Impressive Street Art Illustrations by Violant

As many other masters of street art, Joao Mauricio aka Violant is trying to draw attention to environmental issues, social aspects of human life and other important problems.

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Street Artist Victoriano


Victoriano is 32-year-old Spanish street artist. Currently lives in the town of Marbella. Over the last 5 years i have painted commissions around the world for some of the biggest brands in places such as London, Dubai, Paris, Hong Kong & Los Angeles.

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Brilliant Street Art By NemO’s


Nemo’s – Italian street artist. Creates original works focused on social issues. Currently lives in Milan.

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Tiny Street Art Scenes Assembled by Slinkachu

London based photo artist Slinkachu works with tiny figures and scenes. He made some new series this year, one of which is dedicated to New York.

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Colorful Mythical Street Art by Curiot

Mexican street artist Favio Martinez, better known as Curiot, is famous for his mixing of humans and animals in his works, creating some new forms of living beings.

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Street Art on the Streets of Sao Paulo by Tec

Tec is an artist who is expressing himself on the streets of Sao Paulo by drawing on the roads monsters and giant animals.

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Cheerful Street Art by Paopao

1380560469_1-640x508 - Copy
The Italian design studio Paopao originally was a project of one person. We couldn’t find out what his name is. He prefers to call himself simply Pao. And let’s respect his decision. Moreover, his art is much more important than his name.

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Streetart: The Works of UK-based Street Artist JPS


“I got into street art in 2009 after visiting Banksy’s excellent museum exhibition which inspired me to face up my problems with drinking and drugs. I replaced all that buzz with illegally painting, although the greatest part is people liking my work and being able to feel as though I’m giving something back to the world. Here is a selection of some of my works.” – JPS

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18 Creative Street Art Paintings By Pejac

Creative-street-art-paintings-pejac (21)

Today what I am bringing before you is stunning, it is unveiling 18 absolutely creative street art paintings by Pejac.

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Birds in Street Art by L7M

Brazil-based street artist Luis Seven Martins aka L7M, paints in the middle of the concrete jungle bright images of tropical birds that make these gloomy environments look more animated and positive.

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10 Breathtaking Pieces of Love Street Art


Love is one of eternal subjects of art. The emotion is also explored in street art by street artists. In this post, let’s enjoy the 10 Breathtaking pieces of love street art.

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20 Creative Sculptures And Statues


Sculptures are an expression of human culture, religion and politics. The 3D forms often depict power, pride, memoir and icons as well as marking significant historical moments. Therefore, here are 20 creative sculptures and statues from all over the globe.

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The Rough Reality of Tales in Herr Nilsson’s Street Art

Street artist known as Herr Nilsson makes pretty satirical, bordering on cruelty, drawings. Sometimes the characters of his works are cartoon characters, and other times just ordinary people.

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Glistening Eyes in Street Art by Eoin

Over the past few years, street artist whose alias is Eoin has created a number of very successful works in the genre of street art. In particular, very successful are the images of eyes in pretty unexpected places.

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Rough Norwegian Street Art by Dolk Lundgren

Street artists Dolk Lundgren, who lives and works mainly in Norway, prefers to use in his drawings and graffiti elements of pop culture. Often, he ironizes or makes fun of them.

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