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The KDU Test Garment Street-Spec Experiments

Showing the World Symmetry in Photography

While it is unclear if there is any mystical or magical meaning behind symmetry as a notion, there is definitely strong esthetic value this phenomenon represents in many forms of fine arts, and especially in photography, where finding and capturing symmetry in the world around is one of the most favorite tricks photographers use to make their pictures interesting and eye-catching. Today, Cruzine magazine offers its readers a virtual trip to the world of symmetry – the world in which we actually live, but not always pay our attention and notice all the amazing examples of symmetry and those awesome visual designs symmetry may create when placed in focus of a photo camera. You may now skip reading this sentence since it is placed here only for the purpose of creating symmetry between two paragraphs of this intro article – now each contain 143 words.

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Cubs by Oleg Dou

Moscow based illustrator and artist Oleg Dou (Oleg Douryagin) recently exhibiting at Senda Gallery, Barcelona. In his latest series “Cubs” he shares the intimate moments from a childhood when he had to take a part at kid carnival parties fitting the costumes of animals facing with embarrassment and discomfort.

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Still Life Photography Examples

Nothing may be more challenging that take stunning still life photo. This type of photos require all your skills and control over every aspect of the scene. I bet you’ll want to try to shoot some still life photo after seeing these amazing pieces. Feel free to share your photos in comments below.

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Sketchbook Shenanigans

Quite interesting drawings and illustrations by Pat Perry.

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Enjoy this cool #130 Tuesday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.

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Sougwen Chung artworks

Sougwen is a Brooklyn-based artist / art director. She has produced work for a range of commercial and music-related clients including Nike, Diesel, Amex, Ikea, Shiseido, Ghostly, Hotflush, Shigeto, and Tom Waits. She has enjoyed collaborations with Joshua Davis, Joey Roth, and Sepalcure. She is a Hyper Island alumni and part of the KDU, Depthcore, Percussion Lab and Hi-ReS!.

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Creative illustrations by Saddo

Amazing and very unique illustrations by Saddo from Romania. Enjoy :)

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Painting about love, nature and beauty by Ali Mabuha (Ali Rahamad)

Painting about love, nature and beauty by Ali Mabuha (Ali Rahamad)
Ali Mabuha (Ali Rahamad): “I paint, and I paint and I paint, and the paint is me, dancing in the space with different melodies. The journey hold us together, we are not apart.”

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Free Desktop Wallpapers, Featuring People

If you spend most of your time at the computer, the image you see all the time as your desktop background really matters. It can sooth and relieve the stress or restore the internal energy and stamina. That is why, most people, especially those with creative souls and passion for design and fine art, choose wallpapers thoroughly. Today’s collection of free wallpapers from Cruzine can be characterized as “Created by People for People, and featuring People.” Tempting hot beauties, and extravagant anime characters, conceptual compositions centered around a human, and incredible dancers in movement – all of these you will find among the wallpapers, displayed in the below showcase.

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Reilly Stroope illustrations

Very creative and funny illustrations by Reilly Stroope. Enjoy :)

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Typography by Rodrigo Francisco

RunandShout™ is the multi disciplinary studio of Rodrigo Francisco, a 20 year old Communication Designer whose capabilities go from illustration to typography, branding, interface and print design projects. Only typography artworks in this showcase.

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100 posters

Third poster for my personal project of 100 poster per song’s titles I hope u like it

Creative paintings by Jean-Marc Mellier

Creative paintings by Jean-Marc Mellier
Jean-Marc Mellier: “I introduce to you the approach of my work and the tools which I use.
I work on chosen or still imposed subjects, and I choose the most suitable technic.”

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