Nike Foot Stickers, a wearable tread that protects your feet when running

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It’s no secret that Nike has been trying to get its wearer’s as close to barefoot as possible. With all of the weight reducing and flexibility enhancing materials that they are developing its actually fairly obvious. They even have sneakers like the Nike Free line that are said to mimic the feel of being barefoot.

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Art Work by Alexey KaranaK

He is name Alexei (aka Karanak), and he is one of concept artists working on Star Conflict’s design.
Today we’re starting a “making of” series with this post about one of the largest ships in the game. he’ll guide you through the work process.

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Daily Inspirations no. 427

It’s not only you who is currious what has been prepared for today by my colleagues in another set of creative daily inspirations. Let’s take a look. There are two amazing wild nature photos which deserve your attention. The first one is a beautiful white horse photo titled Wild at heart by IrenaS. The other one is the lion couple obviously arguing in the artwork called Lava i piatti. From the illustrations section my pick is probably the longest artwork we had here on Cruzine called Squid by Konrad Kirpluk. We got more though … In the art / digital art section do no miss Self by Emma Über and kind of a creepy artwork called Baba’s Knight by Feline Zegers. If you think in Ukraine you won’t find amazing artchitecture … think again after checking S-house, Ukraine by KO+KO Architects. Do not forget to check today’s freebie section as well … there is a nice web theme available by Moon Themes called Cobera Simple. Enjoy!

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Buy an Alien Print & get a Prometheus print free from @needledesign




Daily Inspirations no. 426

Bunch of fresh hot inspirations available in today’s collection … that’s nothing you didn’t expect though. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new out there. In the photography section, there are two photos I like the most. Make sure to check the Sudan photo as well as the one called Asia. From the illustrations, my overall winner is the Yolinda by Papaninja. Awesome! In the 3d section, there is one hillarious artwork you shouldn’t miss – WWF Bluefin Tuna – Panda by Thomas Mangold. You already know what’s next .. right, it’s the art / digital art section. My pick is the Dream Big by Dan Elijah G. Fajardo. Make sure to check the freebie section as well. Enjoy!

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Desktop Finger Hockey

desktop finger hockey set

Why get bruised and bloodied playing the treacherous sport of hockey on an ice rink when you can do it right on your desktop? This is a game that the millions of rabid hockey fans around the globe will love. Check out at BonjourLife

ANDRÉ THE GIANT (1946-1993)

“André Roussimoff , best known as André the Giant, was a French professional wrestler and actor. His best remembered acting role was that of Fezzik, the giant in the film The Princess Bride. In 1993, he was the first inductee into the WWF Hall of Fame.”

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Daily Inspirations no. 425

You may look forward another cool set full of creative inspirations. Let’s start right away … we do not want to loose our precious time, right?! If you’re currious what’s hot in the photography section my answer is … make sure to check the very first and the very last photo. To be concrete I am speaking about the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park photography and Blue stones by Guido Montanes. In the illustraitons section my top choice is no doubt the Androgyny / SQUINT by Lesja Chernish. I am really into this style. Now, let’s get back to more traditional art forms … do not miss the October painting by Emma Über. Love the mixture of colors … refreshing. There are some amazing typography artworks available today which got to have your attention. Get inspired by He Saw It, He Loved It, He Ate It. by Chris Piascik and 3d typographic artwork called Welcome to Transylvania by Jackson Alves. Of course there is a nice freebie available at the bottom .. as well as a nice retro / techno font. Enjoy!

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We Are Not Asking You to Run from The Police !

Shoney’s 5K Run Poster Design by Joshua Cole.
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Nike Craft, a space mission apparel collection for Space Program:Mars

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Beginning tomorrow,Tom Sachs will launch SPACE PROGRAM: Mars, a detailed recreation of a 30-day shuttle mission to explore the red planet.From a launchpad on the Upper East Side.

To go with the demonstration, Sachs and Nike have launched a capsule collection of clothing built for space travel.

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EA7 Emporio Armani Italian Athletes videos

EA7 is the sponsor and official outfitter of the Italian Team that will be participating to the London Olympics and Paralympics.

Focused and insistent, the video starring athletes is shot with movements culminating with the central message : being there is the goal.

In order of Appearance :

LUCA DOTTO : Swimming

Daily Inspirations no. 424

Okey guys, there are new inspirations coming … now focus! :) There are several fashion related photos available in today’s photo section … the one I like is called MaxFowles Fall 2012 by Adam Rindy. Very sexy. The other powerful one is the green mamba snake portrait photo. Before we’ll leave this section, I got another one that needs your attention … check the two owls in love. Isn’t that cute?! Of course you may expect very creative artworks in the illustrations section as well. This time, most of my attention goes to Pinups by Steve Scott. It’s been a while since I highlighted something from the 3d artworks … the time has come though – make sure to check the Heart by Aleksandr Kuskov. Amazing! It’s already a tradition that our art / digital art section is full or positive surprises … today, I like the Anima by Nanoo G. the most, but make sure to check every single artwork – it’s definitely worth it. If you liked yesterday’s free flyer, make sure to check today’s freebie as well .). Enjoy!

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Ode to those who keep on going | Battery Energy Drink

A short film saluting all those who put their passion and energy into the things that inspire them the most. People who aren’t afraid of early mornings, long days, late nights, steep hikes, cold water, endless wipeouts or getting their hands dirty when the going gets tough. Characters from all walks of life who would rather go than stay still. Loving every step of the way. Enjoy the ride and keep on going.

Creative direction:

Arc Angel, a footwear concept to reduce the impact on dancers feet

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The Arc Angel is a footwear solution that will reduce the impact on dancers feet while in pointework training. The Arc has major support provided by installed elastic bands, which will encourage proper technique of this form of art. Traditional pointe shoes usually last 8-10 weeks. Using durable materials, the Arc angels will last the dancer for a longer period of time.

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Daily Inspirations no. 423

Good morning ladies and genglemen! Let’s start right away with couple of cool photos. There is actually plenty of them. If you love the nature, mountains and let’s say risky behaviour, make sure to check the Geological Photography – Trolltunga by T1ll. I am not so sure I would have the guts doing stuff like the guy is doing on the photo :). Female beauty is celebrated right below in Itsaso by TOMAAS. The two very last photos got to be highlighted as well. You may see our nature’s beauty in Daisies by Mandy Disher and Bamburgh Beach by Best Light Images. Nice start, right?! My picks from today’s illustrations is the Numbers artwork by Eva Galesloot and Dante by Talexi. Was Talexi inspired by the Axe commercial? :) Another artwork, this time traditional one that caught my attention was Priest by Feline Zegers. There are couple of nice pieces in the advertising section as well .. make sure to check the South African Airlines ad :) Click the link to see more of these .. they are simply amazing! For all the freebie lovers out there, there is a nice underground flyer template. Better get it bro .). Enjoy the rest!

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