Street Art by Roti

Unlike his colleagues, Roti’s works are mostly legal. Moreover, the biggest part of the works is commissioned. The most common surfaces for his paintings are the walls of private homes and public buildings.

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New Mural by Cryptik x Nick Flatt for Branded Arts Los Angeles

Cryptik and Nick Flatt just finished working on this Andy Warhol commemoration mural for Branded Arts on the streets of Los Angeles, USA.

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New Artworks by Streetartist Rems 182

Rems 182‘s murals are highly symbolic. They offer thought-provoking visuals that push the viewer to wonder which face is any given person’s real one. Is it just one of them or are they all real?

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Kurt Wenner’s 3D Chalk Drawings

You cannot call Kurt Wenner the founder of street anamorphic art. But, you can definitely say that thanks to this artist 3D chalk drawings on the streets have become very popular.

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Stunning Street Art by FoRe-F

Stunning Street Art by FoRe-F
Collection of several amazing street / graffiti artworks by a 31-year-old artist coming from the Spanish city of Valencia – FoRe-F. Pretty amazing stuff, make sure to scroll through.

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Black Humor in Dran’s Street Art

French street artist Dran had already earned the nickname French Banksy for his unusual sense of humor and the creation of works on important social issues.

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Streetart: Invader invades Hong Kong

Armed with kilos of tiles, the French artist relentlessly worked all night to achieve a maximum amount of points in Hong Kong.

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Streetart: Borondo x JAZ New Mural in Shoreditch // London

Borondo and JAZ are currently in London, UK where they spent their Sunday working on this beautiful collaboration in Shoreditch.

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GIF-iti, Animated Street Art by INSA

INSA uses the latest technology to create the so-called GIF-iti. To do this, he just modifies the drawings in time, takes pictures of them, and then turns them into a GIF image.

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Cheerful Street Art by Sandrine Estrade Boulet

Despite her age of a mature woman, tactfully we will keep silence about her age, Sandrine Estrade Boulet likes to have fun as much as a teenager. She adds a few details to what she sees on the street and before us appears a funny image.

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Stunning Street Art by DALeast

3D Street Art started around since the 16th century. It’s originally created by Italian Renaissance Madonarro’s & Trompe l’eil painters who were from France. Its mystic taken by Wiley Admen in twenty first century & this art is still carrying on to be more standard.
Chinese artist DALeast, Currently he life in South Africa, and has already drawn on walls in Miami, London, New York and other locations. Check this out his Stunning Street Art and let us know through your precious comments.

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Street Art by Tinho

Walter Nomura a.k.a Tinho was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He draws not only on the walls, but often uses the classic canvas.

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Delivery Man Creates ‘Grafilthy’ Images in the Dirt on the Side of his White Transit

A white van man is getting his hands dirty to create stunning works of art on the side of his unwashed van.

Rick Minns, also known as Ruddy Muddy, has created pictures including winter landscapes, children playing in the snow and a ship on high seas by scraping away the dirt on the side of his van. The 39-year-old, who works for Norfolk-based floral wholesaler Flowervision, has dubbed his work ‘grafilthy’ and enjoys entertaining onlookers as he goes about his daily work making deliveries to florists.

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3D Street Art by Aakash Nihalani

The latest creations of the artist Aakash Nihalani, who makes faux 3D geometric shapes with neon tape.

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Outdoor Objects Transformed into Googly-Eyed Faces

Ever heard of the saying; The walls have ears? Well now they seem to have eyes, googly-eyes to be precise. This funny photography series of outdoor objects was created by a Toronto artist Aiden Glenn, currently working for Pizza and Pixels, he took his love for character and design to the streets.

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