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Coat Hanger STICK


The Coat Hanger STICK’s minimalist design, resembling a hockey stick, makes the most of small living spaces.

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Rice Facial Soap


This facial soap is carefully made from fermented rice, which makes it exceptionally moisturizing and effective for skin repair.

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Micro Coffee Dripper


Enjoy great coffee anywhere with this portable brewer for your mug.

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Rewalk: Exoskeleton Bionic Suit for Paraplegic


Overcome challenges with using a wheelchair with this life-changing device for the paraplegic.

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Ear Hooks


These ear hooks are designed to fit around your earbuds and help keep a snug fit.

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SpillNot: The Science of Not Spilling Drinks


The SpillNot takes the old, intricate laws of physics and applies them into a simple, modern solution for the everyday problem with beverages. Open-top drink containers, such as mugs filled with coffee or tea, have always proved to be an inconvenience among beverage drinkers on the go.

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Coolest Gadgets of the Week via The Gadget Flow #40

My-Neighbor-Totoro-BedGive you kids a giant sized Totoro in an eco-friendly way by replacing their current beds with this My Neighbor Totoro Bed. The bed has been stuffed with 100% PP cotton that’s both comfortable and relaxing for rest with the tail acting as a head rest from time to time. The sizing is such that it can accommodate two adults at a time which is quite a large piece if you consider having this for your kid’s bedroom.

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This Solar Powered Charger Is Also A Flashlight And A Fan

Goal Zero’s Switch 10 USB Multi-Tool is an ultra-lightweight pocket-size recharger to keep your phone and your other USB powered devices (POV cameras, tablets) going all day long. Switch 10 packs 3,000 mAh and comes with a micro tip cable. The replaceable and rechargeable lithium battery that powers up from any USB and a plug-and-play rugged 7 watt solar panel that collects solar energy prevent your tools from running out of power. Easy to convert into a 110 lumen flashlight by attaching the ‘bulb head’, you can count on Switch 10 to be a long living road partner whenever your paths get dark. Switch 10 USB Multi-Tool Kit, proves to be a life saver in more than one way. When the nights you spend in a tent get steamy or your summer hiking days are torrid, you can attach its other tip to switch it into a fan to cool you off.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #244

It might not resemble a traditional rocking chair from any angle but the Eames Molded Rocker feels equally good as a comfy chair. Drawing its inspiration from mid-century furniture designs, the rocker is entirely crafted out of eco-friendly materials. From the wooden base style to the plastic seat, the combination is nothing short of being termed as an art object for your home.

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BelayCords: Reversible USB Chargers


BelayCords are a reversible USB charging cable that is ultimately stylish and durable.

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Flexibler: A Flexible Handle Umbrella


Flexibler is a flexible handle umbrella that makes storing, carrying, and drying it super easy.

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TACTICA One: the precision tool for your premium beer

A group of Melbourne industrial designers have created the perfect precision tool for premium beers. TACTICA One uses a high tech material not found in traditional bottle openers, making it lightweight and super strong. More importantly it’s been designed to fit in perfectly with the everyday carry of urbanites world wide. Its just been launched on Kickstarter and you can find it here.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #242

Enjoy all your music from one simple touchscreen interface, in every room of your home. The ONE plays your favorite music services like Spotify and Pandora, internet radio from around the world, or music from your smartphone, Mac or PC. All of it in Olive’s award-winning sound quality.

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No Shell Mess “Nut Hammer”


Get cracking with the Nut Hammer. Break nutshells and spare your counter the messy cleanup.

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The Abyss Table: Exploring the Depths of Great Design


The coffee table that forces you to stare deep into the abyss of creativity and design.

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