Biomimetic Pushpins by Toshi Fukaya

With its sharp point concealed when not in use, this silicone-capped drawing pin guards against pin pricks and scratches, and feels like a pebble in your hands.

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3D Printing Jewellery

Using the advancement of 3D printing technology, designer Goncalo Campos created the Comion jewellery that reflect the amazing possiblities that 3D printing has to offer.

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Why so serious? designed by Dracoimagem

Why so serious The Joker Batman custom tee design by Dracoimagem

Why so serious The Joker Batman women custom t-shirt design by Dracoimagem

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Reveal Watch

The only analog watch that reads like a digital one As geeks, it seems we’re either looking to the scientific wonders of The Future or we’re knee deep in The Past with our noses in history books or donning our chainmail for some medieval battle action. This watch reminds you to stay in the Now, the era of “There’s an app for that.” The Future will reveal itself to you bit by bit as The Past fades away.

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Heart Shaped Egg Pan

It’s easy to operate it and make the heart shaped frying egg everyday .This Mini Heart Frying Pan is also great for children toasted, sandwiches, or pancakes. You could be the proud owner of this quirky cooking implement – the heart frying pan. Non-stick surface for convenience use.

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Helix Wrap Around Speaker

Speaker docks and wireless speakers are getting smaller to match portable music players. Yet most are still difficult to carry on the go. That’s why Quirky developed Helix: bluetooth speakers with a flexible inner core, that let the user wrap them like a bracelet. From the user’s wrist to their shower head, Helix’s flexible body helps it wrap around what they want, while its water resistant exterior keeps its inner electronics safe, as long as it’s not submerged.

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Romo Robot For Smartphone

Romotive is back with a brand new bot! Romo is an affordable, personal robot that uses your iDevice as his brain.But as we were building your Romos, we kept obsessing over how we could make the robot even better. We listened to your feedback and we went back to the drawing board.We wanted to make Romo smarter, faster, and easier to use. Since then, we’ve put together a team of brilliant nerds and worked our butts off to build you a new robot.

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Tylt Car Charger

The Band is the evolution of the car charger. It features a unique, seamless design. The flat cable is made from silicone, so it’s soft, pliable and tangle free. The unique two foot flat cable is the perfect length to get your phone from your car’s charging port to the cup holder, where 95% of people keep their phones. The Band is also engineered to meet the needs of today’s consumer.

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Blank furniture by Susana Chen

A line of wireframe furniture created by the American designer Susana Chen.
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Sleep Anywhere With The Ostrich Pillow

The pillow is specifically designed to help wearers sleep in places they would not normally be comfortable, like your desk, on a train, or in an airplane for example.

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Hand-Stitched Soccer Balls Support Fair-Wage Workers and Youth Development

This week, Designed Good is featuring fair trade soccer balls by Senda Athletics – an inspiring social enterprise that is adding a whole new socially-conscious edge to the ball you use in practice or in games. They are hand-stitched by fair wage workers in Pakistan who make the balls in a clean, healthy environment that also subsidizes affordable food and medicine. They are on sale at Designed Good through Monday, November 26.

Senda Founder Santiago Halty’s story began way before his trip to Pakistan last summer, during his childhood in Argentina, where people live and breathe soccer. He played soccer throughout his childhood, and was perceptive enough to realize that the game was a huge part of the highly challenging act of growing up – soccer gave him and the other kids on their team confidence, discipline, and an outlet for fun.

That’s why Senda partners with nonprofits like Soccer Without Borders and BORP to provide equipment, training, and sports curricula to people in the U.S. and around the world.


Best Web UI Interface Framework Kits

Whether you just design the web pages, or build them (or both!) it is really good to get familiar with web UI trends – and it is really helpful to get familiar with a few Web UI Frameworks! If you are a designer, perhaps stick with the PSD downloads of the web user interface files – If you are a developer, I would dive straight into the jQuery UI (which is all javascript/css with jQuery of course) or one of Pure CSS Interface framework kits. Today we are showcasing some of the best of all of these worlds (there are even free ones and premium ones listed) so whatever you are working on, I am pretty sure you could use at least a couple of these in one of your projects!

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The Human Bowling Ball

Become the ball and knock down all the pins using your own body. This extremely fun game will spice up any party, or just make your past time activities a little more interesting.

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Football Salami

Merge the yearly football match with the dinner event by purchasing this exceptional football made out of award-winning salami.

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Origami rabbit necklace by Origami Jewellery

Original jewels inspired by origami, created by the brand Origami Jewellery.

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