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Impossible Instant Lab

Impossible Instant Lab 11 650x433  Impossible Instant Lab
Some images are just too good to be buried somewhere on your mobile phone. With the Impossible Instant Lab you can now transform any digital image into a real, one-of-a-kind analog instant photo via your iPhone or iPod touch. Select a picture, place your iPhone on the Instant Lab and within seconds it ejects your analog instant photo, ready to develop in the palm of your hand. It doesn’t matter whether your digital image was shot with your phone or created in Adobe Photoshop – any image on your phone’s display can be turned into a real analog instant photo. Get your Instant Lab now and discover a whole new world of artistic possibilities!

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Google Glass

Google Glass 21 650x433 Google Glass
See the world in your language with Word Lens. From road signs to menus, Word Lens for Glass lets you translate printed words from one language to another, in real time. Become an Iron Man for real!

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EverSense Thermostat Styles Your Life

EverSense Thermostat Styles Your Life 11 650x433 EverSense Thermostat Styles Your Life
Ever Sense Wi-Fi High Resolution Color Touchscreen Thermostat. Featuring Proximity Control Technology and Built-in Speakers for Wireless Streaming Music Instantly adapts based on what you are doing today using Allure Energy’s Patented Proximity Control Technology, so your family always arrives home to comfort. Automatically enjoy comfort and savings. Quality speakers for wirelessly streaming music from your iPhone or Android smartphone directly to Ever Sense.

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Logitech Powershell Controller

logitech powershell game controller large 650x444 Logitech Powershell Controller

Logitech PowerShell Controller + Battery gives you powerful, precise console-style game controls for iOS 7 while increasing your battery capacity. Load up your favorite games and play longer and stronger with a clear view of the entire screen. It’s a more intense mobile gaming experience, without your fingers in the way.

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Digital Bolex Gives 16mm Camera a Digital Makeover

Cam 1 Digital Bolex Gives 16mm Camera a Digital Makeover
This beautiful Digital Bolex D16 camera may look just like the old-school 16mm video cameras used back in the day, but it has been infused with plenty of modern day technology ensuring that you can shoot the highest quality video possible.

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Goji Play

goji play large 650x444 Goji Play

Goji Play transforms any cardio equipment into a games machine, making 30 minutes of exercise feel like 5. The wireless game controllers attached to cardio equipment such as elliptical trainers, treadmills, exercise bikes, or nearly any other piece of cardio equipment. The Activity Sensor measures progress towards fitness goals and incorporates movement into the games.

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China’s ‘Jade Rabbit’ Rover Lands on Moon – First Photos

1287 Chinas Jade Rabbit Rover Lands on Moon   First Photos
China landed an unmanned rover on the moon, making the Asian nation the third country after the US and the Soviet Union to touch down a spacecraft on the lunar surface.

The probe, carrying a rover dubbed Jade Rabbit that will survey the moon’s geology and natural resources, landed at about 9 pm Beijing on Saturday, the Xinhua News Agency said. China’s achievement comes 47 years after the Soviet Union performed a soft landing of its Luna 9 spacecraft on the moon.

The launch is part of the Asian nation’s growing space exploration ambitions, an effort which has seen the country spend billions of dollars even as other nations cut back. For its next step, China wants to land a lunar rover and return it to Earth in 2017, according to Xinhua.

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The Steam Machine Unboxing

Steam Machines are a line of video game consoles that will be manufactured and distributed beginning in 2014 by a number of vendors using a range of different design specifications outlined by Valve Corporation. Steam Machines will run SteamOS, an open source Linux-based operating system developed for games and other entertainment that is capable of running hundreds of games currently in the Steam catalog, as well as upcoming titles from other developers.

Only 300 boxes will be sent to Steam community for test. One lucky guy got it. Take a chance to look at the process below.

1282 The Steam Machine Unboxing

“I had to re-post this 3 times really sorry about that, its final this time”

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The Best Bluetooth Speakers on the Tech Scene

Tooth The Best Bluetooth Speakers on the Tech Scene
Bluetooth speakers are the perfect gift for any audiophile or techie this holiday season, but there’s just one problem. How do you know which ones are actually good? We’ve tested countless speakers, drilling it down to the 18 absolute best Bluetooth speakers (specifically portable ones) on the market. Below are our 4 favorites from the comprehensive list.

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The Dangers of Buying Facebook Likes

It pays to be popular on Facebook, literally at times. So much so that some businesses are willing to pay for attention. And where there’s demand, there’s bound to be supply. Quite a few businesses have sprung up in the last decade claiming to bolster your social media marketing efforts by providing you Likes on your page … for a cost of course!

How They Work

So you’ve just launched an online presence for your business and are looking to rake up the metrics for some quick conversions. You’re surfing the search engines, probably with variations of keywords like, ‘Building Facebook page for business’, ‘How to get more Likes on my Facebook page’ and ‘My page has only 4 Likes and one of them is from my mother, help!’ Okay, maybe not that last one.

Anyway, you come across a website which offers, say, 1000 Likes at $30.

What do you do?

Let’s work this out. In order to give you a clear picture, I’ll talk about both the pros and the cons of buying Facebook Likes. So let’s start with the good stuff.

Instant Booster

facebook cover1 650x325 The Dangers of Buying Facebook Likes

Buying Facebook Likes is your personal social media nitrous oxide system (NOS). It gives you that much-needed boost to kick-start your Facebook presence. Let’s face it – who doesn’t like instant gratification? And watching your page rake in 500-1000 fans overnight guarantees just that!

You Become ‘Popular’

Since your brand looks like it is receiving adulation from one and all, people will trust you more and even listen to what you have to say. They have a term for this: Social Credibility. A Facebook user is more likely to trust and do business with a brand which has a few thousand Likes than the one with only 4 Likes. So, being the popular kid on this social media platform does have its perks.

On the other hand, you might face questions like this.

Cheap Thrills?

There’s a thing about buying in bulk. It’s usually cheap. The economic principle remains the same when it comes to buying Facebook Likes as well. I’ve surfed through websites offering hundreds of Likes for prices as low as $3-$5. If you consider the value for money that you’re getting, it’s a pretty good deal.

Oh, but do watch out for those ‘OMG-it’s-so-cheap!’ deals. Steer clear of them. Why? Because sometimes things that are too good to be true are exactly that – TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. But, we’ll talk about this a little later.

Some Numbers

We’ve already spoken about Social Credibility. It’s been reported that for business pages which have purchased their Likes, there can be as much as 40% naturally-occurring Likes. Again, it’s the same principle at work here. “People think you’re cool, so what the hell, I also think you’re cool.”

Here’s another number. By purchasing Likes and giving your online presence a boost, you can hike your online conversion and sales rates by as much as 20%. This number depends on factors like whether you have social media widgets and counters on your page and how convenient it is for followers to make a transaction on your website.

Now that you’ve seen how buying Likes can help your business. Let’s look at a few reasons why you shouldn’t get all gung-ho about this.

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The Human Predators: Innovative Camo Patterns Inspired by Nature

1180 The Human Predators: Innovative Camo Patterns Inspired by Nature
A hunter has created a new range of camouflage gear which is so effective the wearer blends perfectly into the scenery, just like a real-life Predator from the Hollywood films. In terrifying news for unsuspecting fauna, American company Realtree has launched the latest in a line of state-of-the-art clothing which enables hunters to blend seamlessly into their surroundings. The patterns, which help to disrupt the wearer’s silhouette, have been inspired by naturally occurring flora and fauna.

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Document Management: Why Freelancers Need The Cloud

Freelancers are usually “on-the-go”, “get-it-done” type of people. They’re running in a thousand directions, working on multiple projects, and trying to reign in new opportunities all at once. Even the best of them have a tough time staying organized and keeping everything in check – especially without overloading their most sacred possession: their computers. Luckily, the days of self loathing are quickly coming to an end thanks to the newest technological feat: the cloud.

Document management in the cloud solves every freelancer’s two biggest issues: organization and memory space. Organization is paramount. Freelancers are known to have hundreds, if not thousands, of documents, PDFs and other image files floating around in the small wonder we all know as a laptop. Try though they may to keep everything in order, the likelihood of being overrun by files and folders isn’t that obscure.

Unfortunately, our computers these days also don’t help with any of those traditional paper documents that we all have strewn around from when an idea struck at an inopportune moment or a meeting when our computer died. Going back and forth between paper documents and virtual files can be utterly confounding, further straining our already limited time and existing chaos. All of this only leads to one thing: missed opportunities. And all freelancers know that missed opportunities mean losing potential income.

the cloud1 Document Management: Why Freelancers Need The Cloud

Because there is so much content bee-bopping around our computers, even those with significant memory space can quickly become bogged down. Given their heavy usage and a freelancer’s continuous saving of files, even new computers can become old memory-filled hunks in only a year or two. What’s more, as a freelancer’s computer approaches it’s capacity, it begins to slow down and create circumstances that hinder success.

We’ve all been faced with the rainbow wheel of death at least once in our life and it only takes one instance when a freelancer loses work that was saved to send someone over the edge. Even worse, for a freelancer’s computer to crash with no potential for recovery is nothing short of cataclysmic.

With cloud based document management all of these problems are solved, and at an extremely low cost when one considers the value of a freelancer’s ability to produce content on time. First, organization with a document management system is a streamlined thing of beauty. Not only are your electronic documents easy to find and keep track of, but with the simple addition of a scanner, all of your paper documents can also be organized in your system as well.

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Is art being threatened by machines?

249 650x473 Is art being threatened by machines?

From the early stages of the industrial revolution, the battle between man and the machine has not stopped. Back in the day, machines replaced humans in the production line making them feel and be redundant. This later inspired science fiction writers to invent stories about how the machines could actually develop conscience and start making plans about how they could take over the world. And maybe the first small step towards this has been made in University of Konstanz in Baden-Württemberg.

 4 650x365 Is art being threatened by machines?

More specifically in the  Computer Graphics and Media Design lab of the university,  a robot  called eDavid (Drawing Apparatus for Vivid Image Display), combines a camera, computer vision software, and a standard welding robot arm to skillfully recreate, for now, any image you feed its software

12 Is art being threatened by machines?

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The World’s First 3D Food Printer Lets You Print Pizza

Pizza The Worlds First 3D Food Printer Lets You Print Pizza
That’s right, 3D printing has now entered the world of food. The Foodini will let you print up pretty much any food you’d like, including pizza. [See More at]


Nokia new smartphone “4.5″ touchscreen” at 131 USD (7966 INR) only

Nokia is going to launch a new mobile phone which is still in testing period which will be affordable for people this 4.5″ large display mobile. Read the full article here.

nokia lumia mobiles2 650x286 Nokia new smartphone 4.5 touchscreen at 131 USD (7966 INR) only

Nokia Lumia1 Nokia new smartphone 4.5 touchscreen at 131 USD (7966 INR) only