Perpetual Calendar By Caste

The design for the Perpetual Calendar No.1 is the result of independent exploration in the Caste studio. Inspired equally by Dieter Rams, Enzo Mari, and Massimo Vignelli, it is a low-fi, hand-assembled response to the increasingly high-tech auto-produced objects that currently fill the market. Comprised almost entirely of CNC laser-cut Baltic Birch plywood parts, each calendar is assembled and finished by hand.

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Crochet Hat Star Wars Darth Vader

Crochet Hat Star Wars Darth Vader. Try these Star Wars Tassel Hats instead! 100% Acrylic, Interior Lining: 100% Polyester, Machine wash, Soft knit, Embroidered graphic at front, Braided tassel detailing at ear flaps, Contrast micro fleece lining.

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The Clock Clock White

Watch 24 analog clocks morph into one giant digital display. Re-contextualizes time in a mix of old and new, analogue and digital.

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Haz Puff by Mikel Garate

Based on the simplicity, experimental and creating a new experience in everyday activities, young basque designer Mikel Garate, recent graduated  at the School of Design ELISAVA (2010, Barcelona) presents “Haz Puff”. Within this project, Mikel tries to show the purity of the material and not to hide it, showing as it is. There are different sizes of foam pieces of flexible polyurethane with apparently nothing. Each one contains a structure inside, created emptying them. Each piece get sense when people interact with it. Enjoy!

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Lighting Market: Delightfull’s Diana Floor XL

Delightfull is becoming an habitué here on New York Design Agenda. Their lamps bring back the old times of the Mad Men, with a modern touch of a shining lamp. Great design.

Just launched this week, Delightfull’s newest lamp, Diana Floor Lamp XL was created with the aim of fulfilling any big lof or artistic studio. So they say, and we totally agree.

Diana Floor Lamp by Delightfull

With a width of 130 cm and a height of 230 cm this spacious standing lamp has also a depth of 150 cm. Its voluptuous and consistent shape dominates the ambiance around, turning any room in a creative colorful space. Its strong and protector brass structure is finished in any RAL lacquered color. In the other hand, its colorful lampshade will bright even more with a unique gold plated bath. This contemporary fresh classic has included an E27 Incandescent lamp of 100 watts which once turned on, it will be hard to switch off.




Delightfull also have similar products of this Diana family in a table version…


… and a wall version:


In New York City you can find Delightfull’s lamps at Mondo Collection Store.

About Delightfull

Delightfull is a lighting brand launched in 2008. It belongs to the Portuguese company Menina Design Group and it is presented mainly in the following markets: Germany, France, UK, Hong Kong, USA and Italy.

Delightfull’s design studio is constituted by a team of three elements: Paulo Figueiredo, 34, José Tavares, 26, and the head designer Diogo Carvalho, 26.The creative process is based on an introspective searching to the best solutions that their designs need, inspiring themselves in the vintage lighting influences and styles.


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This App Turns Any Surface into a Keyboard

The Vibrative Virtual Keyboard is an awesome app that turns any surface into an invisible keyboard for the iPhone.

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Envato Holiday Bundle 500$ worth of items for just 20$!

Envato Holiday Bundle

Hi guys,

it’s holiday time again, and obviously Envato had to come up with yet another irresistible offer. This time you get a whopping 500$ worth of items for as little as 20$ which putts it around paying 4% of the actual price, which in turn is the lowest pricing Envato ever had on one of these awesome bundles of joy.

Also noteworthy, given the “20$” amount, you can be certain that after you purchase, no money will be left unattended in your account for longer periods of time if you decide it wasn’t worth it. That’s also a bad thing if you’ve loved the bundle so much… as you’ll likely have to deposit some more money to purchase other items :)

Check it out here:

Bruno Dias / paint / brazil / design / Nature

bird / arts / tropical / xilogravura / blue

bruno dias / cordel / paint / street art / canvas / design / brazil

Free gift download: Vintage Christmas illustrated stationery

The Sound of FLIGHT (starring Denzel Washington) – Behind the scenes.

Watch: The Sound of FLIGHT
The SoundWorks Collection talks with Director Robert Zemeckis about his new film “Flight” starring Denzel Washington.

The Sound of Skyfall (Behind the scenes of 007)

Watch: The Sound of Skyfall
The SoundWorks Collection dives into the latest installment in the long-running saga based on Ian Fleming’s James Bond character.

Change for Change

Annoyingly loose change for you can be transformed into gratifyingly awesome change for others. That’s the idea behind the Change For Change project. It encourages you to collect your unused/unloved coins and put them to better use by helping to fund great social causes. Identity, packaging and website created by Ashwin Patel at Betaburo.

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Watch Diary

If you like to organize your time properly, then you found the right notebook. The Notebook Watch Diary, consists of two things: a clock and a stack of papers. The cards have distinctive lines around the clock with the time to help you schedule your day properly!


Corner Box, a simple twist to the cardboard box makes it more useful

To make it easier to pick up and put down heavy boxes, Corner Boxprovides a small concave space for fingers at a bottom corner.

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Helvetitee, DIY, your own custom Helvetica t-shirt design

Helvetitee Helvetica custom made t-shirt design

Helvetitee Helvetica custom made tee #trending design

Helvetitee is a new website and project where you can design your own tee using Helvetica typeface.