Tiny People by Christopher Boffoli

Christopher Boffoli 650x432 Tiny People by Christopher Boffoli

Christopher Boffoli is a fine art, commercial and editorial photographer. He began making visual art at an early age but only began exploring photography after he received a camera as a birthday gift in his teens. Largely self-taught, Christopher gained experience as a student journalist in high school and college, eventually founding his own commercial photography company while he was still an undergraduate.

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Fashion Photography by Urivaldo Lopes

Urivaldo Lopes6 650x487 Fashion Photography by Urivaldo Lopes

Urivaldo Lopes is a talented fashion and commercial photographer from Cabo Verde, who currently based in Paris, France.

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Celebrity Photography by Alan Clarke

Alan Clarke 650x487 Celebrity Photography by Alan Clarke

Alan Clarke’s diverse body of work is infused with energy, attitude and colour. Combined with dedication, his particular brand of humour, with which he engages all his collaborators, brings success to even the most difficult subjects and situations.

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Russian “Paradise” for Mentally Disabled

1203 Russian “Paradise” for Mentally Disabled
Patients from one of the psychiatric facilities in the small Russian town of Elat’ma participate in organized activities such as water gun fights. (Photo by Anastasia Rudenko)

“Elat’ma, the Ryazan Oblast region of Russia. This small town is only 300 kilometers (186 miles) from modern Moscow but remains 60 years in the past, dominated by the spirit of socialism. The air of the communist ‘50s can be seen in the town’s architecture, celebrations and other occurrences. Sometimes called the “Switzerland of Ryazan”, Elat’ma has the natural charm of the countryside. But neither its beauty nor its ties to a socialist past brought photographer Anastasia Rudenko to this village. It has a different significance to her, both personal and professional.

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Hong Kong – Portrait of a Protest

1202 Hong Kong – Portrait of a Protest
John Ma (L), 62, a lecturer, and his wife May, 50, pose for a photograph at a rally ahead of an “Occupy Central” civil disobedience protest in Hong Kong September 26, 2014. As a former student leader, Ma said, “I support student protest and tell them to grab their chance”. China rules Hong Kong under a “one country, two systems” formula that accords the territory limited democracy. Tens of thousands of mostly student protesters are demanding Beijing give them full democracy, with the freedom to nominate election candidates. The unrest is the worst in Hong Kong since China resumed its rule over the former British colony in 1997. (Photo by Bobby Yip/Reuters)

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2014 National Geographic Photo Contest, Week 1

1200 2014 National Geographic Photo Contest, Week 1
“Dreamscape”. A stunning sunset painted the sky over the Jokulsarlon Glacer Lagoon in South Iceland. It was a typical cloudy day in the Icelandic summer. The day was not hoping for a nice sunset, but I still decided to go on the spot, hoping to finally see the sun once the same had left behind the clouds. When the sun went down, in fact the sky burned out in an incredible vanilla tone. The scene was so peaceful and placid, so I decided to capture it with a long exposure, to bring out the amazing sense of oniric peace that this amazing sunset created. It has been like living in a dream. Photo location: Jokulsarlon Glaier Lagoon, Iceland. (Photo and caption by Francesco Riccardo Iacomino/National Geographic Photo Contest)

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“Being Michael Jackson”

“Michael Jackson, the performer, consistently transcended racial and gender perceptions; Michael Jackson tribute artists, impersonators and lookalikes reflect this in that they embody a wide span of inspiration and intention. The current crop of impersonators are people who take great care in their appearance – some spend a lot of money and time on their make up and clothing, while others are more concerned with the physical gestures associated with his dances while expressing very little concern in the creation of an illusion.

“The Michael Jacksons” is a study of people from around the US who make a living or perform as Michael Jackson. The project is both an index of the refraction of Michael Jackson’s public persona, and a look the exploration issues of fantasy, reality and representation as influenced by and filtered through cultural experience. Ultimately the project is a quest to photograph the tribute artists, impersonators and lookalikes in the aftermath of Mr. Jackson’s death, and along with a written ethnography which focuses on the interpretation of “blackness” by the performers, is intended to interpret, understand and evaluate what seems to be an emerging subculture within the world of professional mimicry”. – Lorena Turner

1199 “Being Michael Jackson”
Rameau primarily works as Michael Jackson by posing with tourists on Hollywood Boulevard where he can $400 to $500 a day, but has traveled internationally as well. In his representation, Rameau works to embody Michael Jackson’s demeanor – someone who is light in spirit with a physical fluidity. When Turner observed him on the boulevard in the fall of 2011, he was trying to save money to put on an autobiographical play about his life as a Haitian immigrant and MJ look alike. (Photo and caption by Lorena Turner)

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London Falling

lf012 London Falling
London Falling is an ongoing photography project which explores the city of London by immortalising abstract, forsaken and surreal cityscapes.

All photos were taken by visual artist Tamas Olajos using a Sigma DP1 compact camera.

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Morning Photography by Boguslaw Strempel

1353027751 28 640x426 Morning Photography by Boguslaw Strempel
Polish photographer Boguslaw Strempel had created a series of pictures showing us the morning in all its inspiring beauty.

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Gorgeous Photography by Eduardo Izquierdo

Eduardo Izquierdo 11 1 Gorgeous Photography by Eduardo Izquierdo

Gorgeous Photography by Bloomington, Indiana based photographer Eduardo Izquierdo.

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Power of Life in Sabine Weiss’s Photography

1337245329 5 640x422 Power of Life in Sabine Weisss Photography
Sabine Weiss is a French photographer with Swiss roots is a living legend of the photography. In her lenses always are elements of daily life and certainly emotions.

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London in Puddles by Gavin Hammond

 London in Puddles by Gavin Hammond
British photographer Gavin Hammond made a series of spectacular shots during his daily walks in his hometown. This series of photographs is entitled London In Puddles.

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Newly Married Couple are Photobombed by a Raging Bull as they Pose for their Wedding Photos

1172 Newly Married Couple are Photobombed by a Raging Bull as they Pose for their Wedding Photos

Rebecca and Brian Pepper were being photographed on their wedding day before an inquisitive bull stepped in. Photographer Rachel Deane initially used the animal to her advantage thinking it would make a ‘cool’ element to the romantic pair’s wedding pictures. But the situation quickly turned manic when the bull started to charge at them both standing next to a vintage car. The country couple chose to have their wedding pictures taken in the paddock which belonged to a friend of the photographer. All the commotion quickly died down however when Brian ushered the bull away an into the distance.

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Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson

1336552581 0 640x426 Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson
Erik Johansson was born in the small Swedish town 27 years ago, but for his career was forced to move to Germany. But this happened much later after he became interested in drawing, when he lived with his family on a farm in Getene.

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Automotive Photography by Max Itin

DSC 0363bw test 650x975 Automotive Photography by Max Itin

I am a 16 year old photographer with high hopes and a love of art. I grew up in a family of artists, so it only makes sense that I would find my niche in the arts as well. I’m a graphic designer and a photographer, but I see myself pursuing a career in photography over design – though, rest assured I will continue with both! I’ve always had a thing for cars as well, whether it be the numerous Hot Wheels in my “collection” or the Formula 1 I used to watch with my father, I’ve always been exposed to everything automotive and, as such, I decided to unite my two loves: photography and cars. I hope to find a career in commercial automotive photography. Wish me luck!

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