Street Art by Brusk


French artist Brusk was obsessed with pencil drawings in his early age. In 1991 he started graffiti and Hip Hop in after graduation from the Ecole des Beaux – Arts de Saint Etienne. Over years, he has developed his unique style in street art by combining a calligraphic work in 3D, characters and staging. The balance of his compositions based on a subtle interplay of space management, voids and accumulations, materials, overlays map …

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Beautiful Street Art from Hamburg

beautiful streetart from Hamburg
Blue painted leaves by unknown street art artist.

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Funny Street Art by Alexey Menshikov

Sometimes just a small touch is enough to turn a usual picture into something funny. Russian artist Alexey Menshikov is very good at doing this. So, it’s time to show you his works.

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Impressive Street Art by Smates

Belgian street artist Bart Smeets aka Smates attracted attention to his person after painting a shark in Brussels. However, he draws for a long time now, so, he has a big amount of works.

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L.A. Graffiti Artist “Skidrobot” Humanizes Homeless People By Painting Their Dreams


To raise awareness of the problem of poverty in the streets of Los Angeles, the American street artist Skidrobot decided to go and meet the homeless, and to materialize their dreams and hopes with a few strokes of paint… A very touching project.

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New Mural by OZMO ft. Lady Liberty and Michelangelo’s David in Miami


Italian artist, Ozmo spent a total of six days working on his latest mural in Miami. Measuring 30 x 6 meters, the gigantic piece depicts realistic renditions of the Statue of Liberty next to Michelangelo’s sculpture of David.

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Real People Portraits in Stinkfish’s Street Art

Colombian street artist, known as Stinkfish, created an impressive amount of portraits of different people, photos of whom were taken on his own camera, or borrowed from friends, or found in newspaper.

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Situational Street Art by DMS

The famous Brazilian artist Davi De Melo Santos aka DMS prefers to integrate into the surrounding streets, trying to fit into the existing urban street landscape.

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Chilean Street Art by Charquipunk

Chilean street artist Sebastian Navarro, better known as Charquipunk, got famous in his native Valparaiso. Now his work can be seen all over South America.

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Funny Street Signs by Clet Abraham

About two years ago, French artist Clet Abraham, whose father is a well-known writer, remarked that street signs aren’t very informative and started to think what can be done to remedy this situation.

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Street Art by Fin Dac


Murals by Cork City, Ireland based street artist Fin Dac.

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New Spray-Painted Birds by Brazilian Artist L7m


Here’s a collection of murals and canvases from street artist L7m who paints interpretations of birds that morph from realistic into more abstract strokes of spray paint and explosions of color. Included here are a number of pieces from Spain, Portugal, and his native Brazil over the last few months.

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Identity Series by Jorge Rodríguez Gerada

One of the most famous Cuban street artists Jorge Rodríguez Gerada creates large-scale portraits of non-existent people. This is sort of a social project. In the modern street art is very popular to paint anonymous portraits.

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Oroverde sTREEtart by Ogilvy Frankfurt

Orovede sTREEtart by Ogilvy&Mather

The Rainforest Foundation Oroverde and Ogilvy Frankfurt brought the rainforest to the city: In cooperation with the street-artist Frederike Wouters they created a stunning 3D artwork in Bonn (Germany) to draw attention to the problem at hand.

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Animal Murals on the Streets of London by Irony and Boe

British temporary duo called Irony + Boe has painted a lot of walls in the British capital. Their full nicknames are Whoam Irony and Placee Boe.

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