The F.C. Series Bags From Cravar

The F.C. 15

Inspired by classic field bags, The F.C. series by Cravar is a finely crafted line of bags made from bark tanned leather. The bags are lined with super durable Sunbrella lining and finished with solid brass accessories.

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PUSS PUSS – a new magazine for culture-, fashion-, music- and CAT lovers

PUSS PUSS is a new stylish publication for culture-, fashion-, music- and cat-lovers. You will find no naff cat outfits or cat food advice, instead beautiful photography, illustration, intelligent writing, interviews and more by established as well as up-and-coming creatives from around the globe.

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Essential Watch From Greyhours

Preaching for a modern and inspired sobriety, the guys at Greyhours created a classic yet trendy watch. The brand comes with two models, refined in graphic elegance, one black and one white. Both are dressed with an Italian calf leather bracelet and an almost indestructible dial.

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Credit Card Folding Safety Knife

The knife is made of Teflon coated surgical steel blade with long lasting sharpness. The CardSharp2 weighs only 13 grams and has a 65mm long blade. You can safely place it in your pocket or in your notecase.

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30 Unique Wedding hairstyles

Every little detail has to be perfect on the most important day of your life. Don’t forget to think about your hair! When it comes to wedding hairstyles the choices are many: extravagant, glamorous, classic, fashionable, etc. In order to be able to choose the perfect hairstyle for your weeding, however, you have to carefully consider the dress you will be wearing, the shape of your face and the style of the ceremony. If, for instance, you’ve decided to go for a vintage or a rustic wedding, let your hair fall freely on your shoulders, choose a “hippie” style. Or you could plait your hair, something elegant but simple, maybe adding a flower or two. Wearing you hair in a bun would also be perfectly fine.

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Lucas Taylor Wood Tie Clip

Handcrafted from Cocobolo heartwood, one of the most rare and expensive woods in the world. Classy. Sophisticated. You. Order yours today on Kickstarter.

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Best Bag To Hold Your Tech Gadgets – Blade Transformer Case

The case is made with waterproof carbon fiber stirred shell and gun metal hardware with a premium vegan leather lid. It has a back pocket for laptop; made with foam linings, a RFID protective passport holder, a front lid pocket for your wallet, a center pocket and also few cavernous pockets to clasp wires and other accessories plus other stuff.

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Amazing Eye Make-up Art by Scarlet Moon

Today I am showcasing a post put together for the make-up lovers, who would find an inspiration and ideas from the following amazing art of eye make-up shadows by Scarlet Moon.

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Giro Aspect Helmet

The evolution of helmets has resulted in some interesting variations over the years, some of which are more far fetching then others. The Giro Aspect Helmet, however, takes an approach that tones down the aggressive vents, slats, and wings that dominate the peloton into a shape that’s at home on the daily commute or enjoying a weekend run up the canyon.

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Nina Agdal – “Carl’s Jr.” Bikini Photoshoot

Promotional stills from the new Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s ad featuring Nina Agdal. (February 2013)

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Amish Girl Quits Religion For Modelling!

23 year old Kate Stoltz moved to New York to pursue a life outside the Amish community. Here are her before and after pics.

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Scout Seattle Traveler Boot

They say, take care of your feet and they’ll take care of you. Well, Scout Seattle Traveler Boot is really up to the task. It was handmade in Maine, New England by a USA based Oak Street Bootmaker.

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Fantastic and Delicious Croissants Earrings

Artist Stephanie Kilgast makes hyper-realistic miniature sculptures of food. Two fresh croissants earrings served on your ears! You can almost smell the butter and taste the crispy crust! You can choose between a regular butter croissant and a chocolate filled square croissant.

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Dismembered Barbie Jewelry Inspires Complex Meditations on the Doll

In deconstructing Barbie dolls and repurposing them as jewelry for “Plastic Bodies Series,” the designer Margaux Lange forces us to enter an uncomfortable space between disgust and worship of the iconic toy. Barbie, who has been a target of the last decades’ feminist debate, occupies an ambiguous role in the social and sexual development of girls; she exudes sexuality with her adult figure, but she also remains virginal, never revealing her nipples or genitalia.

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Incredible Animal-shaped Hair Sculptures by Nagi Noda

Nagi Noda was an extremely brilliant Japanese pop artist whose skills ranged from photography to directing, all performed with her striking personal style.

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