Fashion Photography by Norman Jean Roy

Norman Jean Roy

Norman Jean Roy was born in Canada and grew up on Montreal’s South Shore. As a student of architecture and graphic design, it wasn’t until viewing an essay of famed photographer Richard Avedon in American Photo that Roy decided to dedicate his life and career to photography. As he tells it, “It was the single most important event of my photographic life.”

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8 Free HD Family Stock Photos

This set contain 8 free HD picture of a modern family in open locations. This pack is free for commercial use for all your project. It is perfect for backgrounds, headers, web sites, apps, articles, blogs or presentations.

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New York City by Arnaud Montagard

Arnaud Montagard

Arnaud Montagard is a talented 23 years old French photographer currently based in Brooklyn, New York. He shoot a lot of street, travel, commercial and portrait photography.

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Black and White Plants Photography by Tomoya Matsuura

Tomoya Matsuura

Tomoya Matsuura began composing for guitar at age 15; he subsequently composed music for commercials and film, as well as for performances at major festivals such as the FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL, METAMORPHOSE, and the NAGISA MUSIC FESTIVAL. In 2013, he became involved with the sound project tmymtur.

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Minimal Maps by Michael Pecirno

Michael Pecirno

Michael Pecirno is a multi-disciplinary designer based out of London, England. Originally trained as an architect and later working as an art director, his practice focusses on storytelling through visual and built experiences. This work crosses the boundaries of traditional design disciplines in order to create enriched objects, spaces, and ideas through research.

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Fashion Photography by Andre Brito

Andre Brito

Andre Brito is a talented photographer based in Porto, Portugal. He shoot a lot of fashion, editorial, beauty and nude photography.

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Instagrams by Joshua Lott

Joshua Lott

Joshua Lott is a photojournalist based in Detroit, Michigan. He is a regular contributor to The New York Times, Reuters, Getty Images and Bloomberg. His work has appeared in Time, Newsweek and People. He has a passion for documenting politics dating back a decade, when he started covering news assignments in his hometown of Chicago.

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Architecture Photography by Lana Tannir

Lana Tannir

Born in the United States to a Croatian family and growing up in Munich (Germany), Lana Tannir has been immersed into a variety of cultures at a very young age. Being raised trilingually, speaking fluent German, English and Croatian along with some French and Russian, she has grown up with a strong desire to communicate her emotions, thoughts and opinions to the public in a universal language.

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13 Powerful Photos Of Overpopulation And Overconsumption


Over some 60 million years, Homo sapiens has evolved into the dominant animal on the planet. However, in the last several centuries we’ve increasingly been using our relatively newly acquired power, especially our culturally evolved technologies, to deplete the natural capital of Earth — in particular its deep, rich agricultural soils, its groundwater stored during ice ages, and its biodiversity — as if there were no tomorrow.

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Abandoned And Isolated Signs of Human Beings by Ed Freeman


Initially guitarist and road manager Ed Freeman returned to his original love of photography. Motels, churches, cafes, gas stations or restaurants, a beautiful collection of solitary buildings lost in the middle of the great American outdoors…

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Pierre Gonnord’s Striking Portraits of Southern Portugal’s Gypsies


For The Dream Goes Over Time, Madrid-based photographer Pierre Gonnord honors the lives of the last remaining gypsy people in the Portuguese Alentejo through a collection of intimate portraits shot in the style of Old Master paintings. Gonnord photographs the people who live in the Alentejo region of Portugal, a region that has been outside modernizing influences for generations.

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Beauty Portraits by Charles Hildreth

Charles Hildreth

Charles Hildreth is a talented portrait photographer, who was born in Denver, Colorado and currently based in Los Angeles, California. He majored in Journalism & News Editorial at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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Series “Frames” by Natalia Nora Meister


These images contain the tiniest details of well-known scenes. Despite that you can’t see faces you can feel the atmosphere of the iconic movies. Photos by Natalia Nora Meister.

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Daredevil Photographer Captures New York City From Dizzying Heights


The 18-year-old New York City based photographer known as “Dark.Cyanide” has captured New York City from high above, rare sights of the city from the highest vantage points. Dark.Cyanide wants to show the beauty of the Big Apple from a different perspective, which has seen him capture unexpected shots of landmarks such as Times Square.

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Malaika Firth by Michael Schwartz

Malaika Firth by Michael Schwartz

Beauty model Malaika Firth photographed by Michael Schwartz and styled by Jo Jones for the latest edition of Guardian‘s The Observer Magazine.

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