Egloo: Candle-Powered Space Heater


An eco-friendly space heater that is economical, functional and sleek. The Egloo uses candles and heat-retaining terracotta to keep you cozy on a budget.

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Uno Noteband: One-Touch, Easy-Read Smart Watch


The Uno Noteband’s innovative “speed reading” software flashes each word of a message one at a time. It’s motion tracking hardware is cutting edge too.

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Craft Coffee


If you love coffee, it doesn’t get any better than Craft Coffee. Craft Coffee pioneered a new kind of coffee-of-the-month subscription. It brings you coffees from dozens of different roasters with a unprecedented focus on quality. The Craft Coffee experience is simply not available anywhere else.

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Helix Wooden Lamp

Wooden Light Sculpture by Mike Vanbelleghem - InteriorZine
The Helix modular lamp is wooden structure – 10 meters high, build with different elements that follow the curve of the staircase, giving you an endless experience when you go up the steps.

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Smart Unit: Luggage Tracker


This anti-theft luggage tracker keeps you informed about your luggage whereabouts from check-in to landing.

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Products of The Day #306

Having raised over $325,000 in funding on Indiegogo with their successful Rapide Lite 200 campaign, Rapide 3D announced it plans to launch its new model in March 2015. With over 700 Rapide Lite 200’s shipped to contributors in just 3 months Rapide 3D will release Rapide Lite 200XL Desktop Plus, the worlds first 400mm true desktop 3D Printer.

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Run Bell


Elegantly warn pedestrians on your run with this finger bell.

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Geometric Concrete Tiles by KAZA

contemporary concrete tiles
The new tile designs address the concurrent influences of geometry and ornamentation, while continuing KAZA’s ongoing exploration of contemporary design. Concurrent Constellations collection celebrates the eternal harmony between naturally evolved living forms and architecture’s geometrical shapes.

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Magnetic Switch Hanger


Magnetically hang keys and other essentials where you’ll not forget.

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Products of The Day #305

Nintendo has finally returned to its roots of starting a life as a card maker with these Nintendo Playing Cards. One of the most influential video games of all times, this set features the Mario characters on your playing cards. They are standard poker sized Mario and Zelda with the two joker cards having Bowser on it.

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LOLO The Capsular Microkitchen by Tanya Repina

Tanya Repina with Aotta Studio has created a unique capsular microkitchen for home, LOLO. The designers say that the idea was inspired by the need to place kitchen units freely in the working or living area. Simple ‘toylike’ design and colourful wood creates a unique and relaxing friendly image. Each module is intended for one of electrical appliances (microwave oven, coffee-machine etc.) and its accessories such as cups, plates, cutlery, tea, coffee etc.

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Pill Box Carafe


Keep pills organized and together with the water source.

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Solid Gray: Backpack For Urban Life


The shell-like silhouette of the Solid Gray backpack is a striking and unusual design. It is lightweight, strong, tough, and stylish.

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Shifter Shoe Protector


A simple solution to an age old problem. The leather with elasticized strap stops the toes of your boots from getting scuffed and marked up by your shifter.

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Concrete Wine Cooler

Concrete Wine Cooler by Francisco Corvi -
Innovative, different and unique concrete wine cooler designed by Francisco Corvi. Industrial chic material like concrete is a very popular at the manufacturing of everyday products and Intoconcrete Brand demonstrates a number of interior products and accessories made ​​of concrete.

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