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Hexo+ Aerial Drone

hexo aerial drone 650x398 Hexo+ Aerial Drone

Now you can film awesome footage of yourself from a totally new angle with Hexo+ Aerial drone. This device follows you automatically with no need of an operator; just utilize the smartphone app to set the frames and the Hexo+ will adjust its position to satisfy the selected criteria. Simply attach your camera, set parameters and the drone will do its job.

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Ikeuchi Organic Towels

ikeuchi organic towels 01 Ikeuchi Organic Towels

Ikeuchi Organic Towels, established over half a century ago in 1953, is a Japanese based organic textile company which prizes itself on creating products whose exceeding quality and method of production does not compromise the social and natural integrity of our world.

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Bottle Grinder | by Menu

norm bottle grinder large 650x741 Bottle Grinder | by Menu

The minimal grinder form is universal, but with Bottle, Norm has turned it on its head: the ceramic salt or pepper grinder is located on the top and does not spill on the table.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #233

Thats Amore iPhone 5 Case by GUFO 011 650x486 Daily Gadget Inspiration #233
Let your iPhone 5 and 5S symbolize an Italian style with a wooden touch through these That’s Amore iPhone 5 Cases by GUFO. Portraying four Italian icons in 4 different cases, this is nothing less than a souvenir you could get yourself without visiting Italy. The four icons are that of Spaghetti, Cannolo, Moka and Lapa Truck. They come on wooden bases which attach beautifully on the back cover of your iPhone 5 or 5S. There’s also a black fiber

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Earl: Rugged E-Ink Tablet

earl rugged e ink tablet 01 Earl: Rugged E Ink Tablet

Whether it’s backpacking, hiking, or weekend exploring, the Earl tablet is as ready to face the great outdoors as you are.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #232

RC Mop 01 Daily Gadget Inspiration #232
Your next cleaning exercise at home could be even more pleasant with the use of technology through this RC Mop. Controlled by a gaming console like remote, this mop is the new-age toy for lazy people who never wanted to clean their house themselves. Just to make sure their homes don’t look disgustingly untidy, this radio-controlled mop has been designed which can be used to clean every corner of your house with remote commands.

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Check Out Some Of The Most Amazing Gadgets For Star Wars Goodies

Star Wars Yoda Doormat 01 Check Out Some Of The Most Amazing Gadgets For Star Wars GoodiesIf you try to imagine your indoors nothing less than the Galactic Empire, welcome your guests in that style itself by placing the Star Wars Yoda Doormat outside your house. With Yoda’s face imprinted on the doormat, your guests will definitely know about the sci-fi inclined world that awaits inside. This could also make for a fantastic gift you could give your Star Wars addicted friend who’ll surely love having a doormat resembling the Star Wars universe.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #231

Radius V2 for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus 01 650x650 Daily Gadget Inspiration #231
Unlike most of the bulky phone cases you’ve seen till now, the Radius V2 for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus looks different and is no bigger than the sleep and volume buttons on the sides of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It’s neither a bumper case nor a snap case – The Radius V2 has been designed to safeguard your iPhone without standing out as a bulky mobile case.

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The Body: A Chair That’s As Flexible As You

the body a chair thats 06 450x675 The Body: A Chair That’s As Flexible As You

The Body folds into a comfortable chair, so you never have to fold your body in painful positions.

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Laptop Flip Stand

Bluelounge Kickflip Taking laptops to the next level Kickflip is a stand that elevates your laptop at an ergonomic angle.1 Laptop Flip Stand

Easily prop up your laptop on the go with this minimalist Laptop Flip Stand.

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Yozakura Porcelain Sake Set by French Designer Kennedy James

yozakura handmade porcelain sake set 650x515 Yozakura Porcelain Sake Set by French Designer Kennedy James
This tableware set is composed of a carafe and three types of cups. The pentagon cup is carved as the blossomed flower and the carafe has an opening in the form of a Sakura petal drifting in the wind. Each piece is handmade from porcelain cast in a mold. The gold and silver cups are decorated with food safe luster.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #230

Barbary Coast Distressed Cart Table 01 Daily Gadget Inspiration #230
Those early 1900s industrial transportation systems can now reside on your living room with the help of this Barbary Coast Distressed Cart Table. Resembling the furniture used to transport fabrics and other necessities across the factory floor, this center table seems to be carrying your tea time treats directly to your living rooms everyday. It’s a solid wood construction featuring metal wheels to add that feel of an industry transportation system inside your house.

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Eternal Rocks Glass

eternal rocks glass 02a 650x650 Eternal Rocks Glass

This rocks glass is made to be cherished a lifetime. If broken, the pieces are remade for you.

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Beautiful Apple Watch Accessory Collection

dswiss 5.003 650x487 Beautiful Apple Watch Accessory Collection

With the recent announcement of the highly anticipated Apple iPhone recently the world is anxiously awaiting it’s release date. In the mean time, it is never too soon to start getting everything else you need for your new favorite timepiece namely the right accessories. DWISS, (Created by Red Dot design award winner Rafael Simoes Miranda) is a Switzerland based mechanical timepiece company that has recently introduced the world’s first collection of Apple Watch accessories spanning from playful Thermoplastic Polyurethane covers to robust and elegant leather straps and stainless steel lugs.

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Super Mario Pipe iPhone Dock