Boktor Magazine – Issue 4 – ‘Suzy Miller’

Boktor 4

The image of a young girl we randomly came across in a thrift store had such an impact on us that we decided to dedicate an issue of Boktor Magazine to her. We named the girl Suzy Miller and asked all participating artists to define a fragment of her life while using one or more creative constraints to create their work.

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Letterpress Inspiration: Business Cards

A collection of great business cards made by lletterpress machine.

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Fun And Colorful Brochure Designs

I love finding creative print brochures. They can be challenging to create but when you plan it out properly and set a look and feel, you can create some really cool stuff. Purposes for brochures can vary from business to business,  for the most part they are designed to display services or selling a product. Regardless of what the brochure is meant for, its design is equally as important as its content. Check out a few of the best examples of creative brochure designs below. Enjoy!

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30+ Creative Photography Business Card Design

In this post we targeting photographers and everyone who need to inspire him self with business card for photographers.

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Anatomy of a Ninja Turtles by Nychos

Nychos is an artist from Austria. He recently added to his street anatomy series with none other than the Ninja Turtles. Nychos’ street anatomy series shows the dissection of pop characters including The Little Mermaid, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Sponge Bob Square Pants, just to name a few. Nychos founded Rabbit Eye Movement (REM),  a street art concept, based in Vienna in 2005. In 2012 the Movement grew and the REM team started to work full time as an agency. You can’t help be amazed with his level of detail Nychos puts into his work. Enjoy!

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Space Exploration – Illustrated Poster Quote

This illustrated poster quote was inspired by one of Napoleon Hill’s most famous quotes.

“What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”
-Napoleon Hill

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Fifteen – Screen Printed Poster

Screen Printed Poster - Fifteen - Buzz Studios
Find your way or let your way find you. Hand screen printed with a custom tasty pink bubblegum ink on a heavy 250gsm A2 navy paper.

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Beautiful Brochure Design Ideas for Your Inspiration


Brochure designs are impression making, confidence building, eye grabbing and indispensable portent for a company. I hope these inspiring brochure designs would knock at the doors of your thinking capacities. Scroll down to see 20 best & beautiful brochure design ideas for your inspiration.

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Really Nice Spidey & the Dark Knight Posters

Hey Prints is a freshly launched platform for talented designers to showcase and sell their designs in the form of posters and gain reasonable profits while doing so.

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Travel Inspired Print – Illustrative Quotations

Designed by Toronto art shop Design Different, this illustration comes from a series of prints based off of quotes from some of the worlds great minds.

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Graphic & Print Design Inspiration #028

Print Design Inspiration
This article has 22 examples of graphic and print design inspiration, showcasing newly released creations made by talented designers.

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20 Restaurant Menu Designs that are Inspiring as well as Effective

Most people would not find the regular Restaurant Menu to be anything other than a listing of the food and beverages served at the place. But what if you could infuse a bit of art into it and make stunning Menu designs that not only give out the relevant information, but inspire you with their clever looks and beautiful covers as well.

We have scourged the net to bring you some of the most ingenious and clever Restaurant Menu designs.

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Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of 3D Printing with Fake Russian Money

Maxim Kashirskiy has long been interested in the concept of money, saying (with the help of Google Translate), “I always liked the well-developed prints with a lot of fine lines and elements. Purely from an artistic point of view, the money – it is usually the finest examples of the wizard, and images having excellent value and importance for a country that produces them. They can be used to study history, even languages ​​can be studied, at least numerals. As a child, I started collecting banknotes because of the love of art. For many, this craze may seem strange, but I’m a Taurus, the sign of finance, as astrologers say.”

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Graphic & Print Design Inspiration #027

Graphic Design Inspiration
Inspiration can be critical to overcoming a creative design block, or just keeping the air in your creative sails. Finding and routinely following creative design resources is a great way to stay on top of trends, spark ideas, and simply appreciate the great works that inspire professional graphic designers.

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25 Beautiful Vintage Style Business Card Designs

Premium Draught

Good design never goes out of fashion. In fact there’s something about using vintage and retro style design elements, they can (when used correctly) lift a design and somehow make it seem modern. Just like physical appearance, you never get a second chance to make a first impression with your business card.

Poorly designed business cards flood your local town, so why not stand out? Show your potential clients that you don’t cut corners with a beautiful business card. Today we collected some amazing vintage style business cards for your inspiration. Enjoy!

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