Chisel 5 iPhone Dock handcrafted from renewable bamboo

Handcrafted to perfection in 100% rapidly renewable bamboo, the very unique and stylish iPhone 5 dock by iSkelter is perhaps a very fine alternative to some of the best iPhone docks we’ve previously seen or used. Also compatible with 5th Generation iPod Touch – the beautifully designed Chisel 5 perfectly complements the iPhone and iPod 5 it is built to hold.

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Wooden Deck Of Cards

Beautiful deck of wood engraved cards. Featuring full deck and leather carrying case.

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Griffin Twenty Audio Amplifier

Griffin’s Twenty audio amplifier lets you play audio from iTunes and AirPlay-enabled apps to an existing set of speakers using your Airport Express and Apple’s AirPlay wireless protocol. The result is a solution that is an easy to setup streaming audio system powering your speakers via a low-profile, all-digital amplifier.

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Mini Hard Disk USB

Ultra portable USB Drive and lightweight design.Compliant with USB 2.0/1.1 port .Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista/CE3.0/Mac OS 9.0/Linux2.4.0 or higher.Plug-n-play via USB port, No installation required .Fast Transfer Rates(Read mode: 25 MB/s; Write mode: 8~12 MB/s) 6.Memory Capacity: 8GB 7.Size:1.4″(L) x 1.0″(W) x 0.3″(H) 8.Brand new, high quality and factory sealed 9.Mini hard disk light up when plugged into a USB port 10.Produced and Designed by InfoThink Technology.

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Beard Head

Ever imagined how cool it would be if your Grandpa could enjoy the slopes like you can by blazing down the mountain at stupidly fast speeds? Well remove the stroke-inducing danger from him by wearing the Grandpa Edition of Beard Head and allowing him to live vicariously through you! Just snap a couple pics with this on and tell him this is how he would look, but cooler!

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Spycam HD Video Pen Camera

This Spycam is the classic pen camera, just like the ones used in secret agent movies, except it’s been updated for the modern age with full video capabilities. It’s simple to operate with a built-in USB connector. The internal 8GB of storage capacity are capable of capturing hours of quality video in AVI format. This pen camera can also take regular still photos or record audio evidence.

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senz Stormproof Umbrella

If you ever had to walk through a windy rainstorm with your umbrella shredded and mangled likening a tree branch from a Tim Burton movie, then you’ll wish you’ve had the senz° umbrella.

Designed using the principles of aerodynamics, these ingenious umbrellas can slice through windspeeds of over 100km/h without flipping inside out.  The extended tail end of the umbrella also eliminates your back from getting drenched from roll off water which is typical of conventional umbrellas.

The senz° umbrella is so unbreakable, you can go skydiving with it!



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BlackDiamond3 Brilliant Wireless Speaker

The BlackDiamond3 (BD3), Brilliant Wireless Speaker, is the one and only audio product in the market. A fashionable glittering and sparkling diamond shape speaker, Top half with beautiful bling-bling LED lighting with innovative “Music you can see” that sync vividly with your music tempo, Bottom half with two diamond clear Left/Right stereo speakers and a powerful resonant bass tube, A handy Remote Controller for both music and lighting control that can control up to 16,000,000 colors.


400 Lumens Tactical Flashlight

See clearly in the dark–and be ready for emergency situations–with this Highland tactical flashlight from Life+Gear. The flashlight features CREE LEDs that are exceptionally bright and deliver a lifespan of at least 10,000 hours. The main light offers high, low, and strobe modes, while the red emergency light on the handle can be set to glow or flash. A rugged aluminum construction makes this suitable for law enforcement.


LG Magic voice Remote

LG has announced the Magic voice Remote that can be used as a universal remote, and it comes with voice and gesture controls with Natural Language support.

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Star Trek Enterprise Keychain

Carry the Federation flagship in your pocket. This screen-accurate replica is made from a sturdy zinc-steel alloy with a pewter finish and will keep you safe from the Borg. Officially licensed Star Trek collectible. [Seen at BonjourLife]

Tian – White and Oak Bicycle Rack

Tian sets clear accents in the room and with its built-in drawer storage space for your equipment. The drawer oak (solid wood) can be thanks to a tip-on system open with a slight push and close just as easy again. [Spotted at BonjourLife]

WynCASE iPhone 5 Case for Mobile Gamers

The WynCASE lets you play games on your iPhone or iPod Touch with real buttons. It feels just like a real controller in your hands, instantly giving you more control of your games. And with your hands off of the screen, you’ll get a much better view of the action. [More iPhone 5 Cases]

Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer

The Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer like the Folding Aviator, are specially designed to make them easier to store.


The Orbit turntable by U-Turn Audio

The Orbit is a minimalist, fully manual turntable now live on Kickstarter: This table is the perfect mix of functionality and form – boasting performance that greatly exceeds its price tag while offering custom color/artwork configurations.