Stealth Playing Cards

A stealth inspired deck of playing cards custom made with metallic engraved symbols (Heart, Diamond, Club and Spade) on every card. [Featured @ BonjourLife]

10 Cool & Creative Calendars for 2013

Start your new year with an inspiring cool and creative calendar on your wall or desk. Check out this collection of cool and creative calendars for 2013.

Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

Professional-quality soft ice cream, yogurt, sorbet and sherbet are now available right at home, with the Cuisinart Mix It In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker. Not only does it make everyones favorites, but with three built-in condiment dispensers, it makes them extra delightful! Just a pull of a tab sends sprinkles, chips and other mix-ins down the chute to mix right into frozen desserts as cones or bowls are filled. The operation is fully automatic; simply pour in the ingredients and turn the dial.


Soft Pretzel Factory

The Soft Pretzel Maker produces tasty, soft pretzels like the ones found from concession stands right in the comfort of your own home! Make two large pretzels or six smaller ones in just minutes. Make pretzels from the included recipes or purchase store bought dough. Best of all, no oven necessary! Make them sweet or savory and try them with favorite dips. Soft pretzels are great for snack time, party time or anytime!


A Collection Of Free Realistic Magazine Mockups To Display Your Works

A magazine mockup is a copy of a unprinted magazine and can be used in variety of ways.Whether you have a new released product or you need to portray your message to your audience you can use different ways or let’s say materials.

One of the popular material is a magazine cover to present your products to your clients and displaying your work in style.You can use magazine covers for any type of industry from technology to fashion.

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Mbrace. Transforming the paper bag into a recycle bin

René Lee is a RISD industrial design BFA candidate who has designed Mbrace, a solution that transforms a regular paper grocery bag as a stand alone recycling receptacle with an economic use of materials.

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Identity of The National Museum in Warsaw

The National Museum in Warsaw (Polish: Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie), Poland, is a national institution of culture, one of the largest museums in Poland and the largest in Warsaw. It comprise a rich collection of ancientart (Egyptian, Greek, Roman), counting about 11.000 pieces, an extensive gallery of Polish painting since the 16th century and a collection of foreign painting (Italian, French, Flemish, Dutch, German and Russian) including some paintings from Adolf Hitler’s private collection, ceded to the Museum by the American authorities in post-war Germany. The museum is also home to numismatic collections and a gallery of applied.

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Typography By Peter Tarka

Typography (from the Greek words τύπος (typos) = form and γραφή (graphe) = writing) is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible. The arrangement of type involves the selection of typefaces, point size, line length, leading (line spacing), adjusting the spaces between groups of letters (tracking) and adjusting the space between pairs of letters (kerning). Type design is a closely related craft, which some consider distinct and others a part of typography; most typographers do not design typefaces, and some type designers do not consider themselves typographers. In modern times, typography has been put into motion—in film, television and online broadcasts—to add emotion to mass communication.

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Crealive Outdoor Lab Sticker Set By Filter017

In 2004, the Filter017 design team started to pursue their dream of bringing unmatched passion and dedication to the realm of creative design. Our design studio excels in combining elements from everyday life in novel ways to create fresh designs that are unequaled in originality. We continually push the limits of creativity with the innovative patterns we incorporate in our designs. Since 2004, the Filter017 has been internationally co-branding and collaborating with other trend-setting brands, including some well-known global brands, such as Nike, adidas, Dr. Martens, Rody, and Michael Linnell; European brands: Scooter Attack, laFraise, Popdeck, Cell Division, Carrot, Delkographik, and Sk8town; European art design team Delkographik Studio; Taiwanese trend-setting brand OUTERSPACE; Taiwanese trend and art design studios PIXIE and PHALANX; fashion glasses brand 2ND FRAME; Taiwanese trend-setting stores Undergarden and Paradise; international online trend-setting media communities Freshness and acanned; designer toy stores adFunture, ToyQube, Crazy Label, 100LOADING, 909TOY, etc. For more Inspiration consider visiting 48 hour print and check their awesome print deals.

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Pump & Grind Salt and Pepper Grinders

The Vic Firth Pump & Grind Salt and Pepper Grinders are innovative 6-inch push-button grinders that dispense fresh ground salt or pepper with a push of a button. They’re perfect for tabletop use or keeping near cooking and food prep areas – where you can add salt or pepper to a dish, while utilizing only one hand. Each has a sleek stainless-steel casing and clear window so you can see salt and peppercorn levels and quickly identify grinders.

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Walnut Wood iPhone 4/4s Or 5

Design Skinz is proud to introduce the new, iPhone n-Sert Case, “A case that accepts change”. Available in matte black, white or hot pink; this thin protective case allows you to change the look of your favorite device in seconds with the interchangeable “n-Serts”. Once you have the case, the door opens for limitless change at Design Skinz “n-Sert Store”.

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Lace iPhone Cover In Black By LazerWood

Thin but durable, real wood* cover for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5. Peel-and-stick backing make the covers easy to apply and remove without damage to the phone. Created to fit perfectly with the Apple bumper.

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Nike FuelBand

Nike+ FuelBand tracks your activity through a sport-tested accelerometer, then translates every move into NikeFuel. It’s also a great watch. Nike+ FuelBand tracks running, walking, dancing, basketball and dozens of everyday activities. How active do you want to be? Set your Daily Goal and Nike+ FuelBand tracks your progress, lighting up from red to green throughout the day.

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Wood Wallet By Slim Timber

Wood wallet. Wood credit card case. Wood business card holder. This quilted Walnut wood wallet is handcrafted out of a single piece of wood. Because of this it is extremely strong. It will not break if it’s in your back pocket and is smaller than many normal sized wallets. A leather strap is secured to the wallet and it’s finished off by a magnetic clasp that securely holds its contents in place.

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“Looking Good” Wall Mirror

Good Looking Wall Mirror

Make sure you’re always Looking Good Wall Mirror by checking your reflection in this spec-tacular sunglasses mirror. This one meter wide wall mounted mirror inspired by the classic sunglasses design is the ultimate statement piece for any space. [More Watch the Gallery]