Ferrari E110 Elegante- Speedboat

The Ferrari Elegante speedboat by Abdul Wahidis, inspired by the 458 Italia, has the style and color of the Italian sports car manufacturer.

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Aztec Hadron Collider by Ctrl Alt Design

Inspired by the particle accelerator at CERN

Aztec Hadron Collider Ctrl Alt Design 001 Boston

Aztec Hadron Collider Ctrl Alt Design 001 Boston  iphone5 Case

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The Back Room, Studio Toogood

London Design Festival is, predictably, awash with product launches – and standing out is, predictably, the name of the game. On Friday we showcased watch brand Uniform Wares’ gallery-esque take on the product launch, and up today is Studio Toogood‘s decidedly high-brow celebration of their new collection BATCH. Accompanied by the equally high-brow food design of Francesca Sarti’s Arabeschi di Latte, Faye Toogood’s studio unveiled their product launch cum pop-up café; The Back Room.

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One piece of lamp by Kiseung Lee

“One piece of lamp”, the hanging lamp created by Korean designer Kiseung Lee and presented during the London Design Festival.

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Villa Meissen – Luxury Home

Villa Meissen, a german luxury brand, has opened a new store in Milan at Via Montenapoleone 3. Originally a traditional porcelain manufacturer, the German company has since become an innovative luxury brand with a range of handmade sofas, armchairs, tables, fabrics, lamps and porcelain.
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Concept-car Peugeot ONYX, the Film

Peugeot just launched the advert film for its last conceptcar, the ONYX.

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Lil’ Vampire Pacifier

Little Vampire Teeth Pacifier comes a pacifier with a new twist. You are sure to get a few double takes whenever this fun little piece is in use.

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Dartline 60 powerboat

The Dartline 60′ by designer Pietro Russomanno, combines luxury with superior performance and characterized by the teak, covering most of the part of the deck.

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Form 1- an affordable, professional 3D printer

Researchers at the MIT Media Lab created the Form 1 printer, an easy-to-use 3D printer system, that rivals the output of high-end printers at a fraction of the cost.

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Bracher Emden bags

The British brand Bracher Emden creates bags with a special processing with geometric patterns in relief.

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Volume Smartphone Speaker by Paul Cocksedge

This speaker for smartphones is a classic piece of design that begins with the elegant simplicity of its vinyl cousin, Change the Record – and then makes it as light as air.

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Into Focus Mug

Keeps your life in focus, 310 ml (10.25 ounces) ceramic coffee mug shaped like a camera lens, Rubber “lens cap” keeps your hot beverage from spilling.

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Magical Unicorn Mask

Who says unicorns aren’t real? Prove everyone wrong with the delightfully realistic mask. Perfect for a costume party or just everyday errand runs, this unicorn mask, featuring a mane that will flow as you gallop through the wind.

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Motion-Activated Dispenser

Irresistible for office, school, parties or the kitchen. Want to satisfy hunger pangs without binging on junk food? Get a handout from SnackMan.

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Aphrodite USB Hub

This mini sculpture will bring elegance and class to your workspace and with the 4 port USB hub as the base, you’ll be able to accomplish anything.

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