Photo of the Day: Dragon Dream

Dust flies and ground crew members slacken a tether rope while the new Aeroscraft airship conducts hover tests outside a WWII-era blimp hanger in California. (Photo by Caters News Agency)

Photo of the Day: A Giant Carrot

Ian Neale poses with his first prize giant carrot weighing 14.3 pounds during the first day at the Autumn flower show in Harrogate, England, on September 13, 2013. The annual three day event features show gardens, flower displays, giant vegetables, expert gardening and cooking advice. (Photo by Nigel Roddis/Reuters)

Photo of the Day: Costa Concordia, Present Day.

An aerial view shows the Costa Concordia as it lies on its side next to Giglio Island taken from an Italian navy helicopter, on September 12, 2013. (Photo by Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters)

Photo of the Day: A Spicy Road

Okkes Sahin walks on hot peppers laid out on a road to dry under the sun in Kilis province. Farmers sell their peppers to factories producing pepper products after drying them under the sun for a week. (Photo by Umit Bektas/Reuters)

Photo of the Day: Fire Starter

Zollner Elektronik’s dragon made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest walking robot: 15.72m (51.57ft) in length, and 8.20m (26.90ft) in height. (Copyright: PA)

Photo of the Day: Unidentified Furry Object

Kennel owner Gabor Korozs walks one of his Komondors, a traditional Hungarian guard dog, in Bodony, 130 km northeast of Budapest. The kennel has won several awards but makes hardly any money as dogs without pedigrees have displaced pure breeds from the market in recent years. (Photo by aszlo Balogh/Reuters)

Photo of the Day: Don’t Bear Wit Me

Aurora, a three-year-old female polar bear, plays with a plastic bottle in a pool in its new open air cage at the Royev Ruchey zoo on the suburbs of Russia’s Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk. Aurora and her sister, Victoria, were found without their mother in Russia’s Taymyr Peninsula on the Arctic Ocean coast in May 2010, and were later brought to the zoo in Krasnoyarsk. A zookeeper is planning to encourage breeding between Aurora and Felix, a male polar bear who was also found on the wildlife Russian Arctic Wrangel Island, a zoo representative said. (Photo by Ilya Naymushin/Reuters)

Photo of the Day: The Escape

A rabbit hops to avoid a five-month-old leopard cub during a test of cubs’ wild natural instincts at a wildlife park in Qingdao, Shandong province. The test is part of the park’s body examination procedure on recent born tigers, lions and leopards. (Photo by Reuters)

Photo of the Day: A Cheeky Smile

This bat gives a cheeky smile as he gobbles down his food at Singapore Zoo. (Photo by Benny Iskander/HotSpot Media)

Photo of the Day: It’s a Siesta Time

A Giant panda with rare brown-and-white fur eats a carrot at a natural conservation area in Qinling, Shaanxi province. The four-year-old giant panda was found in Qinling when it was a cub in 2009. (Photo by China Daily)

Photo of the Day: Pumpkin Cat

A black cat strolls over a pile of pumpkins at a farm near Potsdam, eastern Germany. (Photo by Ralf Hirschberger/DPA)

Photo of the Day: Call Me Panda

Kai Kai, a male Giant Panda sniffs at his custom-made birthday cake of bamboo, flowers and vegetables at the River Safari, part of the Wildlife Reserves and the Singapore Zoo in Singapore. Week-long celebrations were held to mark the first year anniversary of the arrival of two Giant Pandas from China, Kai Kai, and Jia Jia, who incidentally are celebrating their 6th and 5th birthdays, respectively this month. These Giant Pandas are on loan for 10-years as part of a collaboration between China and Singapore to raise awareness for the conservation of these critically endangered species. (Photo by Wong Maye-E/AP Photo)

Photo of the Day: Walk This Way!

A man reacts as a performer dressed in a Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur costume walks next to him during a publicity event in central Sydney August 28, 2013. The performance was a promotion for an upcoming exhibition at the Australian Museum titled “Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family” which showcases ancestors of the Tyrannosaurus rex, with more than 10 life-size dinosaur specimens on display. (Daniel Munoz/Reuters)

Photo of the Day: Private Temple

A privately-built illegal temple-like structure is seen on the top of a 20-storey residential block in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. A police spokesman said that the elaborate temple-like structure is built illegally on the roof. The temple on top of the building in Shenzhen’s Nanshan district is believed to have been there for at least three years, local media reported. The temple and the inaccessible rooftop had caused concerns over safety issues among some residents. But despite complaints from neighbours, the temple only came into the spotlight after a wealthy physician in Beijing was given 15 days to tear down his illegal villa and garden built atop a 26-storey apartment block on August 12. (Tyrone Siu/Reuters)

Photo of the Day: Childhood

A Syrian boy living in Egypt rides his bicycle on a street in Cairo. (Muhammad Hamed/Reuters)