Products of The Day #305

Nintendo has finally returned to its roots of starting a life as a card maker with these Nintendo Playing Cards. One of the most influential video games of all times, this set features the Mario characters on your playing cards. They are standard poker sized Mario and Zelda with the two joker cards having Bowser on it.

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LOLO The Capsular Microkitchen by Tanya Repina

Tanya Repina with Aotta Studio has created a unique capsular microkitchen for home, LOLO. The designers say that the idea was inspired by the need to place kitchen units freely in the working or living area. Simple ‘toylike’ design and colourful wood creates a unique and relaxing friendly image. Each module is intended for one of electrical appliances (microwave oven, coffee-machine etc.) and its accessories such as cups, plates, cutlery, tea, coffee etc.

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Pill Box Carafe


Keep pills organized and together with the water source.

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Solid Gray: Backpack For Urban Life


The shell-like silhouette of the Solid Gray backpack is a striking and unusual design. It is lightweight, strong, tough, and stylish.

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Shifter Shoe Protector


A simple solution to an age old problem. The leather with elasticized strap stops the toes of your boots from getting scuffed and marked up by your shifter.

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Concrete Wine Cooler

Concrete Wine Cooler by Francisco Corvi -
Innovative, different and unique concrete wine cooler designed by Francisco Corvi. Industrial chic material like concrete is a very popular at the manufacturing of everyday products and Intoconcrete Brand demonstrates a number of interior products and accessories made ​​of concrete.

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PLUMEN: Low-Energy, Designer Lightbulb


Plumen is a line of energy efficient lightbulbs that are meant to be seen, not hidden. They are beautiful designer lightbulbs that use 11 watts or less.

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Products of The Day #304

What if your flash drive can turn into a cable to charge or sync your phone when needed? SYMLIS Sparrow is an USB OTG flash drive combined with an USB sync & charge cable. You can also access the integrated flash drive with USB OTG supported smartphones.

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Doona Car Seat


This fantastic Doona car seat converts from a group 0+ car seat into a compact stroller! Ideal for nipping out and about with baby it means there is no need for a travel system frame in the boot of the car…

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First Aid Blanket: Aid And Inform


Introducing the First Aid Blanket – an instructional blanket for those who want to learn how to provide medical aid in case of drowning.

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Turning Tables: Expanding Capstan Table


The dynamic Capstan table expands 73% in size by just a simple rotation, with hidden leafs under the first set blooming outward like magic.

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Wall Tiles – Rewind Collection

Rewind Hexagonal Tiles - InteriorZine
The tiles in the Rewind Collection provide a contemporary reinterpretation of timeless materials. The collection is available in six sophisticated colours and a wide assortment of sizes. The inclusion in the range of a hexagonal tile size, for use as a decorative piece or an extension of the floor covering products, allows the creation of design schemes with a unique personality.

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Where’s Wallet: A Smart Wallet You’ll Never Lose


1) The Wallet You’ll Never Lose
Thanks to cutting edge technology, each wallet features a thin, unobtrusive sensor, so you never have to replace your wallet, or its contents, ever again.

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Dior Bag Manufacturing

Dior Bag 1
Exclusively filmed for, Dior takes us through each precious step of making their latest luxury bag. From the precise leather-cutting, to the different accessory features, this bad is a the essence of class and beauty. Go behind the scenes at the French couture house to watch the expert craftsmen work.

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Magnetic Tea Ball


This tea ball magnetically hangs on the lid after a brew.

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