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Daily Gadget Inspiration #203

 Daily Gadget Inspiration #203
Travel comfortably with your little one cradled in your arms using this Flyebaby Airplane Baby Seat. The good thing about the seat is that it can work both as a cosy seat for your baby inside the flight and then turn any chair into a high-chair for the little one outside flights.

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Foldable Pocket Blanket

foldable pocket blanket 05a 650x650 Foldable Pocket Blanket

Fold this water and puncture resistant blanket into any pocket on the go.

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Check Out These Amazing Gadgets For Photographers

Leica 10803 S 04 Check Out These Amazing Gadgets For PhotographersDesigned to meet the requirements of professional photographers, the Leica 10803 S (Tye 006) 37.5MP SLR Camera is an elegant extension of the Leica S2 professional medium format digital camera. Together with the outstanding image quality and the versatile approach it brings in photography, you can consider this smart tool a small and fast addition to your photographic kit. The joystick based control concept only makes the operation easy-going and simple.

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Infinity Pillow

infinity pillow 01 650x650 Infinity Pillow

Take a break on this portable infinity pillow in various ways.

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Yohann iPad Stand: Minimal Design, Intuitive Use

Yohann iPad Stand Minimal Design Intuitive Use 04 Yohann iPad Stand: Minimal Design, Intuitive Use
A Swiss-designed iPad stand that unites form, function, and flexibility.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #202

Customizable Cookie Stamper 01 Daily Gadget Inspiration #202
It’s your ultimate chance to have your cookies bear messages and word combinations of your choice by using the Customizable Cookie Stamper. This stamper is an amazing baking accessory that brings a combination of interchangeable letters, numbers and symbols which when put together can make your cookies look more personalized than ever. It could bear your name with stars around or maybe convey an untold message to a loved one.

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Renew Sleep Clock: Smart Alarm Clock

renew sleep clock smart alarm clock 01 450x385 Renew Sleep Clock: Smart Alarm Clock

Renew SleepClock is a smart alarm clock that measures your sleep during the night and wakes you up at the best moment of your sleeping cycle in the morning.

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Set: Expanding Shelving By Stephanie Hornig

set 3 2048 650x346 Set: Expanding Shelving By Stephanie Hornig

Austrian designer Stephanie Hornig has created an expanding shelving unit which can bunch up or stretch out in any space that it gets placed.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #201

The Brown Bag Waxed Canvas Lunch Bags 01 Daily Gadget Inspiration #201
Traditional lunch bags have undergone a classic makeover on this latest Brown Bag Waxed Canvas Lunch Bags released by Italic Home. By using durable waxed canvas that is made from all-natural beeswax, these lunch bags come with a great finish and striking looks to make you feel more happy during lunch hours everyday.

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Smart Measure: Digital Measuring Cup

smart measure measuring cup 06 450x253 Smart Measure: Digital Measuring Cup

Have less weighing on your mind and more weighing in your kitchen, with the smart digital measuring cup that makes measuring easy.

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Convertible Shelf Table

convertible shelf table 03 450x166 Convertible Shelf Table

The Convertible Shelf Table will eliminate the need for a shelf and a table. The two-in-one furniture is all you need to add character to your home.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #200

LEGO Lunch Box Daily Gadget Inspiration #200
Gone are those days when lunch boxes were boring and simple as now there lies a LEGO’fied approach to the same with these LEGO Lunch Boxes. Made out of plastic-polypropylene, they are both PVC free and food safe. The boxes come in various colors and are exactly shaped like LEGO bricks.

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Destination Kitchen Set | by GSI Outdoors

gsi outdoors destination kitchen set large Destination Kitchen Set | by GSI Outdoors

GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen Set 24 is All-in-one 24pc kitchen set includes all utensils needed for any gourmet expedition. Pivoting tools rotate from stored to working position. Waterproof shaker modules screw together to keep spices dry and flavorful. Attractive ballistic nylon outer case keeps everything organized. Also includes 4 sets of cutlery.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #199

Tree Sticky Notes 011 Daily Gadget Inspiration #199
Feel the awesomeness of writing on a wooden bark minus the texture on these adorably printed Tree Sticky Notes. It takes you one step ahead in being with nature and makes your memo building hours throughout the day a bit more pleasing than before. This may not bring about any change in what you jot down on memo pads everyday but will definitely bring a breath of fresh air in how you do so.

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Pelican Elite Luggage

pelican elite luggage large 650x444 Pelican Elite Luggage

After decades of protecting sensitive technologies for military and emergency services teams around the world – Pelican are ready to take on a new adventure. Pelican ProGear Luggage is watertight, crushproof and guaranteed for life.

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