Barrage Cargo | by Chrome Industries

chrome industries barrage cargo large 650x481 Barrage Cargo | by Chrome Industries

Barrage Cargo, by Chrome industries is a compact 100% Welded-Waterproof Rolltop with versatile cargo net compression system and iconic seatbelt buckle.

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Wooden Keys for MacBook Pro

esfgceg Wooden Keys for MacBook Pro
If you have a MacBook Pro and you want to make your typing experience more stylish and pleasant, you might as well check these Wooden Keys! They are beautifully made of cherry wood and it definitely…Check it out here

Xinwu and Monk Slipper by Feelgood Home

Comfortable slippers for home and travel by Feelgood Home


XINWU Slipper

Material/ Cotton
Size/ 25.5cm (S), 29.5cm (L)
Color/ White, Black, Brown

Brand/ Feel Good Home
Designed by/ Milk Design

xinwu 11 650x650 Xinwu and Monk Slipper by Feelgood Home

xinwu 22 650x650 Xinwu and Monk Slipper by Feelgood Home



MONK Slipper

Material/ PU, Cotton
Size/ 26.5cm (S), 29.5cm (L)
Color/ Beige, Black, Khaki

Brand/ Feel Good Home

Designed by/ Milk Design

monk beidge 12 650x650 Xinwu and Monk Slipper by Feelgood Home

monk beidge 22 650x650 Xinwu and Monk Slipper by Feelgood Home

IMG 3327 copy copy o1 650x650 Xinwu and Monk Slipper by Feelgood Home


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The Charming Bird of Jaquet Droz

Jaquet Droz The Charming Bird 1 650x541 The Charming Bird of Jaquet Droz

This is the world’s first ever made first singing bird automata wristwatch! Proudly unveiled as part of the Jaquet Droz’s 275th anniversary celebration, 28 Charming Bird watches were crafted by the La Chaux-de-Fonds based manufacturer for exclusive retail. 

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Logo Design Evolutions

Pepsi Logo Design Evolutions
Coca Cola Logo Design Evolutions
Restructuring within a company is inevitable. Over time the policies and image that once held for the core and bulk of your business will have to give way in order for commerce to grow. It is a sign that has been a firm indicator of how a company is functioning, and failing to evolve and expand seems to always equal a slow death in the business world. That doesn’t mean that these changes are huge, and often they will only be tiny shifts, barely noticeable by even those in the company itself. A great example of this is with custom logo design.
bmw Logo Design Evolutions
AppleLogoEvolution Logo Design Evolutions
Mercedes Benz Logo Evolution Logo Design Evolutions
More Examples Of Logo Evoloution

Yucca Moc Mid By Visvim

 Yucca Moc Mid By Visvim
These amazing blue moccasins take the regular moccasin stitching and 1UP it – we just love the oversized stitching, flashy blue color and sharp contrast.
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Miss Bikini Russia 2013

1124 Miss Bikini Russia 2013

Participants take part in a bikini parade during the Miss Bikini Russia contest in Moscow on August 3, 2013. (AFP/Scanpix)

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DSPTCH Ruckpack

dsptch ruckpack large 650x968 DSPTCH Ruckpack

Based on a traditional military rucksack design, the DSPTCH Ruckpack is a slimmed down version of the classic while maintaining some of the functional aspects. This modernized backpack is designed to carry all of your everyday essentials and features a separate laptop compartment, several small item pockets, as well as a convenient panel-loading design that allows you to quickly access the main compartment.

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T-Shirts From The Reel World: Watch A Supercut Of Cinema’s Sweetest Cotton Candy [VIDEO]

one in the oven police academy shirt T Shirts From The Reel World: Watch A Supercut Of Cinemas Sweetest Cotton Candy [VIDEO]
A visual history of the t-shirt (and the occasional tank, polo, and sweatshirt), as told with clips from 78 total movies. Included in the mix are some obvious selections — heavies like Napoleon Dynamite‘s “Vote For Pedro” or Bluto’s iconic “College” sweatshirt from Animal House — but the edit is leavened with a number of lesser-known gems, mostly of an ’80s pedigree (the good, the bad, the dubious). A number of the best shirts — like Nigel’s Green Skeleton tank from This Is Spinal Tap — are backloaded so don’t skip out before it runs through. Not to be missed: a pair of montages, one grouped around Chris Knight’s (Val Kilmer) amazing wardrobe from 1985′s cult classic, Real Genius, the second, the irrepressible Stiles from Teen Wolf, (the 1985 original, mind you, not the silly MTV remake), who sports a gaggle of curious slogans on his torso.

See a complete list of every film in sequence at It Goes To 11.

Edited by Brett Roberts and Travis Greenwood for Found Item Clothing.

Stock Watch

S001B 650x433 Stock Watch
S001K3 650x433 Stock Watch
S001W2 650x433 Stock Watch
Stock Watch, inspired but vintage watches, is a well crafted timepiece by 27 year old Melbourne designer and avid watch collector David Tatangelo.
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Ruck Strap | by HoldFast

holdfast ruck strap large 650x876 Ruck Strap | by HoldFast

Latch your camera onto the durable leather straps. Stow credit cards, ID, cash, and memory cards inside the two front pockets. Secure extra film rolls and batteries in the elastic band. And keep your glasses and pens handy in the uniquely designed pocket flap.

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Pietro Trindade Hair & Spa

553457 322477737862888 1105975508 n1 Pietro Trindade Hair & Spa

I just came across this awesome and stunning space, here in São Paulo, led by this excellent and extremely talented hairdresser called Pietro Trindade.

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Thule Commuter Pannier

thule pack n pedal large 650x1051 Thule Commuter Pannier

Rugged, stylish commuter pannier for everyday use in every environment. You’ll feel great carrying this bag on the bike and in the office.

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Type 3 | Ressense

A tangible feeling of being able to touch time itself.
009 650x546 Type 3 | Ressense
065 650x537 Type 3 | Ressense
074 650x353 Type 3 | Ressense
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Schield Presents “The Exhibitionist”

1359 Schield Presents The Exhibitionist

A new photostory told from the hand of the photographer Diego Diaz Marin, to present the new collection autumn / winter jewelry brand Schield.

It is the story of a beautiful woman, very full of himself and suffers from a “mild” histrionic personality disorder, resulting in a compulsive need to show off, that will need to sneak into a museum and pretend to be the protagonist of a fashion shoot set in an artificial jungle. A frenzy that will soon be soothed by the arrival of security personnel of the museum, violently, the pull out of its lush glass case.

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