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WHY – Island yacht by Wally-Hermes

WHY Island yacht by Wally Hermes 1 750x563 WHY – Island yacht by Wally Hermes

WHY yacht by Wally-Hermès, is the ideal boat if you like yachts and want to live on your own island. The 58 x 38 meters WHY luxury super yacht, offers a new art of living on the sea.   Watch the video…

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Industrial Lofts

Take a tour through these three industrial loft visualizations for inspiration on developing an inviting color story throughout an open plan space complete with raw brick walls and ductwork.

  Industrial Lofts
Loft number 1, by Alexander Uglyanitsa, is an interesting and unusual design developed for a Minsk, Belarus project, with furniture mostly Riva by Pininfarina.
  Industrial Lofts
Check more about this here: DECORANDSTYLE.CO.UK

Snow White Macbook Decal

Full Color Snow White Macbook Decal Snow White Macbook Decal
iDecals are designed for all Apple Products, However also can be applied to any smooth surface. MacBook decals are sized to fit the 13″ & 15″. For all other sizes send us an e-mail after your order is placed Including your 17 digit order number.

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Giveaway of the Week #6 Win Camera Lens Mug

camera mug 1 Giveaway of the Week #6 Win Camera Lens Mug
This week we are giving away 1X Camera Lens Coffee Mug. For those who are new to our website, every Wednesday we are giving away one of our gadgets.To Participate Just finish the tasks below. Participate until October 15th.

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Hard Graft Flat Pack Bag

Hard Graft Flat Pack Bag1 Hard Graft Flat Pack Bag
The new Flat Pack / Shore really stands out but it’s undeniably subtle at the same time. It’s for those times when you need a bag but wish you didn’t have to carry a bag because it would be too bulky. We’ve designed it to be just the right size to fit your iPad or MacBook plus a few small essential extras. It’s perfect for cycling.

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Portable Laptop Stand

PLS Setting 07 1024x1024 Portable Laptop Stand
The AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand is the world’s thinnest portable laptop stand, designed to extend the life of your laptop as well as your wrists. Most laptop stands are too bulky for people who are always on-the-go. The AViiQ laptop stand compresses down to a 1/4-inch thin plate, making it easy to stash and dash. The AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand is the perfect complement for your laptop or notebook computer.

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Kikkerland USB Poodle Hub

 Kikkerland USB Poodle Hub
This USB hub offers a fun way to keep your home, dorm or office space organized. USB 2.0 high-speed port at the end of each one. Windows and Mac compatible.

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Smoking Mittens

 Smoking Mittens
Don’t be left out in the cold anymore! Just grab a pair of these super warm, super comfy Smoking Mittens! Smoking Mittens allow you to still properly hold your cigarette while keeping your hands warm because one of the mittens in each pair has a grometted hole in it, just the right size for a cigarette to poke through. Smoking Mittens are one size fits all, unisex, and reversible for right or left handed smoking!

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Wooden iPhone Case by Sarah Mac

Wooden iPhone Case by Sarah Mac1 Wooden iPhone Case by Sarah Mac
A natural apple. Please note, this case is not actually made of wood, it just looks like it.Is for iPhone 4/4S only.

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thegkrs THE GKRS®

THE GKRS® are iconographic beings that reflect the world wide web, they are connected together by the common “sharing” spirit, and this spirit give life to their world. More info on –

OAK Makes Backpacks Literally Designed for Goodness

Available for two weeks only, OAK backpacks are now on sale in a special feature by Designed Good. OAK stands for Ordinary Acts of Kindness, and the backpacks all include an OAK pouch for users to carry an extra snack for a friend or spare change for a homeless person or anything for someone who needs a little TLC.

In addition, OAK donates a backpack and school supplies to children in Austin, TX and Rwanda through CapCityKids and Africa New Life for every backpack purchased. You can purchase them on Designed Good through Oct. 22.

Green Leaf 1 OAK Makes Backpacks Literally Designed for Goodness

Ash Gray 1 OAK Makes Backpacks Literally Designed for Goodness

oakholdinghands OAK Makes Backpacks Literally Designed for Goodness

Brown Bark 1 OAK Makes Backpacks Literally Designed for Goodness


What ordinary act of kindness have you completed lately?

A Picnic Table That Transforms Into Four Lounge Chairs

 A Picnic Table That Transforms Into Four Lounge Chairs

The design splits the bench into separate seats making the seats and table easier to access, and also offers a second, more relaxed low seating position.

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Nest 2.0

nest 2 xl thumb 630xauto 2314311 Nest 2.0

The 2nd generation Nest thermostat is here! New hardware, new software, new features, more compatibility, more apps, more beautiful, more tailored for you and your home. Nest upgraded their easy-to-use press connectors to make inserting heating and cooling wires even faster, they moved the screw holes to the top and bottom to make installation simpler. And of course the exclusive built-in level is included in this Nest as well.

The first thing you’ll notice about our next generation Nest thermostat is its refined design. The new Nest is 20% thinner than the original and encased by a premium solid stainless steel ring that clearly reflects the wall colors around it. Even Nest’s display is more streamlined – the sensor grille on the bottom of the original Nest has been replaced by a smooth lens.


Suck UK Apron Cooking Guide

Suck UK Apron Cooking Guide1 Suck UK Apron Cooking Guide

Fed up of frantically thumbing through cook books while your goulash explodes? Or coating your keyboard in baked beans and bolognese while help on Google loads? Fear not! Instead we’ve moved the help to the place you’re supposed to wipe your dirty hands. Apron full of useful information. Guide includes: numeric conversions, cooking times for vegetables, roasting times for birds, freezing instructions, defrosting times, a cooking glossary and more!


Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Concept

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Concept1 Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Concept

The Panamera Sport Turismo concept study stands for Porsche’s way of using hybrid technology. With performance values from a standstill that exceed expectations, and with consumption values that many people may not expect – thanks to innovative drive technology. This is based on our philosophy which holds that the future of sports cars will not be defined by horsepower alone.

The concept car combines the dimensions of a premium vehicle with the interior comfort of the luxury class. Its direction indicators and sidelights are integrated in C-shaped lighting units – known as C-Blades – mounted in the large air inlets at the front end. Together with four-point LED headlights in an innovative design, they define the front end appearance of the concept car.