Doxie One Paper Scanner

Doxie One makes scanning simple – just turn it on and insert your paper. Doxie automatically pulls your sheet through and makes a digital copy in seconds – no computer required.Doxie isn’t tied down to your computer like other scanners. Use it wherever you find most convenient in your home or office. Scans are stored on an SD card , just like a digital camera. Sync scans to your computer or iPad when you’re ready to organize .Doxie is different than other scanners. It’s lightweight and small so you can tuck it in a drawer when you’re not scanning. Setup is easy: Connect power, insert an SD card , press Doxie’s button, and you’re ready to start scanning.

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Kikkerland Skull Stein

Have a eerie good time when you put your frosty libations in this 3D skull beer mug. Great for Halloween parties, decoration or everyday use. Holds 16-ounces.

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Design from Down Under: Australian JOCO Cups Save Billions of Paper Coffee Cups

Designed Good is featuring a new line of coffee cups with design properties that impress: Made of the lightest glass (the kind that won’t splinter into tiny pieces you can’t clean up), JOCO cups are the best solution to paper coffee cups we’ve seen so far.

Each cup comes with its own silicon sleeve and lid. The lid is splash-proof so that you don’t get coffee dribble on your chin (or your car seat).

And finally, JOCO is a company that has thought carefully about its package design: Not only is the glass cup itself 100% recyclable, but so is the recycled box it comes in. They encourage you to keep the box and use it for whatever you need – coffee grounds, perhaps – so that the entire JOCO experience is environmentally responsible.

JOCO cups are available on Designed Good this week only.

Sony Alpha NEX-5R Camera

Sony Alpha NEX-5R Camera

Shoot and upload DSLR-quality photos directly to Facebook. With built-in Wi-Fi, the NEX-5R even lets you download camera apps for endless possibilities or even control the camera from your smartphone. All this and more in a camera that’s about half the size of a DSLR.



Pintofeed is the world’s first pet feeder that truly understands the needs of you and your pet. It is an elegant hardware device that will program itself around your life and the wellness of your precious pet.

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Crossbones Decals

Steve once said ”Why join the Navy if you can be a pirate?” So pull on an eyepatch, slap on a peg leg and come aboard with this pirate inspired decal. Made from high quality, technology safe vinyl that applies easily and comes off cleanly.

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iPad Mini Sleeve Brown By Mujjo

This snug tailored iPad sleeve combines minimalism with long lasting elegant accents. Crafted by hand, this sleeve is made especially to fit the iPad mini, even with your smart cover attached!

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Oblique Bottle Holder

The Oblique cantilever wine bottle holder is precision machined from 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum & holds the bottle horizontally such that the center of mass is roughly above the middle of the footprint of the holder. Thus, the bottle and holder are co-dependent on one another. The design is a result of the ‘balance’ between the CNC milling machine process considerations, efficient material use, shipping constraints, aesthetics, and cost. Use it to elegantly display your wine on any level surface and enjoy the modern look it provides.Oblique is proudly designed in California, and manufactured in Minnesota.

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Dial-A-Slice Apple Divider

The dial-a-slice is a versatile apple corer and slicer that with a simple pull and twist of the base can cut 8 thick wedges or 16 thin slices. Enjoy a healthy snack with the thick wedges or make perfect pies, cobblers or tarts with the thin slices. ABS in apple red with soft touch handles. Stainless steel blades. By Amco. With unique, patented kitchen products Amco’s devotion to innovation has driven new industry standards and redefined categories. They continue to revolutionize the market with ingenious gadgets that simplify and enhance the culinary experience. With a team of in-house designers whose sole purpose is to conceptualize and design new kitchen tools, Amco continues to be at the forefront of innovative, efficient and timeless kitchenware products.

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Hand Carved Walnut iPhone 5 Case

Hand Carved Walnut iPhone 5 Case

This iphone case made of true bamboo is ultra slim and light. The iphone is well protected in this case. This is a protective case special designed for iPhone 5. Features light weight, durable, neat edge and unique beautiful pattern, make sure your will be love it very much. [More iPhone 5 Cases]

Kershaw Alaskan Blade Trader System


Kershaw’s Alaskan Blade Trader Knife System features three interchangeable blades. The saw blade measures six inches and is made of saw steel. The gut hook blade is made of stainless steel and measures six inches..

Handpresso Auto Set

Handpresso Auto Set

The Outdoor set consist of everything you need to take espresso with you where ever you want to go. To make a creme filled espresso just pump up the Handpresso Wild espresso maker to 16 bar of pressure, add hot water from the included thermo flask and insert and espresso pod. Then push the brew button and the air pressure will force the hot water through the espresso pod directly into your cup. An adjustable strap helps keep your espresso experience as mobile and convenient as possible. What a great gift idea.


MB&F HM5 On The Road Again Watch

Bizarro watch maker MB&F unveiled its fifth “horological machine”, called “HM5 On the Road Again”. More pics and video here.

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Wine Ice Cream by Mercer’s



The Wine ice cream by Mercer’s is not just flavored, but a true wine ice cream with 5% alcohol. Available in 6 varieties: Chocolate Cabernet, Cherry Merlot, Port, Peach White Zinfandel, Raspberry Chardonnay and Riesling.


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