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17 Premium Brochure Design Templates

brochure design templates 1 17 Premium Brochure Design Templates

In this post I would like to share with you some of professionally designed premium brochures. Let’s have a look the the most beautiful and inspiring collection of corporate brochure designs.

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Creative Brochure Folds Guide: 9 Folding Techniques That Rock!

creative brochure folds techniques that rock Creative Brochure Folds Guide: 9 Folding Techniques That Rock!

Before you design your next brochure or folder, take a look at these 9 creative brochure folding styles! There are many different types of printing folds available for designers to consider—each one offering a unique canvas for your creative ideas.

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The Hot Air Balloon by Greg Abbott

slideshow 1 1 650x382 The Hot Air Balloon by Greg Abbott

Greg Abbott is a UK based illustrator and designer. Greg’s creative mind and work has garnered him a cult following in the apparel and print industries. His work has been stocked in various retail stores including Hot Topic, Urban Outfitters and Land of Nod; and featured on Fab and Zulily.

This print is available at as part of their launch series.


Sta. Rosa Editora – independent publishing house

Pilar Villasegura and Federico Paladino are the founders of Sta. Rosa Editora, an independent publishing house based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After meeting and realising they shared the same passion for publishing and zines, Pilar and Federico founded this project which has quickly become a reference for discovering emerging Argentinian photographers.

Read the interview with Pilar and Federico on Future Positive.

Future Positive Sta Rosa 4 650x438 Sta. Rosa Editora   independent publishing house

Future Positive Sta Rosa 9 650x472 Sta. Rosa Editora   independent publishing house

CMYK or RGB or PMS for Printing: The Difference

CMYK RGB PMS Difference CMYK or RGB or PMS for Printing: The Difference
You’ve probably heard various acronyms related to the use of color in design, but do you really know what they all mean? Read on to cut through the confusion and learn more about the difference between RGB vs CMYK vs PMS colors, as well as how to convert between them in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

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20 Free Colorful Business Card Templates

rainbow business card 20 Free Colorful Business Card Templates
Your business card is a must nowadays. It helps you communicate with people, promote your business in a professional way and be cool. Right now business playing cards range from blue, pink, green, black and white and in addition spherical-cornered, typographic, wooden, plastic cards. Here, you’ll find more than 20 free colorful business card template.

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Paintings by Radovic Maricica

maricica radovici15 650x304 Paintings by Radovic Maricica

maricica radovici111 Paintings by Radovic Maricica

Maricica Radovic is a painter in Braila, Romania. All creations they tell a magical story that reminds us of the most beautiful part of our life, childhood.

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The Critical Journey to Your Personal Brand

About Me Page The Critical Journey to Your Personal Brand
Whether or not you have a business, you have your own personal brand. This is a universally-accepted truth, something that is repeatedly taught in business courses worldwide. No wonder. Branding consists of your style, your personality and the way you want to impress other people. This branding should reflect the character and persona that you are commoditizing and marketing intentionally to other people. In this article, we will discuss how you can create and manage your personal brand through social media and presence on the web.
Build Relationships The Critical Journey to Your Personal Brand

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“Dimitra” baptism invitation by VAMADESIGN



Logo and Baptism invitation design for a sweet – lovely – baby girl called Dimitra! Designed by Vasilis Magoulas aka VAMADESIGN.

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TADA – Handcrafted Letterpress Notebooks

slide plain 650x280 TADA   Handcrafted Letterpress Notebooks

TADA is a new brand of handcrafted letterpress notebooks created by a couple of dreamers that still believe in the joy of little things in life.
We like to describe TADA as notebooks with a personality. They are not anonymous notebooks made by unknown people in unknown places, from unspecified materials & techniques. They are notebooks made by people for people, to communicate passion and inspire smiles trough each blank page. There are just two people behind TADA, you can see their faces and touch their hands if you like. We’re Elisa & Fabio, happy to make notebooks that take care of your ideas, projects & notes.

TADA 201 TADA   Handcrafted Letterpress Notebooks
TADA 180 TADA   Handcrafted Letterpress Notebooks
TADA 178 TADA   Handcrafted Letterpress Notebooks

Everything, from the design to the production, is done by the two of us, under the roof of our small, but well formed studio Apple&Pear, in London. We select high quality recycled paper, vegetable based inks & linen threads as the main ingredients of our notebooks, as well as uncompromising attention to details and authentic enthusiasm for what we do.

TADA is the result of our love for letterpress & paper, notebook addiction and passion for all things handcrafted. Our intent is to create an appropriate support for the most precious things in life – ideas, projects, travels &, why not, notes – to be cultivated. Not just every place, but a place unique and with an attitude. Each TADA is one of a kind piece, with its carefully designed details and beautifully crafted imperfections, as a celebration of individuality and human care.

TADA 212 TADA   Handcrafted Letterpress Notebooks

Designed & made entirely by hand (elisa & fabio’s) and produced in small bunches at our studio in London, England. Yep – we design, print, bind, trim, and press all by ourselves. All the magic happens in one small, but cosy room. Human care is definitely something you can feel when you’re holding a TADA in your hands.

Inner pages: high quality recycled, uncoated paper with 50% pre-consumer fibres and 50% FSC certified and controlled cellulose. Two selections for the covers: cotton & recycled fibres paper, with FSC certification; or recycled uncoated paper, with FSC certification. All by Fedrigoni.

All the covers are hand printed in Letterpress using vegetable based inks. The back cover has a special message debossed printed in blind impression using just the strength of our arms; it’s different for each bunch of notebooks, a special tiny surprise waiting to be discovered.

All the notebooks are sewn by hand. We stitch them using simple tools: a awl, a needle and double linen thread. This makes our notebook stronger, longer-lasting and beautiful in every single detail. Other unique details include the rounded corners and the handy pocket glued with care on the inside of the back cover.

TADA 194 TADA   Handcrafted Letterpress Notebooks
TADA 215 TADA   Handcrafted Letterpress Notebooks

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4D Self-Assembly: Easy Construction using Smart Geometrics

self assembly line 4D Self Assembly: Easy Construction using Smart Geometrics

Designers and scientists from the Self-Assembly Lab at MIT are working on ways to reconfigure how we design, assemble and autocorrect structures in our everyday world; from microscopic tools all the way up to towering commercial infrastructures.

Consider a small, seemingly solid 3-dimensional object: give it a hard shake and it falls apart, exposing the many simple pieces that compose it. Shake it randomly and the pieces quickly reassemble. No instruction manual, no screws and no headache! Self-assembly creates a fourth dimension of construction: the three physical dimensions of space plus an added dimension of movement through time.

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30+ Creative and Unique Mini Square Business Cards Design

Square Business Cards instantly be noticeable for their size and shape. It’s very difficult for the people to ignore your square business card because of there unique design. Mini Square Business Card will alone makes it a greater promoting instrument when compared with far more usualRectangle business cards.

Here’s something new for your business, 30+ Collection of Creative and Unique Mini Square Business Cards Design to give you more power to do better than best not just in your designs but in your business as well.

Sweet Web Design Square Business Cards

sweet biz cards 30+ Creative and Unique Mini Square Business Cards Design

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Colored Death

ColoredDeathSmall1 650x919 Colored Death



ColoredDeath3Small2 650x919 Colored Death

Verses to bury the summer, design by Pedro Espino

impresiones versos1 650x441 Verses to bury the summer, design by Pedro Espino
Folded piece designed for a poetry reading by Pedro Espino, an art director and multi-disciplined graphic designer based in Málaga, Spain.

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