Daily Gadget Inspiration #196

Oak Wood Bike Hanger by Woodstick Daily Gadget Inspiration #196
What makes the Oak Wood Bike Hanger by Woodstick unconventional is its design concept which is truly offbeat but overwhelming in nature. The hanger is totally handcrafted and is made from highest quality oak wood stub cross cut, birch and oak plates.

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Boing: Stackable Q-Tip Chair

boing stackable qtip chair 01 450x199 Boing: Stackable Q Tip Chair

Add a touch of retro and colour with the q-tip chair that puts a new spin on the ordinary q-tip design.

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Ring Clock: From Wrist to Finger

ring clock from wrist to finger 02 Ring Clock: From Wrist to Finger

Ring Clock gives you the power to tell time, nearly at the tip of your fingers.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #195

Oru Watch Dual Display Smart watch with Power bank 03 Daily Gadget Inspiration #195
Ever imagined you could be wearing an LCD smart watch, E-paper smart watch, and a Power bank all strapped to your hand as one wearable device? It’s now time to get introduced to the world’s first smart watch that has dual display, including TFT and E-paper. Another convenient thing? It has a power bank to charge cell phones.

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Bubble Chair: Keeps You Cosy And Isolated

bubble chair 01 450x450 Bubble Chair: Keeps You Cosy And Isolated

The Bubble Chair eliminates outside noise to create a peaceful environment. It is comfort and silence in a bubble of your own.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #194

Blacksmith Tool Case by Wheelman 01 Daily Gadget Inspiration #194
Handsewn in USA, Wheelman & Co’s latest Blacksmith Tool Case is a classic piece for a modern day bicyclist. It’s a hand-stitched, top grain handlebar tool bag that fits perfectly with your cycling lifestyle keeping all those commuting necessities in place. This could be anything from your phone to a water bottle to bike tools you may wish to carry when you’re travelling on your bike anytime.

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Pendant Bulb Cords

light pendant cord1 650x650 Pendant Bulb Cords

Create versatile lighting with these cords. Simply hang and attach a bulb.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #193

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness 001 Daily Gadget Inspiration #193
Feel that awesomeness of visualizing the world from your pet’s perspective with this GoPro Fetch Dog Harness. It’s a harness which allows you to mount your GoPro on your dog’s chest or back thus giving you the opportunity of capturing scenic beauties from your dog’s eyes. The harness is padded at all adjustment points so that your dog doesn’t feel too uncomfortable while carrying the setup around.

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Check Out These Amazing Gadgets For Bike Accessories

The Mopha Tool Roll 01 Check Out These Amazing Gadgets For Bike Accessories
Place it underneath the saddle or inside your water carrier and the Mopha Tool Roll will be good enough to carry during your biking trips. It’s a simple yet stylish waxed canvas tool roll that has been wrapped beautifully in an olive drab for your tools to always stay by your side incase you need them on the way.

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Fuel-Free Solar Stove

fuel free solar stove 01 650x650 Fuel Free Solar Stove

Harness the power of the sun and cook on the go with this solar stove.

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The Packing List: 20 Essential Items for Travelers

During all the excitement of planning a holiday, packing is often left as an afterthought and done in a frenzied rush the night before the flight. This common ritual of unpreparedness is sometimes harmless, but often leads to a dreaded “oh no” moment when you’re thousands of miles away from home in a foreign land. In some bad cases, it can even ruin a holiday experience or become costly to fix the issue.

So before your next packing frenzy, be sure to check the following 20 essentials are tucked away safely in your travel bag. That way you’ll be prepared for any situation!

Master Lock

Master Lock1 The Packing List: 20 Essential Items for Travelers

Not exactly the first thing that comes to mind, but you can see why a lock (or many) would be an essential for travel. Keep your possessions safe and don’t worry about misplacing the keys by using a combination lock for easy access and inspection.

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Cucumber Spiral Slicer

cucumber spiral slicer 01 650x650 Cucumber Spiral Slicer

This turn-to-use spiral slicer effortlessly enhances presentation of your food.

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Osmo Launches Leap Motion-Style iPad Gaming Platform

Osmo Launches Leap Motion Style iPad Gaming Platform 06 Osmo Launches Leap Motion Style iPad Gaming Platform

The Osmo Leap Motion style iPad games are not only educational and unique but also fun as you play beyond the screen.

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The Best Gadgets Of The Week

Pantone Chairs by Seletti 03 The Best Gadgets Of The Week
With the Pantone Chairs by Seletti inside your home or workspace, you’re going to feel like living in a world of colors around. They come in a variety of vibrant colors that can go well with your graffiti enriched wall or with your freshly decorated office space. The chairs have been made in white varnished metal and are easily foldable so that you can carry them anywhere or save space whenever required.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #192

 Daily Gadget Inspiration #192
Introducing the chemiON. The idea started from the question that ‘how i can make people focus on me?’ at somewhere like in the club, at the baseball park, concert hall and so on. Concept : The chemion is the glasse that enables you to present your feeling through messages, images and even animations through the LED which can be synchronized with a smart phone, and also it can be a real time sound equalizer with any sound in any place.

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