The Twister: Spaghetti Fork


With the Twister spaghetti fork you won’t need to worry about pasta slipping out of your grasp.

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Products of The Day #320

Available in six bold colours, our distinctive design combines superior sound quality, premium comfort, with a small carbon footprint. Woodbuds are lightweight, made using natural walnut, crafted the right way – Designed to make a difference. We’re a family, a collective – we believe use less, care more. Beautiful materials naturally crafted, each set unique – designed to make a difference.

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Goldtatze: Wall and Ceiling Cat Furniture


Goldtatze is modern space-saving cat furniture for the design-conscious pet-owner.

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Bee Hive Shelving


Organize your belongings with this strong, geometrical shelving unit.

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Stanley Mountain Vacuum Food System


Stanley mountain 20oz vacuum food system is vacuum integrated solution that brings the comforts of home cooking to the camp. The insulated jar keeps food hot 13 hours or cold 11 hours.

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Ergonomic Scoop


Scoop ice cream with minimal effort and no wrist pain.

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Lantern Tableware


Stack and serve a three course meal with Lantern Tableware.

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Edyn Garden Sensor: Your Technological Green Thumb


Don’t have a knack for gardening? The Garden Sensor won’t let you fail! Get status updates right to your phone. The sensor will water the plants for you too.

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UniverSole: Health-Monitoring Insoles


A pressure-tracking insole that monitors weight distribution and exertion during your everyday and/or fitness activities.

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Lumie Bodyclock: The Sun’s Power On Your Nightstand


Be kind to your body’s circadian rhythm with this dawn simulator that helps you rise with the sun and sleep with it too.

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Products of The Day #318

Stress is a major public health problem, and the Emvio watch is here to help. Emvio measures stress and helps you simplify everyday stress management. It’s meant to be used all day, every day.

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Wishbone: The Tiny Smart Thermometer


Wishbone is a compact thermometer that detects ambient, surface, and body temperatures without physical contact.

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Products of The Day #317

A soft full leather holdall-messenger hybrid made from washed leather that tells a million stories. Beautiful simplicity outside with a detailed composition inside featuring green canvas twill side pockets and tan leather detailing. The bag opens all the way down the sides for easy packing.

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Waterpebble: Conserve Water In The Shower


By timing your shower Waterpebble will enable you to save money and conserve water.

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Products of The Day #316

In this smartphone era, smartphones are everywhere and most of us have at least one USB cable at hand. However, as one of the most important accessories, the USB cables not only function the same but look the same. “Why can’t USB cables be more special?” We were struck by this simple thought and began to think what makes a special USB cable.

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