21 Great Editorial Design Examples

Editorial design
In this article you will see examples of magazine and books designs for inspiration from various publications that should help you design a cover or give you a hint on how an editorial design should look like.

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New Flavours Calendar 2014

Sneaker Stack Collection Posters via KickPosters

If you ask us, sneaker art is the most important new art movement in recent history and we reckon these new prints by KickPosters are the business. Going more for a straight-up digital pencil reproduction vibe than unleashing torrents of creativity, the shoes look exactly like cartoon versions of the originals and the colours are gorgeous.

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A short documentary filmed at Perrott Bespoke Printing. A family run traditional printers, spanning four generations.

Director of Photography: Guy Gotto
Original Score: Evan Gildersleeve
Sound Design: Greg Niemand
Graphic Design: Catherine Perrott

With Thanks to The Roundhouse & Stephen Perrott. perrottbespokeprinting.com

Print design trends of 2014

If you believe print is dead, then you’ll be amazed to see the inspiring collection of print trends presented by Cubicle Ninjas! It’s always exciting to see new trends emerge in the print world. From typographic “lock-ups” to luxury printing, check out the latest print design trends for 2014.

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3D Popup kirigami postcards with Arch. Andrea Palladio’s monuments

Basilica Palladiana – Vicenza, Italy

Our 3D Pop-up kirigami postcards (Patent 1263347) are an Elegant and Refined article, Ideal for every occasion, Unique of its kind thanks to the original Three-dimensionality. The study and attention to details, as well as the high quality materials used for their production make them an Exclusive and Distinguishing item, too.

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Fairtrade Print Shirt

T-Shirt with water-soluble and solvent-free print by Hydrophil.

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Graphic & Print Design Inspiration #025

Graphic & Print Design Inspiration
This article has 26 examples of graphic and print design inspiration, showcasing newly released creations made by talented designers.

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Roundup of business card psd templates

Today I have picked up 20 premium-like but absolutely free business card psd templates. You will find amazing ready-to-print mockups that will help to establish your offline presence in a stylish way.

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Graphic & Print Design #024

Graphic Design Inspiration
Inspiration can be critical to overcoming a creative design block, or just keeping the air in your creative sails. Finding and routinely following creative design resources is a great way to stay on top of trends, spark ideas, and simply appreciate the great works that inspire professional graphic designers.

youandsaturation is such a great source of inspiration – this article has 16 examples of graphic and print designs showcasing newly released creations made by talented designers.

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This is my bachelor thesis on the actual organic-trend and the thereby associated  sum of quality seals. I tried to bring light into the darkness of »the jungle« of quality seals and certificates and to offer an overview of the most important markets and sectors. I examined the origins of the organic-trend, its development and its current impact on marketing and advertising. But primarily, however, the paper aims at encouraging reasonable consumption and the courage to change.

So naturally this thesis is made ecofriendly all through. Slipcase and cover consist of plain natural recycled bookbinding cardbord which got lovingly letterpressed by hand. And certainly the content is printed on certified recycled paper as well.

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Dad Spends 7 Years on Incredibly Detailed Maze!

Some people have hobbies. Other people are obsessive. But when the two cross paths, this is what you get. Japanese twitter user @Kya7y recently unearthed an incredibly detailed maze that her father created almost 30 years ago. When pressed for details, the father explained that he spent 7 years creating the map on A1 size paper, which is about 33 x 23 inches.

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25 Beautiful Valentine’s Day Card Ideas 2014


Valentine’s Day is said to be a big day for all the lovers around the globe. Today I thought that it would be fun to round up some inspiring Valentine’s Day card ideas 2014. As always, I am amazed at the creative talent that is out there and can’t believe how amazing these ideas are. Get inspired and surprise this valentine’s day by presenting adorable greeting card to your love one.

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Stunning Alternative Movie Posters by Doaly

When a new movies comes out, usually we are most excited about the poster rather than the film. Alongside the official designs, graphic designers are there to create alternative posters which give it new meaning and scope according to film’s logic.

In this post I’ve collect some Stunning Alternative posters created by doaly. Check out his work and let us know which one is your favorite movie poster in comment area.

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Hip Hop Coloring Book

Who says coloring books are only for kids? If you like hip hop, then you’r sure to love this coloring book. Filled with 16 pages of rap stars ranging from Missy Elliot and Lil’ Kim to Tupac and Notorious B.I.G., this is easily the coolest coloring book ever.

More Details at HiConsumption.com

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