Waterpebble: Conserve Water In The Shower


By timing your shower Waterpebble will enable you to save money and conserve water.

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Products of The Day #316

In this smartphone era, smartphones are everywhere and most of us have at least one USB cable at hand. However, as one of the most important accessories, the USB cables not only function the same but look the same. “Why can’t USB cables be more special?” We were struck by this simple thought and began to think what makes a special USB cable.

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Products of The Day #315

Wishbone is the world’s smallest and easiest-to-use smart thermometer. It can accurately check body, object or environment temperature.When babies are not feeling well, they cry because they cannot say what is wrong. To give parents peace of mind, we need a device that can quickly and accurately measure temperature and track historical data.

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E Ink Prism: Programmable Wall Colour


With their color changing walls, E Ink Prism is changing the ways in which architects and designers conceptualize the possibilities of spaces they create.

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Noon Blinds: Modern Window Dressings


Modern and eco-friendly, Noon Blinds are fascinating dressings for your windows.

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Anywhere Sit Stand


Take a seat in unique environments with this foldable seating device.

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No Mess Honey Dispenser


Pour honey easily, and without the sticky mess.

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Bamboo Charcoal Air Freshener

bamboo-charcoal-air-freshener (1)

Purify the air from odors with this natural, scentless air freshener.

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Products of The Day #313

Created by a Google Engineer, these Turn Signal Gloves are one of the best ways to increase your visibility and communicate your turning intentions to other vehicles on the road. Zackees™ Turn Signal Gloves™ features an ambient lights sensor which boosts visibility during the day and extends battery life at night.

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QUANT e-Sportslimousine Runs on Saltwater


Quant e-Sportslimousine can run up to 62 miles per hour just by running on saltwater. And, it is approved to run on public roads.

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Solar Rucksack: Heat Through Solar Energy


Designed for mountaineers and extreme sport buffs, Solar Rucksack is a backpack that uses solar energy to keep you warm in the most extreme conditions.

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Watercolorbot: Paint-By-Robot


Robotics and children’s painting collide in this innovative device. The Watercolorbot is an interactive way to introduce robotics technology to children.

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Smart Fridge: Automated Recipes and Cooking


The fridge that not only keeps your food fresh, but also helps you plan for your next meal based on what’s inside it.

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Hidden Litter: Plant for Litter-box


This litter-box doubles as a planter to hide your cat’s business in plain sight, making it a great option for smaller spaces.

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Whiskey Elements


Signature Whiskey Elements smoothes your whiskey while adding essential barrel-aged flavor to your favorite whiskey within 24 hours.

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