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Slothbert Love Chunkie – Teefury

DYTSlothbert Slothbert Love Chunkie   Teefury

Talk about your bizarre pop culture mashups. This gem is available at for the next 3 hours. Designed by Michael B. Myers Jr. a.k.a. Drawsgood.


Sylvette Skirts

Sylvette is a french brand specialized in one and only items : Skirts. The brand launched by Aurélie Lalande in 2010 is getting more and more famous as its collection is being extanded.

 Sylvette Skirts

The designer, Aurelie Lalande already worked with some names in the fashion industry such as Paul & Joe, Rabih Kairouz and Givenchy. In 2010 she decided to launch Sylvette and to work with the french rapper Grems for the brand launch video.

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Daily Inspirations no. 227

Whether you belong to the people, like Cole Porter, whose sole inspiration is a telephone call from a director, or, maybe, you are one of those artists, who as Ralph Emerson noted, seek inspiration at any cost, by virtue and by vice, by friend or by fiend, by prayer or by wine, – Cruzine will always be here to provide you with a bit more choices of the sources, where you could look for the inspiration in order to either do your job or do something, that simply makes you happy or satisfied. Our newest daily collection of photographs, illustrations, digital contemporary art, advertising and industrial designs is here; so let us give a kick-start to all the creative powers, which might still be dozing after the relaxing weekend.

di227a Daily Inspirations no. 227

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Be Iconic! 242 Icons from Web Icon Set

md1 Be Iconic! 242 Icons from Web Icon Set
Instead of spending your days designing icons from scratch, today you can grab Web Icon Set’s awesome bundle consisting of all 9 sets of their premium icons.
These 242 handcrafted icons pop with style and will give your websites, web applications and wireframe creations a professional, high quality touch. These icons were designed with a consistent look throughout their sets. All icons are in PNG format of varying sizes.

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David Whitlam artworks

David Whitlam is a fine artist/illustrator from Manchester. From an early age he showed a flair for drawing and signs of a vivid imagination. Most of David’s pictures start with loose sketches, done directly from his imagination. These spontaneous doodles are then gradually refined into detailed drawings which then form the starting point for digital images or oil paintings. His digital work is based on scans of pencil drawings which are built up in Adobe Photoshop with opaque layers of color and texture so that the original image shows through underneath, thus retaining the appearance of ‘traditional’ art. His paintings are usually in oils on canvas.Religious and mythological symbolism features in much of his work, combined with an eclectic mixture of everyday objects, and more abstract forms.

dw4j David Whitlam artworks

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What’s new for designers – Aug 2011

wdd What’s new for designers – Aug 2011
The August edition of what’s new out there for web designers and developers includes a number of new web apps, JavaScript plugins, tools for creating smartphone apps, and browser tools, along with fifteen great new fonts.

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Casa C by Duilio Damilano

Located in Cuneo, Italy, this house was designed by architect Duilio Damilano.

cd4a Casa C by Duilio Damilano

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Time-lapse : A Day in California

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Young Animals Photographs

Life is a universal phenomenon on planet Earth. Every living being, whether it is a tiny bug, a huge elephant, or a human, has the same life cycle. We all born, grow-up, mate, get old, and eventually pass away. To see more evidences of such universality of the life let us think about the early period of a life cycle now. Here is the showcase of photographs of young animals – so, let us enjoy the images and try to find the general similar traits, shared by small birds, lions, elephants, and, who knows, maybe you’ll notice something similar with human children as well…

ya4a Young Animals Photographs

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Craig Kosak wildlife paintings

Inspired by the wildlife and landscapes I encounter while travelling I return to my studio with insights about the natural world and about the human condition. Rather than faithfully documenting the flora and fauna, I strive to capture the feeling and emotions these trips provide. Each trip consists of both a journey through the outer world, and an inner journey of self discovery. These paintings are about both worlds and how they relate.

ck4r Craig Kosak wildlife paintings

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Creative Ads

In this you can see advertisements from advertising companies around the world.They are selected because they are interesting, clever, or in some cases, outright strange.

ca7a Creative Ads

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Enjoy this cool #123 Monday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.


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Illustrations by Ewa Ludwiczak

Hello! My name is Ewa Ludwiczak and I am a freelance children’s illustrator and character designer currently living in Berlin. I love traditional media, above all watercolor. My main passion is illustrating children’s picture books. I would be very happy to get in touch with children’s authors and publishers, other artist and with anybody who might be interested in my artwork!

el4e Illustrations by Ewa Ludwiczak

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Illustrations by Hellofreaks

Hellofreaks is a Graphic Design Studio based in Paris, France. It is led by Graphic Designer & Illustrator Jerome Castro.

hf4a Illustrations by Hellofreaks

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Enjoy this cool #122 Sunday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.


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