GENERATION Y : “To be sound, to be cloud”

817d61f50c3e642e90a9f32694dba38a1 GENERATION Y : To be sound, to be cloud

Joe Simony, designer indépendant dans l’accessoire et mobilier d’intérieur, cette fois-ci sous le nom de Dude Said What ? nous sort du monde virtuel 2.0 dans lequel nous vivons et implante trois plateformes bien connues dans notre mobilier. Soundcloud, Facebook et Twitter sortent enfin de vos écrans et se transforment, par exemple, en étagère range cds. Retrouvez ci-dessous le projet Generation Y(à prononcer WHY) et plus particulièrement Soundcloud puisque le mobilier Twitter et Facebook n’est pas encore dévoilé.

C’est un projet développé autour de notre génération de geek : trois mobiliers d’intérieur pour trois réseaux sociaux qui nous collent aujourd’hui à la peau. Le Soundcloud, le Twitter et le Facebook avec à chaque fois une liaison fonctionnelle avec le réseau en question. C’est surtout la volonté de transposer notre quotidien immatériel dans celui, qui nous lâche un peu de l’ordinateur, histoire d’être vraiment mordu à fond de cette connectivité H/24.

DudeSaidWhat? c’est avant tout un esprit, du design d’objet, mobilier et accessoires pour toujours rendre plus attractif et subversif notre quotidien.

Plus d’informations sur ces plateformes :

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Behance :
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newspaperwood mieke meijer vij5 04 PAPER BECOMES FURNITURE

Believe it or not, these furniture pieces are made with newspapers pages. Click here to check the others.

Creative Retro Style Templates

Creative and unique retro or vintage style graphic templates for your project. If you need save some time and money you’ll love this low cost products like flyers, business cards, facebook timelines, print designs (from 4-6$) Enjoy ;)

i1a25 Creative Retro Style Templates

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Furà lamp by STUDIO06

A suspansion lamp that draws inspiration from nature, crated by the italian designers of STUDIO06.
1o10 Furà lamp by STUDIO064o1 Furà lamp by STUDIO06
MORE INFO & IMAGES > Furà lamp by STUDIO06
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Yoda Coffee Cup Cozy

Yoda Coffee Cup Cozy Yoda Coffee Cup Cozy

This Yoda Cup Cozy will make any Star Wars coffee lover happy!

Tripee Outdoor Fireplace

tripee ak47 design large 750x761 Tripee Outdoor Fireplace

Tripee is a contemporary fire pit designed by AK47, an Italian design studio, it creates a warm, cozy and inviting refuge for pleasant outdoor moments and bringing people together…

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Transform iPhone Images Into Instant Polaroids

 Transform iPhone Images Into Instant Polaroids

Miss the days when you could hold a photo in your hand? Miss no more because Impossible Instant Lab is capable of transforming digital iPhone photos into analog imagery.

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Eva Solo Foldable Ice Scraper

foldable ice scraper xl thumb 630xauto 2282611 Eva Solo Foldable Ice Scraper

The Foldable ice scraper from Eva Solo is always close at hand. It folds in half so it can easily be kept in the door pocket, the glove compartment or in the centre console in your car. The ice scraper has a hard plastic scraper for removing ice and a soft rubber scraper to clean the windows of snow, sleet and dirt. The handle is made of stainless steel.


Leica M Camera

img2429411 750x508 Leica M Camera

The new Leica M is the most innovative and versatile M-Camera that the modern M-System has ever created.

It unites decades of experience in rangefinder technology with groundbreaking digital technologies: It features a completely newly developed high-resolution full-format CMOS sensor that, in combination with its high-performance processor and the legendary M-Lenses, delivers outstanding imaging results. With Live View, video, and new additional focusing methods, it is also the M for photographers who do not wish to miss out on any of what modern digital technology has to offer.

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The mother of the mother of the Fatboy family

baboesjka fatboy pouf The mother of the mother of the Fatboy family

Baboesjka is a set of three, square shaped pillows that are stacked upon each other and attached to each other with a robust strap. The three pillows form a layered pouffe, standing more stable than the tower of Pisa. The latest addition to the Fatboy family, Baboesjka means ‘grandmother’ in Russian!

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Eastpak Backpack Sofa

Eastpak Backpack Sofa 1 750x496 Eastpak Backpack Sofa

The Eastpak Sofa made by Quinze & Milan, is the first range “Built to resist” collection. Incorporates various pockets providing storage for your magazines, books, iPod, laptop, remote control…

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English Breakfast by Miam Paris

English Breakfast is the name of the new jewelry collection by the French brand “Miam Paris”.
1o9 English Breakfast by Miam Paris
MORE INFO & IMAGES > English Breakfast by Miam Paris
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Kippy, cuts perfectly equal cake sides to avoid family drama

1670899 poster 1280 cake divider 750x421  Kippy, cuts perfectly equal cake sides to avoid family drama

With the always handy cake divider you’ll never mis-slice, or misappropriate cake. This infinitely handy device simply inserts into the center of the cake where upon you rotate the knob like device, turn, and select the amount of slices you need to feed wanted or unwanted guests at this week’s labor day party.

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Romain Jerome DeLorean DNA Watch

Romain Jerome De Lorean DNA Watch Romain Jerome DeLorean DNA Watch
RJ-Romain Jerome unveils a new timepiece in tribute to an iconic Eighties legend – the DeLorean automobile

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Diptyque London store by Christopher Jenner

Diptyque London Store by Christopher Jenner Architect Diptyque London store by Christopher Jenner

UK-based designer Christopher Jenner has conceived a new store luxury fragrance brand for Diptyque Paris, situated in London’s Leadenhall market – an area which is known for being the Victorian Architectural gem at the heart of the city of London.

Transforming a traditional space, Jenner and his team have created a cozy retail environment that marries both new and old design details. Exuding an air of high-end luxury, this eclectic interior embraces the space’s existing coloured glass and intricately patterned Victorian accents, with oversized library cabinets, furnished with multi-layered classic mouldings and fitted with secret cupboards in English brass, stained-glass fretwork and antique Mirror.

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