Bad to the Bone Turquoise Bracelet

Bad to the Bone Turquoise Bracelet .Turquoise skulls with gold. 6.5 inches.

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Beer Bottle Opener Cap Collector

The perfect gift for any beer lover or as a handy home bar accessory, this clever and unique bottle opener doubles as a cap catcher. Stainless steel opener easily flips off caps of soda and beer bottles and drops them into the container below holds up to 30 caps at a time. Bottle tip works to open cans as well, making it perfect for big events, like the super bowl.

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Camera Lens Mug

Great for photography lovers, the camera lens-inspired mug also comes with a rubber “lens cap”, keeping your coffee nice and hot.

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Bespoke Bicycles by The Little Mule Co.

The Little Mule is not your usual bike store. Next to building custom single speed and fixed gear bikes, they also have a cafe serving breakfast and lunch.

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photo book GIVEAWAY – this book is awesome!

Global Yodel is giving away a copy of Brian Finke’s brand new photo book, Construction.

Brian has been working on this series since 2008. The result is this big, beautiful, hardcover book. Who wants it? All you have to do is comment on the site. Jump over to Global Yodel to win.

Best of the week 50

We introduce our “top four”, which contains the best four articles of the week: Rivolta bench, Augustin Teboul spring/summer 2013, The Sculptural works of Satoru Koizumi and O Range: green furniture.

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Awasome Branding Inspiration and Guide -4

Brand identity is very important to any company as it represent it’s business in visual identical manner. We are sharing couple of branding guide and inspirations that will help designer to create good corporate identity and website for any business.

It is 4th guide of this series. Stay tuned as The Art Times will keep bringing the branding guide and inspiration in series.

Renhand Corporate Identity Design

By: Higher

Responsive website design

Apache Flex Corporate Identity Design

By: Fuse Collective, Adrian Knopik, Maciej Mizer

Logo illustration
T-shirt Design
Website Design
Corporate Branding

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Wine Cellar Artworks

Actually, not many people would deny the statement that wine-making belongs to sophisticated crafts if not to fine arts. The success and value of a particular wine is ensured by the cumulative success of several constituents, and design of a bottle and a label on it is definitely among them. Before a customer enjoys the very first sip of a wine, there is a job for a bottle to attract the attention, seduce a customer, and make him or her choose a particular wine product. The contribution of visual artists, who design the wine bottles and labels, is significant, especially today when the competition on the market is great. In order to prove the suggestion, we are displaying here some of the most interesting, unique, and attractive designs from the wine industry. Cheers!

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Light Bird Solar LED

The exceptional Light Bird solar powered LED light designed by Jang Eun Hyuk, it opens to absorb solar energy from the sun, and closes and illuminates when is dark.

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Finder Icon Pillow

Handmade Finder Icon Pillow .It measures approximately 10″x12″ and is filled with 100% polyester fiberfill.

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iPhone 5 Dock

Includes dock and Apple lightning to USB cable. Very stable, lightning connector holds very firmly.Dock your new iPhone 5 in this beautiful Hardwoodor Aluminum Dock.Easily charge and quickly sync your iPhone 5 using the new Lightning connector.Dock your iPhone vertically for a clear view. Connects to a usb port or a usb power adapter.

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Easy Cut Bread Board by ENO

ENO (Editor of New Objects) is a new-coming French editor of objects signed by the most gifted current designers. This product is used for cutting bread in equal portions all in the same angle. It is made out of beech wood. Designed by Fèdèricc Ruyant.

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Leather Bag Tag – This Bag is Not Yours

Legions of black Masonite bags get lost each year, and many are inadvertently picked up by fellow, weary, passengers. Avoid it with this simple message: “This Bag is Not Yours”. These tags are stamped by hand in Colorado with a mallet. The leather is vegetable tanned leather. Listen, we can’t guarantee your bags won’t get lost by the airline, but we can guarantee nobody’s gonna mess with your shizzle.

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World Time Clock Barrel

This barrel-shaped desk clock has 12 sides, each with the name of two major cities. Altogether, the 24 cities represent the 24 Global Time Zones. To find the local time in another time zone, roll the clock so the city representing that time zone is on top. The Waals World TimeClock is useful next to the computer and the phone, on a journey, for international business or when friends, family or lovers are abroad.

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Cin Cin – unconvenional glasses by Stella Orlandino

Often a common, anonymous glass, can conceal the personality of those who touched it, drank it, sniffed it. Each of them is like a theatrical character, that tells or hides his story and nature … CIN CIN unconventional glasses: 8 cups, 8 ways to be, no excuse to toast! An elite collection, where every element has a given role. The characters in this series of glasses hide behinde their faces virtues and vices of contemporary society.

Cin cin! It’s time to raise a celebratory glass to the CIN CIN Unconventional Glasses by Italian designer Stella Orlandino. The collection of eight different glasses is a cast of eight bold personalities, each one with a unique silhouette reflective of their characters in the design. The glasses are hand-crafted by artisan with timeless techniques that ensure each glass is a work of perfection and art. While Alticcio is a glass that holds more its bowl’s worth of wine – the stem and foot hold a few more ounces of the lovely drink – Lacrima is a glass that pouts in a solemn but sly manner, the lip of the glass dramatically displayed. Sbadato’s coif shows a sense of class as its flair rises above the usual, and Tuba is an even more eccentric member with its elephant trunk of a spout attached to the glass. Every wine lover is bound to have a favorite among these eight, but the motley crew is inseparable with their mosaic friendships founded in elegance and ingenuity. Now that is something to drink to!