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The Best Mirrorless Cameras on the Market

mirr 1 The Best Mirrorless Cameras on the Market
Sometimes point and shoot compact cameras aren’t enough, and DSLR shooters are overkill. For those situations, you need a good mirrorless camera to capture all of life’s special moments. We’ve tested the 5 best mirrorless cameras on the market.

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Hard Graft Re-Process Camera Strap

hard graft re process camera strap large 650x888 Hard Graft Re Process Camera Strap

The Camera Strap with all the bells and whistles. It’s super adjustable, non-slip and can be converted into a camera handle for the days you want to take it light. The perfect ‘two in one’ strap to keep your options open.

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nightsup large 650x760 NightSUP

With LED lighting molded into the rails, NightSUP paddlebaords are equipped with a 40′ diameter beacon of light radiating around its perimeter. This hydro-dynamic design is a permanent installation to existing paddleboards and has no straps or exposed parts…

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GoCam App

gocam app large 650x444 GoCam App

GoCam is the first touchless camera app on the market with video recording, allowing you to record your video snaps touchless. Capture spontaneous moments and make your photos personal with filters and editing tools before sharing with your friends.

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WaveJet Propulsion Surfboard

surf 1 650x433 WaveJet Propulsion Surfboard
Forget having to paddle in the open waters of your favorite beach, now you can cruise in comfort thanks to the WaveJet motorized surfboard.

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Bicycle Elevator by CycloCable

lift 1 650x433 Bicycle Elevator by CycloCable
Now bike riders can travel up hills with ease thanks to the ingenious CycloCable elevator system in Trondheim – Norway’s unofficial bike capital.

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Laser videomapping

radugadesign laser vm 0 650x476 Laser videomapping

Video report from Radugadesign about tests of the innovative laser projector for video mapping having no analogues in the world with detailed account of its features and possible applications.

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Scanadu Scou Will Read Your Vital Signs In Seconds

simple scout Scanadu Scou Will Read Your Vital Signs In Seconds
The Scanadu Scout is a scanner packed with sensors that enables you to capture important physiological data instantly. Find information about your own body without waiting in line at the doctor’s office – you simply hold the Scout to your forehead for 10 seconds and in a snap, your stats are displayed on your smartphone. Learn how different people, locations, activities, foods and beverages affect your body, and figure out what is good and what is bad for you. This is insight a doctor could never get from a simple check-up, with important details often being looked over.

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YotaPhone. The Two Screens Phone

YotaPhone Photo 4 600x407 YotaPhone. The Two Screens Phone
Say hello to the first electronic display paper phone concept out there – the YotaPhone. What sets it apart from other such phones is its main feature: double 4.3 inch screens! These Russians sure know how to design to impress.

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IN1 Multi-Tool Utility Case

in1 multi tool utility case large 650x444 IN1 Multi Tool Utility Case

The IN1 case is a rugged but beautifully designed multi-tool/phone case perfect for people on the go. It has a variety of tools that you can use in a variety of ways. These tools are aimed to be helpful with everyday tasks…

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Philips Wireless Portable Speaker

philips wireless portable speaker large 650x754 Philips Wireless Portable Speaker

The Philips BT2500B/37 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker features Anti-clipping function for loud, distortion free music, Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth and Built-in microphone for hands-free phone call.

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Ni Hao, Auto-Bots! Transformers Greet Fans in Beijing

1271 Ni Hao, Auto Bots! Transformers Greet Fans in Beijing
The Auto-Bots stand stalwart against the forces of evil on June 24, 2014, at a popular tourist spot on Qianmen Street in Beijing to herald the coming Chinese release of “Transformers: Age of Extinction” this coming Friday, June 27. The Auto-Bots attracted a wave of attention and pictures from Transformer fans and visiting tourists. (Photo: / Song Xiaofeng)

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RootsRated App

rootsrated app large 650x384 RootsRated App

an app created to connect people to the best outdoor experiences across the country…

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A Boeing 787 transformed into a VIP Living Space

boeing 737 living space 01 650x487 A Boeing 787 transformed into a VIP Living Space

Boeing has been gutting out their 787s and replacing the space with entertainment and leisure facilities all due to an increase in demand from an influx of billionaires from countries such as Russia, China, and the Middle East. The focus on its private jet branch has seen the company deliver 195 jets from a total of 217 orders, with one jet costing around $280 million USD.

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Withings Unveils Swiss-Made Activity Tracker Watch

watch 1 650x433 Withings Unveils Swiss Made Activity Tracker Watch
Fitness tracking devices have become all the rage these days, but they’re still not that great looking. Withings looks to change the game with their Swiss-made activity tracking watch.

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