Sony World Photography Award Winners

“Float”. (Photo by Vesa Pihanurmi/Sony World Photography Awards/

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Photographing things that change – an interview with Mattia Zoppellaro

I met Mattia a couple of years ago, on the doorway of a little pub in Rovigo, while we were smoking, hiding from the thick, freezing humidity typical of Rovigo winters. I didn’t remotely knew who he was, though I was in awe of his tallness – majestic. So, like always, I started quite the rambling chat. I remember – still amused to this day – I asked him, at some point: “So you’re a photographer? Good to know – leave me your contact, I could use a good photographer, one never knows”

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Nothing to Lose by Toby Burrows

Toby Burrows

Growing up in Paddington in the 1970’s, at that time a very colourful part of Sydney, Toby Burrows was immersed in art from a very young age. He was fortunate enough to spend time with influential Australian artists and family friends, Charles Blackman, David Boyd and Margaret Olley.

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Wisdom for my Children – Double Exposure Photo Series by Brandon Kidwell


Florida based photographer Brandon Kidwell created a series of double exposure portraits representing advice he’s giving his kids over the years. The photos were shot using his iPhone and post-processed using photo apps.

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Photography by Daniel Reuber

Daniel Reuber

Daniel Reuber is a talented 21 years old graphic designer, illustrator and self taught photographer based in Cologne, Germany.

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Experimental Photography by Bart Hess

Bart Hess

Bart Hess explores several fields combining material studies, animation and photography in a surrealist manner. With his fascination for the human body and the manipulation of it, Hess pushes the boundaries of the textile design profession: his designs transcend the craft, as Hess chooses to extend them via other media such as film, photography and animation.

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Whimsical Photography By Swiss Artist Oliver Oettli


Swiss photographer Oliver Oettli has shot everything from fashion, brands and commercial portraits, all in his trademark direct and natural way. The images shown here are full of sugary colours with models emerging from clouds of pastel powder like creatures from a fairy tale.

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Too Much Love – Children’s Plushies Photographed Before And After


The excellent series Too much love of German photographer Katja Kemnitz, who inspired by her daughter, decided to document the lives of children’s plushies by photographing them before and after dozens of hours of hugs, kisses, wear and tear.

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Fashion Photography by Tina Patni

Tina Patni

Tina Patni is a talented photographer, retoucher and digital artist based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Tina shoot a lot of beauty, fashion and commercial photography.

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Photo Manipulations by Anil Saxena

Anil Saxena

Anil Saxena is a talented digital artist based in Mumbai, India. He works in fashion, advertising and creative art. He started out doing conventional darkroom photo composition and retouching before moving these skills over to creator and then photoshop.

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Stunning Photographs Of The World’s Biggest Cruise Ships


New York based photographer Jeffrey Milstein has released images that show in fascinating detail a bird’s eye view of the decks of some of the world’s largest cruise ships. Each cruise ship is unique in itself offering everything from mini-golf courses to poolside movie theaters to tennis courts and elaborate water slides.

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Serbia by Marija Piroski

Marija Piroski

Marija Piroski is a talented self taught photographer and historian, who captures amazing photographs of Serbia. She shoot a lot of urban and nature, beautiful popular and hidden places in her country.

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Animus: Women As Women. Women As Men.

Marta. Also a photographer. We shot this in her studio.

Named for the Jungian “masculine inner personality as present in women”, ANIMUS is an all female, diptych portrait series by Canadian photographer Melanie Gillis. Each piece consists of two images of the same woman – one as female and one as male. Each subject was an active player in the image creation process, bringing her own wardrobe and ideas to the session, and often building her characters out of her own live, personality, and sense of gender. The transformations were each made through the use of wardrobe, makeup, and most of all expression and body language. Melanie Gillis has a studio in Hamilton Ontario, Canada, where she currently lives and works.

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Sama-Sama: A Malaysian Portraiture


“I decided I wanted to push the boundaries of photography by making a series of images that will resonate to Malaysians, telling them that they do not need any political schemes, or religious sanctity to be united, when we already are united by the things we do and enjoy together. It is the common things that bring us together that builds our identity as Malaysians, not any political gerrymandering. Someone made mention that images alone can be powerful, but only if done right. If that statement is true enough, then this project already possess the challenge for me to design a set of photographs that can move people’s souls, or at least relate to them.”

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Be A Good Day

Great new photo tumblr by Taiwanese photographer Ba Chang.

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