Horsehair Oak Bath Brush

This bath brush is constructed out of hard oak wood with soft horsehair bristles that are hand wired, rather than glued in. Naturally antibacterial and resistant to mold, it is made to last.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #3

The Bent Plywood Lounge Chair created by Ciseal is an elegant piece of furniture that will add a touch of old-fashioned charm to your indoor or outdoor décor. Design-wise, it’s a bit of an oddity, with bent plywood as the seat and two thinner pieces of bent plywood serving as the legs. As a matter of fact, it kind of looks like one of those chairs in Disney cartoons that get up and walk away on their own.

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SmartHeater by Balmuda

SmartHeater is a minimalist design created by Japan-based designer Balmuda. SmartHeater claims to have the cleanest and most natural heating of any radiator system. The heater differentiates from the traditional heater in that it does not use oil, however, is still able to increase temperature rising speed by five times.

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Projection Keyboard

Reduce the strain of typing on your mobile device’s miniature keyboard with this Projection Keyboard. Compact and portable, it projects a full-size QWERTY keyboard onto any flat surface anywhere.

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Rainer Spehl is a furniture and interior designer from Berlin, creator and designer of this beautiful wooden laptop case. Here is the story of how his idea and product came to life.


Daily Gadget Inspiration #1

The Ceramic Gradient Rose Gold and Silver Mug is Starbuck’s 2013 collectible coffee mug, and it’s a dazzling thing of beauty with a two-tone color. The blindingly shiny silver and rose gold blush exterior, the rich creamy interior and the delicate curvy handle all combine to make it look like it’s been lifted straight out of one of those expensive tea sets you see in glossy magazines.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #2

The Keypal Pro Bluetooth App Controller is an app-enabled key fob from Albers Inc. It has three buttons that help you control what the app on your iPhone , iPad or iPod Touch is doing. There are specially designed jukebox, camera, recorder and other apps that can be controlled by the Keypal Pro using Bluetooth.

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Dyson DC54 presentation

Radugadesign created Dyson new vacuum cleaner model DC54.

The Rubber Band Machine Gun is Ready to Launch on Kickstarter!

Alexander Shpetniy, a young designer from Ukraine, is proud to announce the launch of the kickstarter for his project the Rubber Band Machine Gun (hereinafter the RBMG). The plan is to raise $ 5,000 by January 17, to run a serial production of the RBMGs. Launching is appointed on Monday, December 16. The project rewards set includes a machine gun in three versions of color: light wood (standard version), black colored and burnt wood color. In addition to the basic RBMG unit there is a special fast charger add-on, which will be very practical for those who prefer speed up the process of the gun charging.

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Watch your Back: 4 Professional Chairs You Should Consider Buying

Having a good chair can make the difference between complete comfort or body pain (and possibly terrible back problems down the road). When it comes to finding the right office chair, being cheap is the dumbest thing you can do. If saving money is more important that your health, then I guess we’re not on the same page.

By having a good and proper chair for your work, you’ll eliminate the possibility of terrible back and neck pain. Plus, cheap chairs will break easily and sooner or later you’ll find yourself in the endless cycle of buying cheap crap every one or two years. So why not buy a great chair once and have no regrets down the road?

Let’s have a look at our top pics for professional chairs.

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

A beautifully designed, ergonomic and strong chair with a comfortable fit that provides the perfect support for your back. You can easily adjust the arm positions. Control the movement of the upper back and lower back by adjusting the firmness. The material on the chair soaks up moisture and absorbs heat to keep your back at the right temperature. The Leap chair fits you comfortably for the entire day.

Herman Miller Aeron

With a 12-year warranty, Herman Miller claims to provide comfort that no other chair can provide. It has high tech fabric, namely graphite and carbon, putting it above the rest. It has extra padding, which gives ultimate comfort, but it also gives the chair a unique look.

It’s easy to assemble and the delivery is timeless. The Aeron chair distributes body weight throughout making it a guaranteed chair for comfort. It also has mesh fabric, but the mesh is tighter, giving a more luxurious and less economical look. Keep in mind that all the product parts are fully replaceable.

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OrbSys: Water-Recycling Shower

The OrbSys Shower, developed by Orbital Systems, aims to save you at least 90% on water consumption and 80% on energy costs.

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Dutchtub Wood

With the Dutchtub you can explore and enjoy the essence of outdoor bathing. This award-winning hot tub is a pure luxury and works surprisingly simply. Wood fired this tub has no motors droning or nasty chemicals. Light a fire, fill with water and you are ready for the ultimate outdoor bathing experience. The Dutchtub – anytime, anywhere…

More details at

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12 Shoes For 12 Lovers

Normally when you break up you take your stuff and leave, but Sebastian Errazuris has a unique approach to this. He created 12 women shoes for his last 12 ex lovers. Each shoe tells a story by it’s design and with a short story attached to it. Next time when you break up, don’t forget to make it unique!

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5 Unusual Cardboard Gifts

5. Cardboard Christmas Tree

You may tend to think of it as purely packaging material, but clever artists and designers have created countless cardboard goodies that range from functional to decorative. Just in time for the holidays, enhance the lives of the people on your list with these surprising paper gift products.

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52 Weeks To Xmas Calendar

The 52 Weeks To Xmas Calendar offers a countdown to Christmas for the little kid in you eagerly waiting for the season of joy, Christmas trees and presents. Oh, and that little thing about the birth of Baby Jesus. Yes, your life may suck the rest of the year, but it gets better during the holiday season.

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