Cupa Wine Glass Set

This pure lead free glass rests slightly at the side.The swirling rotation of the stemless glass when posed on a table is both amusing and practical; enjoy your brandy in this glass, and smell the aromas as they dissolve into their surroundings. Or let your wine oxygenate in the glass in a perfect manner.

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Black Playing Cards

These are black on black custom playing cards by Alexander Wang. [via]


Curt | deck chair

curt deck chair

This deck chair is attractive in its simplicity. In combination with the environment it serve its purpose as a deck chair. To achive best stability, it needs to be leaned against walls or rails in a flat angle….

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Cocoon Tree Tent

Looking to provide more comfort to your camping experience? Then check out the Cocoon Tree Tent, the latest design craze for camping.

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Car Design: From the Drawing Board to Production

Car design is the inspiration behind every vehicle on the road today. No matter whether the vehicle is a sporty Mustang or a large freight truck, the design process for each vehicle design is similar. All vehicle manufacturers go through similar steps to create the vehicles that we see on the road today. The process of designing a car is extremely important and requires a huge amount of research and testing before they are released to the public. Most vehicle manufacturers go through a similar process to get their designs onto the road.

Stage 1: Planning and specifications

The first stage of car design is the planning process. A team of people determine what features and specifications they want in the new vehicle. Usually, the car manufacturer has a specific plan in mind, such as an eco-friendly car, a high-powered truck, or a family-friendly vehicle that will provide the highest safety values of any other car. The team of designers works for several months, or even years, on the exact specifications and features that they want to include in the car design. An initial blueprint drawing may also be developed during this stage.

Stage 2: Concept design

During concept design, further drawings and blueprints for the vehicle are created. The team will add various details and specifications to the concept design during a period of several months. The design will eventually be made using a CAD computer model, which can create a precise representation of the design from the inside of the vehicle to the completed outside design.

Stage 3: Market research

After the concept is in place, the company conducts market research on the vehicle. Market research includes gathering the opinions of test customers in the market for that kind of vehicle. The customers will take a look at the models design and specifications and rate the vehicle according to how they feel about it. During this stage, many modifications are made to the design and many different physical models of the vehicle are produced.

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Minimal CD Sleeve

Easy to construct and use CD sleeve.
Simple CD sleeve packaging design. File included Ai, Psd & Eps (CS-CS6). Ready for print, cut, crease. Compatible with A4 & letter sizes with well organized layers. Easy to construct, Foldable without glue, tested construction, recommended paper weight: 180 – 320 g per square meter. You can get it here.

DDW 2012 – At Piet Hein Eek’s in THISISPAPER MAGAZINE

DDW 2012 – At Piet Hein Eek’s in

DDW 2012, At Piet Hein Eek, design, thisispaper, magazine

It was an early Saturday afternoon in Eindhoven’s suburban Strijp R district, one of those when the streets are empty and the city refuses to wake up at such ridiculously low temperature. In these surroundings dozens of cars squeezed next to each other along both sides of Halvemaanstraat looked particularly out of place. But everything became clear once you realized that it was one of the last days of DDW and Halvemaanstraat was the street leading up to Piet Hein Eek’s workshop. Crowds flocked towards the design superstar’s studio, and so did we…

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Alma Light, Note

Con una estética urbana y contemporánea, la lámpara Note se inspira en los elegantes ambientes nocturnos en los que los aromas de la bossanova y el jazz se enfatizan con los cócktails, proporcionando al espacio una seductora atmósfera de confort.

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Tal R apresenta: “THE EGG 1958-2008”

“THE EGG 1958-2008 – a tribute by Tal R” apresenta cinquenta exemplares, padronizadas por Tal R, da icônica cadeira EGG, desenhada pelo arquiteto dinamarquês Arne Jacobsen, em 1958, e produzida pela Fritz Hansen, uma importante fábrica de móveis. Pode ser admirada até ao próximo dia 4 de novembro no Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói.

Tal R apresenta- “THE EGG 1958-2008 – a tribute by Tal R”

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XTable in defringe

XTable via

XTable is a manually height adjustable desk. A piece of office machinery that accommodates multiple working positions and daily reshuffling. XTable uses manual kinetic power instead of electricity for height adjustments – saves energy and keeps users active. All technical features are constructively integrated in the table top. It uses a century old principle known from carjacks, ironing boards and other iconic tools. The principle coupled with a desk is a radical redesign of the traditional office desk. XTable is designed with an optional storage solution for office supplies and other belongings.

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Elago Case For iPhone 5

Our new S5 Slim Fit 2 case for the iPhone 5 lets you protect and cover your phone in style! The case was molded to fit perfectly and allows easy, full access to all buttons and ports on your device.Our Slim Fit cases are specially coated to reduce the amount of scratches, oil, and dirt residue left on your phone.

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Vintage Camera iPhone 4/4s Case

Gizmon ica military edition has arrived in solid black. Gizmon ica is a classic style iphone case. You can shoot by pressing the volume button with your favorite strap!

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Joystick for Smartphone Gaming By Brick

The Brick is the ultimate smartphone joystick, superior to all other versions of joysticks in the marketplace. It demonstrates the most outstanding operability and adjustability amongst the competition.The Brick can be used for all touch screens; iPhones, iPads,and iPod Touches and all Androids such as the Samsung Galaxy.

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Netatmo Weather Station

Discover what the Netatmo Weather Station can do for you.The Netatmo Weather Station contains a unique set of sensors to monitor your living environment.The Netatmo Station wirelessly transmits all your data to your iPhone. The Netatmo App displays your Station’s indoor and outdoor measurements into clear and comprehensive dashboards, graphs and notifications.

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Pivot Power Mini

Transform a single socket into four fabulous features. Our compact, collapsible design delivers two grounded outlets and 2 USB ports.

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