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Daily Gadget Inspiration #69

Senhor Prudencio Bicycle Case Daily Gadget Inspiration #69
The Senhor Prudencio Bicycle Case from Wrong Weather is a briefcase designed specifically for bike riders. You attach it to the bicycle frame using the zip and buckle system, and it fits snugly into the empty triangle created by the frame. The arrangement works perfectly for most standard bike sizes, unless you’re a Lilliputian driving a very small or very large bike.

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Product Design

Daily Gadget Inspiration #68

Robot Head Portable Charger  650x650 Daily Gadget Inspiration #68
The Robot Head Portable Charger is based on Danbo, a cute Japanese cardboard robot character that became very popular. In fact, the charger has become just as popular as Danbo, and is now the best selling portable charger in Japan.

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Product Design

DIY Weapons from Ukrainian Revolution

Weaon 6 DIY Weapons from Ukrainian Revolution
This collection of DIY weapons were made by protestors during the ongoing Ukrainian revolution, and many have been marked with “Glory to the Ukraine.” The photos were captured by Tom Jameison.

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Product Design

Banana Holder

bicycle banana holder large Banana Holder

This is a banana holder made of genuine leather. It is designed to allow riders to safely carry and easily access a banana. You can hang the banana holder on a bike frame as well as your waist belt.

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Product Design

Crescent SwitchBlade Cutter

crescent switchblade multi purpose cutter large 650x444 Crescent SwitchBlade Cutter

Switchblade from Crescent gives you the power to cut cardboard, banding straps, blister packs, wire, metal, shingles and more – all in one fast, easy to use interchangeable blade system.

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Product Design

Anywhere Stopper

anywhere stopper 14a 650x650 Anywhere Stopper

Anywhere Stopper is a versatile stopper and protector for doors, windows, handles, etc. Its soft body and versatile triangular shape allow it to be wedged almost anywhere. Smart design allows it to be hung and stored out of the way when not in use.

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Product Design

FoodSkin Flexible Lunchbox

foodskin 12d 650x650 FoodSkin Flexible Lunchbox

FoodSkin is a flexible silicone lunchbox that molds perfectly around your food to keep it from falling apart. Without compressing the contents, the airtight seal keeps your food fresh and secured. Slim design when empty and dishwasher safe.

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Product Design

Daily Gadget Inspiration #64

Vintage Edition Monopoly  Daily Gadget Inspiration #64
This Vintage Edition Monopoly from Restoration Hardware pays homage to Charles B. Darrow, the first bright spark who became a real millionaire playing monopoly. The game has fascinated armchair moguls ever since Darrow patented it as a placebo for tycoons whose real fortunes had evaporated during the Great Depression.

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Product Design

Mobile Case Stand

mobile case stand 23a 650x650 Mobile Case Stand

The Mobile Case Stand is a case and stand in one. Full 360° rotational freedom and 90° indexing give your device unlimited viewing angles in both portrait and landscape views. When stand is not required, it can be folded into its slim and flat design.

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Product Design

Hiplok D Bike Lock

hiplok d bike lock large 650x861 Hiplok D Bike Lock

The “D” allows you to carry a mini lock in a multitude of ways due to its unique, patent pending clip system. It has been designed from the ground up to be used in the way that so many people use their mini locks while dramatically improving the comfort, flexibility and carrying options. It can be carried with ease and total stability on a belt, a bag strap, or in a pocket meaning it is always at hand for quick access and locking.

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Product Design

Halo Belt 2.0 – Life Saving Wearable Tech that looks like TRON

Vincent Pilot Ng Halo Belt 2.0 Blue 650x433 Halo Belt 2.0   Life Saving Wearable Tech that looks like TRON

Almost 275,000 pedestrians are killed annually in car accidents, making up 22% of vehicle-related deaths. The Halo Belt 2.0 is a TRON looking LED belt designed for cyclists, child safety, runners, and military. Halo Belt Company is on a mission to save lives.

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Product Design

Skills or Skulls Skateboards

skills or skulls skateboards large 650x444 Skills or Skulls Skateboards

Back to the old school, reshaping the future with heritage. A classic mini deck combined with the comfort of a cruiser.
Hand crafted solid decks inspired by 60s and 70s street surf cruisers. All decks are unique made from A-Quality wood, selected and hand-crafted with great care. A skateboard deck for life, sustainable with an attitude.

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Product Design

Quooker: Instant Boiling Water On Tap

quooker 04 450x253 Quooker: Instant Boiling Water On Tap
Quooker provides instant boiling water straight from the tap. It is able to produce varying temperatures of water – anywhere from cold, warm, to boiling – all from the same tap. You might think the Quooker would be energy inefficient, but you would be wrong about that. The Quooker is enclosed with a patented high-vacuum insulation that makes sure you lose minimal heat even when it’s not in use.

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Product Design

Daily Gadget Inspiration #63

Animal Masks – Horse Pigeon and Chicken Heads 650x650 Daily Gadget Inspiration #63
If you walk and talk and behave like an animal, it behooves you to look like one wearing these animal masks. These are masks that put a chicken, pigeon or horse head on your shoulders. The maker bears no responsibility for the inevitable chicken crossing the road or horse’s rear or pigeon poop jokes you will be subjected to after donning the mask.

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Product Design

Daily Gadget Inspiration #62

Smarty Ring V2.0 With Scrolling Display 650x400 Daily Gadget Inspiration #62
Smarty Ring v2.0, Smarty Ring to control your Smart phone. Forget tapping phone screen, get instant alerts right on your finger. The Smarty Ring is a high quality piece of tech-jewelry made from allergy free, surgical quality stainless steel. The simple elegance of this piece makes it suited for both men and women, at an occasion.

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