New American Landscapes by Nate Larson

Nate Larson

Nate Larson is a contemporary artist working with photographic media, artist books and digital video. Most of my current artwork, research, and collaboration explores the linkage between human experience and the site on which it happened through technological, cultural, and historical threads. I hold a full-time academic appointment in the photography department at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and chaired the 2014 national conference of the Society for Photographic Education.

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The Domestic Aviary by Rachel Glass

The Domestic Aviary

Rachel Glass is a 22 year old Photographer based in Northern Ireland and graduate of Belfast School of Art. Her personal projects are conceptual (and often autobiographical) exploring ideas of freedom, experience and identity. Photographing different subjects to illustrate these ideas, with performative aspects to the work.

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Anna Haftenberger by Reno Mezger

Anna Haftenberger by Reno Mezger

Beauty model Anna Haftenberger stars in ‘Metropolitan Warrior’ photographed by Reno Mezger and styled by Theo Vasiliou for L’Officiel Ukraine April 2015.

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Analog Photography by Bakhtiyor Kadirov

Bakhtiyor Kadirov

Bakhtiyor Kadirov is a talented self taught photographer based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Bakhtiyor use Bronica RF645 analog camera, he shoot a lot of black and white, nature, urban and portrait photography.

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9 Dollars Fashion for Photography by Quentin Shih

Quentin Shih

Quentin Shih born in Tianjin, China in 1975, lives and works as a camera artist / film maker between New York and Beijing.

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Amazingly Beautiful Colorful Los Angeles Dreamscapes by Anthony Samaniego


Initially graduate in economics, Anthony Samaniego became a very talented photographer who lives in Los Angeles. The man portrayed, through his lens, a colorful dream world in which the exposure time is an essential feature in his production. Here is a selection of photographs he defines himself as “Dreamscapes”.

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“Come Fly With Me”: Gravity Defying Yoga Poses In Photos


Some people believe that couples who “sweat together, stay together.” If that’s actually the case, these two should be inseparable even in the afterlife. Claudine and Honza Lafond are the founders of YogaBeyond in Sydney, Australia. Along the way, the couple takes impressive, sun-drenched Instagram shots of their acro-yoga stunts.

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Lost Places by Peter Untermaierhofer

Peter Untermaierhofer

Peter Untermaierhofer is a talented photographer and qualified engineer in Media Technology, who was born in 1983 in Eggenfelden and currently based in Munich, Germany. Peter studied at University of Applied Sciences and he completed a semester of photography at the James Cook University in Townsville, Australia. He shoot a lot of architecture, fine art and abandoned places.

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Commercial Photography by F. Scott Schafer

F. Scott Schafer

F. Scott Schafer is a Los Angeles based photographer whose stylized brand of portraiture has captured the essence of prominent personalities and entertainers for the past 20 years. His award winning iconic images, which embody a unique style of concept, humor and lighting, have been produced for clients such as Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Netflix, Yahoo, HBO, Sonos and Pepsi. When Scott is home in Santa Monica, he enjoys surfing, golf, and playing at the beach with his wife Valerie, their baby girl Parker and dogs Cheeto and Monty.

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Muslim Female Identity by Shadi Ghadirian

Shadi Ghadirian

Shadi Ghadirian was born in 1974 in Tehran, Iran. She is a photographer who continues to live and work in Iran. Ghadirian studied photography at Azad University (in Tehran). After finishing her B. A., Ghadirian began her professional career as a photographer. She says that “quite by accident”, the subjects of her first two series were “women”.

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Landscape Photography by Chris Ozer


Chris Ozer embraced photography in 2009 as a much-needed creative outlet, having moved away from a career in jazz piano. His distinctive brand of light-flooded landscapes and timeless portraits constantly drives him on his search for the perfect photo. Collaborates with Apple, Burger King, Facebook, Johnnie Walker, MasterCard, Mercedes-Benz, The New York Times, Nike, Samsung, Sony, Toyota, Tumblr and etc.

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Fine Art Photography of Waves by Pierre Carreau

French photographer Pierre Carreau creates, using a whole range of various lenses, amazing fine art photographs of waves that look more sculptural than liquid.

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The Art of Falling in Kerry Skarbakka’s Photographs

American photographer Kerry Skarbakka, is fond of documenting his very diverse and elaborate falls.

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Beautiful Cityscapes by Luigi Visconti

Luigi Visconti

Luigi Visconti‘s passion for photography has been life long. Through his practice he captures the essence of a city; it’s history, architecture and life. In 1997 Visconti moved from his home town in Ravenna, Italy to Paris, it was this move and the sprawling metropolis of Paris that inspired him to begin capturing the cityscape.

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It’s My Pleasure To Serve You II by Tina Winkhaus

Die Herrenabteilung, 2014

Tina Winkhauses work is incomprehensible. Thats actually amazing because her works are structured, clear. subversive and offensive and feminist. That’s all true and at the same time it isn’t. Tinas works wanders through completed photos studies in Munich, New York and London through the area of photography and juggles with their strategies: Collage, engraving, entropy, and indexicality.

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