Wood Lap Desk


Work comfortably anywhere with this cushioned wooden lap desk.

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Best Products of The Day #265

Made out of wood harvested from replenishable forests, the WaterRower Rowing Machine will help you exercise in an eco-friendly style. Solid cherry wood has been used for the construction which will vary from a color of light brown to dark red with time. This change in color will happen due to the exposure of the wood to sunlight.

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Adjustable Hinge Hanger


Reclaim that lost space behind your door with the hinge hanger.

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Harken: Smart Seat belt that will Wake up Sleepy Drivers


For people who drive late at night, this seat belt is a must-have. It will tell you to pull over and take a break before you hit the road again.

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Kraut Source: Fermentation in Five Days


Don’t waste money on already made fermented foods! The Kraut Source Fermentation allows you to make your own homemade.

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inCharge: Minimalist Keyring Charging Cable


Why let your batteries run low when you can have a tiny, portable charging cable on your keys for a quick and easy recharge.

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Best Products of The Day #264

Give your pets a taste of technology by updating your existing pet door with this Electronic Pet Door. The set comprises a sliding patio door frame with an ultrasonic collar that needs to be worn by your dog in order to let the door open whenever he is within 1′ to 10′ from the door.

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Amazing Limited Edition Nutcracker Gifts

Amazing Limited Robot Nutcracker Gift 10
For Christmas 2014, we gave our clients something fun, festive and worth making room for on the mantelpiece. We’d hesitate to call ourselves a traditional agency but we do love a traditional Christmas. So we gave our clients, family and friends a festive wooden nutcracker. With a robotic twist. Robot Roy is hand-painted in primary colours and he’s packaged in an impressive bespoke black box made from Ebony Colorplan, with an in-house illustrated design. The 50 limited edition boxes are finished in a luxurious gold foil and sealed with a numbered sticker.

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Beacon Yoga Mat


The Beacon Yoga Mat is making guided yoga more accessible by using LED lights and pressure sensors to send information to a computer via bluetooth.

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Stripe: The Multifunctional Box


This multifunctional box pulls double- and triple-duty in conforming to whatever use you have for it in under a minute, while keeping a minimalist style.

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Best Products of The Day #262

Each Game of Thrones ornament features its House sigil. House Targaryen – three headed dragon; House Lannister – lion; and House Stark – the grey direwolf. While these may be warring families on the show, display them harmoniously together on your tree. They make excellent holiday and year round décor for the Game of Thrones collector.

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Bosse Shovels


Whether digging a hole, raking the yard, or moving snow out of the driveway – a 360° rotating center handle makes the job easier. With 16 locking positions, the center handle can be customized for ultimate comfort and ease of use.

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Snowball Shovel


The snowball shovel is a concept that would make shovelling snow a lot more purposeful—even fun.

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Best Products of The Day #261

Hook it on the door knob or hang it on your belt loop, fits as many keys as you want. This could be the one for you if your friends trust you with their keys. Or perhaps you live in a Chateau, or maybe you’re a night watchman, or an estate agent… Or it might just be that you are looking for an unconventionally cool accessory to help you open a few doors.

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Best Products of The Day #260

The Babolat Play Pure Drive racket looks like a regular racket on the outside. However, sensors integrated into the handle allow players to have access to a lot of information: power, impact locator, type and number of strokes (forehand, backhand, serve, overhead smash). Babolat’s challenge has been to integrate sensors in the handle of the racket without changing the playability or the feel of the racket.

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