The beauty of Susan Coffey

Susan Coffey is a Jersey Girl. Right now she’s a student and part-time model but lately her DeviantArt and Facebook pages have been getting a lot of attention from the internets.

Susan Coffey is an aspiring model, working as a part-time model while attending college. But its the internet thats fueling her fame; from the time of writing, her deviantart profile got more than 28 million views. And there are plenty of forum topics around the web dedicated to her. What makes her stand out from the other models is her edgy cute look; she strikes a good balance between Japanese anime cute and rough-around-the-edges urban girl look. She reminds me a little of Winona Ryder. She is strikingly pretty with her gorgeous eyes and sexy body, all of which make her memorable and not like one of those models you soon forget existed.

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Pantelis Zografos Paintings

The Zografos family has a long tradition of producing fine artists. More…

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Creative Advertising

In From up North’s inspiration galleries we present the latest of our findings from the wonderful world of design. Amazing high quality artworks in various categories from great designers all over the globe.

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Pencil Art by T. S. Abe

This collection of pencil art works was created by english illustrator with absolutely mind blowing drawing skills T. S. Abe. Sketch and pencil art became popular these days. This style is widely used even in web templates. For example you can free download and use sketch template for you blog.

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Les 4 Saisons by Abdel Aloui, Arnaud Pagès and Kulte

The chef and actor Abdel Alaoui, the artist Arnaud Pagès and the brand Kulte worked together to a new original concept combining art, fashion and cooking, named “Les 4 Saisons” (“The 4 Seasons”).

Four times a year, they will combine their respective talents to create a T-Shirt Kulte based on a recipe from the Abdel Alaoui, whose artwork signed by Arnaud Pagès.

Limited Edition available at COLETTE (Paris)

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Daily Inspirations no. 262

Several quality model photos available in today’s inspirations: Fresh Face Poli by Sebastian Cviq, Sabrina Nait by Michael Donovan or Madilon Bos by Luigi Di Donna. In our illustrations section I would like to point out Discrepancies by Alex Gross … which is probably my fav up here. Love the Emu culture by YarrY – very colorful, fresh and creative 3d artwork … thumbs up. If you are waiting for some advertising ideas … check the zebra elephant … that’s sooo Africa :). Anyway … don’t be lazy and scroll all the way down … and get inspired!

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The Incredible Paintings of Jef Bertels

Short Biography :- I was born on the 21st of November 1961.My parents were Emiel Bertels and Marleen Tullen.My father had a library full of science fiction, and an indestructible light-hearted look on life. My mother was more serious of nature, but had a talent for drawing and painting effortlessly. Both loved and played music.There was also my sister Mieke and my brother Willem, now schoolteacher and nurse.

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The Art of Landscape Photography by Joserra Irusta

Jose Ramon Irusta is originally from Castro Urdiales. Very passionate about photographic artwork, he specialized in seascapes, achieving, by his photographic talent, the touch an infinite approach of creativity and beauty. All these materialized in a portofolio that every photographer would love to have.

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A Sicilian Adventure by Michel Perez

Last we checked in on Catrinel Menghia she was partaking in a European adventure through Italy’s rustic fishing villages, high heels on cobbled streets and classic curves catching the eye of locals. That was in issue 6 of Bambi magazine, and now the romance continues in issue 7 with Part 2 of A Sicilian Adventure, photographed by Michel Perez.

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Freebies From Daily Inspirations no. 81 – 100

Today we put together another set of freebie compilation from Cruzine’s daily inspirations 81 – 100. I am sure these 20 freebies will make your day … and you’ll appreciate it if you don’t follow our daily series every single day … Enjoy!

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Jasper Goodall artworks

Jasper Goodall was born in 1973 in Birmingam, England. Goodall was at the forefront of the reinvention and rejuvenation of illustration in the late nineties and helped pave the way for the huge resurgence of the medium that we have witnessed in the last ten years. His iconic work for The Face magazine has influenced so many image makers, it has almost become a school of illustration in itself. Goodall continues to work as a freelance illustrator as well as selling limited edition prints and planning for future shows.

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Deux Ex Machina

There’s an Australian motorcycle shop by the name of Deus Ex Machina that is guaranteed to make you feel a bit slighted by the Japanese manufacturers. They purchase brand new Kawasaki W650s and Yamaha SR400s. And just to rub salt in the wound, Deus Ex Machina takes these bikes, along with a few Triumphs and Sportsters, and turns them into some of the nicest custom cafe racers and street trackers you could possibly hope for. Subtle, not over done, just right.

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Shakhti 360 Leti: Luxury Hotel in Himalayas

Shakti was founded by Jamshyd Sethna, whose love of the mountains began during his schooldays in Darjeeling and thereafter as a young tea planter in Upper Assam. A Parsi from Bombay, Jamshyd is one of India’s leading travel professionals and his travel experiences, love of food and art, combined with a passion for the Himalaya is the creative force behind the foundation and evolution of Shakti.

Early morning casts a pink glow over the snow-covered peaks; very soon the sun burns off the cool of the night. Energised by the crystalline air, you may already be out walking with your guide, through the ancient rhododendron forests. Or you may choose to linger over a long, slow breakfast.

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Paintings by James Jean

Amazing paintings by James Jean. He was born in 1979, Taipei, Taiwan. Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

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Sasha Owen-Longfellow photographed by James Macari

Sasha Owen-Longfellow sports designer Meredith Kahn’s impressive jewelry creations ranging from pendulum spikes to large amulets in these intimate photographs. Read more…