Best of the week 55

We introduce our “top four”, which contains the best four articles of the week: Museum woman fall/winter 2012, Swing vase, The future sustainable House and Geometric animals.

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Optical Camouflage Technology Allows You to “See-Through” a Car’s Backseat

Driving reverse doesn’t have to be so much of a pain, well not for long. A research group at Keio University in Japan is currently developing a system that makes the backseat of a car look transparent.

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Unbelievable Illusions By Erik Johansson


Erik Johansson is a full time photographer and retoucher from Sweden based in Berlin, Germany. He work on both personal- and commissioned projects and sometimes

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the hidraulic tiles cushions

The typical hydraulic tiles so characteristic from the 1st half of the twentieth century buildings, reborn through the unique design pillows, by Pura Cal named “Mosaico Pillows”.

An expression of the intersection between past and contemporary, where colors, textures and patterns create unexpected combinations and unique designs.



Bed “On the Wave” by Natalia Rumyantseva

Bed "On the wave" is the concept of Russian designer Natalia Rumyantseva. Wavy bed "On The Wave" used to give the appearance of the product expressive expressiveness, for imaging of wavy landscape. Depending on the color and light, the image can be changed (from the image of "the wave" to the idea of "the wave of love"). Particular importance has been given an emotional and psychological function. Organic, expressive form affects the person psychologically favorably. Design product is designed for spacious interiors. Material:Corian. Award:DESIGN AND DESIGN INTERNATIONAL AWARD ( Paris, France),2012.

Silly TV characters on Keychains

Pop Art, Street Art and Silly TV series characters on keychains by Peachyapricot
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Weekly Roundup Necessary Coolness 45

Check out the best of Necessary Coolness from past week.

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Via Necessary Coolness
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Manticuda Knife

Featuring a multi-faceted edge design that gives the user more cutting angles than standard configured knives. These facets act as macro-serrations. The points (where the facets meet) receive the majority of wear, greater preserving the integrity of the edge flats. [More Camping Gear]


Photography by Caesar Lima
Helmet by Mark Silka
Model: Nava Gladkochtchekova Wolf
Make up: Veronica Hernandez
Styling: Molly Lauren Zanit
Imaging by Felipe Silva

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Design Brazil – 101 years of history

Digital book about the 101 years of the brazilian design history. Full of relevant information and references for design students, architects, interior designers and design lovers. Download available for iPad at the appstore.


Mini Microscope for iPhone

The Mini Microscope for the iPhone transforms your phone into an awesome pocket-sized microscope. See the full post on Enpundit

Fabulous 3D Interactive Paintings, Magical Art


Photography heat featuring here some awesome 3d Interactive Paintings. These photos are taken from special exhibition in China’s city of Hangzhou. Visitors are encouraged to

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Bag by Poupée Couture

A bag that is a little work of art, created by the brand Poupée Couture.

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Axor Shower, by Philippe strack

The Axor Starck Shower Collection designed by Philippe Starck transforms the shower into a tailor-made spa…

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TripTea Concept

Beautiful packaging artwork designed by Andrew Gorkovenko.

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