ICEdot Crash Sensor, detects helmet impacts and notifies your emergency contacts


The ICEdot Crash Sensor pairs with your phone. If it detects a severe impact, your phone will notify your emergency contacts of your GPS coordinates…

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Pic-nic table by Marzena Krupa

“Pic-nic”, a simple and creative cardboard table by Polish designer Marzena Krupa.

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OJ Simpson, Buffy and Super Mario make their move in Novelty Chess Sets

Saatchi’s ‘Art of Chess’ exhibition is currently in full swing – but it looks like Saatchi missed out on a few novelty sets! Don’t Panic rounds up our favourite designs.

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Shadowplay by Holly Howe

Shadowplay, the fall/winter 2012 collection by New Zealand jewelry brand Holly Howe.

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Sky Umbrella. Sunny is a state of mind

In 1992 the MoMA Design Store introduced the Sky Umbrella by legendary graphic designer Tibor Kalman and Emanuela Frattini Magnusson. A simple idea brilliantly executed, the umbrella’s exterior gives away nothing more than a plain, black canopy and a simple wooden handle.

Once opened, the umbrella’s interior reveals a cheerful blue sky dotted with fluffy, white clouds.

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Zeal iON HD Camera Goggle

ZEAL Optics a Colorado-based company, has develop the ‘iON’, a pair of goggles with  integrated HD camcorder, capable of capturing 1080p video and shooting 8 MP photos.

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Celebrating the Golden Age

Se algumas peças de decoração são joias, então a grife de mobiliário Boca do Lobo é a jóia da coroa. Seus talentosos designers e mestres artesãos têm lançado novas peças de decoração altamente desejáveis, como a mesa de jantar Fortuna e a mesa Éden, que são, nada mais nada menos, verdadeiras joias para a sua casa.

golden - age





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Sodastream Jet Starter Kit

With the SodaStream Jet Starter Kit, you’ve got everything you need to turn tap water into sparkling water in 30 seconds–saves your money. This black/silver SodaStream Jet soda maker comes with one CO2 cylinder that will make up to 60 liters of sparkling water. With no batteries or electricity, you can use your soda maker in your kitchen, outdoors on your patio or deck, or on your boat or R.V.

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Trudeau Digital Wine Thermometer

Enjoy your wine at the proper temperature with Trudeau’s Digital Wine Thermometer. The self activating devise clips around a wine bottle and provides the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, with suggested temperatures for popular red and white wines printed in the stainless steel band. One year warranty.

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mStand For MacBook By Rain Design

Design Made of a single sturdy piece of aluminum, mStand transforms laptops into stunning desktop counterparts of the Apple iMac and Apple Cinema Display with its elegant curves and silver-anodized finish. The single piece design solidly holds a laptop while the aluminum panel acts a heat sink to keep the laptop cool. A cable hole in the back of the stand routes wires to reduce clutter.

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BioLogic Reecharge Case And Bracket iPhone

The ReeCharge Case is a rugged, weatherproof case that completely encloses and protects your iPhone yet still allows full access to the touch screen and your apps. Even better, the ReeCharge Case integrates a powerful lithium polymer battery that helps your iPhone’s battery keep up with your most epic outings. With your iPhone fully protected and staying charged, you are ready for long days outdoors, in the saddle, on the trail, or on the slopes.

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AppleCore Cable Organizer Pack of 7

The AppleCore 7 Pack Combo brings beautiful organization to your desktop, Applecores manage every cord from your iPad or smart phone, to your routers and headphones, to your power and appliance cables. The 7 piece AppleCore Combo Pack includes: 3 Large AppleCores for power and appliance cables, 3 Medium AppleCoreds for desktop cables, 1 Small Applecore for your earbuds.

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Beautiful Web design Inspirations

Over the last months we have seen a strong trend towards more individual web designs. Design was more important to us than a concrete implementation of some creative idea. We have collected creative and Beautiful Web design Inspirations.

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samsung creative web design

Restaurant web design


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Adobe Illustrator Tutorials Released in September 2012

Adobe Illustrator is the great tool for creating vector art. This post will showcase the adobe illustrator tutorials released in september 2012. Check out the complete list of Adobe Illustrator Tutorials Released in September 2012 from below.

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GENERATION Y : “To be sound, to be cloud”

"To be sound, to be cloud"

Joe Simony, designer indépendant dans l’accessoire et mobilier d’intérieur, cette fois-ci sous le nom de Dude Said What ? nous sort du monde virtuel 2.0 dans lequel nous vivons et implante trois plateformes bien connues dans notre mobilier. Soundcloud, Facebook et Twitter sortent enfin de vos écrans et se transforment, par exemple, en étagère range cds. Retrouvez ci-dessous le projet Generation Y(à prononcer WHY) et plus particulièrement Soundcloud puisque le mobilier Twitter et Facebook n’est pas encore dévoilé.

C’est un projet développé autour de notre génération de geek : trois mobiliers d’intérieur pour trois réseaux sociaux qui nous collent aujourd’hui à la peau. Le Soundcloud, le Twitter et le Facebook avec à chaque fois une liaison fonctionnelle avec le réseau en question. C’est surtout la volonté de transposer notre quotidien immatériel dans celui, qui nous lâche un peu de l’ordinateur, histoire d’être vraiment mordu à fond de cette connectivité H/24.

DudeSaidWhat? c’est avant tout un esprit, du design d’objet, mobilier et accessoires pour toujours rendre plus attractif et subversif notre quotidien.

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