Area of honesty – portraits reversed.


About the project

This project presents portraits of unfamiliar people, who were chosen at random and have agreed to take part in this project and answer one of the following questions. We should also ask ourselves these same questions, if we want to fully and completely understand them.

After answering one of these intimate and private questions the participants were photographed in a studio. At first glance, each of these photographs looks almost identical. A backwards multiplication, it shows the alienation, which surrounds us in today’s realities. The participant’s answer found under their photograph lead to what is not visible in the photograph, what the author purposely hid from the eye, for the private interpretation of man. Mistakes, problems; through this way of answering, unifies itself forming a scenario, which can touch each one of us.

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  1. Is there something in your life that you regret the most and why?
  2. Has anyone ever caused you such harm that you can never forgive them?
  3. Have you ever broken the law in any way and are avoiding the fine/punishment?
  4. Do you think you have chosen the wrong path in life?
  5. Have you ever been a witness to a crime and you stayed quit about it?


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Masha Novoselova by David Slijper

Andy Goodwin

iPhone Diorama

Marc Van Delen

Marc Van Dalen 1

Discover the beautiful work of Mark Van Delen on Le Blog de Yoland. Gorgeous.

Vladimir Lelyuk

Fashion Models Photography: The Carnival of Seduction and Art

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them”. Based on these words from the Holy Bible, it is possible to say that a human being (especially, a female is a masterpiece by itself with the true beauty of body and mind. You may or may not believe the holy books, but you should believe your own eyes, aren’t you? Below we offer you the fashion models photography showcase. Have a look at the images and tell us: isn’t it an obvious evidence that a human being is a true crown of Nature’s creations.

Speaking about human beauty and especially about female beauty, where else can you find more beautiful women if not in the fashion or model industry? The beauty of female body has always been an eternal source of inspiration for artists, especially painters. The Birth of Venus (Botticelli), Sleeping Venus (Giorgione), Olympia (Manet), Danaë (Rembrandt painting) – these are just some of the masterpieces to mention here. However, a beautiful woman does not even need to be naked to be appealing, seductive, and alluring. Often it may be even more attractive because it has some secret: the best, the zest is covered by clothing or shade, protected from the staring importunate eyes.

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The Inspiring Beauty of Birds

Their hearts beat 1000 beats per minute; they can reach speed up to 200 mph and can strike with the power twice as the power of a rifle bullet; most of them can fly forward, but some can also fly sideways and even backwards; some of them can even walk on the water; they vary in size from 1.6 grams to kilograms; finally, their population on Earth estimates between 200 to 400 billion individuals… Have you already guessed who are we talking about? Yeah, of course, birds…

Birds have always played a significant role in the life of humans. As the evidence for this statement, let us remember that in ancient times birds were commonly considered as creatures close to Gods and thus endowed with supernatural powers. Birds were common characters, mentioned in multiple legends and fairy tales. Just to give a few examples, let’s remember the eagle, sent by Zeus to execute punishment to Prometheus, or the white dove, that brought the palm twig to Noah as the sign of new land found after the Deluge.

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Slinkachu: The little people…

Did you notice there are little people on the streets…?

(Via Monsieur Bandit)

Beautiful and sexy girl’s photographs

A collection of beautiful and sexy looking girls. Every photograph is in high quality which you can use as your desktop wallpaper.
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More Photos by Carlos Palmieri

Timo Wallets | Erotic 3D Design

Designer Timo Weiland and model-turned-photographer-turned author Henry Hargreves have joined forced to introduce in 3D, the grip, in the field, yoga girl and mosaic exotic images on timo! super slim wallets. Check out the entire collection and designs here!

Bubble Series

Fashion Shoot for Harper’s magazine in 1963 by Melvin Sokolsky.
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Jonas Bergstrand Illustrations

Photography by Phillip Duc

Photography by Phillip Duc, more pics and info here.