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Pop Art Made of Plastic

Pop Art, Street Art and Silly TV series characters.
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Leslie knope by peachyapricot copy 750x765 Pop Art Made of Plastic
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Just Sayings – T-shirts by Steward

steward3 Just Sayings   T shirts by Steward

New designs by Steward. Check out all the new designs.
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© 2012 Steward

Massaging Bed Rest

2231 Massaging Bed Rest
Lets you read, write and watch TV in comfort. Focused, super-bright LED light bends into any position to make reading and writing easy and comfortable. The large side pockets keep magazines, books, remote controls and reading glasses at your side. There’s even a built-in cup holder! Fits you and your bed. Designed to fit any bed and support all body shapes and sizes. Folds flat for easy storage under the bed or in a closet. AC adapter included.

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Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank

1211 Rover 2.0 App Controlled Wireless Spy Tank
Generating its own Wi-Fi wireless connection for your smart device, Rover 2.0 can travel up to 200 ft. unobstructed–or up to 100 ft. around walls and into other rooms. Navigation is easy. Sight through Rover’s on-board video camera, using the on-screen driving controls. Or navigate by G-Drive Mode, using your device’s accelerometer like a steering wheel for more realistic adventures.

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AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter with on-board Wi-Fi system

1191 AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter with on board Wi Fi system
The AR.Drone 2.0 quadricopter with on-board Wi-Fi system puts you in control via your iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, Android™ or Nook devices. On-board cameras let you see in real time what the pilot sees as you complete complex flight maneuvers. But here’s the best part–while in flight, the copter’s all-new front camera captures video and stills in sharp 720p HD that you can stream live or record to share with friends on YouTube®, the AR.Drone community or other sites with just a tap. Video records at a fast 30 fps through the big 92° wide-angle lens. Record the Wi-Fi live stream directly on your device or use optional recording on USB key (key not included).

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NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System

1171 NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System
NeatDesk is a high-speed scanning device and digital filing and organization system that enables people to scan receipts, business cards and documents separately or all at once. This process results in a de-cluttered desk and transforms disparate information into an organized, useable format.

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Towel Warmer

1151 Towel Warmer
The Towel Warmer warms your towel in just 10 minutes—and keeps it warm while you shower. It uses a safe silicone heating element to thoroughly and evenly warm the entire towel. It’s also great for warming mittens, gloves and hats before or after venturing out into the cold.

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HDMI Pocket Projector

3110 HDMI Pocket Projector
Who says projectors are just for movies? Our portable projector connects to multiple devices for a “big screen” view of just about anything. Compact, portable and rechargeable, the HDMI Pocket Projector takes you from business presentations to game time with friends to family movie night. It connects via HDMI to most smartphones, tablets, computers, video players, game consoles, digital cameras and more. Advanced DLP® technology delivers an incredibly sharp, clear 1080p HD image up to 60″ diagonal on any flat surface.

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Levo Deluxe eBook and iPad Holder Floor Stand

1132 Levo Deluxe eBook and iPad Holder Floor Stand
Slip your tablet onto the Levo stand and your tablet will hover right in front of you. Watch videos, read, or surf the Web like never before! Six movements place your device in an infinite number of positions while you recline in your favorite chair, or lie in bed. It’s compatible with just about any furniture, no need for clearance. You can even read in bed with your electronic device facing down. Vastly extend the possibilities of your electronic devices!

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Brookstone Seat Belt Covers

2210 Brookstone Seat Belt Covers
Brookstone seat belt covers are perfect for anyone who is tired of getting chafed by uncomfortable seat belts. Simply wrap around the belt and secure in place–that’s all it takes to prevent chafing on your neck or shoulder. Made of natural Australian sheepskin, these covers also insulate, making your seat belt feel warm in the winter, and cool and soft in the summer.

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Big Blue Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

1116 Big Blue Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Introducing the Big Blue Studio Wireless Speaker from Big Blue Audio™. It uses Bluetooth technology to pair with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, from your smartphone and MP3 player to your laptop or tablet. It connects wirelessly with iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, Android™, BlackBerry® and other devices

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Bike and Paper by Francesca Ghigo

The eco sustainable packaging by Italian designer Francesca Ghigo.
1o8 Bike and Paper by Francesca Ghigo3o2 Bike and Paper by Francesca Ghigo
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Adobe Photoshop Toolbars Evolution

240889 409455109103831 1920826809 o Adobe Photoshop Toolbars Evolution

Adobe Photoshop Toolbars Evolution, Originally Shared on Facebook –

Logo design? Identity? Branding? Utopia branding agency

utopia branding agency logo design 2 Logo design? Identity? Branding? Utopia branding agency

utopia branding agency stationery design 1 Logo design? Identity? Branding? Utopia branding agency

UTOPIA is an international branding agency formed in 2011 by 3 certified brand identity specialists.
Visit to see more works and find out more about the project.

Stair Rover by Po-Chih Lai

Stair Rover7 750x421 Stair Rover by Po Chih Lai

New skateboard concept from the recent graduate of RCA, Po Chih-Lai. 

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