40 best and Brilliant Business card design examples

Designing your business cards in a very trendy fashion and making it memorable would help your identity to stay out of the trash bin after you the end of your discussion.

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Creative Studio Business Card

Detailed Info: http://www.codegrape.com/item/creative-studio-business-card/2105

Creative Studio Business Card is a card design with a clean and professional touch to it.


* Fully Layered PSD files
* Fully Customizable and Editable
* CMYK Setting
* 300 DPI High Resolution
* 3.5” x 2”(3.75” x 2.25” with bleed setting)
* Print Ready Format
* Horizontal Card

New Business Card Designs For Inspiration

The promotion of your company is important to its success. There are many ways by which it may be promoted. One simple way is to have business cards that can be passed out in a number of places and situations. This option is a good one, but it really must be the right piece for it to work correctly. You should be sure that this form of marketing is informative, directional, and eye-catching.

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18 Worst Presentation Folder Design Blunders

Design Presentation Folder
When you make one mistake while designing and printing presentation folders, you’re likely actually making over 500 mistakes—because the error will show up on every folder you print.

To save yourself the cost of an entirely new print job, be sure to avoid these common design mistakes and printing pitfalls to produce the best folder possible.
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30 Colorful Business Card Design Examples for your inspiration

Designing your business cards in a very trendy fashion and making it memorable would help your identity to stay out of the trash bin after you the end of your discussion. Business cards are the most effective offline way to promote and advertise your business. Your Business card speaks for as brand and they are a good and effective tool to impress and maintain relationship with your clients.

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Letterpress Business Cards by Freshly Squeezed Print Shop

Mammoth Reach business cards by Freshly Squeezed Print Shop

Freshly Squeezed Print Shop

Sproing Creative business cards by Freshly Squeezed Print Shop

Letterpress business cards by Freshly Squeezed Print Shop

26 Best and Creative Brochure Design Ideas for your inspiration

Purpose of brochure may vary from business to business. Some are designed to display services, whereas others are focused on selling a product. Print design is becoming quite influential in print design.

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Outstanding Most Popular Print Ads

Now days ads are everywhere, it’s almost impossible to go somewhere without seeing some kind of ad. The ads that strike me the most are the ones that can combine a good idea with a good execution, and these ads …

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Source : CGfrog


17 Premium Brochure Design Templates

In this post I would like to share with you some of professionally designed premium brochures. Let’s have a look the the most beautiful and inspiring collection of corporate brochure designs.

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Creative Brochure Folds Guide: 9 Folding Techniques That Rock!

Creative Brochure Folders Guide: 9 Folding Techniques That Rock

Before you design your next brochure or folder, take a look at these 9 creative brochure folding styles! There are many different types of printing folds available for designers to consider—each one offering a unique canvas for your creative ideas.

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The Hot Air Balloon by Greg Abbott

The Hot Air Balloon by Greg Abbott

Greg Abbott is a UK based illustrator and designer. Greg’s creative mind and work has garnered him a cult following in the apparel and print industries. His work has been stocked in various retail stores including Hot Topic, Urban Outfitters and Land of Nod; and featured on Fab and Zulily.

This print is available at http://www.prinnnt.com as part of their launch series.


Sta. Rosa Editora – independent publishing house

Pilar Villasegura and Federico Paladino are the founders of Sta. Rosa Editora, an independent publishing house based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After meeting and realising they shared the same passion for publishing and zines, Pilar and Federico founded this project which has quickly become a reference for discovering emerging Argentinian photographers.

Read the interview with Pilar and Federico on Future Positive.

CMYK or RGB or PMS for Printing: The Difference

CMYK or RGB or PMS for Printing: The Difference
You’ve probably heard various acronyms related to the use of color in design, but do you really know what they all mean? Read on to cut through the confusion and learn more about the difference between RGB vs CMYK vs PMS colors, as well as how to convert between them in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

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20 Free Colorful Business Card Templates

Your business card is a must nowadays. It helps you communicate with people, promote your business in a professional way and be cool. Right now business playing cards range from blue, pink, green, black and white and in addition spherical-cornered, typographic, wooden, plastic cards. Here, you’ll find more than 20 free colorful business card template.

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Paintings by Radovic Maricica

Maricica Radovic is a painter in Braila, Romania. All creations they tell a magical story that reminds us of the most beautiful part of our life, childhood.

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