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Lara Stone for T Magazine and GQ UK

ed3cf lara stone3 Lara Stone for T Magazine and GQ UK
Lara Stone appeared in two photoshoots. For The New York Times T Magazine photographer Angelo Pennetta (Angelo Pennetta) made with Lara «life» photoshoot. A Mario Testino for GQ UK created a seductive photo session with a favorite model for many.

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free font 3d shattered

Click on this picture to download it.
shattered 300 free font 3d shattered

shattered 1 free font 3d shattered

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best of the world collection Anime Wallpaper

Hi there, this is best of the world collection of Anime Wallpaper.
Please follow this link to download zip file, or click on this picture:

animewallpaper10 750x421 best of the world collection Anime Wallpaper

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Photographers Markus Klinko & Indrani


Vintage Pin-Up Calendar Girls

A “pin-up girl” is a model whose pictures have been mass-produced for wide-spread distribution and appeal. Pin-ups are typically intended for informal display in garages, bedrooms, offices, etc. And, the pin-up girls themselves are usually runway / fashion / bikini models or actresses.

pc8a Vintage Pin Up Calendar Girls

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Creative Jar Labels

Spices. Condiments. Preserved fruits. These are some of the things you often seal inside a jar. However, being delicious sometimes do not equate to sales. More than often, a good jar label helps these delicious food stuff get sold, and well, why not, if the designs you use are as creative as the labels we have collected below?

cj7a Creative Jar Labels

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Logoworks by Igor Duibanov

Hello! My name is Igor Duibanov, welcome to my portfolio. Here you will find a mixture of my old and new works in a variety of different creative fields. I have successful experience in logo work, packaging, industrial design, advertisement and fashion. Prior to working freelance I was brand developer for a major alcohol manufacturer. I love all aspects of art and design, anything that allows me to realize my ideas. I also run my own street wear label, OSK (OldSkull King).

id7b Logoworks by Igor Duibanov

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Designer Portable Grill by Reizform

tumblr lrz5vt7wL51qjtvg7o1 500 Designer Portable Grill by Reizformtumblr lrz5vt7wL51qjtvg7o2 500 Designer Portable Grill by Reizform

This designer portable grill by Reizform is serving up more than just steaks! The aptly named BBQ Seven boasts a “7” shape when opened, which conveniently folds down into a compact and easy-to-transport, easy-to-store piece when not in use. Just toss it in the back seat of the car and head to the beach for a waterfront meal – but who said this smoky little God-send was only for summertime? Bust it out slope-side and savor a hot meal on a cold, snowy day. The grill comes in a rainbow of colors and a cool industrial-chic look that sizzles.

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Extreme climbing by David Clifford

I am a commercial & editorial photographer based in Aspen & Denver CO. You can find my work on Wonderful Machine and Found Folios. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world and document some of the best climbers and runners in the world. As the Photo Editor at Rock & Ice Magazine as well as Trail Runner Magazine I have forged life long relationships with many talented people. I enjoy spending time with creative and gifted athletes in amazing locations.

dc7q Extreme climbing by David Clifford

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Hip hop heads !

Hip hop heads 2pac Hip hop heads !
Hip hop heads Notorious BIG Hip hop heads !
Discover Hip hop heads by Dale Edwin Murray !
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Awesome print designs

National Geographic Photos

National Geographic has been on the forefront of photography for over100 years. Their timeless images taken all over the world will live on as some of the best nature and human photography of all time. The examples listed below are only from the past 3 years of National Geographic Magazine and are just a sample of some of the breathtaking images captured in the magazine.

ng6a National Geographic Photos

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Strange Worlds

Man has dreamed of finding other planets that has life upon it. But would we venture to any of these planets after seeing what they look like ??? . Who knows what we would find!

sw6a Strange Worlds

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Illustrations by Adam Isaac Jackson

Adam Isaac Jackson is from the Seattle area, but spent most of his life growing up in Japan. He’s a graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle (2005).

ij5a Illustrations by Adam Isaac Jackson

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