Revolver Hair Dryer

This is a vintage Revolver Hair Dryer made to look like a .357 Magnum Revolver. It even comes with a holster. It is available to purchase on Etsy. [via]


Wooden bike hook, minimal and simple

Great solution to showcase you´re prizes custom bike. These minimal wooden bike hooks are made for light sports bikes that you want to store indoors…

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Diego Ramos

Diego Ramos nació en Barcelona en 1978 y ha creado el Diego Ramos estudio. El estudio se sitúa en Barcelona y desde 2005 que tiene una clientela internacional y hace colaboraciones con otras “mientes” creativas.

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"Diego Ramos nasció en Barcelona en 1978 y ha creado el Diego Ramos estudio. El estudio se sitúa en Barcelona y desde 2005 que tiene una clientela internacional e hace colaboraciones con otras “mientes” creativas."

The hidden meaning behind logos

REWASHLAMP by To Martins

Sustainable, creative and quirky, these are just some of the words that can describe this project by Tó Martins, a designer based in Portugal who created the REWASHLAMP project. Defending his beliefs of reutilizing materials to create new pieces, he built this lamp which is made with the interior pieces of washing machines that are no longer in use.
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BRABBU, uma força da natureza

Estou apaixonada pela nova marca portuguesa de design de mobiliário, a BRABBU, que está neste momento a expor suas peças na Interieur 2012, em Kortrijk, na Bélgica.

BRABBU an intense way of living-10

BRABBU an intense way of living-2

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Missile that knocks out a Building’s Power [Video]

A missile that knocks out a building’s power named CHAMP, or Counter-electronics High-powered Advanced Missile Project, is the new super weapon that’s been presented by Boeing.

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Giveaway of the Week #8 Win 1X Into Focus Mug

Last week over 200 people participated to our giveaway, thanks everyone and congrats to the winner. This week we are giving away 1x Into Focus Mug. To participate complete the tasks below. Giveaway Ends Monday 29th October.

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Godinger Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser

The gas pump liquor dispenser by Godinger, is one of the most unique and delightful ways for dad to store and serve his favorite libation.

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The Original Beardo Beard Hat

The thinsulate knit hat has a soft even feel with the great stretch so that it easily keeps its shape. The hand crocheted lumberjack style beard is made in soft 100% acrylic. It is attached to the hat making it one piece. It pulls on like a mask and is made to fit snug and hug your face to keep it nice and warm in those cold winter climates!

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AViiQ Laptop Stand

Even though other laptop stands are designed to support mobile products they generally are not designed for travel. The AViiQ Portable Quick Stand folds flat to fit easily into a laptop bag and is less than 1/4″ thick.

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iPhone 4S Wood Body Skin

Give your iPhone 4/4s a cool mahogany wood look ,best simulation of real mahogany wood.Wood has darker reddish brown color with streaks of darker brown.Best fitting skins on the market, ready to install in minutes straight from the package on to your iPhone.Extremely durable providing ultimate protection.Different from printed designs, you can actually feel every fiber resulting in better grip.These skins are made from 3m di noc films.

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Mako Bike Tool

Made of Aerospace Titanium, the MAKO Bike Tool, named after one of the fastest shark species, will be the best bicycle tool that you have ever owned. Not only is it extremely light weight and compact but can be fully customized by you to best suit your bike. 6AL-4V Titanium Allow 0.125″ Thick.

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Packaging Design Inspiration by Anderson Design Group

In this post will show you Packaging Design Inspiration by Anderson Design Group. It have been designing logos, book covers, products, posters and more for clients such as National Geographic, Golden Books, Universal Studios, Capitol Records and DreamWorks since 1993.

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Turkey Costume

Costume wholesaler Rasta Imposta has created Gobbler the Turkey, a full body costume that makes you look like a headless roasted turkey. It is currently available to purchase on Fab. [via]