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Zombie Cookie Jar Head

e2b2 zombie cookie jar11 Zombie Cookie Jar Head

Do you think that if zombies had enough presence of mind to cook, that they’d bake things out of brains? We can imagine there being zombie bakeries, where they whip up brain-shaped cupcakes with frosting made from blended parietal lobe. Are you hungry all of the sudden? We are… Just crack open this zombie head, reach inside, and grab delicious chocolate chip braiinnnz.

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Blk Spring Water + Fulvic Acid

276192613 e883e1e55b8d11 Blk Spring Water + Fulvic Acid

Blk spring water enriched with fulvic acid is nature’s secret weapon. The water’s proprietary blend of Fulvic Minerals (a derivative of plant matter) are mined from a 70 million year old source deep within the earth. Naturally black in color, Blk spring water’s formula binds to the molecules of Blk beverages pure Canadian spring water turning it naturally black, with no artificial dyes, coloring, or additives. Fulvic minerals are critical in growth of plant life, helping the transportation and absorption of nutrients.


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Harding & Wilson Bow Ties

 Harding & Wilson Bow Ties

Handcrafted high quality bow ties made from Pendleton wool in Portland, Oregon.


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Green lamp by Siesta Studio

“Green”, the lamp created by designers Zuzanna Malinowska and Marcin Wronski from Siesta Studio.
1o30 Green lamp by Siesta Studio6o Green lamp by Siesta Studio
MORE INFO & IMAGES > Green lamp by Siesta Studio
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Brilliant 3D Printing idea wins BE OPEN AWARDS in London

Samuel Bernier famille 750x500 Brilliant 3D Printing idea wins BE OPEN AWARDS in London

Project RE_ by Samuel Bernier, winner of one of 3 BE OPEN AWARDS

Bernier Samuel, from Canada, was one of three winners of a study grant and money to pursue his design at the BE OPEN AWARDS, the premier celebration of young design talent at the London Design Festival. His work Project RE_, is an ingenious way of transforming and upgrading of objects reaching the end of their useful life using pioneering 3D Printing technology and earned Samuel a share of £10,000 and funding to pursue his studies further. Bernier’s project is stunning simple. Customized lids are created using low cost 3D-printing. They are then clipped or screwed onto standard jars, tin cans and bottles to create new and personal objects. There’s more about the project here

Alexandra Kharakoz from the UK and Chak Ming Sin from Hong Kong also received similar awards for an interactive sonic sculpture and a sustainable method of regulating building temperature respectively.

The Awards are a core part of both London’s premier annual design event and the philosophy of Elena Baturina, founder of BE OPEN. ‘The reason I am fascinated in design is that it has the potential to change the world around us, for the better,’ she said. ‘These winning works are fascinating examples on improving on what we have and I am delighted that we are able to give them a worldwide platform through BE OPEN.’

tin can dumbbell orange light1 750x673 Brilliant 3D Printing idea wins BE OPEN AWARDS in London

Part of Project RE_ by Samuel Bernier, winner of one of 3 BE OPEN AWARDS

The winners were selected from over 300 entries from 47 countries and the winners were selected by a prestigious design industry jury, presided over by Patricia Urquiola (designer and architect), Daniel Charny (Independent Curator and Director at From Now On), Pei-Ru Keh (design editor of Wallpaper magazine), Vladimir Pirojkov (designer), Noma Bar (graphic artist), Christopher Turner (editor of ICON magazine) and William Knight (100% Design event director).

Chair of the judges, designer and architect Patricia Urquiola said “The submissions revealed an impressive mixture of courage and vision, ambition verging on the impossible, tempered with just the right amount of practicality.”

Samuel Bernier parts1 750x500 Brilliant 3D Printing idea wins BE OPEN AWARDS in London

Project RE_ by Samuel Bernier, winner of one of 3 BE OPEN AWARDS

This is the second iteration of the awards scheme that launched in Milan in April 2012. See

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Apple’s Iphone 5 First TV Ads

iphone5tv 750x414 Apples Iphone 5 First TV Ads

Discover the firsts tv ads for the new Iphone 5 launched by Apple last Week. 

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Active Surface by Isis

“Active Surface”, a range of different work stations designed by Isis with the aim to take advantage of new technologies.
1o28 Active Surface by Isis4o3 Active Surface by Isis
MORE INFO & IMAGES > Active Surface by Isis
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iANGLE Earbud Holder and Stand

iangle 3 iANGLE Earbud Holder and Stand
The iANGLE on one side is stand for your iphone or ipod touch. On the other side an earbud holder. Providing a perfect viewing angle for watching movies on the go, as well as carrying your earbuds tangle free. the iANGLE fits perfectly in you pocket, backpack, or purse.

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Belt Knife Buckle

290405787 ed0495d5ae041 Belt Knife Buckle
Try this variation on the Belt Knife Buckle instead.A valuable aid in a combat or self defense situation, this 100% USA-manufactured knife buckle can be drawn from its hidden, secure sheath in seconds. For use with Narrow Belt, 2 .5 in. long, a hit with our women customers.

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Special Edition Watch Case by Zeugma Straps

 Special Edition Watch Case by Zeugma Straps
This week I received my new wrist watch case from Zeugma Straps. This is definitely an exceptional piece of craftsmanship, most likely rivaled by none. Nuri (Zeugma Straps) tells me that his company made 120 of these cases and that they worked 10 months to complete the task.

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20 Cool and Useful Kitchen Tools – Innovative Products

thumb kitchen 20 Cool and Useful Kitchen Tools   Innovative Products
Apple Divider: This tool produces two sizes of uniformly sliced apples and with a downward push, it cores an apple and cuts it into thin slices.
AUTHOR LINK: Not available (Inspiration post)
useful kitchen tools design%20(11) 20 Cool and Useful Kitchen Tools   Innovative Products

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Cocktail Master

Cocktail Master1 Cocktail Master
This ain’t your daddy’s cocktail master shaker! With those old-fashioned shakers, you had to do the work yourself. Cocktail Master automatically mixes and dispenses your favorite cocktail creations at the push of a button! Holds 600mL of delicious mixed drinks and includes a side measuring guide for following drink recipes with ease.The Cocktail Master, you’ll be ready to mix up and serve the latest, most popular drinks at any gathering. Instructions include classic cocktail recipes to get you started.

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Verismo Brewer by Starbucks

Verismo Brewer by Starbucks1 Verismo Brewer by Starbucks
Make all your favorite Starbucks® beverages at the touch of a button, one cup at a time, with the new Verismo™ 580 Brewer. Every machine ships with a box of our Latte Pods.This single-cup brewing system lets you use specially packaged pods to recreate the Starbucks recipes we use every day in our coffeehouses. With its 1-liter water tank and storage for up to 10 used pods, it’s easy to make plenty of your favorite drinks at home. Enjoy everything from caffè lattes and espresso to brewed coffee. You can also use our all natural milk pods for a rich, creamy hot cup of steamed milk.

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Arabic Branding Guide

Many designers have been looking for Arabic Logo and Corporate Identity design inspiration to make their design better. I have collected couple of example of Arabic Branding Guide to understated how is the arabic design culture.

7fe736e93d6d79da71dcbe496555c328 580x386 Arabic Branding Guide

45f61e016d19ba085dfdfeea995300f5 580x377 Arabic Branding Guide

cb748e1c1710dce729cea81c99a68396 580x362 Arabic Branding Guide

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Photo reportage from LDF 2012

A photo reportage of over 980 images from London Design Festival 2012.
1o27 Photo reportage from LDF 20122o9 Photo reportage from LDF 20128o Photo reportage from LDF 2012
MORE INFO & IMAGES > Photo reportage from LDF 2012
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