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DIESEL FISH. Ultimate Rope Tie.

main DIESEL FISH. Ultimate Rope Tie.
“Skills like a Pirate in the palm of your hand”

Diesel Fish are a quick, simple, secure way to tie your gear. Made in America of Stainless Steel, they are used anywhere you would use a knot. It’s designed for rope 1/2″ diameter or smaller and also works with flat webbing. This big fish is so simple you can even tie it wearing boxing gloves! It even opens bottles.

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U-Button Iron: Getting Around Pesky Buttons

u button iron 3 U Button Iron: Getting Around Pesky Buttons

With the U-Button Iron, it’s old triangular surface shape can be transformed to make ironing around buttons easier.

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Ladle Sweeper: Getting To The Very Last-Drop

Feature Ladle Sweeper Getting To The Very Last Drop 051 Ladle Sweeper: Getting To The Very Last Drop

With the Ladle Sweeper, it is easy to scoop out fluid dinners – right to the last drop.

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Bite the bullet Iphone Cases

IPCASE65BTB 650x487 Bite the bullet Iphone Cases
First series of fancy Iphone cases for the 5s and 6 available for purchase here

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Hacking Sock Sorting

10314550 296708213854267 6721998250420555056 n Hacking Sock Sorting

How do you go about sock sorting?

When you do your laundry do you dump them in the basket, while hoping for the best and preparing for the worst? Or have you gone the extra mile and bought yourself some sock pairers?

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #237

Tubecore Duo AnalogDigital Media Centre 03 650x414 Daily Gadget Inspiration #237
Compatible with both Raspberry Pi and UDOO, the Tubecore Duo Analog / Digital Media Centre is an incredible masterpiece for your musical tracks. It’s a ravishing speaker with the original Genalex Gold Lion ECC82 tube. The linearity and balance in design as well as sound qualities is what gives the speaker it’s iconic charm that will take you back in time but in a melodious way.

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Sosia: Multifunctional Design

sosia multi functional design 01 Sosia: Multifunctional Design

Explore the possibilities with Sosia. Multifunctional design where you can do more than just sit on your couch – you can rearrange and redesign too.

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15 Creative Bike Rack Designs

bike5 15 Creative Bike Rack Designs

With a mounting focus on the environment, coupled with rising gas prices and a need for exercise, an increasing number of likeminded people are turning to a means of transport that is almost 200 years old and yet the height of modernisation: the bicycle.

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Check Out Some Of The Most Amazing Gadgets For Tea Time Products

Campfire Candle Holder 01 Check Out Some Of The Most Amazing Gadgets For Tea Time ProductsYou may have seen a lot of tea lights till date but this Campfire Candle Holder is one which can directly transport you to a campfire site anytime during the day or night. It’s designed exactly like a campfire with a candle holder in the center that can act as a good support to keep your tea kettle warm during evening tea parties. Just place the kettle on the center of the holder and enjoy the warmth of your tea over gossips and chatters.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #236

360fly 02 650x433 Daily Gadget Inspiration #236
No longer will video capturing be confined to the angle you shoot it from as the future of video making steps into the life of mankind with 360fly. It’s a futuristic camera that has been designed to capture everything in 360-degree, ranging from your skiing adventures to your child’s first steps. The use of a unique lens capable of capturing 360° horizontal x 240° vertical videos undoubtedly makes this camera the widest video camera of the world.

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MB&F HM6 Space Pirate Watch

HM6 Front preview 650x406 MB&F HM6 Space Pirate Watch
MB&F Introduces Horological Machine No.6 . With its biomorphic curves, animated spheres, ‘winking’ eye and beating heart, HM6 is the most organic machine to date.

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The Kulle Daybed: Making Relaxation Modern

the kulle daybed making relaxation 01 The Kulle Daybed: Making Relaxation Modern

German designer Stefanie Schissler has created a daybed, Kulle, which quickly lures you to take a nap. It’s effortless look and lumpy cloud-like cushion creates a curiosity that is only satisfied once you lay on it.

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Interlocking Versa Ruler

interlocking versa ruler 05 650x433 Interlocking Versa Ruler

This adjustable and expandable ruler measures and draws any shape.

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Mokulock Wooden Building Blocks

mokulock wooden building blocks 01 650x650 Mokulock Wooden Building Blocks

Explore your creativity with these natural wooden building blocks.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #235

Highfive 011 650x436 Daily Gadget Inspiration #235
Web conferencing now becomes even more convenient on any device across the room with this sleek aluminium device called Highfive. Once connected with your TV, power and the internet, Highfive gives you the ability to screen share your conversations in a HD video and high fidelity audio format. It enables wireless projection which will come real handy whenever you’re using a Bluetooth configured laptop during conferences or meetings.

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