Daily Gadget Inspiration #177

Half Pipe Desk by Offi 01 Daily Gadget Inspiration #177
A marvelous design in the world of desktop tables come with this skateboard ramp inspired Half Pipe Desk by Offi. The desk has got enough space to hold your desktop accessories separately with a rack at the bottom you can use to store a printer or books.

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Rollor Suit Roller Carrier

rollor suit roller carrier 05 650x650 Rollor Suit Roller Carrier

A convenient carrier to keep your suits crease and dirt-free.

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Check Out These Amazing Gadgets For Decals

Nebula 3 Keyboard Decals Check Out These Amazing Gadgets For DecalsBring the striking intergalactic look in your Macbook’s keyboard with the use of these Nebula 3 Keyboard Decals. By utilizing the aspects of Avery/3M technology, these decals can both be easily applied and removed from your keyboard’s surface without leaving behind any kind of residue.

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Liquid Image: Waterproof Video Camera Goggle

Liquid Image Camera Goggle 1 450x300 Liquid Image: Waterproof Video Camera Goggle

Dive in for some underwater fun and record some unique footage with a Liquid Image waterproof video camera goggle.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #176

6ft Braided Awesome Cable 01 650x500 Daily Gadget Inspiration #176
The Braided cable is made from a super durable and water resistant nylon fabric that encases that entire cable from usb to lightning tip. Our Braided cable is 6′ long so it is sure to reach your outlet and provide you with the most comfortable charging experience.

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Kangaroo Cup: Unbreakable and Spill-Proof Cup

KangarooCup 051 Kangaroo Cup: Unbreakable and Spill Proof Cup

A great solution for stopping spills and preventing broken cups. The Kangaroo Cup is BPA-free, stacking and a great conversation starter.

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An Entire Survival Kit In A Tube by VSSL

kit 1 650x433 An Entire Survival Kit In A Tube by VSSL
The good folks at VSSL know how valuable storage space is in the great outdoors, which is why they built an entire survival kit into this tube.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #175

Chalk Board Mug 650x650 Daily Gadget Inspiration #175
Coming with a set of two chalks for the artist in you, the Chalk Board Mug is just the right device you’d need to sip your coffee as well as chalk your ideas at one time. It’s both ambidextrous and dishwasher safe which is what makes the mug quite versatile for use anywhere and everywhere. However, the blackboard style coating on the outside may cause that screeching sound if you try to scrape your fingers down the mug wall.

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Soft Rocker: Solar Powered Sun Lounger

Feature Soft Rocker Solar Powered Sun Lounger 06 450x300 Soft Rocker: Solar Powered Sun Lounger

With Touch Board, you can turn anything into a sensor, add electric paint pen to it and your imagination know no bounds.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #173

momensity inpost 650x325 Daily Gadget Inspiration #173
Having been encircled by the awesomeness of handheld technology, our world is literally boxed within a smartphone today. From analyzing our caffeine intakes to making new friends on social media, to live without a smartphone is a deadly cost no one wants to pay. But has this new world of digital living helped us in knowing everything about each other? With a variety of social media channels around, it’s often difficult to gather relevant information on a person at a single go. Read More

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Check out these Amazing gadgets for Bookcases

Elephant Family Bookends Check out these Amazing gadgets for BookcasesGive your ordinary bookends an enchanting makeover by incorporating the strongest members of the animal kingdom through these Elephant Family Bookends. They not only keep your books in place but also makes the entire setup look adorable at the same time.

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Fifti-Fifti: Take-Off Light

Fifti Fifti Take Off Light 03 Fifti Fifti: Take Off Light

The fifti-fifti take-off light is a new take on room lighting.

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UNITI Organization Apple Stand

stand 1 650x433 UNITI Organization Apple Stand
Keep all of your Apple products organized with the UNITI stand. From mobile devices to your iMac, this thing will keep your workspace streamlined.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #172

 Daily Gadget Inspiration #172
EVA™ is the start of a new era in LED downlights allowing users to change brightness and whites at the single click of a button. EVA™ is an LED downlight unlike any other. EVA™ is as simple and elegant as she sounds. Utilising efficient smarts from pre-configured IR signals, the iDim™ (patent pending) encoder in EVA™ will allow her to change her light output to what you need it whenever you need it. No wifi required and no complicated setups!

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Chuck Multi-flex Shelf

chuck multi flex shelf 01 650x650 Chuck Multi flex Shelf

This shelf can be shaped into any original configuration.

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