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Pop-art Paintings by Rosalyn Drexler

artworks rosalyn drexler everythingwithatwist 01 Pop art Paintings by Rosalyn Drexler

Rosalyn Drexler, apart from being a pop-artist, has an Obie Award for a playwright and an Emmy Award for a screenplay, to name the most important. She was born in Bronx, New York and attended the  High School of Music and Art in New York City where she majored in voice. She also went for a semester to  Hunter College before she married Sherman Drexler, also a painter, having a son and a daughter. She painted and exhibited among pop artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein in the 60s. Warhol featured her in his 1962 prints Album of a Mat Queen, which depicted her as “Rosa Carlo, the Mexican Spitfire,” who would become the heroine of one of  her novels a decade later. In the video below explains how he started as an artist and how she brought her work in shopping bags in MoMA and the naivity she had at the time. She also said about the “beautiful isolation” she is in while she works. The are some rare footage when she was younger. Enjoy.

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The Unforbidden Cyclist by Thomas Yang

1167 The Unforbidden Cyclist by Thomas Yang

Image patterning has existed for hundreds of years; however, before Thomas Yang no one has ever thought of putting paint on the bicycle wheels and using it as a patterning tool to create very interesting-looking pictures.

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Paper Magazine No.40

f2ed549fe63e195eebe44a065055a936 650x433 Paper Magazine No.40

Paper magazine issue No.40, is an Athens based Financial Newspaper created by designer Manos Daskalakis. The overall design is simplistic yet attractive as an editorial, featuring a low-key image set with standard column paragraphs that flow well thought the zine. The paper was released on the 21th December last year (2013).

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Au Prints

AuPrints 2010 1 650x460 Au Prints

Au is the chemical symbol for gold. Au Prints is a set of art prints with gold ink manually applied in 220gsm white Fabriano Rosaspina paper. All prints are reproductions of original drawings that represent moments that really happened in the past. All of them are limited to 100 copies and each piece is signed, numbered and stamped.

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Portraits by Cesar Biojo

cesar biojo everythingwithatwist 03 Portraits by Cesar Biojo

Cesar Biojo is from Colombia. His basic studies are art history and fine arts from Florida State University but the last 6 years he resides in Barcelona. He just finished his PhD from University of Barcelona. His main technique is oil and is as if he creates a painting and destructs it at the same time. The result is very interesting. Enjoy.

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Pantheon Anniversary – A laser etched poster

pantheon poster1 650x742 Pantheon Anniversary   A laser etched poster
A Sanborn inspired poster to celebrate the birthday of a bar. Laser etched into duplexed black & white photo mount, 1,5 mm thick.

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Play More More More Notepad

1106 Play More More More Notepad

A fun notebook that I too wish I had when I was a kid. Play more more more, a finalist design at the European Design awards by Netherlands-based design studio Trapped in Suburbia, is an unique notepad aimed at encouraging “play” at work.

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Ekocycle Cube. The Recycling 3D Printer

 Ekocycle Cube. The Recycling 3D Printer
The Ekocycle Cube is all about creating new objects from other ones that serve no use anymore, thus adding some purpose to something that would otherwise be nothing more than waste. Long story short, the printer relies on materials which consist in recycled plastic bottles.

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Fresh & Creative Brochure Design Inspiration for 2014

7 brochure design inspiration Fresh & Creative Brochure Design Inspiration for 2014
As demonstrated by this huge collection, you can see that there’s really no one way to make a brochure design. Even within the same industries, plenty of designs are wildly different from one another. There are few hard rules for creating a brochure, so long as it is an effective means of providing crucial information while maintaining brand consistency. Other than that, the sky’s the limit, as these brochures demonstrate.

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Boktor Magazine – Issue 4 – ‘Suzy Miller’

B4 fb2 650x487 Boktor Magazine   Issue 4   Suzy Miller

The image of a young girl we randomly came across in a thrift store had such an impact on us that we decided to dedicate an issue of Boktor Magazine to her. We named the girl Suzy Miller and asked all participating artists to define a fragment of her life while using one or more creative constraints to create their work.

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Letterpress Inspiration: Business Cards

677 Letterpress Inspiration: Business Cards
A collection of great business cards made by lletterpress machine.

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Fun And Colorful Brochure Designs

2 Quem sou eu Who Am I Fun And Colorful Brochure Designs

I love finding creative print brochures. They can be challenging to create but when you plan it out properly and set a look and feel, you can create some really cool stuff. Purposes for brochures can vary from business to business,  for the most part they are designed to display services or selling a product. Regardless of what the brochure is meant for, its design is equally as important as its content. Check out a few of the best examples of creative brochure designs below. Enjoy!

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30+ Creative Photography Business Card Design

photographer business card 23 30+ Creative Photography Business Card Design

In this post we targeting photographers and everyone who need to inspire him self with business card for photographers.

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Anatomy of a Ninja Turtles by Nychos

Nychos Street Anatomy Ninja Turtles pic Juxtapoz 686x457 Anatomy of a Ninja Turtles by Nychos

Nychos is an artist from Austria. He recently added to his street anatomy series with none other than the Ninja Turtles. Nychos’ street anatomy series shows the dissection of pop characters including The Little Mermaid, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Sponge Bob Square Pants, just to name a few. Nychos founded Rabbit Eye Movement (REM),  a street art concept, based in Vienna in 2005. In 2012 the Movement grew and the REM team started to work full time as an agency. You can’t help be amazed with his level of detail Nychos puts into his work. Enjoy!

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Space Exploration – Illustrated Poster Quote

SHIP1 650x650 Space Exploration   Illustrated Poster Quote
This illustrated poster quote was inspired by one of Napoleon Hill’s most famous quotes.

“What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”
-Napoleon Hill

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