The Hands Project

Four Spanish visual artists got a very original idea. With the help of hands, they are trying to get attention to important social problems of their country and to raise the spirit of their compatriots. The names of the participants in the project are Octave Serra, Mateu Targa, Daniel Llugany, and Pau Garcia.

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The Walking Men

Walking Men 99, a site-specific public art installation that joins together 99 iconic pedestrian traffic lights from cities around the world, wrapped around the construction site of the upcoming Four Seasons Hotel on 99 Church street in New York City nearly four years. The photographic collage stretched along the 500 feet of plywood walls that form a three-street-facade on Church Street, Park Place, and Barclay Street. Created by photographer Maya Barkai.

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Creative Street Art Wall Murals by Etam Cru

The Polish Street Art Etam Cru is one of the succeeding huge thing in Urban street art that gives the amazing Street Art wall Mural. Today we are going to share Wall Mural Art from Polish artists Sainer and Bezt, from Etam Cru. I hope readers will like this Inspirational post.

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Real People Portraits in Stinkfish’s Street Art

Colombian street artist, known as Stinkfish, created an impressive amount of portraits of different people, photos of whom were taken on his own camera, or borrowed from friends, or found in newspaper.

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The Thinker – New Mural by Eduardo Kobra in Sao Paulo // Brazil

Kobra is back in Brazil where he spent the last few days working on this new piece on the streets of Sao Paulo. The artwork was based on Rodin’s “The Thinker”, one of the most famous sculptures by the french artist.

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Situational Street Art by DMS

The famous Brazilian artist Davi De Melo Santos aka DMS prefers to integrate into the surrounding streets, trying to fit into the existing urban street landscape.

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“Narcissus” – New Mural by Borondo in East London // UK

Borondo is still in London where he just finished working on this amazing piece. Entitled “Narcissus” and painting upside-down, the young Spanish painter used the water’s reflection to bring a new dimension to this portrait.

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Chilean Street Art by Charquipunk

Chilean street artist Sebastian Navarro, better known as Charquipunk, got famous in his native Valparaiso. Now his work can be seen all over South America.

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Phlegm “The Bestiary” @ London’s Howard Griffin Gallery

Last night, Phlegm opened his new exhibition ‘The Bestiary’, now on display at Howard Griffin Gallery in London’s Shoreditch. Known for his huge monochromatic murals, Phlegm transformed the gallery with an incredible amount of work on display.

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Funny Street Signs by Clet Abraham

About two years ago, French artist Clet Abraham, whose father is a well-known writer, remarked that street signs aren’t very informative and started to think what can be done to remedy this situation.

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Top Street Artworks / Murals of January 2014

February is just around the corner and it’s time for our monthly top 10 street art pieces, with a brilliant piece from Maser in Ireland, featuring as number one for January.

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Creative Street Art Works by OaKoAk

French artist OaKoAk, of whom very little is known, except that he likes to decorate the streets of many cities in France, easily cheers up passersby with his drawings.

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Street Art by Roti

Unlike his colleagues, Roti’s works are mostly legal. Moreover, the biggest part of the works is commissioned. The most common surfaces for his paintings are the walls of private homes and public buildings.

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New Mural by Cryptik x Nick Flatt for Branded Arts Los Angeles

Cryptik and Nick Flatt just finished working on this Andy Warhol commemoration mural for Branded Arts on the streets of Los Angeles, USA.

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New Artworks by Streetartist Rems 182

Rems 182‘s murals are highly symbolic. They offer thought-provoking visuals that push the viewer to wonder which face is any given person’s real one. Is it just one of them or are they all real?

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