Past Present Future Watch

watch1 Past Present Future Watch
Sometimes we need to be reminded to live in the present, and not be worried by what is in the past and what lies ahead in the future. Through its clever design, the Past, Present and Future watch by Daniel Will-Harris only displays the present time thus forcing you to only focus on what is happening in the now, in this very moment. Stainless steel and water-resistant to 100 feet. Assembled in Japan and the US.

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Mophie Product Red For Apple Devices

mophie1 Mophie Product Red For Apple Devices
Mophie are probably best known for their Juice Pack Air battery cases for the iPhone and for good reason too as there aren’t any other battery cases out there that comes close in terms of design and performance. Mophie also make a universal range of batteries for the people who like their existing case (or no case at all) or just want a portable emergency charger.

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Brookstone Bed Fan with Wireless Remote

bed fan1 Brookstone Bed Fan with Wireless Remote

Bed Fan with Wireless Remote. Bed Fan: a better way to cool off at night! Kicking the sheets to the end of the bed? Try Bed Fan. It tucks between the top and bottom sheets to cool your body-the source of the heat-instead of the entire house. More effective and efficient than traditional cooling methods, which only affect the air outside the sheets, you can turn off the AC and save on cooling costs. Bed Fan disperses built-up body heat with a cool, refreshing breeze between the sheets. Perfect for couples with different preferences! Some people sleep hot under only a sheet.

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Measuring Cup and Scale

292914961 6f993781d0df1 Measuring Cup and Scale
Weights dry and liquid ingredients in pounds, fluid ounces or grams. Automatic shut-off, Battery and overload indicator, LCD Display, Frosted measuring beaker is dishwasher safe.

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Rechargeable Batteries Charged Via USB

AA Rechargeable Batteries Charged Via USB1 Rechargeable Batteries Charged Via USB
USBCELL AA Rechargeable batteries – work just like normal rechargeable batteries, but simply pop off the lid to recharge by any powered USB Port. Ideal for use with wireless mice, keyboards, games controllers, household products – in over 2 billion free USB ports. No need to carry or find a separate charger. Easy recharge on the go, in the office or at home. USBCELLs can be charged hundreds of times, saving you money, and helping reduce environmental waste. USBCELLs are NiMH batteries, 1.2v 1300mah capacity. Product information, support and recycling advice available at

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Seatbelt Key Holder

seatbelt key holder1 Seatbelt Key Holder
Losing your car keys can be very frustrating, so it makes sense to keep them somewhere safe… Well, what can be safer than buckling them up? This wall mounted key holder looks like a real car seat belt buckles. The perfect gift for car lovers and anyone who keeps losing their keys.

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iPhone Dock Made from Cut Vinyl Records

We want to reestablish the tradition, the ritual, the experience of music for the digital age. After all, there is more to music than just bits.

VWP0700 copy 21 750x515 iPhone Dock Made from Cut Vinyl Records

GrooveDock features a sculpted acoustic horn amplifying your iPhone to almost twice as loud.

GrooveDock is an iPhone stand all about the music. Its groundbreaking design assembles over 60 pieces cut from 10 recycled records. It is fastened with three aluminum screw posts insuring strength and elegance. A black foam insert isolates the iPhone speaker port which maximizes loudness through the acoustic horn.
 iPhone Dock Made from Cut Vinyl Records

For more info checkout the kickstarter page here.

VWP0463 750x497 iPhone Dock Made from Cut Vinyl Records

GrooveDock requires no charging, Bluetooth pairing or fuss


For more info checkout the kickstarter page here.



Angry Birds: The BiG BANG theory

Angrybirds TBBT am Angry Birds: The BiG BANG theory

Via: Alejo Malia

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Incorporate Business WordPress Template

inc  Incorporate Business WordPress Template

Incorporate WordPress Template


The INCORPORATE is well organized. Take what you love, leave what you don’t, customize the rest. It’s completely in your hands – turn it into the next big thing, or just as your projects, it’s up to you.

The INCORPORATE is suitable for content producers at all levels whether that’s the personal blogger, online magazines, of full-blown communities. If you’re looking for a beautiful looking magazine or blog theme then you’ve just found it.


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L’elle Creative Agency Showcase

lelle Lelle Creative Agency Showcase

The Best Professional HTML/CSS3 Template of 2012

The L’elle is a professional single page creative Agency Showcase Template that scrolls vertically. The L’elle template includes three themes that you can activate to get the right look and feel that matches your own brand. The themes you can choose from are the Dark, Light and Unique themes.

  • Dark theme gives you that sexy nightlife feeling with modern Paris highlights on the background
  • Light theme, a playful, luscious yet professional environment to communicate your business
  • Unique theme: want your content to look clean yet have an highly sophisticated feel that none of your competitors have? Go Unique!


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Luxury Stylish Accordion WordPress Theme

0138 Luxury Stylish Accordion Wordpress Theme

Luxury Stylish Accordion WordPress Theme

Stylish Accordion WordPress Theme for Creative Pros

This Accordion Styled WordPress theme is built for business world, graphic designers, photographers, video producers, illustrators, artists and other creative freelance pros who want a simple, elegant and effective way to showcase projects, share testimonials, promote services and even do a little blogging on the side. It is designed to immediately show the visitor the two most important things: your name and your work. The theme is also made to be easy to setup and manage using WordPress.


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Paul White | LolliPopArt

Painting is yesterday, camera is today. Generously Popart is raises to a new level, through high resolution Camera!

Sheer,colourful, minimalist.

Popart 2.1

Chupachups2 750x427 Paul White | LolliPopArt

Chupachups4 750x433 Paul White | LolliPopArt


Don’t forget to check out our Website at: Paul – White !!!
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INCREATIVE Creative and Unique WordPress Theme

01 preview.  large preview INCREATIVE Creative and Unique WordPress Theme

An elegant WordPress theme for everyone. The theme has a fullscreen parallax backgrounds, custom gallery, twitter ticker, paginated portfolio layout and blog, awesome hover effects, and an ajax contact form and yet many more. The template offers a quick and easy setup.


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All About YouTube’s New ‘Moodwall’ Video Viewing Feature

best web technology news youtube moodwall feature beta 2012 407x190 All About YouTube’s New ‘Moodwall’ Video Viewing Feature

YouTube, by virtue of their pioneering start and consistent quality, still rule the roost among all the video sharing sites out there. Now they seek to raise the bar even further with an all-new ‘Moodwall’ video viewing feature. So what’s this new facet that’s got everyone agog all about? Will it dramatically enhance users’ multimedia experience? When will it be fully operational? How freely will it be available to all? Read on for a brick by brick preview.

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Rabit Silicone Case for iPhone

rabito 31 Rabit Silicone Case for iPhone
Includse an iPhone case and a super cute removable furry rabbit tail # Keeps your iPhone safe and protected in style # Allows easy access to all buttons, controls and ports # There could be color difference due to lighting condition and the screen setting.

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