Soft Rocker: Solar Powered Sun Lounger

Feature Soft Rocker Solar Powered Sun Lounger 06 450x300 Soft Rocker: Solar Powered Sun Lounger

With Touch Board, you can turn anything into a sensor, add electric paint pen to it and your imagination know no bounds.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #173

momensity inpost 650x325 Daily Gadget Inspiration #173
Having been encircled by the awesomeness of handheld technology, our world is literally boxed within a smartphone today. From analyzing our caffeine intakes to making new friends on social media, to live without a smartphone is a deadly cost no one wants to pay. But has this new world of digital living helped us in knowing everything about each other? With a variety of social media channels around, it’s often difficult to gather relevant information on a person at a single go. Read More

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Check out these Amazing gadgets for Bookcases

Elephant Family Bookends Check out these Amazing gadgets for BookcasesGive your ordinary bookends an enchanting makeover by incorporating the strongest members of the animal kingdom through these Elephant Family Bookends. They not only keep your books in place but also makes the entire setup look adorable at the same time.

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Fifti-Fifti: Take-Off Light

Fifti Fifti Take Off Light 03 Fifti Fifti: Take Off Light

The fifti-fifti take-off light is a new take on room lighting.

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UNITI Organization Apple Stand

stand 1 650x433 UNITI Organization Apple Stand
Keep all of your Apple products organized with the UNITI stand. From mobile devices to your iMac, this thing will keep your workspace streamlined.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #172

 Daily Gadget Inspiration #172
EVA™ is the start of a new era in LED downlights allowing users to change brightness and whites at the single click of a button. EVA™ is an LED downlight unlike any other. EVA™ is as simple and elegant as she sounds. Utilising efficient smarts from pre-configured IR signals, the iDim™ (patent pending) encoder in EVA™ will allow her to change her light output to what you need it whenever you need it. No wifi required and no complicated setups!

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Chuck Multi-flex Shelf

chuck multi flex shelf 01 650x650 Chuck Multi flex Shelf

This shelf can be shaped into any original configuration.

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Four Point Playing Cards

4PointTuck Four Point Playing Cards

A unique deck of cards, illustrated by hand in charcoal and ink. Inspired by the intricate designs of money, ancient symbols, yoga mudras and impossible geometry; all the original drawings are available on Kickstarter to help fund the first production run of the deck.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #171

Baby Bump Sound System 01 Daily Gadget Inspiration #171
Make your bonds even stronger with your little wonder while still in the mother’s womb with this extremely innovative Baby-Bump Sound System. It’s a sound system using which parents-to-be can transfer audio stimulation to their developing child. This could be anything ranging from soothing sound tracks to voice recordings of family members for the child to be more accustomed to their surroundings on birth.

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Check Out These Amazing Wood Gadgets

Wood Bike Grips Check Out These Amazing Wood GadgetsGrips redesigned from the ground up, elegant and solid. A Mideast social-business response to recent violence. By Nisnas Industries. Our method of press fitting wood onto an aluminum core proved to be the most durable, best feeling and most elegant solution. We created a custom aluminum core to help fit the grips on any handlebar with ease.

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Wood Wallets

wood wallet 01 650x520 Wood Wallets

An exquisite hand-crafted wallet made out of premium wood.

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Morpherhelmet Folding Helmet

Morpher Foldable Helmet 1 Morpherhelmet Folding Helmet

Conveniently portable, the Morpherhelmet Folding Helmet is perfect for cyclists to stay safe during their commute and folds away after arrival.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #170

Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight Solar Kit Daily Gadget Inspiration #170
A reliable resource in the form of an everyday flashlight is what Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight Solar Kit aims to offer. By including a Nomad 7 Solar Panel which is both lightweight and weather resistant, this proves to be an ultimate kit you’d need as a travel gear outdoors.

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Kangaroo Cup: Unbreakable and Spill-Proof Cup

KangarooCup 01 Kangaroo Cup: Unbreakable and Spill Proof Cup

A great solution for stopping spills and preventing broken cups. The Kangaroo Cup is BPA-free, stacking and a great conversation starter.

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Stationery / Branding Presentation Mock-ups

dyt001 650x432 Stationery / Branding Presentation Mock ups
In this bundle you will find 13 mockup template sets from Itembridge Creative with 70 realistic presentation templates. All templates are in Adobe Photoshop .psd files with smart objects. You can make a presentation with your design very quickly and easily even with little or no experiences with Adobe Photoshop. All the mockups are layered so you can create your own and original images and presentations.

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