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Stretchy Bowl

Stretchy Bowl  Stretchy Bowl

Stretchy bowl” ($59) is made of a white metal base which is easily assembled, and fabric stretched on a metal hoop, basically forming a trampoline for your fruit. The more fruit you add the bigger the bowl becomes. When you’re not using the bowl you can store it completely flat. The stretchy fabric is breathable keeping your fruit fresh longer, and is also washable. [More Kitchen Prodcuts at BonjourLife]

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tumblr m6rbwdacWx1rse1ipo1 r3 500 Armadillo
From always, the system burglar alarm that are used in the motorcycles are based on the same: the blockade by means of padlock or alarm, which favours the thieves, who know all the techniques perfectly annual all the safeties. For this reason, Marc Graells proposes a system burglar alarm totally different, based in what nature have last millions of years to create by the natural selection, to improve the different defense system.

See More At The Khooll

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F&Y Handmade Wooden Handlebars

fy hand made wooden bicycle handlebar gessato gblog 0 750x485 F&Y Handmade Wooden Handlebars

Two Montreal based designers sharing the passion for bicycles developed this fabulous retro inspired line of wooden handlebars called “Les Classiques”. CONTINUE READING»

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Retro and vintage design #2

Amazing retro and vintage stuff like cool cars and bikes. Enjoy this showcase :)

i1a83 Retro and vintage design #2

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Rocket Espresso Cup

rocket espresso cup Enpundit 8 Rocket Espresso Cup

More photos/info here: Fuel Your Morning Liftoff With the Rocket Espresso Cup

Get your caffeine fix with the Rocket Espresso Cup that comes specially designed with rocket fins.

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Kubus Bowls by Mogens Lassen

leibal kubus lassen 3 750x505 Kubus Bowls by Mogens Lassen

Kubus Bowls are a minimalist design inspired by Mogens Lassen’s original sketches and application of Bauhaus principles. The bowls’ minimal aesthetic are beautiful within themselves, but can also be used to hold fruit and other objects. The bowls come in black, white, green, and grey.

See the full album and more minimalist designs at Leibal

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Mason Jars Turned Into Audio Speakers

audiojar iphone 800 Enpundit Mason Jars Turned Into Audio Speakers

More photos and info here: Innovative Re-imagining of Mason Jars — Audio Speakers

Sarah Pease has turned your every day mason jar into cool audio speakers.

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leibal deskology 8 750x562 Deskology

leibal deskology 7 750x562 Deskology

Deskology is a manufacturer of minimalist accessories, custom made entirely in the United States. The collection is comprised of a paper holder, doodad cup, card holder, and pen holder. The accessories are made from aluminum, and were designed to compliment the shell casings of Apple’s Mac computers. Although simple in appearance, the items are highly detailed and built for durability.

See the full album and more minimalist design at Leibal

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HAMAP | gourmet hamburgers in milan

d072a1c13be49c25c947663e90f45c9a HAMAP | gourmet hamburgers in milan
8d3a74e317e3d87b746ce63a84dea604 HAMAP | gourmet hamburgers in milan
01f942f80ebffa76addd7b58590a26bf HAMAP | gourmet hamburgers in milan
c1344a23b42e74812a1306e044cb6bb3 HAMAP | gourmet hamburgers in milan
HAMAP is a personal project by Nico189 that shows some Milan’s bistrot where you can enjoy a good sandwich.

More here

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Original Fire Features by Elena Colombo

Amazing collection of fire features by Brooklyn / Greenport based sculptor and architectural designer Elena Colombo who owns and operates Colombo Construction Corp., specializing in custom, site specific work: fire, water and wind features, memorials, markers and environmental sculptures. Enjoy!

fire Original Fire Features by Elena Colombo

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Up to the Rafters

Oh my, I think this week has gone by just a tad too quickly! I’ve got a few important market to-do’s to check off my list before the weekend and I still have Mother’s Day to think about, not to mention little ones to cuddle, a house to clean and cupboards to fill with at least a few groceries…busy days! But, like all good procrastinators, I have found squeezed in some quality time on Pinterest and while looking through my boards the other day, I couldn’t help but notice that rafters and beams seem to be a key architectural feature in many of my favourite spaces….

i1a73 Up to the Rafters

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An Awesome Shopping Experience

TESCO 750x505 An Awesome Shopping Experience

Finally, A whole new shopping experience for people do grocery with ease. Tesco’s ingenious online shopping strategy had just got even better. Tesco Home Plus designed an augmented shopping catalog inside the train stations of South Korea. These virtual catalogs stood before the train entrance so that people could initially see Tesco products that are available for shopping.

Shopping with Tesco had been easy for people residing in South Korea nowadays because of the virtual catalog. The only requirement in able for shoppers to use the virtual catalog service and successfully purchase via their phone is that their phones must have a wireless connection available so that the phone could connect to the net and sync their order with their online account. A QR Code scanner is also required because every item displayed on the virtual catalog has a QR Code printed beside it so that user can take pictures or QR Scan them and initiate a purchase.

Here is a of the snapshots of the Tesco Virtual Catalog.
tescosubwaystore02 750x248 An Awesome Shopping Experience

And if you want see how this QR-shopping is done, then here is a link of a video demo of Tesco’s Virtual Catalog.

Online shopping users must first register and set up their account via Tesco’s website with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as a recommended browser. After a couple of account verifications and payment method configurations, users must indicate their exact mailing address for the purpose of having their purchased goods to be delivered right at their doorstep.

Then they must check out the My Usuals page under their accounts and they will see a list of items that are stacked before adding those to cart. Users can also search for any desired item and the Tesco page will inform them if the searched items are available. Adding the item in the favorites list is possible. After the purchase verification process is completed, users can choose a time window displayed in a form of a table.

Tesco is an e-commerce website for people who are able to shop and purchase consumable goods online. Its retailing operations could support up to 14 different countries worlide.

Tesco UK
Tesco China
Tesco India
Tesco Malaysia
Tesco HomePlus (South Korea)
Tesco Lotus (Thailand)
Tesco Czeck Republic
Tesco Hungary
Tesco Ireland
Tesco Poland
Tesco Slovakia
Tesco Kipa
Tesco Fresh and Easy (United States)
Tesco Japan

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Rapid Ice Cooling Carafe

Rapid Ice Cooling Carafe Rapid Ice Cooling Carafe

The “Rapid Ice Cooling Carafe” allows drinks to be chilled instantly – without ice! The stylish table-top cooler incorporates two Rapid Ice cooling elements, making it ideal for chilling a variety of drinks including wine, water, milk or fruit juice. Simply store the cooling elements in the freezer and insert into the carafe base when you are ready to use. Drinks will be actively cooled in minutes and will remain cool for hours. [Spotted at BonjourLife]

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AG++ Aluminum iPhone 4/4S Case

AG iPhone Case 3 AG++ Aluminum iPhone 4/4S Case

AG++ iPhone 4/4s Case” features incredible design that combines mechanical protection and exterior beauty. Clear line & slim structure exudes pure perfection and sleek elegance. Precision CNC machined from solid metal shock into 2 pieces. Ergonomic design for better grip and premium protection through the lightweight & strong aircraft-grade aluminium frame. [More iPhone Cases @ BonjourLife]

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Chinese Skateboard by Zhan Wei

“What Chinese medicine” series Skateboard deck design is a project for a brand named ” Black Knight ” of China Challenge Skateboard company. The author showed popular society issues with the idea of “What Chinese medicine”, combine the Chinese characters with Chinese cyber language and the old days traditional Chinese medicine package illustrations image, try to inspire the thinking of the relationship between individual and the society. This design involves several famous traditional Chinese medicine, shows this Skateboard series’ confidence, you can choose according to your needs, and attain the effect of removing blood stasis, or activating collaterals, raising yourself to the next level, relaxed and happy.

i1a63 Chinese Skateboard by Zhan Wei

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