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SipSnap: Spill-Proof Drinking Lids for Kids

011 450x300 SipSnap: Spill Proof Drinking Lids for Kids

Have your kids ever spilled their drinks? Well, they wouldn’t if they had these spill-proof covers.

SipSnap is a spill-proof drinking cover whose snug design prevents kids from spilling their drinks and making a mess. The goal of this unique invention—created by a duo of industrial designers and mothers Sativa Turner and Michelle Ivankovic—is to make the lives of parents with kids a little more tidy. Notably, this lid is made from 100% platinum silicone (essentially, the highest quality of silicone available) as well as is BPA and phthalate-free.

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Product Design

Daily Gadget Inspiration #75

Quirky Pivot Power Genius Daily Gadget Inspiration #75
The Pivot Power Genius is the app-enabled smart version of Quirky’s famous power strip that was dreamed up by Jake Zien. Just like the original, this one too has pivoting outlets that are more flexible and bendy than acrobats at the circus. The Pivot Power Genius can therefore accommodate plugs and adapters that come in all sizes and shapes.

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Product Design

Zipped: Turn Your Shoe Laces into Zippers

Zipped Turn You Shoe Laces Into Zippers 0033 450x405 Zipped: Turn Your Shoe Laces into Zippers

Tired of tying your shoelaces? Replace them with these zippers and you will never have to keep retying them.

Zipped turns your shoe laces into zippers, making it quick and easy for you put on and take off your shoes. It works with your existing shoes and laces. Simply put the laces through the holes and and tie a knot at the tip of the lace to secure the zippers.

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Product Design

Daily Gadget Inspiration #74

Weehoo iGo Pro Bicycle Trailer Daily Gadget Inspiration #74
The Weehoo iGo Pro is a Bicycle Trailer that you can attach to your bike to help you haul around your little one. You kid is free to sit back and enjoy the ride while you do all the hard work, or they can do a bit of pedaling from the trailer which is equipped with the revolutionary iGo pedal system. It’s a comfortable and adjustable seat for one child aged 2-9. Said child is secure in the seat, so you can focus on huffing and puffing your way up a steep incline, without worrying about whether junior is still in the back or tumbling down the hill.

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Product Design

Bug Repelling Blanket

Blanket 1 650x433 Bug Repelling Blanket
Next time you hit the great outdoors, make sure to bring the Insect Shield outdoor blanket with you. This blanket repels bugs like mosquitoes, fleas and even flies.

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Product Design

Daily Gadget Inspiration #73

Daydreamers Cup Cozy 650x432 Daily Gadget Inspiration #73
The Daydreamers Cup Cozy from Sewtara doubles as an effective cup cozy and a place to display your own message. This one has a status bar in progress sandwiched between the words “Daydreaming… Please Wait.” The elastic closure and F button ensure that it fits all regular-sized disposable cups from Starbucks or Tim Horton’s or any place where you get your daily dose of caffeine.

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Product Design

Daily Gadget Inspiration #72

iRobot Mirra 530 Pool Cleaning Robot 650x432 Daily Gadget Inspiration #72
The iRobot Mirra 530 Pool Cleaning Robot is built and programmed to clean any residential in-ground pool. Just drop it into the water, press clean and let it rip. The iRobot will deep clean the pool surface and water all by itself.Since the iRobot has its own vacuum, filter and pump, it does all the work without making use of the pool’s hoses, filtration system and pumps.

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Product Design

Horsehair Oak Face Brush

horse hair oak face brush 01a 650x650 Horsehair Oak Face Brush

The soft and thin bristles on this brush provide a gentle yet rejuvenating massage. The body is constructed out of hard oak wood, while the soft horsehair bristles are hand wired rather than glued in. Naturally antibacterial and resistant to mold, it is made to last.

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Product Design

Geco Hub by Version 22

Geco Hub 12 650x433 Geco Hub by Version 22

Geco Hub is storage for the modern person. A grab-and-go organiser that can be installed anywhere, made unique to you, and keep all your often needed belongings in one place.

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Product Design

Hobo Knife | by Best Made Company

best made company hobo knife large 650x459 Hobo Knife | by Best Made Company

Every bit as applicable now as it was way back when it was deployed by the famous American migrant workers and vagabonds of the early 20th century, the hobo knife is a prerequisite for any outing or ramble. Throw one in the glove compartment, favorite pack, or the tackle box and when the chow bell rings you’ll arrive primed and ready. Employing a “slot and tab” mechanism the Hobo can be effortlessly disassembled into separate eating utensils, and quickly re-assembled into an effective locking blade pocket knife.

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Product Design

Lighter Bro Multitool

lighter bro 012 650x650 Lighter Bro Multitool

Turns any lighter into a functional 5-in-1 multitool: knife, bottle opener, scissors, and screwdriver.

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Product Design

Daily Gadget Inspiration #71

 Daily Gadget Inspiration #71
The 51-30 Chrono from Nixon is a beauty of a watch, built to be handsome and indestructible and functional in any kind of environment, including outer space. It’s Japanese quartz movement with a 6-hand chronograph. The dial manages to incorporate extreme and versatile functionality without creating a clutter of numbers and needles.

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Product Design

Plantable Herb Pencils

plantable pencil 01 650x650 Plantable Herb Pencils

These plantable pencils contain herb seeds at the end tip that activate with water. Instead of throwing away your “too-short-to-use” pencil, plant it some soil and watch it grow edible herbs for you. Handcrafted from sustainable cedar.

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Product Design

Lumio: A Portable Light That Opens Up Like a Book

Lumio Bound Book Light 1 Lumio: A Portable Light That Opens Up Like a Book
While Lumio looks like a bound book at first glance, you’ll realize as soon as you begin to open it up that the “pages” don’t contain words. The wooden cover holds the “pages” that are made from sturdy Tyvek material that expands and emits a warm, diffused light. The small, lightweight design makes it perfect to tote anywhere so that when you’re in need of some extra light, simply open it up, and boom, light.

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Product Design

Mullet Headbands

mullet 1 650x433 Mullet Headbands
There’s nothing cooler than rocking a mullet to the party, but who wants to grow one out? With Mullet Headbands, you can have a mullet one minute, and come back to the professional world the next.

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