Precious Metal by Yoav Kotik

Jewelry from packaging: Yoav Kotik’s rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendents are made from metal bottle caps. Yoav Kotik, the designer of “Precious metal” jewellery line, is a graduate of the “Bezalel academy of art and design” in Jerusalem. Yoav is a member of the Zik group. He frequently leads Master classes in the field of sculpture and design in recycled materials in academic institutes such as the “Shenkar academy of design” the “Bezalel academy” and the “Wizo academy”. His works were presented in galleries across Israel, the UK, the Netherland and Japan.

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Luna Concrete Skin

The Luna concrete skin for iphone 5 / 5s by Posh Projects is made from real concrete and are designed like as a surface of the moon.

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Filson Original Sportsman Bag

For the outdoorsman, the Filson Original Sportsman Bag is a durable and functional way to stow your gear in style.  It’s got a front outer pocket, two end pockets with snaps, a double back pocket, and a big main compartment with two customizable panels to divide the interior into halves or thirds.  Our favorite feature, however, is its construction.

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INNI by Félicie Eymard Ericsdottir

(“inside” in Icelandic) is a project inspired by fishbones. Inni is a parure, but also a source of intimacy. The pieces are made from aluminum that’s been sculpted into spikes.

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Skinth Storage Solutions

Skinth storage solutions are ideal for those who want their EDC(everyday carry) at the ready on their belt or pack.

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Shetland Ponies Wearing Cardigans

Shetland ponies wearing cardigan sweaters are the official ambassadors of Visit Scotland tourism campaign. Photographer Rob McDougall captured two cute ponies named Fivla and Vitamin dressed in traditional Fair Isle Scottish cardigans to celebrate the Year of Natural Scotland. Their onesies were made out of Shetland wool by a local knitter Doreen Brown. The ponies live at the Thordale Shetland Stud Centre.

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Best Winter Hairstyles 2014


I am showcasing best winter hairstyles of 2014 for girls and women. You can tie your hair with different braids, buns, ponytails or simply twist them so air does not trouble your ringlets. Put cute hair bows, headbands, pins or clips to give an adorable touch to your hair. Have a look at the collection.

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Laser Cut Wooden Landscape Ring

Each set of miniature Houses are comprised of 3x laser-cut high quality birch plywood rings.
Each House is a slightly different size and position giving an illusion of depth whilst allowing your to arrange your rings as you like.

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Beautiful Eye Makeup by Svenja Schmitt

The German artist Svenja Schmitt, also known online as PixieCold, has created an amazing series of works that are even difficult to attribute to any known type of art. Let’s call it an artistic eye make-up.

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TRON: Legacy Body Paint

Farrah DeFulio looks stunning in TRON: Legacy body paint by the talented artist Allyson Averell! And the photos were done by the also talented and awesome photography by Joey D.

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From Homeless to Handsome Overnight

45 year old Steve Rimmer has shot to instant stardom since he played his accordion on Manchester’s 103FM radio station after a band failed to show up. Listeners loved him. The former bum got a snazzy new $6,000 makeover to go with his new job as a permanent radio station employee.

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Rebellion T-1000 Gotham Watch

the Rebellion T-1000 Gotham Watch allocates a stocky portion of your wrist but leaves the viewers sheer dumbfound. Of course, the futuristic design and the power deserve to be paramount features. It houses a power reserve of 1000+ hours provided by six mainspring barrels which, once wound with integrated winding lever, ensures the movement more than 40 days.

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Men’s Health Tech Guide by Miko Lim

Fashion photographer Miko Lim shoots the beautiful Ashley Sky and what will be 2014′s most in-demand products for Men’s Health’s 2014 Tech Guide.

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Center of Financial Technologies Calendar 2014

Center of Financial Technologies (Russia) presents its annual corporate calendar. Captured by Ruslan Lobanov. NSFW.

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Cabelet Charging Bracelet By Kyte and Key

The bracelet is made from pure braided and woven leather ribbons with running cable inside plus stainless steel clasp that keeps it hidden and save you from geeky embarrassment. It gives you a simple solution to charge your phone by connecting with iDevice with nearby USB source.

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