s work encompassed fashion, editorial, celebrity portraiture, travel, and nudes with a relentless and innovative eye. Like his contemporaries, Guy Bourdin (1928 – 1991) and Helmut Newton (1924 – 2004), Kane gravitated toward strong color, eroticism and surreal humor.

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20 Incredible Photos Taken With an iPhone 6


Do you dream of taking beautiful photos but sadly do not have the cash for high-end DLSR cameras? If that is the case, there is no need to worry since all you really need to be able to take some gorgeous photos is a mobile phone with a good camera, some handy mobile photography tips, and a collection of photos that can serve as your inspiration.

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