The Floyd Leg: Prosthetic Legs for Furniture


The Floyd Leg, made from durable American steel, can turn any surface into furniture. Simply, it lets you make your own furniture as art.

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Backpack Sofa: The Clutter Free Sofa


The Backpack Sofa has pockets to double as a chic lounge area and storage for everything you need when relaxing in style.

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Smokeless Incense


This incense is smokeless, yet produces a calming aroma.

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Products of The Day #275

The Blocks Camera is the first modular, multi-functional camera which is highly adaptable to many different activities. Its modular architecture makes the camera enormously efficient and customizable. It is capable of having more than one individual Lens Block to record/capture videos/images in different modes such as Action, 360-degree and 3D.

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Bed Butler


Access items from your bed with this Bed Butler.

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Amazing Glowing Table Design

Glowing Table 3
Looking to really light up your next dinner party? This creative glowing table design is the perfect party trick to stun your guests in the darker hours. In the images below you can see the glowing table in all its glory. To fool show off your new party trick, Photo luminescent powder mixed with clear casting resin is your key to success.

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Products of The Day #273

Onics is a novel way to integrate one’s smart phone into the car to transform the everyday car into a smart car. As transportation and mobile computer technology continue to develop, more and more people are looking for ways to integrate their smart phone into their car for music, entertainment, and other connected applications.

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Cup Holder Tablet Mount


Securely hold your tablet in place on the road.

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Finger Reader: Index Finger Gadget that Helps the Blind Read Text


With this device, people who are visually impaired can read books even if it is not in Braille form.

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365 Sleepybag: All Season Organic Baby Sleeping Bag


This sleeping bag offers safety and comfort for your baby while being an economical and environmentally-friendly choice.

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The Cortex: 3-D Printed Cast


Modern medicine reaches a bold new front with the Cortex, a cast that promises to change the face of healing with 3-D printing and ultrasound.

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Kangaroo Light: Fits In Your Bag


Illuminate the darkest moments in your life with the multi-functional Kangaroo Light.

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Miito: Reinventing the Electric Kettle


Revolutionize the way you boil water and heat only what you need with just an induction rod and plate.

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Products of The Day #272

Channeling the ethos of the legendary Dieter Rams, designer Jared Spool said, “Good design, when it’s done well, becomes invisible,” and though he is primarily concerned with the digital aspect as a UX engineer and expert, the maxim can certainly be expanded, in a sense, to the realm of furniture.More info

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Jaw-dropping Smart Living Products to simplify your life

Cubic-01Control your devices, apps, and services from anywhere, by simply speaking to your digital friend. With Cubic, you can harness the power of all of your scattered technology from anywhere.

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