Amazing Africa – Photo Bundle

Just take a look at these photos with landscapes, flowers & plants, wild animals, people… and you’ll see why is Africa so amazing! If you’re looking for a ton of creative photos and textures for your new project or need something fresh in your photo library, then this Dealjumbo bundle is just the thing you’re looking for.

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North Korea’s Women Workers

A woman stands in a gift shop in central Rason city, part of the special economic zone northeast of Pyongyang, in this August 30, 2011 file photo. North Korea is a militarized, male-dominated society, but it is women who are making the money as the insular nation allows an unofficial market-based economy to take shape. (Photo by Carlos Barria/Reuters)

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Fashion Photography by Jennifer Stenglein

Jennifer Stenglein

Growing up on the remote beaches of Western Australia, it was there, in the quiet, that Jennifer Stenglein formed the raw aesthetic and innate ability with natural light that has garnered her international acclaim.

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Half Young, half Old Bodies: Live Young Evian


It is remarkable for one to identify her own objectives throughout a lifetime and, possibly, one of them may be ‘Live Young’. And by meaning ‘Live Young’ it is not acting childishly, the idea rather is for one to be fresh, natural with no strings attached. Evian has a whole advertisement campaign for her products in this context.

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inspiring photography

Abstract Rooftops of Paris by Michael Wolf

Photographer Michel Wolf decided to point his camera away from the landmarks and towards the rooftops around Paris.

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Glamour Photography by Antonio Terron

Antonio Terron

Antonio Terron is a talented photographer and artist based in Madrid, Spain. He shoots a lot of colorful fashion, glamour, editorial, interior and advertising photography.

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Beautiful Crimea’s Landscapes by Philip Nikolaenko

Philip Nikolaenko

Philip Nikolaenko is a talented self taught photographer based in Yalta, Crimea. He shoots amazing Crimea’s mountains, forests and the black sea.

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Fashion Photography by Alexei Hay

Alexei Hay

Alexei Hay spent his early years in Miami, Tehran and New York. After graduating from Brown University for literature, he moved back in with his mother and assisted a range of photographers.

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Beautiful Photography by Besim Mazhiqi

unfortunately not my bike

Besim Mazhiqi is a talented self taught photographer and journalist based in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. He shoots a lot of urban, portrait and lifestyle photography.

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Food Photography by self taught photographer Marnie Hawson

Marnie Hawson

Marnie Hawson is a talented freelance photographer from the rolling hills just outside of Melbourne, Australia. She shoots fashion, food, portrait, interior and wedding photography.

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Advertising Photography by Jody Pachniuk

Jody Pachniuk

Straight shooting photographer Jody Pachniuk now resides in Bondi, Sydney full time. Initially trained in film making, Jody brings a cinematic quality to the pictures he takes.

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Fashion Photography by Adeline Mai

Adeline Mai

Adeline Mai is a talented fashion photographer, who was born in 1989 and currently based in Paris, France. She shoots a lot of glamour, portrait, commercial and lifestyle photography.

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Photography by Markus Henttonen

Markus Henttonen is a Finnish artist photographer currently living and working in Berlin. He studied photography in Turku Arts Academy in Finland from where he graduated 2002. In his works he has photographed the relationship between people and the physical and emotional environment; the anonymous metropolis in the series Night Time Stories and Wall and the crowded holiday beaches in one his very first works To be on View.

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Female Portraits by Maxim Gurtovoy

Maxim Gurtovoy

Maxim Gurtovoy is a self taught amateur photographer based in Moscow, Russia. He shoots a lot of portraiture, nude, landscapes and nature photography.

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