Glistening Eyes in Street Art by Eoin

Over the past few years, street artist whose alias is Eoin has created a number of very successful works in the genre of street art. In particular, very successful are the images of eyes in pretty unexpected places.

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Rough Norwegian Street Art by Dolk Lundgren

Street artists Dolk Lundgren, who lives and works mainly in Norway, prefers to use in his drawings and graffiti elements of pop culture. Often, he ironizes or makes fun of them.

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Amazing 3D Street Art by Nikolaj Arndt

Until not long ago, Nikolaj Arndt lived and worked in Russia, in the city of Ivanovo. The Russian artist is not only drawing with chalk on the streets. In his portfolio, you can find a large amount of traditional paintings.

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Humorous Drawings on the Streets by David Zinn

He always liked to draw and has a good sense of humor. Using charcoal, chalk and paint, American artist David Zinn transforms dull streets in windows from another world. The key character of his drawings is Sluggo.

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New Colorful Mural of Basquiat and Andy Warhol by Eduardo Kobra in Brooklyn // NYC


Using the iconic Michael Halsband image of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol in Everlast boxing gloves and shorts as source material, street artist Eduardo Kobra painted a mural of the legendary artists in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. As with his other work, Kobra added lots of color to the image in geometric patterns, both in the background of the piece and on the faces and gloves of both artists. He also signed the piece and added the words “Fight for Street Art!” on the right side.

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Interactive “Outings” Project – Bring Museum Art to the Streets


“With our phone in our museum, we take picture of anonymous paintings. No one really watches them in their frames. Small. Secondary. Forgotten. Definitely anonymous. Almost dead. We bring them back to life in the new world. We print the portraits and then stick them on the walls using paper glue and brush.” – Julien de Casabianca

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Pieces of the Berlin Wall Around the World

A piece of the Berlin Wall, which has been on display at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum since 1990, is seen in Simi Valley, California, September 16, 2014. On November 9, Germany will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. To mark the event Reuters Photographers around the world captured images of segments of the wall, which are kept as monuments in many countries from Taiwan to South Africa and Costa Rica. The Berlin Wall, which divided West Berlin from the communist East after it was built in 1961, was the most potent symbol of the Cold War. At least 136 people were killed or died at the Wall, most of them while trying to escape. On November 9, 1989, following huge protests in East Berlin the wall was breached and thousands of people poured into West Berlin. (Photo by Lucy Nicholson/Reuters)

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Feast for the Eyes: 40 Visually Stimulating Street Artworks

Street Artworks5

Most people assosiate street art with graffiti and vandalism. But in reality, it can be a lot of things. Technically speaking, street art is visual art created in public locations. It can be a stencil, chalk art, mural, graffiti, wheatpaste poster, street installation, or sculpture. The artists behind these pieces choose the streets to serve as their art gallery.

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Top 10 Most Popular Streetart Pieces of October 2014

top10_streetartworks_201410_011. BANKSY – UK

November is upon us, and it’s time for the October instalment of our monthly Top 10 most popular street art pieces on StreetArtNews, ranking based on our server’s unique page-views.

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Streetart: New Mural by Etam Cruin Rome // Italy

Etam Cru_Rome_Varsi_01

New Mural by Sainer und Betz from polish Streetart Team Etam Cru in Rome, Italy.

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Street Art Faces by RUN

Italian street artist RUN is been engaged in painting for a long time, and he is traveling a lot around the world. And, if earlier it was mostly European cities, then, now he travels farther.

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Street Art by Brusk


French artist Brusk was obsessed with pencil drawings in his early age. In 1991 he started graffiti and Hip Hop in after graduation from the Ecole des Beaux – Arts de Saint Etienne. Over years, he has developed his unique style in street art by combining a calligraphic work in 3D, characters and staging. The balance of his compositions based on a subtle interplay of space management, voids and accumulations, materials, overlays map …

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Beautiful Street Art from Hamburg

beautiful streetart from Hamburg
Blue painted leaves by unknown street art artist.

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Funny Street Art by Alexey Menshikov

Sometimes just a small touch is enough to turn a usual picture into something funny. Russian artist Alexey Menshikov is very good at doing this. So, it’s time to show you his works.

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Impressive Street Art by Smates

Belgian street artist Bart Smeets aka Smates attracted attention to his person after painting a shark in Brussels. However, he draws for a long time now, so, he has a big amount of works.

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