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Daily Gadget Inspiration #190

CapitaLIST Pig Chalkboard Piggy Bank 01 Daily Gadget Inspiration #190
Welcome your savings booster in a reimagined layout with this CapitaLIST Pig Chalkboard Piggy Bank. Yes, it works like a standard piggy bank with a chunky rubber stopper in the bottom to help you take your funds from the piggy’s tummy without breaking this tiny bank you have.

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This Teddy-Bear Toast Stamp

146 This Teddy Bear Toast Stamp

It looks like the cute teddybear-shaped food trend is continuing. A Japanese designer has come up with the most adorable way to enjoy toast.

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Float Wall Desk: Minimalistic Floating Desk

float wall desk minimalistic floating desk 01 450x300 Float Wall Desk: Minimalistic Floating Desk

The Float Wall Desk is a minimalistic floating desk that will have you wonder what good are desk legs in the first place.

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Simplicity is Beauty: 15 Beautiful Watches for Minimalists

Who doesn’t love a beautiful watch? They’re a great way to show that you value functionality while expressing your own individual style. Options are seemingly endless, but if your style is more on the minimalist side of things, you may find it difficult to avoid the flashy styles that seem to be prominent these days. However, if you’re looking hard enough, you’ll find plenty of refined styles that aren’t too over the top. If you’re in the market for a new watch, take a look at these fifteen options that give a polished and professional look without losing any of the style.

Alessi Men’s AL13001

Alessi Men’s AL13001 650x926 Simplicity is Beauty: 15 Beautiful Watches for Minimalists

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #189

Eggbot 02 650x494 Daily Gadget Inspiration #189
After the range of various robots we’ve seen around, it’s time we could go for a change with this humorous yet intelligent Eggbot on the breakfast table. Otherwise a simple egg holder, it’s the design which makes Eggbot a bit different from others. Through this 3D printed ceramic you can actually visualize your morning egg with robotic hands and legs and imagine it walking around the house with its own “eggyness” and style.

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Goal Board by The Linear Calendar

125 Goal Board by The Linear Calendar

Designed to be a constant visible reminder of where you’re headed in life. The Goal Board displays goals for the year, quarters, and months all in one spot, showing how yearly goals break down into quarters and months.

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Transfold Backpack | Steven Enns

TransfoldBackpack feeldesain 02 Transfold Backpack | Steven Enns
Steven Enns designed Transfold Backpack, which is made of a natural vegetable-tanned leather and features a really cool, origami-style expansion and contraction system. The folds in the leather create a three-dimensional pattern when not much is packed in the bag. Fill it up and the leather “stretches” out to accommodate more, making it the only bag you’ll ever need.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #187

3T Ergonova Carbon Fiber Handlebars 011 Daily Gadget Inspiration #187
Introducing the 3T Ergonova Carbon Fiber Handlebars – A lightweight, tough and stiff design complementing your biking experience on the streets everyday. It’s made from the lightest carbon composite materials and has been fabricated using sophisticated methods. The bolts are also made from titanium instead of steel.

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Check Out These Amazing Gadgets For Mac

Minion Macbook Decal Check Out These Amazing Gadgets For Mac
Transform your Macbooks into a mini-world of Minions with this 100% waterproof and greaseproof Minion Macbook Decal. Gru’s world of minions will finally reside on your Macbook cover, atleast as a decal if not for real. The image likely says they’re pretty interested about the Apple logo and may prefer having a closer look at it.

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Fiorina Indoor Planter Case

41DsRKk+x5L Fiorina Indoor Planter Case

Bring your plants indoors without the mess.

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Tout Terrain: Single Trailer For Families

Feature Tout Terrain Single Trailer For Families 08 450x330 Tout Terrain: Single Trailer For Families

The Tout Single Trailer is the ideal solution for families who are interested in biking, camping, and long hikes even on rough terrains.

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Discover the Coolest Products of the Week #1

 Discover the Coolest Products of the Week #1
Finally, a solution to those pesky Ben & Jerry’s-stealing roommates of yours. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream lock. It features a 3-digit combination and will keep your pint of ice cream secure (unless someone decides to cut a hole in the bottom).

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memobottle large 650x444 Memobottle

The memobottle is a slimline, premium designed reusable water bottle that fits in your bag alongside your laptop and books.

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Compact Folding Survival Bow

compact folding survival bow Compact Folding Survival Bow

When the apocalypse comes, be ready to fight of those zombies with this unique and Compact Folding Survival Bow…

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IRIScan: Mouse Scanner

IRIScan mouse scanner 1 450x300 IRIScan: Mouse Scanner

With a scanner under your fingertips, IRIScan’s mouse scanner allows you to upload and edit documents right on your computer.

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