The Best Hammocks on the Market

hammockz 1 The Best Hammocks on the Market
With the summer season finally upon us, we can’t think of any better way to spend our days than lounging in a hammock with a cold drink in hand. We’ve gathered up the 9 best hammocks on the market, perfect for catching up on your rest and relaxation regiment.

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Nokia FIT: Cell Phone Concept Which Fits Onto Your Finger

Feature nokia fit cell phone concept 5 450x262 Nokia FIT: Cell Phone Concept Which Fits Onto Your Finger

Talking on a cell phone was never as simple as holding your finger up to your ear.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #130

ZR Hoverboard Daily Gadget Inspiration #130
Perform legendary stunts and become a water hero while riding on this extremely powerful ZR Hoverboard. The kit is undoubtedly a complete one to ensure you fly on water like a true superstar. It comprises of a hoverboard, pump interface, “U” pipe, main hose, hose bearing and swivel, foot straps and hardware kit. When at work, the sight looks nothing less than a heroic scene where you might seem to look close to the “Silver Surfer”.

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Quirky Prop Power Pro

prop 1 650x433 Quirky Prop Power Pro
The team at Quirky continues to deliver some of the best home gizmos on the market. Equipped with a 3 outlead head, and 9-foot cord, the Prop Power is a wrap-around extension cord that’s perfect for any task.

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Patchnride | Bicycle Flat Repair On-the-go

patchnride large 650x717 Patchnride | Bicycle Flat Repair On the go

The FIRST and ONLY real solution to easily and safely repair ALL bicycle tires that get a flat – both TUBULAR and CLINCHER – on the road, in less than 60 seconds!

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #128

Bike Valet 01 Daily Gadget Inspiration #128
Bike Valet not only offers a stunning bike rack solution but also an additional storage space to stack all your bike accessories. It is a unique bike shelf that can store things like bicycle lock, clamp lights or gloves behind the front flap and thus makes your bike rack look neat and tidy all the time. The entire piece has been handmade out of Northern European Birch except the front flap which is made of dark Walnut wood.

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Quattro: Futuristic Teapot

Quattro Futuristic Tea Pot 03 Quattro: Futuristic Teapot

Want to relax and enjoy a cup of tea? Let the beautiful and futuristic teapot serve you with a tip.

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Digital Contact Lenses

digital contact lenses 01 450x300 Digital Contact Lenses

Digital contact lenses: the future of augmented and virtual reality technologies.

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Flat-packed Chess Set by Peter Baeten

chess 1 650x433 Flat packed Chess Set by Peter Baeten
Designer Peter Baeten has created a beautiful chess set that folds down to a classic notebook, perfect for carrying on the go.

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The Best Smokers for Cookouts

smoke 1 The Best Smokers for Cookouts
Regular grills work great, but when you’re looking for those fall off the bone ribs, you need to get yourself a good smoker. We’ve tested the most popular options, and rounded up the 6 best smokers on the market.

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Camper-Car in a Suitcase

swissroombox camper suitcase large 650x808 Camper Car in a Suitcase

Thanks to the ingenious folding concept of its intelligent modular system, the RoomBox freeTech allows you to take it with you while traveling and, in 5 minutes, your car turns into a camper-car for sleeping, cooking and eating.

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Portable Home Fire Escape Ladder

first alert escape ladder large 650x444 Portable Home Fire Escape Ladder

Be prepared for an emergency with the First Alert Home Fire-Escape Ladder. Exceptionally strong and durable, this ladder can be easily folded for storage near a window or under a bed for immediate access in case of a fire.

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Daily Gadget Inspiration #129

Cogito Ad 4 Final1 Daily Gadget Inspiration #129
COGITO CLASSIC Watches are designed for the busy, social and fashionable crowd. With a stylish blend of an analog and digital display, COGITO allows you to receive smartphone and tablet notifications onto your wrist so you don’t have to constantly check on your device!

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Acapulco: Lounge Chairs

Acalpco lounge chair feature 450x352 1 Acapulco: Lounge Chairs

Acapulco lounge chairs are perfect for those hot summer days when all you want to do is sit back and cool off.

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Black Diamond Knife Block by Christian Bird

knife 1 650x433 Black Diamond Knife Block by Christian Bird
Product designer Christian Bird has created this beautiful Black Diamond knife block, perfect for adding a nice touch to any kitchen counter. Each block holds up to 11 knives.

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