Batman Macbook Sticker

ec857ac184ea4d089291a02c72ec140c1 Batman Macbook Sticker
This skin features a beautiful decal design that is also made with the high quality polyethylene material used on the other Humor sticker These sticker are all made with eco-friendly materials, even the silicone adhesive used to hold the skin on the

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Kuel S20 Mobile Stand By SGP

Kuel S20 Mobile Stand For Mac1 Kuel S20 Mobile Stand By SGP
Kuel S20 mobile stand by SGP has a simple yet elegant contour design that harmonizes with any setting.It is made with a hard scratch-resistant aluminum and a smooth surfaced polycarbonate to prevent the device from being scratched during use.

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VANS iPhone 4/4S Waffle Case

vans case VANS iPhone 4/4S Waffle Case
Our new flexible rubber Vans Phone Case features a waffle sole replica on the back, red heel-tag replica on the side, toe-cap replica on the top, and Vans logo on the inside front. Compatible with iPhone 4 and 4S.

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Packaging Design Inspirations 3

In today’s world packaging becomes very useful and necessary. Packaging Product are a non digital object so it is shared on internet less then other computer graphics now days. Below are some really cool examples of packaging design for inspiration.

f059d726e4fdecc34230a1473d6d5dad 569x1900 Packaging Design Inspirations 3

Ikea Direct Mailer by: Leo Rosa Borges

61713457363834152 D3rShb7d f Packaging Design Inspirations 3

By: Daniel Weil

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ZingAnything, a bottle to infuse your favorite drinks with natural flavors

AZ 5 72dpi 750x540 ZingAnything, a bottle to infuse your favorite drinks with natural flavors

Zing Anything brings you a refreshing new way to subtly infuse all-natural ingredients into your beverages and cuisine. Enhance the flavor and health benefits of water by using our Aqua or Citrus Zinger water bottles with fruit, veggies, and herbs to create refreshingly flavored drinks.

You can stay away from artificial flavors, colorings, and refined sugars simply and smartly with the Zing Anything product line.

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The Fliz Bike – Riding Bycicle like the Flintstones

The Fliz Bike concept FootPowered Bike The Fliz Bike   Riding Bycicle like the Flintstones

The Fliz Bike is a prototype from Germany intended to promote the use of bicycles in the urban space. It looks weird, which entirely changes the way we ride bicycles, has been designed without any pedals and even no saddle

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Thick Oak Wood Handebars by DEER RUNNER

thick oak wood handebars by deer runner 011 Thick Oak Wood Handebars by DEER RUNNER

Wood is both universal and unique. No other material is as deeply embedded in the history, culture and life of humans worldwide as wood, yet every single piece of wood is unique.

thick oak wood handebars by deer runner 02 Thick Oak Wood Handebars by DEER RUNNER

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Creative Artwork Design of 7Up

Design of 7Up 1 Creative Artwork Design of 7Up

I hope you like these awesome and creative artwork design of 7up. Please share these creative design of 7up with your social media friends.

Design of 7Up 2 Creative Artwork Design of 7Up

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Amazing Steak Thermometers

Steak Button Thermometer1 Amazing Steak Thermometers
The Reusable Steak Button Thermometer promotes food safety. Insert stainless steel probe into the steak and at a glance and from a distance you can see when your steak has reach the perfect doneness. Thermometer registers rare, medium and well done. Use one for each person so everyone’s steak is cooked to perfection. Works in the grill or in the oven. Easy to use.

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The Motion Lamp, a bendable ultra thin body you can twist

 The Motion Lamp, a bendable ultra thin body you can twist

The ‘Motion’ lamp is born to give a lovable item to people. The lamp offer a lot of opportunities as table lamp, reading lamp or to create a pleasent athmosphere with its light. Technologically I used the OLED as source of light because in this way I could form an ultra-thin body without weight.

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Minimalistic Piggy Bank

tumblr m9gv615wWu1rse1ipo1 r1 500 Minimalistic Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank Fritz keeps you focused on what you’re saving for. .

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Awesome Tipping Teacup

tea cup1 Awesome Tipping Teacup
This 2011 Red Dot Design honorable mention will turn your break into a meditative escape, steeped in contemporary style. The teacup has an unusual angled bottom that allows it to rest in two different positions.

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Rosle Cherry Pitter

 Rosle Cherry Pitter
Sometimes you hope that by spending for good German technology, you’ll get the perfect product. Well, this isn’t perfect, but I did pit over 1.5 lbs of cherries in about 10 minutes, so I’m not complaining too much.I’ve been using the low priced Progressive International Cherry-it Multiple Cherry pitter and although it’s pretty low tech, it was working better for me than the hand-held single fruit pitters. Still it wasn’t ideal and with some big batches of cherries to deal with I decided to spring for this fancy pitter.

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HydroSurge RapidBath For Dogs

HydroSurge RapidBath For Dogs1 HydroSurge RapidBath For Dogs
Giving your dog a bath is now easy, fun, and stress-free. It also takes less time with the ergonomic HydroSurge RapidBath Bathing System—up to 70 percent faster than traditional bathing. No frustrating hand-scrubbing is required. The “all-in-one” wet, wash, and rinse bathing solution uses patented InjectAir technology to create the perfect blend of fresh water, oxygen, and shampoo to deep-clean your dog down to the skin, providing a relaxing massage and providing dermatological benefits to the skin and coat.

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Waterfall Tub Faucets

 Waterfall Tub Faucets
This unique,fresh design tub faucet with graceful curves, flexibale installation and outstanding performance that coordinates perfectly with both casual and luxurious decorating bathroom. It offers two different basin mixer shapes for real versatility. The opening along the entire front edge of the 4 ¾” x 7″ x 2 ¾” streamlining spout, which creates an absolutely beautiful waterfall effect, is the most attractive part of this fuacet.

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