Rendezvous with Priscilla Huggins Ortiz & Elaine Gregory by Neave Bozorgi


“I just might bring in some girls from Miami to heat up the city and that’s word to Stunna, you know it,” Drake once said. And that is pretty much what happened here for this week’s Rendezvous. I had spoken to Priscilla a while ago about shooting, but our schedules never worked out. She’d come to Los Angeles from Miami for jobs and leave the next day so we never had the chance to properly plan. BUT! who gives a fuck about that…She surprised me with a friend when she came over to shoot, which worked out perfectly because Elaine is also another gorgeous model, so why not shoot the both of them? They played their crazy ass Miami music, and I just snapped away” – Neave Bozorgi

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New York Street Photography by MC Winkel (Manhattan // SoHo)


The streets of New York through the lens of MC Winkel, photographer, filmmaker, blogger, podcaster and founder of the online lifestyle magazine WHUDAT. Follow us to Manhattan // SoHo.

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Gorgeous Landscapes by Joan Myers

Joan Myers

Joan Myers was born in 1944 in Des Moines, Iowa, and had an early interest in the sciences and mathematics. At Stanford University, her concentration on Renaissance and baroque music performance led to a B.A in 1966 and a M.A. in musicology in 1967.

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Fine-Art Photographer Pascal Amoyel


Pascal Amoyel is French fine-art photographer. Shoots amazing atmospheric landscapes. Currently lives in Paris and New York.

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Photographer Turns into Zen-Inspired Artwork


Thailand-based Dhavebaj Anupabsthian’s Instagram feed will keep you scrolling for more with its visuals of geometric shapes and lines.

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“Second-Handscapes” by Shaun O’Rourke


NYC based artist/photographer Shaun O’Rourke presents excerpts from his series “Second-Handscapes” featuring sometimes frightening and unnerving images of kid’s toys and thrift store paintings.

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Star Wars Characters and Pets

A humane society have drafted in Star Wars characters to help find adoptable animals new homes. The Ottawa Humane Society in Ontario, Canada, used the recognisable cosplay figures to adorably interact with the likes of dogs, cats and guinea pigs. Photographed by Rohit Saxena, the series featured a stormtrooper, a Tusken Raider and Garindan. Those photographed were members of the 501st Capital City Garrison, a Star Wars costuming group in Eastern Ontario. Here: a Storm Trooper, Garindan and Tusken Raider with guinea pigs. (Photo by Rohit Saxena/Caters News)

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My 365-Day Project Lets Me Explore Photographic Opportunities

Since Labor Day, 2014 photographer Mark Flower has been taking a photograph a day for a year.

“Although not all photos have been very interesting, I have allowed myself the opportunities to try new things. Through these opportunities I have shrunk myself, floated in the air, and even removed my head and replaced it with a camera. As a professional photographer and a graphic designer, I find it extremely important to allow myself these outlets to let my creative side shine. Otherwise, my job just would not maintain its level of interest. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love spending time getting to know new people through events such as weddings and portrait shoots. However, as far as photography goes I love the ability to create a world and scenarios which transcends the world we perceive.”

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Two Russian Models Pose With A 1,400-Pound Bear

Russian models Maria Sidorova and Lidia Fetisova pose with a 1,400 pound bear named Stephen as part of an awareness campaign. Stephen was near dead after an attack from hunters when his current owner rescued and raised him. Now 18, Stephen is a trained movie star and has appeared in a host of Russian blockbuster films. Photographed by Olga Barantseva.

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Provocative Photography by Sandy Kim

Sandy Kim

Sandy Kim is a superb talented and provocative photographer based in San Francisco, Northern California. She received her BFA in graphic design at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco.

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Elmer Alfred Bishop WW2 Prints

These pictures were bought by EspressoBuzz at an estate sale, and later scanned. Apparently, they all date from the 1944 year. Photos by Elmer Alfred Bishop.

“From Kiska to Kavieng, the old “QUEEN” has blasted the Japs. A class of battleship which is too slow to keep up with the latest fast “Type of” carriers is now a vital component of the most modrn, typed warefare, – amphibious ope rations, such as the taking and occupying of Guam, at which she is here shown firing. For the necessary close-in slugging and for her supporting call-fire, she cant be beat. And for the coordination and nerve to get in there and do it, the QUEEN’S CREW can’t be beat either. We gripe because it’s such a privilege it’s become a habit. at one time, we called her The Virgin Queen. That was only a little over a long year ago. nobody so insults her now. And there would be some amphibious fun if we should overhear any ill-adives insinuations”.

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Stunning Architecture Photography by Sebastian Weiss

A little series of architecture photography by Sebastian Weiss. He is a photographer, graphic designer and civil engineer from Hamburg. His architectural photography show the elegant details of modern buildings, often turning these details into fascinating abstract artworks of their own. Visit his behance page and website to view more of his portfolio.

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Propaganda Photography by Eolo Perfido

Eolo Perfido

Eolo Perfido is a professional photographer and educator, who was born in in a small town called Cognac, France and currently based in Rome, Italy.

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Beauty Portraits by Margarita Kareva

Margarita Kareva

Margarita Kareva is a professional portrait photographer based in Yekaterinburg, Russia. She also shoots fashion, travel and wedding photography.

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Architecture Photography by Marc Yankus

Marc Yankus

Marc Yankus is a photographer and an artist who uses digital mediums to create mixed media. His fine art and publishing experience span a period of more than thirty years. Yankus’ work has been included in exhibitions at The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY; The George Eastman House, Rochester, NY and the South Street Seaport Museum, NYC.

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