Grocery Bag Trash Bin

grocery bag trash bin 021 650x505 Grocery Bag Trash Bin

Reduce plastic bag clutter and keep your home clean with this trash bin.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #137

Bubble Tank by Psalt Design Daily Gadget Inspiration #137
Next time you look at an aquarium like the Bubble Tank by Psalt Design, you’re guaranteed to stare more at the tank than the fish inside. This is because it is not an ordinary mass-produced device. Instead, it is a fish tank that celebrates design and craft in a way which is bound to raise a spirit of conversation around.

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String Prototype: Jungle Gym Cube Helps to Climb and Explore

1304 String Prototype: Jungle Gym Cube Helps to Climb and Explore

A group of designers has created a contender for the world’s best jungle gym – a giant inflatable bubble which has endless lengths of rope inside. The unusual project, called String Prototype, has lengths of rope and cables threaded inside the bubble that can take the weight of a person, so users can climb around and explore. The cube’s designers are a Croatian and Austrian collective, Numen, founded by Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljkovic, who specialize in large-scale interactive projects. When the inflatable cube deflates the ropes get loose and lay on the ground, which means it can be easily packed away.

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Rattan Natural Deodorizer

rattan natural deoderizor 05 650x418 Rattan Natural Deodorizer

Use this natural deodorizer to get rid of unwanted smells around the house.

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Grip Pedal Covers by Grippine

pedal 1 650x433 Grip Pedal Covers by Grippine
The team at Grippine have created a silicone cover that slides right over your bike’s pedal, ensuring your feet never slip off again.

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KeyBit: MagSafe Adapter Key Ring

keybit magsafe adapter key ring 01 450x337 KeyBit: MagSafe Adapter Key Ring

Stop worrying about losing your Apple charging adapter tip—attach it to the MagSafe Adapter Key Ring.

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Lazy Basketball Chair: Play Hoops At Home

lazy basketball chair play hoops at home 02 Lazy Basketball Chair: Play Hoops At Home

An innovative basketball chair you can use to sit down, relax, and shoot some hoops anytime you want.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #137

Hanging Cliff Cabana Daily Gadget Inspiration #137
Camping from grounds is a common expedition for trekkers but with the Hanging Cliff Cabana, life’s going to tell a different story altogether. Finding that secluded spot for a perfect date isn’t going to be too much of a hassle anymore. The cabana being built out of anodized aluminum and durable 210d nylon double ripstop is quite a durable solution to have while enjoying your camping hours from a raised height.

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Lucio: Solar Charging Table

Feature Lucio light harvesting table 04 450x360 Lucio: Solar Charging Table

Lucio Solar Charging Table can harness sunlight for you, and you can recharge your gadgets in an eco friendly way.

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Natural Acoustic iPhone Amplifier

natural acoustic iphone amplifier 02 Natural Acoustic iPhone Amplifier

Beautiful ceramic iPhone amplifier that boosts sound in a cool and natural way.

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Top 10 Budget Pens for Professionals

Jetstream Premier Top 10 Budget Pens for Professionals

Sometimes, when we need to find a pen quickly, we may grab the one closest to hand. When this happens, we will probably find ourselves using one of the logo-branded, cheap freebies that are readily on offer today, with their short shelf life and poor reliability. These pens are certainly not examples of a quality writing tool.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #136

Fiesta Private Island Float Daily Gadget Inspiration #136
A perfect pool party for eight steps in through this Fiesta Private Island Float that’s one of the most comfortable solutions for you to party together. With a mesh bottom surface and 8 comfortable cup holders, relaxing with friends in the pool or by the sea is now going to be even more fun. The 16 quart floating inflatable cooler comes as the icing to the cake altogether. For quick inflation and deflation, you can always use the patented speed safety valve.

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Nothing Studio Creates Clear Resin Toys

MG 8347 2 650x975 Nothing Studio Creates Clear Resin Toys
The latest edition transparent anatomy edition, half anatomized transparent by pure glass, made of transparent resin.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #135

Dimmable Remote Controlled Gallery Lamp Daily Gadget Inspiration #135
The Dimmable Remote Controlled Gallery Lamp from Hammacher is an LED light which can be perfectly focused and adjusted for intensity to highlight artwork and paintings on the walls of a gallery. The remote lets you control the 50,000-hour LEDs and choose one of four levels which move the lighting from a soft white glow to a brilliant white light.

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The Best Work Gloves for Handymen

glove 1 The Best Work Gloves for Handymen
The summer season means plenty of DIY tasks around the household, and without a good pair of work gloves, that could be difficult. That’s why we’ve rounded up the 8 best work gloves for the handymen out there.

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