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Showcase Of Excellent Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is the taking of photographs of the ground from an elevated position. From above you can capture patterns, textures, different colors to make a masterpiece images. So in this showcase we have collected some amazing and beautiful examples of aerial photography. Enjoy!!

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Enjoy this cool #127 Saturday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.

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Awesome paintings and art by CMYKaren

Art Photography From Patrick Desmet

Creating a montage has always been one of the favorite creative outlets of Patrick Desmet. Patrick is a fine art photographer living in Belgium. He started his digital photography in1995. Everyone believes creativity and uniqueness dancing in his portfolio. The tone and the images transcend the subject and move into a highly personal area that’s endlessly satisfying to look at. The use of colors, textures, lighting and pose are spot on in the vast majority of images in his portfolio. Your eyeballs will get ecstatic with such viewing his adventure.

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Examples of National Geographic Photography

This is the collection of National Geographic Photography. National geographic is world best photography website. There are various quality professional photographer exists. These are some moments captured only once in lifetime and those moments hold on photographer camera. I assembled 24 Unforgettable National Geographic unique moments. Hope you like this post and happily to hear your precious comments.

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Studies of human nature, paintings by Anna Bocek

Studies of human nature, paintings by Anna Bocek
Anna Bocek: “My paintings do not try to reconstruct reality nor comment on it. On the one hand, I consider them studies of human nature, emotions, sensual experiences and moods. On the other hand, it becomes the first stage of the world constructed of this scenic reality.”

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Confederate Motors X132 Hellcat

It is tough, lean, fast and true, the all new 2012 Confederate Hellcat combines 132 cubic inch Copperhead power, and third generation evolved patented Confederate power train technology developed in alliance with S&S. The unitized case construction is machined from a 400 pound block of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum carved into 37 pounds of core motorcycle structural durability. There is no tougher way to craft the motorcycle.

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Portraits, by Raphael Vicenzi

Go West, Young Cowgirl

New Wildfox Swimwear collection 2012 by Mark Hunter.

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Brick by Brick

Sosia- The Multifunction Sofa Set

Sosia is a transform-able seating designed by Emanuele Magini. It could be two chairs, but also a sofa or a small sheltered bed, but it could also represent the metaphor of a living room because of its extreme formal reduction and composition.

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Kuala Lumpur – the Alpha City

The history of Kuala Lumpur started in 1857 – not too long ago in comparison with other cities with global significance. Nevertheless, the city managed to grow from a tiny settlement of tin prospectors in the middle of the jungle into a huge city, capital of Malaysia, and one of the Alpha cities in the World. Having the population of about 1.6 million people, Kuala Lumpur gained its global recognition not only due to its economic potential in the Asian region, but also thanks to the remarkable and unique mixture of culture styles and trends, reflected in the city architecture in particular.

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Rafa Torre photo manipulations

Born in Mexico City, Rafa Torre studied painting, graphics design and photography in order to accomplish his childhood dream of creating surreal atmospheres. He lives in Madrid and is still working out the “alchemical process” of mixing different media to achieve the particular look in his work. Pop Surrealism Photography.

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Fantasy illustrations by Guo Jian

Amazing fantasy illustrations by Guo Jian from Shanghai, China.

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Puma by Hussein Chalayan Autumn / Winter 2011 Collection

Settle into the in-between with this season’s collection of sleek forms and function. Intricate designs merge burn-through rainbows with silver clouds to create a design language cultured enough to jet set — and grounded enough to find peace of mind and pleasure in the unplanned. Urban Mobility takes the luxuries and intricacies of form and function to new heights, under the direction of world-renowned fashion designer Hussein Chalayan. Versatile footwear, apparel, and accessories bridge fashion and performance to create a utility fashion sportswear offering for the mobile life.
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