Hoocap — A Lens Cap and Hood in One

Hoocap 1 Hoocap — A Lens Cap and Hood in One

The Hoocap is half lens cap and half hood and is capable of cleverly transforming from one to the other with the simple click of a button.

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Jukebox iPad Dock

156545401128747638 2c751865af5312 Jukebox iPad Dock

iPad Speaker Dock With Neon-Style Lighting & An Authentic Jukebox Look
Charges iPad While Listening To Favorite Tunes
Perfect For Popular Jukebox Apps Like

Source: Fancycrave.com

ION HD Camera by Zeal Optics

iON HD Camera Goggles by Zeal Optics 311 ION HD Camera by Zeal Optics

Ditch the point-and-shoot still camera and lose the helmet-mounted video unit, because the Zeal iON Camera Goggle shoots eight-megapixel stills and 1080p video right from a camera mounted at the top of its frame. Behind the goggle, a small viewfinder shows you exactly what the camera sees, and on the side of the goggle shutter buttons operate the camera functions. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the camera feature is a quick gimmick though, because it’s not. The iOn goggle is just as much high-end optical protection as it is a leap forward in the integration of winter-worthy eyewear and imaging technology.

Source: Fancycrave.com

Foldable Sewing Machine by Richard Burrow

foldable sewing machine1 Foldable Sewing Machine by Richard Burrow

Foldable Sewing Machine is a minimalist design created by Richard Burrow. As the name implies, Burrow designed the sewing machine’s folding functionality in order to reduce waste and allow for easier mobility and storage.

Source: Fancycrave.com

NYC Skyscraper Candles

201848341011631019 9353bdd1747d11 NYC Skyscraper Candles

Return to the Raw is a limited edition sculpture of New York City skyscrapers and public housing. The sculpture is a collection of hand poured wax candles scented with a custom mix of essential oils. For display, arrange and affix the skyscrapers according to your aesthetic preference on the plate. Light the skyscrapers to release the scent of natural earth and enjoy watching locations of power revert back into a raw natural landscape for public housing.

Source: Fancycrave.com

Gig Pack

063d28cc54842b6979c5f02bfc74a2d911 Gig Pack

Gig Pack is a scooter-backpack combination designed for daily use. The backpack form creates a completely portable transportation system and allows for effortless mobility in any situation (you to take the scooter anywhere, whether it be on a hike through the wilderness or on the metro). The pack is constructed from aluminum and nylon and has plenty of storage space inside.

Source: Fancycrave.com

FLOATING COAT by Kenyon Manchego

Floating Coat.
Clothing design
photos : Kenyon Manchego

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kenyon1 FLOATING COAT by Kenyon Manchego
kenyon21 FLOATING COAT by Kenyon Manchego

Epic Industrial Design

Industrial Design has been around for a while! 1839! It is amazing how something (most of the things we talk about actually) have been around for HUNDREDS of years and sometimes it feels like these things are STILL in their infancy – we need to grab up all of these disciplines and bring them into the future! Are you prepared, Designers!? I hope you glance through these epic examples of Industrial Design and get inspired to either implement some of the principles or ideas expressed here and put them into your own project – whether it be a real life product, or a fantasy illustration of the future!

 Epic Industrial Design

 Epic Industrial Design

htc evo 4g phone industrial design mechanical engineering Epic Industrial Design

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Autumn Urban Dynamics Pattern by Ctrl Alt Design

White Dove & Wonder – Interview

White Dove and Wonder Bespoke Reclaimed Home Accessories DecorStyle White Dove & Wonder   Interview

Today we’re happy to present a British company in every sense… the cultural heritage, the beliefs, the creativity and the entrepreneurship. White Dove & Wonder has all of these qualities – how else would vintage 1930s wooden shoe lasts be given this kind of new lease on life? Susan and Jimmy are the wife and husband behind the brand, and with their opposite skills set, they buy the raw material, they design, they reclaim and remake, they sale, they are PRs and they market.

We invite you to meet the entirely creative and committed duo, with a conversation about their company, the Best of Britannia, British heritage and their future…

When and how did White Dove & Wonder?

White Dove and Wonder was started around 2 years ago when I was out sourcing stock for my fledging art and antiques business. I happened to be back in Northampton and came across a pile of old shoe lasts which led me to buy a thousand pairs, Once they were delivered, I realised I needed to think of something to do with them.

For the all interview click and exclusive pictures: DECORANDSTYLE.CO.UK

Casa Cor Rio de Janeiro 2012

De frente para uma das paisagens mais deslumbrantes da cidade – o Pão de Açúcar – em endereço nobre – a Avenida Rui Barbosa – a 22ª edição da Casa Cor Rio se instala em um casarão cheio de história para contar.

loft master pauça neder e13503855434021 Casa Cor Rio de Janeiro 2012

hostel boutique patricia fiuza e1350385365263 Casa Cor Rio de Janeiro 2012

loft rio luiz fernando grabowsky e1350385301998 Casa Cor Rio de Janeiro 2012

apartamento carioca alexandre lobo fabio cardoso e1350385196929 Casa Cor Rio de Janeiro 2012

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João Sabino’s Keybag

João Sabino’s jump to success started in 2004 when he was a young Industrial Design student working on his graduation project. After looking at keyboards with a different eye, the keys became fragments and shapes begging to be reorganized, and he envisioned a more powerful configuration than the original. The end result was something resembling a purse which he called simply an “objects container”.
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banner MoMA 750x337 João Sabino’s Keybag

Joao Sabino Black Keybag 750x385 João Sabino’s Keybag

Joao Sabino Pink Keybag 750x462 João Sabino’s Keybag

Joao Sabino keybag Red Black White version 750x499 João Sabino’s Keybag

Reversible table by Kutarq

Reversible table, a new project by the Spanish designer Jordi López Aguiló from Kutarq studio.
1o40 Reversible table by Kutarq
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Imm Cologne: the capital of the furniture

January is almost here and can’t wait to go to one of the biggest fairs in Germany, Imm Cologne.
Brands like Cor, Interlübke, Gaggenau, Rolf Benz and Dorn Bracht will be there presented. Don’t miss it from 14 to 20 January 2013!
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Imagem1 1024x682 750x499 Imm Cologne: the capital of the furniture

Imagem2 1024x682 750x499 Imm Cologne: the capital of the furniture

Imagem3 1024x682 750x499 Imm Cologne: the capital of the furniture

Imagem4 1024x682 750x499 Imm Cologne: the capital of the furniture

TPM VIPNI Professional Computer Phone concept

TPM VIPNI Professional Computer Phone concept 3 750x587 TPM VIPNI Professional Computer Phone concept

TPM VIPNI PCP Professional Computer Phone concept by Imran Sheikh, designed with inspiration to create a device that can bring power of a professional computer to pocket.

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