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A Brave Cat

195 A Brave Cat

A cat braves deep water during spring floods in Belarus. (AFP/GETTY)

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Dogs of War

189 Dogs of War

Stray dogs joined thousands of people as they clashed with police in downtown Santiago, Chile, as they continued to demand an educational overhaul in the latest student demonstration since the movement began in 2011. (REUTERS/Ivan Alvarado)


162 Love?

Game park ranger Chad Cocking took this photograph of a young leopard resting its paw on an impala it had just caught in Kruger National Park, SA. Unfortunately the friendship was not to last and the leopard eventually got bored with its own game and ate the impala. (Chad Cocking/Barcroft Media)

Zombies Protest Against EU-India Trade Agreements in Brussels

156 Zombies Protest Against EU India Trade Agreements in Brussels

A zombie flash-mob protests in front of the EU Parliament in Brussels against possible EU-India free trade agreements that could endanger access to medicines. (REUTERS)

Snow Storm takes Virginia

144 Snow Storm takes Virginia

Several inches of heavy wet snow on the shore of Silver Lake in Virginia, Minnesota (AP)

Arizona’s Antelope Canyon

139 Arizonas Antelope Canyon

Arizona’s Antelope Canyon taken by amateur photographer Gregory Boratyn. (Gregory Boratyn/Rex Features)

The Blossom Way

1125 The Blossom Way

Cars drive through a tunnel of blooming cherry blossoms in Tokyo. (AP Photo/Koji Sasahara)

Photo of the Day: Tommy Hilfsquirrel

180 Photo of the Day: Tommy Hilfsquirrel

Is that a chipmunk in your pocket or are you pleased to see me? A pair of ground squirrels and a chipmunk have made themselves at home in the pockets of photographer Betsy Seeton’s jeans as they are hung out to dry outside Betsy’s cabin home in Denver, Colorado, US. (Betsy Seeton/Solent News & Photo Agency)

Photo of the Day: Impressive Moon Halo

166 Photo of the Day: Impressive Moon Halo

Photographer Steve Nilsen couldn’t help having fun when he witnessed an impressive moon halo in Aspenes in northern Norway. He grabbed his torch and made it appear as if he was create the phenomenon. (Steve Nilsen / Rex Features)

Photo of the Day: Jackal Fighting

158 Photo of the Day: Jackal Fighting

Mitchell Krog captured a group of black-backed jackals that arrived on top of the mountain in the late afternoon to come and steal the meaty bones that were placed out for the vultures. (Mitchell Krog / / Rex Features)

Photo of the Day: What are You Looking at?

138 Photo of the Day: What are You Looking at?

A confiscated male orangutan smuggled from Indonesia looks out of a cage at Khao Pratupchang Wildlife Breeding Centre in Ratchaburi province, Thailand. The centre takes care of 11 orangutans, 72 tigers and more than 300 other animals which are rescued from traffickers. (EPA/RUNGROJ YONGRI)

Photo of the Day: Mother’s Little Helpers

124 Photo of the Day: Mothers Little Helpers

Two female North American River Otters at the Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester, New York – trained by zookeeper Catina Wright – take empty bottles and place them into recycling bins. (Democrat & Chronicle, Annette Lein/AP)

Photo of the Day: Flying Tree

113 Photo of the Day: Flying Tree

A cut-down tree hovers over houses as it is transported away by a helicopter in Hannoversch Muenden, central Germany. (UWE ZUCCHI/AFP/Getty Images)

Photo of the Day: Nice to Meet You

13 Photo of the Day: Nice to Meet You

Photographer Dan Dinu had a close encounter with a curious fox that was definitely ready for its close-up. Luckily his pal Cristian Goga was able to snap the moment. Dan was making his way to St Ana Lake in central Romania when he encountered the male fox. Dan says: The behaviour is due to the fact that it has been raised by a forest ranger, therefore it was used to people. Yet, it is not right to encourage such a behaviour, as animals must remain wild. It cannot be sure that next time, instead of looking at a camera, it will not look into a rifle. (Dan Dinu/Cristian Goga/Rex Features)

Photo of the Day: Assimilation

11 Photo of the Day: Assimilation

A telephone pole near Upington in South Africa is covered by nests made of twigs and grass by sociable weaver birds. Photographer Dillon Marsh’s ‘Assimilation’ project shows how the birds make good use of the manmade poles in a landscape with few real trees. We will have a gallery of his photos on the Telegraph site later today. (Dillon Marsh/Rex Features)