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Somewear by Lucia Fainzilber

Lucia Fainzilber

Somewear is a series of self-portraits, which struggles with the idea of identity. Lucia Fainzilber is a talented photographer and art director, who was born in 1986 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied Art Direction in Filmmaking at The University of Cine in San Telmo, Buenos Aires.

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Fashion Photography by Dusan Reljin

Dusan Reljin

Born in Serbia, Dusan Reljin is a Norwegian citizen living and working in New York. With an interest in film, he assisted for Craig McDean before venturing out on his own. He exhibited his own work in the “Model as Muse” show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Photography by Grant Cornett

Grant Cornett

Grant Cornett grew up looking out at the world from the windows of small planes. Texas born and bred, Grant now lives in Brooklyn where he has been a photographer for ten years. He likes to take pictures of pristine detritus and austere moments.

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Lake Turns Animals into Stone

On the internet are gaining popularity photographs of Nick Brandt that show an eerie lake in Africa that turns animals into stone.

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Fashion Photography by Paola Kudacki

Paola Kudacki

Paola Kudacki was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She graduated as a graphic designer at Panamericana of Art and Design in Buenos Aires. Her career has been diverse from ballet dancer to styling to art direction… Since early age painting and drawing was her passion and her way of expression and output for her imagination.

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Fine Art Photography by Josephine Cardin

Josephine Cardin

Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Josephine Cardin is a fine arts photographer who grew up in South Florida, until moving to Boston, MA in 2006. Presently, Cardin has been developing her figurative work, inspired by music, dance, and the human themes of loneliness, isolation, melancholy, love and loss.

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Black and White Photography by Teemu Oksanen

white | forest

Teemu Oksanen is a talented photographer based in Vantaa, Finland. His photographs mainly consist of black and white fine art landscapes. Teemu shoot simple and minimalistic photography.

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Photo Manipulations by Michal Giedrojc

Michal Giedrojc

Michal Giedrojc is a talented photographer and digital artist based in Slupsk, Poland. His photos represent his own, subjective look on specific person and on the world. There is no objectivity or attempt to present the real character of the people who stand in front of Michal’s camera.

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Double Exposure Landscapes by Patrick Lienin

Patrick Lienin

Born near Basel, Switzerland, Patrick Lienin is a photographer and ecologist (PhD) who grew up in Germany, until moving to the US in 2012. He studied Environmental sciences at the University of Trier (Germany) and Lund University (Sweden), followed by his PhD studies in Landscape Ecology at the University of Oldenburg, Germany.

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Photography by Felix Meyer

Felix Meyer

Felix Meyer is a talented photographer based in Chemnitz, Germany, who shoot a lot of urban, automotive and lifestyle photography.

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Wild Wild West by Giovanna Griffo

Giovanna Griffo

Giovanna Griffo is a fine art photographer skilled in post-production techniques and he teach post production in seminars overall Italy. Giovanna based in Roma, Italy. He shoot a lot of landscape, architecture and still life photography.

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Still Life Photography by Austin Calhoon

Austin Calhoon

Austin Calhoon is a talented still life photographer with a background in fashion and industrial design, currently based in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

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Portraits by Jason Lindsey

Jason Lindsey

Jason Lindsey is a talented photographer and art director based in Chicago, IL, USA. As an experienced photojournalist, Jason craft the narrative of the brand.

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Children Photography by Jake Olson


The cute enchanting photographs captured by Jake Olson, an award-winning photographer and graphic artist from Blair, Nebraska. Mostly self-taught in the realm of digital photography, Jake transforms everyday subjects to beautiful images with his passion and by focusing on breathtaking light and color.

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Narratives by Katie Eleanor

Katie Eleanor

Katie Eleanor was born in 1993 and has grown up forever wanting to create dreamscapes; she is based in London, and is currently reading for a degree in BA(hons) Photographic Arts at Westminster University.

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