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Product Design

Skills or Skulls Skateboards

skills or skulls skateboards large 650x444 Skills or Skulls Skateboards

Back to the old school, reshaping the future with heritage. A classic mini deck combined with the comfort of a cruiser.
Hand crafted solid decks inspired by 60s and 70s street surf cruisers. All decks are unique made from A-Quality wood, selected and hand-crafted with great care. A skateboard deck for life, sustainable with an attitude.

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Product Design

Quooker: Instant Boiling Water On Tap

quooker 04 450x253 Quooker: Instant Boiling Water On Tap
Quooker provides instant boiling water straight from the tap. It is able to produce varying temperatures of water – anywhere from cold, warm, to boiling – all from the same tap. You might think the Quooker would be energy inefficient, but you would be wrong about that. The Quooker is enclosed with a patented high-vacuum insulation that makes sure you lose minimal heat even when it’s not in use.

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Product Design

Daily Gadget Inspiration #63

Animal Masks – Horse Pigeon and Chicken Heads 650x650 Daily Gadget Inspiration #63
If you walk and talk and behave like an animal, it behooves you to look like one wearing these animal masks. These are masks that put a chicken, pigeon or horse head on your shoulders. The maker bears no responsibility for the inevitable chicken crossing the road or horse’s rear or pigeon poop jokes you will be subjected to after donning the mask.

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Product Design

Daily Gadget Inspiration #62

Smarty Ring V2.0 With Scrolling Display 650x400 Daily Gadget Inspiration #62
Smarty Ring v2.0, Smarty Ring to control your Smart phone. Forget tapping phone screen, get instant alerts right on your finger. The Smarty Ring is a high quality piece of tech-jewelry made from allergy free, surgical quality stainless steel. The simple elegance of this piece makes it suited for both men and women, at an occasion.

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Product Design

Everything Loop Rope

everything looprope 00a 650x650 Everything Loop Rope
Everything Loop Rope is a re-invented rope with loops around them for increased versatility. Tie things down, hang things ups, make knots, or attach carabiners to it – whatever the application requires. Loop Ropes are linkable to each other and tangle-free.

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Product Design

Rechargeable Screwdriver Shaped Like A Revolver

Driver 1 650x433 Rechargeable Screwdriver Shaped Like A Revolver
Screwdrivers all look the same for the most part, but this revolver screwdriver is a nice play on the classic tool. It features 6 different drill bits, all of which are stored right in the chambers of the pistol.

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Product Design

Daily Gadget Inspiration #61

Self Watering Planter 650x650 Daily Gadget Inspiration #61
The Self-Watering Planter is a unique urban farming or gardening innovation that keeps your plant watered for up to two weeks. Granted that some people keep potted plants at home so that they can enjoy the pleasure of gardening, even if it’s on the window-sill or in the balcony.

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Product Design

Cord Tacos

cord tacos 00a 650x650 Cord Tacos
Cord Tacos are wire holders for organizing all your earphones, USB cables, and charging cords. Designed like tacos with a button, they hold the cords firmly and keep them untangled, while still allowing you to see which cord is what.

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Product Design

Daily Gadget Inspiration #60

Sony W Series Sports Walkman  Daily Gadget Inspiration #60
The Sony W273 is a sleek and stunning W Series Sports Walkman. The “W” in this case stands for a lot of things – wearable, waterproof, wire-free, and of course walkman. It’s actually a one-piece MP3 player which fits in neatly under and behind your ear.

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Product Design

Plug & Charge Macbook Battery

plug and charge 02b 650x650 Plug & Charge Macbook Battery
Always out of juice? Charge your MacBook anytime and anywhere with this battery.

The Plug & Charge Macbook Battery is super portable and adds up to 4 hours of juice to your Macbook. By using your existing Apple cord and adapter, you can plug and charge your Macbook and the battery at the same time.

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Product Design

Daily Gadget Inspiration #59

Hanaga Tap Nose Outlet Daily Gadget Inspiration #59
The Hanaga Tap Nose Outlet from ekoD Works, a small design firm that’s known for coming up with cheeky designs for everyday use objects. This one makes turns your two-pronged wall outlet into a nose, and you’ll be sticking in plugs into the nostrils.

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Product Design

Under Cover 2-Person Camper for Music Festivals

Tent 1 650x433 Under Cover 2 Person Camper for Music Festivals
Created to be the ultimate tent for music festivals, the Under Cover Camper provides protection from the elements thanks to its high quality canvas construction. There’s even room for 2.

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Product Design

No More Woof: Dog’s Thoughts To Human Language

no more woof 1 450x300 No More Woof: Dog’s Thoughts To Human Language

No More Woof is a device developed by the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery (NSID) that translates your dog’s thoughts into human language. Understand your dogs emotions and thoughts clearly with this device. Currently a work in progress, there are prototypes out for those who are interested in trying out the technology.

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Product Design

Daily Gadget Inspiration #58

cff3e samsung galaxy s5 fear fit 1024x576 650x365 Daily Gadget Inspiration #58
The biggest items in the mass consumer electronic market are the smartphone and wearable technology, whether it’s smartglasses or smartwatches. Every major tech company is entering the wearable department. Google has the Glass, Sony has the SW2 with rumors of a Google smartwatch, known as the Gem for the time being, and an Apple iWatch. Even a gaming peripheral focused company called Razer has the Nabu coming out in the next few months. Some companies are biding their time in order to make a first class product, i.e. Apple, while others, such as Sony and Samsung, jumped right into the fray. More info

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Product Design

Daily Gadget Inspiration #57

Brooklyn Blanket Chest Daily Gadget Inspiration #57
The Brooklyn Blanket Chest from Drift Studio is a handsome chest that you can fill up with all kinds of junk. Whether you lock up blankets or toys or priceless family heirlooms in it, this chest is going to be a part of your family for generations.

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