Love Me or Kill Me by Sarker Protick

Love Me or Kill Me by Sarker Protick

Sarker Protick was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As a teenager he wanted to be a musician and songwriter, but discovered photography around the age of 24. After finishing his bachelor’s degree, he enrolled at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute to learn photography. Sarker’s photographs have been published in The New York Times, GEO Magazine, The New Yorker, National Geographic, Die Zeit, The British Journal of Photography, The Sunday Times and Wired, among many others. In 2012, Sarker won the Prix Mark Grosset Internationales De Photographie and the World Bank Art Program.

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Instagrams by Sezgin Yilmaz

Sezgin Yilmaz5

Sezgin Yilmaz is a talented photographer and artist based in Istanbul, Tukrey. He was graduated with a visual communication design degree.

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Instagrams by Viktor Holm

Viktor Holm

Viktor Holm is a talented artist and instagram photographer based in Gothenburg, Sweden. He shoot a lot of portrait, landscape and urban photography. Viktor use iPhone 5, he inspired by Mary Ellen Wilson.

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Erielle by Nick Sparks


In his ongoing dive into photographing other creatives, Nick Sparks photographs Denver ballet dancer Erielle Kalhoefer. The photos reveal a rough and passionate relationship with ballet dancing.

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Photographer Karl Lundholm Captures Beautiful Seascapes of Australia

Sunset in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Photographer Karl Lundholm was born and raised on the west coast of Sweden, and ever since, he’s enjoyed being close to water. He also loves traveling and has spent much of the past six years visiting places like Indonesia and the Philippines.

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Fashion Photography by Arron Dunworth

Arron Dunworth

Arron Dunworth is a talented 22 years old photographer, journalist and creative director based in London, UK. He shoot a lot of fashion, portrait, beauty and editorial photography. Arron has just finished his degree at Roehampton University, studying journalism combined with photography.

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Urban Furniture by Dimitri Daniloff

Dimitri Daniloff

Dimitri Daniloff is a talented photographer based in Paris, France. He was born in 1970, Dimitri originally studied Mathematics and Science. Only at age 16 he received a camera as a gift and became enamored and obsessed with photography.

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Glamour Photography by Claudio Oliverio

Claudio Oliverio

Claudio Oliverio is a talented photographer and commercial model based between Berlin, Milano and Moscow. He received photodesigner diploma at FH Dortmund.

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Black and White iPhoneography by Jason Peterson

Jason Peterson

Jason Peterson is an instagram legend known as dark knight and master of black and white street iPhoneography. He was grew up in Phoenix Arizona and currently based in downtown Chicago.

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Travel Instagrams by Alex Strohl

Alex Strohl

Alex Strohl is a adventure 23 years old Franch photographer, who was born in Madrid, Italy and currently based between Los Angeles, CA and Vancouver, BC.

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Vintage Photography by Bruce Thomas

Bum Boats, Colombo Harbour, Sri Lanka, 1969

Bruce Thomas is a talented 70 years old photographer based in Perth, Australia. He travelled from Sri Lanka to Wimbledon in a tiny Fiat minivan in the 1960’s is searching for his long-lost travel companion.

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A Cry for the Tiger by Steve Winter

Steve Winter

Steve Winter has been attacked by rhinos in India, stalked by jaguars in Brazil, charged by a 11-foot grizzly in Siberia, and trapped in quicksand in the world’s largest tiger reserve in Myanmar. He has slept in a tent for six months at -40 below zero tracking snow leopard, flown over erupting volcanoes, and visited isolated villages where residents have never before seen a blond foreigner—or a camera.

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Travel Photography by Karl Lundholm

Karl Lundholm

Karl Lundholm is a hobby photographer and photo retoucher based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Karl shoot a lot of landscape, travel and lifestyle photography with his Nikon D7100, he tries to capture moments that inspire people.

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Fashion Photography by Sara Bille

Sara Bille

Sara Bille is a talented photographer and filmmaker based in Sweden. She shoot a lot of fashion, beauty, editorial and advertising photography. Sara represented by Cameralink, Sweden´s number one photographers agency.

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Stunning Celebrity Portraits by Estevan Oriol

Adrien Brody

Estevan Oriol is an internationally celebrated professional photographer, director and urban lifestyle entrepreneur. Beginning his career as a hip-hop club bouncer turned tour manager for popular Los Angeles-based rap groups Cypress Hill and House of Pain, Estevan’s passion for photography developed while traveling the world. With an influential nudge and old camera from his father, renowned photographer Eriberto Oriol, Estevan began documenting life on the road and established a name for himself amid the emerging hip-hop scene.

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