Top Products of the Week via The Gadget Flow #42

If you aren’t able to detect the cooking status of your noodles, the Cupmen is the right set of indicators you are in need of. This set of instant noodle indicator will reside on the lid of your pot of instant noodles and changes color to white as the temperature of your noodles inside rises.

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Word Notebooks – Crush Your ‘To Do’ Lists.


Productivity at it’s core is driven by order. This need for direction resonates in the binding of these supercharged notebooks by Word. Visually striking, the notebooks come in a range of patterns that have been created under the direction of New Jersey designer Jennifer Chasteen.

However, the strength behind the notebook lies behind it’s cover. Utilizing a bulleting system unique to Word notebooks, reviewing lists is easy, highlighting your most important tasks, helping you burn through whatever tasks you set for yourself.

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Sick and tired of using crappy bottle openers to open your premium drinks? Often they are made from inferior materials, are poorly executed and just simply not worthy of your everyday carry. The Tactica One is built tough, is ultralight and designed to perfectly fit as part of your everyday carry.

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CinniBird Spice Pen: Latte Art Made Easy


Bring your artistic flair to the kitchen with the CinniBird pen. Use cocoa powder, paprika, or other powdered edibles to create unique designs on your food.

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Products of The Day #348

Feel like a mermaid while you traverse the underwater world. Wondering how? With the Merfin Mono-Fin. It has been made out of recycled rubber and is one of the coolest eco-friendly mono finds you’ve ever come across.

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Memory Cabinet: Easy Organization for Your Digital Files


With Memory Cabinet, digital storage is easy and beautiful. Get organized and don’t worry about losing your important data files or photos with this device

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Curling Carpet Chair


The curling carpet chair, a multifunctional item that serves as home decor for your floors as well as an extra seat to offer guests around the coffee table.

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Coqoon Tablet Pillow


Coqoon is a tablet pillow designed to hold any 10-inch tablet for ultimate user comfort and functionality.

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New MBT Sneakers

MBT presents their new line of sneakers.


Lighter and fesh, with new colours and desings, the brand is advancing to create styling shoes, keeping the function and healthy benefits.

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Carpet Collection by Yoyo

Carpet with Floral Pattern by Yoyo -
Parquet, carpet tiles with floral pattern and rugs are part of innovative Yoyo – Canvas Collection. They choose very attractive motifs and colors, but the main advantage is the usability, easy daily maintenance and cleaning. An effective, regular cleaning and maintenance program is vital for retaining a high appearance level.

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Soil Bath Mat


This antibacterial bath mat made of soil quickly absorbs moisture and odor.

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Products of The Day #345

Smart Home: Simplified. So easy anyone can set-up in under 5 minutes. Oomi Touch is the ultimate controller. “No more of this ‘smartphone control makes everything super amazing’ nonsense.” (thanks, Slashgear) Oomi Touch is stunning. It is encased edge-to-edge in glass with a fully capacitive display and tactile buttons for quick control of your entertainment. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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Secure a variety of belongings with this compact, 26″ wire lock.

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Quick Inflate Mattress


Inflate this mattress in seconds with no power or pumping.

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Products of The Day #344

Coming from British graffiti artist Banksy, you can expect the Floating Balloon Wall Sticker to transform the look of your home 🏠 interiors. The scene depicts one of the most enjoyed childhood experiences – flying a balloon 🎈.

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