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DISCLOSURE – You & Me (Flume rmx)

disclosure youme flume1 650x362 DISCLOSURE   You & Me (Flume rmx)

The UK group “Disclosure” are back in the news with a spendid “You & Me” remix by Flume.

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Jewelry by Mai McKemy

1139 Jewelry by Mai McKemy

The Tiny Terrarium collection will be the ideal choice for summer time. Rings and pendants from this collection are true works of art. Each of them contains the part charming forest scenery. No matter where you are, with these accessories a little piece of nature will always be with you. Mai McKemy draws inspiration from the nature that surrounds her. Woodland Belle studio is located in Asheville, North Carolina.

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Electric Watches

electric watches large 650x848 Electric Watches

Electric Watches are reengineered classics, born from the spirit of the iconic styles of our past, twisted and modernized for today.

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20 Awesome Tattoos for Girls

25 cool camera tattoo1 20 Awesome Tattoos for Girls

Cool has become a hot fashion icon rather than a status of temperature in modern lives. It represents a kind of life style esp. in youth culture. To be cool is to be yourself, which is just the goal of getting cool tattoos.


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Horween Leather NYC Nato Watch Straps

horween nyc nato worn wound large 650x793 Horween Leather NYC Nato Watch Straps

Worn & Wound have announced the next iteration of our American-made and in-house designed NYC NATO, with three new colors made of Horween leather.

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All Natural Wood Watch With Soft Strap

All Natural Wood Watch With Soft Strap 1 All Natural Wood Watch With Soft StrapThis is the first soft strapped watch made with 100% all-natural wood! A clean and minimal design to show off the wood’s beauty!
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Annual National Beard and Mustache Championships 2013

Annual National Beard and Mustache Championships 2013 2 Annual National Beard and Mustache Championships 2013
The National Championships utilize an eighteen-category system based on the system commonly employed at the World Beard and Moustache Championships. The categories range from the delicate Dali moustache to the anything-goes full beard freestyle and are described in greater Details Here.

Annual National Beard and Mustache Championships 2013 1 Annual National Beard and Mustache Championships 2013

Annual National Beard and Mustache Championships 2013 3 Annual National Beard and Mustache Championships 2013

Via Bonjourlife

New Balance 577 “Rain Mac”

new balance 577 rain mac large 650x580 New Balance 577 Rain Mac

The New Balance 577 Rain Pack, inspired by Charles Macintosh´s waterproof fabric, features a highly water resistant upper and sits on top of a speckled ENCAP midsole.

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Neighborhood Officer Cl-Shoes

NEIGHBORHOOD releases their interpretation of the military boot in the Officer / Cl-Shoes. The short 4 hole boot is featured in suede with leather interior lining set atop a leather storm welt with rubber soles.Neighborhood Officer Cl Shoes 1 650x433 Neighborhood Officer Cl Shoes

Oakley Snowmad RAS Backpack

oakley snowmad ras backpack large 650x444 Oakley Snowmad RAS Backpack

The features a dedicated compartment for the Snowpulse Removable Airbag System which will inflate in the event of an avalanche to improve chances of rescue and survival. It also features a diagonal and A–frame ski carry and vertical board carry letting you haul gear easily.

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152 Series Steel Wristwatch Uniform Wares

Housed in a slim stainless steel case, this Uniform Wares wristwatch is balances the streamlined appeal of a dress watch with a masculine, utilitarian look to dashing effect.[Seen on Bonjourlife]152 Series Steel Wristwatch Uniform Wares  650x433 152 Series Steel Wristwatch Uniform Wares

Tattoo ideas

450x664xcool tatoo ideas for women sleeve 1.jpg.pagespeed.ic .Zt yShc Au Tattoo ideas

400x534xcool tatoo ideas for men 2.jpg.pagespeed.ic .nDTnNKlOhf Tattoo ideas

Tattoos are seen today as a sign of rebellion, a trademark for the new generations to show up freedom and personal thoughts. But in reality the practice of tattooing dates back to ancient times: first signs of tattoos were seen in 3300 b.c. and over the centuries tattoos have experienced glories and dark periods.  In this exclusive gallery you’ll find plenty of cool tattoo ideas both for women and men, true artworks.


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Astronaut-themed socks. Perfect for Space Explorers (and the rest of us)!

Who’s Seen Gravity?  

Kessler Syndrome Astronaut Theme Premium Cotton Dress Socks by Soxfords 650x1067 Astronaut themed socks.  Perfect for Space Explorers (and the rest of us)!


You float alone in the vacuum of space, a filamentous lifeline providing the only connection to your ship. You turn off the intercom for a moment, enjoying how the absolute stillness allows you to be alone with your thoughts…

Thoughts that are rudely interrupted by the piercing hiss of air escaping your suit! NASA scientist Donald Kessler predicted that debris left behind by careless astronauts would continuously circle earth’s orbit, occasionally colliding to create an increasingly fragmented cloud of deadly shrapnel just waiting to hit an unsuspecting space walker.

The Kessler Syndrome in action, and you just happen to be its latest victim.

Rocket through any workaday atmosphere with the Soxfords’ Kessler Syndrome!



Nike Air Pegasus 83/30 “Mineral Teal”

nike air pegasus mineral teal large 650x867 Nike Air Pegasus 83/30 Mineral Teal

2013 marks the 30th year anniversary of the the Oregon Footwear giant Nike. One of their oldest running shoes, The Air Pegasus, gets a slight makeover with some added breathable mesh and reflective tape along with this rad color scheme for the 30th year anniversary. New technology all throughout the shoe, this is sure to be a keeper!

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AGV Diesel Hi-Jack Helmet

diesel hi jack helmet AGV Diesel Hi Jack Helmet

The helicopter pilot style Hi-Jack helmet is dedicated to fans of customized equipment and riders who love life on the road while wishing to remain in line with the unconventional diesel style. The attractive look, the range of chromatic variations in the graphics, and the unmistakable curve at the sides develop the aeronautic design that inspires the Hi-Jack helmet even further. The helmet is completed by the concealable visors in different tints that let the helmet be adapted to the needs and style of each and every rider

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