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Last Floor Project

In this very interesting project, Felipe Morozini, a São Paulo based photographer, takes voyeuristic pictures of people on their balconies or on the roofs of apartment buildings.

Via Coisa’74

desingutrust Last Floor Project

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Osmel Fabre photography

Body Osmel Fabre photography

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Body by Italian photographer Osmel Fabre


Fashion War Digital editorial

fashionwardigitorialtrendlandcover600x500 Fashion War Digital editorial
fashionwardigitorialtrendland1600x400 Fashion War Digital editorial
Shot by Laetitia Bica in exclusivity for TrendLand – See full editorial HERE

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Interview Luuk Vermeyden

dytluuk1 Interview Luuk Vermeyden
dytluuk2 Interview Luuk Vermeyden
It’s Sunday again, a new week is about to start and we’re here again with a new interesting interview. Yeah, we’re really shooting them at you lately. Luuk Vermeyden, a young respected artist from the Netherlands also known as Jaxe, has made us an exclusive wallpaper. His beautiful retouching skills and creative mind truly worked their magic on this amazing composition. Get the know this wonderful artist and grab this gorgeous eye-candy for your desktop.

Interview and Wallpaper on Wallpaper Art
Case study on behance

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Kenneth Willardt photography

Kenneth willardt Kenneth Willardt photography

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Kenneth Willardt (born 1966, Espergaerde, Denmark) is a celebrity, beauty, and fashion photographer currently based in New York City.

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Andrew Kim photography

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wide Open photo

PINKLIPS 04 wide Open photo


dan monick photography

 MG 1847 01 dan monick photographyFW09 2411 dan monick photography MG 8143 01 dan monick photographydan monick photos i found on beginbeing. he has a great portfolio site at


Aneta Bartos

anetabartos9 Aneta Bartos
anetabartos10 Aneta Bartos
anetabartos4600x417 Aneta Bartos

Sexy, fashion and shoot only in film format, Aneto Bartos Photography is to die for…More info & pics HERE

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Dolce & Gabbana x Scarlett Johansson x Solve Sundsbo


The Everyday Life of Darth Vader (15 pics)

820515816 26a8b50428 o The Everyday Life of Darth Vader (15 pics)
What would happen if Darth Vader really lived on this earth? How would he survive? What would he do? No longer the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Empire, Darth’s mission has changed from hunting down members of the Rebel Alliance to just surviving on this strange and foreign planet. Find out what happens to Darth at My Modern Metropolis.

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30+ great shots of smoking people

20 30+ great shots of smoking people

We present collection of 30+ great works and photos of people smoking, smokers, cigarettes. Absolutely one of the last things, that I would like to do is to promote smoking (I quit smoking recently). However I think that it is worth to read and show controversial things.

Whole collection of 30+ great works and photos of people smoking.


Sweded Movies

R 1 01 Sweded Movies

Esquire Kazakhstan / November 2009

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Winkler & Noah

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Alana Not Retouched by Remi Rebillard .

Photo retouching in magazines is becoming more and more outrageous. Remember the GQ cover featuring Kate Winslet? The actress was shocked and angry to discover that the magazine used photoshop to make her legs appear longer and leaner than they are in reality.

The problem is that extremely thin, airbrushed photos of models in magazines can cause serious body image issues and even trigger eating disorders, especially in tweens and teens.

As part of a campaign against eating disorders, French lawmakers are now considering a law that would force women’s magazines and other publications to disclose whenever a photo has been airbrushed.

The disclosure would state, “Photograph retouched to modify the physical appearance of a person.”

I generally like the idea, but I wonder about enforcing it – I assume they won’t be able to enforce it in foreign magazines, so French women and girls would still have access to magazines that do not disclose the fact that they retouch photos. Plus, how will they know for sure if a photo has been retouched?

An amusing thought – since as far as I can tell all magazine photos are airbrushed to some extent (even the Lizzie Miller Glamour photo seems somewhat retouched to get rid of cellulite or otherwise make the skin look smooth), it will be interesting to see each and every magazine photo having a little caption under it with the disclosure. Or maybe they’ll get away with a general disclosure, which won’t be very helpful anyway.

What do you think about this initiative? Important? Ridiculous? I’d love to hear your thoughts.
by MomGrind
photo Remi Rebillard RemiRebillard Alana Not Retouched by Remi Rebillard .