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Nicole Trunfio for LoveCat Magazine

nicole trunfio aram bedrossian lovecat 6 large Nicole Trunfio for LoveCat Magazine

nicole trunfio aram bedrossian lovecat 1 large Nicole Trunfio for LoveCat Magazine

nicole trunfio aram bedrossian lovecat 4 large Nicole Trunfio for LoveCat Magazine

Aussie model Nicole Trunfio, photographed by Aram Bedrossian strips down almost fully for the premier issue of LoveCat Magazine to stun us completely. This naughty Nicole Trunfio ‘No Bounds’ shoot uses dramatic black-and-white photography to further play up the dark, adult nature of the shoot. Read more…

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Enjoy this cool #157 Friday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks


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Surreal Pictures

Vladimir Kush is the artist of these photos.

sp7a Surreal Pictures

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Art of Paul Davey

Paul Davey aka Mattahan is a 22 year old illustrator based out of Manchester, Jamaica. His works remind of of Caravaggio, an classic painter from the renaissance era known for producing extraordinary paintings incorporating light.

pd7a Art of Paul Davey

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Barbed Flower – Concrete Rocket t-shirt

graphic t shirt desing q3mx1zqg7f Barbed Flower   Concrete Rocket t shirt

Barbed flower, inspired by war propaganda poster. Screenprinted by Concrete Rocket

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Villagers // Cecelia & Her Selfhood

villagers cecelia 1 Villagers // Cecelia & Her Selfhood
The beautiful narrative “Cecelia & Her Selfhood”, from the Irish band Villagers, found a film of pair beauty…
See the video on After the Circle

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

3717332 A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
A T-shirt design up for scoring at Threadless:

Raquel Zimmermann for Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2011 Film

ysl1  Raquel Zimmermann for Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2011 Film

YSL Woman – Raquel Zimmermann stars in a rapid paced film shot for Yves Saint Laurent’s fall 2011 collection campaign. With direction by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin and creative by Stefano Pilati, the YSL girl listens to the soundtrack of LCD Soundsystem with a season of changes. We also have a look at the full campaign after our preview earlier this season.

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Inspirational quotes

Gavin Worth Wire Sculpting

herback Gavin Worth Wire Sculpting
Self-taught artist, illustrator and designer Gavin Worth first became interested in wire sculpting after seeing an exhibit onAlexander Calder at the SFMoMA. More…

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Illustrations by Tamas Gaspar

There are some games out there that got this graphic novel feel, featuring some cool illustrations… like pc’s Max Payne, or the classic board game Clue. I always wondered what great minds could be behind those illustrations, and today I managed to find one: Tamas Gaspar.

tg7a Illustrations by Tamas Gaspar

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51 Clever Camera and Photography Logo Designs

Photography in general has been a valuable business for quite sometime. Often people think that if you purchase a DSLR camera, you will be able to output the same results as professionals. If you are a photographer that is reading this, you are probably smiling because you have experienced this before. Let’s set things straight: photography might sound easy, but you need to know alot more than pressing the shooting button.

Pro’s have to deals with a numerous amount of elements to come up with beautiful shots. Let’s list some things that they need to know iso, lighting, focus, aperture, exposure, shutter speed, zoom, lens, focal points, balance and the list goes on. We respect their profession and cheer them on for doing great work. If you are in fact interested in learning the field, you can easy educate yourself. There are so many tutorials and books available to you, that you don’t need to go to school for it.

Now that’s all said and done, let’s jump into the inspiration part of designing a photography based logo. Many individual photographers, agencies, and stock photography websites use the camera or something about the camera to symbolize their logo. Now that you have the camera at mind, break it down into bits and pieces to come up with creative ideas. It’s all about being unique and different. To help you get started, you can focus on things like film reel, lens, shutter, frame, or viewfinder.

While designing, keep in mind not to create a look-a-like. You don’t ever want somebody to compare your/client company to somebody else. For example let’s jump into a different industry. I hear this quite often from non tech savvy people and it helps to prove my point even more. When you ask people to describe Gamefly (video game rental service,) they will often say it’s like Netflix (movie rental service) but for games. This is a big no-no if I was SEO of Gamefly, I do not want to be grouped with a business that someday might become a competitor. Which in this case with the recent announcement of Quickster, Gamefly is in big trouble.

Apart from the little technology talk, I think this issue is often overlooked. In 2011 good ideas and names are already taken. If a company is being started today, it needs to have a different approach of capturing new customers. We hope that this little overview has helped you and will lead you in the right direction. Without further a doo, we hope you will appreciate the following collection.

Note: All of the images below are linked to their original source!

1. The Social Portfolio

980d3ae5355b562c0016fdf56d4ecc1f1 51 Clever Camera and Photography Logo Designs


01bd58f0a0a606b5b20caefae84cf8601 51 Clever Camera and Photography Logo Designs

3. Shutterbug

c7fb8ac38d82763af7348f0e94e9f32a1 51 Clever Camera and Photography Logo Designs

4. TravelPhotos

86e6ebe318d346f19ce72e96ec38d6481 51 Clever Camera and Photography Logo Designs

5. Photoprint

0fa9167a92ec04874dafad1cea4d8b021 51 Clever Camera and Photography Logo Designs


49f55a34603bca54c4ec34b1742cad301 51 Clever Camera and Photography Logo Designs

7. Flutterpix

e28e723d4711acdb7633342a815b65bb1 51 Clever Camera and Photography Logo Designs

8. Eco Pics

d17092102f6b0a4c69faafd0838a3c861 51 Clever Camera and Photography Logo Designs

9. Siah Photography

d2a83e235a54330b5e64a3deb37b23c81 51 Clever Camera and Photography Logo Designs

10. Razor

899b9f48c898d2f7e074da97e3c8b59d1 51 Clever Camera and Photography Logo Designs

Check out the rest of the collection here!

Ads – 15 ads to fight against Alzheimer’s disease

DYT Alzheimer 1 Ads   15 ads to fight against Alzheimers disease

Every year September 21 is World Day for Alzheimer’s disease, o support the efforts being put in place for this condition, I offer a selection of 15 advertisements.

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Daily Inspirations no. 260

There are exceptional artwork pieces available in Thursday’s collection of creative inspirations …. naming just few: awesome black and white model photography by Bahadir Tanriover, stunning set of character illustrations by Max Kostenko, creative 3d artwork called Teeth by Jonathan Simard, beautiful painting by Luis Gabriel Pacheco and president Lincoln himself as a cook by Lindsay Stone & Briggs. Again, plenty of creative artworks for everyone.

di260a Daily Inspirations no. 260

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Digital artworks by Tarin Yuangtrakul

I am Tarin Yuangtrakul (Tab), 19, a young artist and designer from Bangkok, Thailand.

ty4a Digital artworks by Tarin Yuangtrakul

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