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Sleep Talk Recorder

sleep talk recorder large 650x444 Sleep Talk Recorder

Sleep Talk Recorder is a great iOS application that records exactly what you say while you’re fast asleep and dreaming, it monitors your sleep, but it’s not just an ongoing recording. An advanced filtering function qualifies sounds and triggers Sleep Talk Recorder technology in a millisecond.

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qwerky1 650x365 Qwerkywriter
The Kickstarter funded Qwerkywriter combines the classic beauty of a mechanical typewriter with the functional accuracy of a modern keyboard, to nostalgic and truly stunning effect.

The Querkywriter looks very much like the typewriters of the past. Sounds emitted from the mechanical switches and round chrome keypads emulate the clatter of the original typewriters. The device will likely be available to the general public in about a year.

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Best Wi-Fi Routers Available

route 1 Best Wi Fi Routers Available
Everyone’s going wireless these days with their home network, but as you may already know, the hardware you choose makes all the difference in performance. We’ve tested the 9 best wireless routers on the market, helping you find what you need.

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Portable Arcade by R-Kaid-R

 Portable Arcade by R Kaid R
This portable R-Kaid-R is an old school arcade system that folds up into a briefcase allowing you to game on the go.

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The Best Robot Lawnmowers for Your Home

bot 0 The Best Robot Lawnmowers for Your Home
Forget having to break your back mowing the lawn, it’s time to let the robots do their jobs. We’ve rounded up the 5 best robot lawn mowers for your household needs.

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Aquila Electric Surfboards

aquila electric surfboards large 650x694 Aquila Electric Surfboards

Aquila presents an electric jet board to enjoy high speed over water. From cruising over the water surface for the most adventurous ones to the most extreme performances for adrenaline fans. They have designed several boards and propulsion systems so you can choose the best for you. Lightweight and fast. Its powerful electric jet is environmentally friendly and really intuitive to use.

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The Best Electric Lawnmowers on the Market

lawn 1 The Best Electric Lawnmowers on the Market
With the summer season finally upon us, many weekend warriors are taking on home improvement and landscape projects. To help make your lawn care life a bit easier, you might want to invest in one the 5 best electric lawnmowers on the market.

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Fugoo Tough

fugoo tough large 650x721 Fugoo Tough

Barriers are meant to be broken, your Bluetooth speaker isn’t. Introducing FUGOO Tough – the best rugged Bluetooth speaker available. Crafted from fiber-reinforced resin and solid aluminum, FUGOO Tough is ready for anything. Plus, with 40 hours of battery life and Siri/Google Plus integration, these 360-degree speakers have no limits.

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“Gatling” Water Gun Created!

128 Gatling Water Gun Created!

Alex Begrave, an engineer in London, has designed the most powerful water gun that can hold 10 liters of water. This water gun has a firing range of 40 feet and valued at €1,250. Amazingly, it took Alex 50 hours to design and build the gun from scratch.

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Robot Crocodile “Longlong” in Philippines

120 Robot Crocodile Longlong in Philippines
Workers pull “Longlong”, a 21-foot robot crocodile from a truck at the Crocodile Park in Pasay City, the Philippines, July 5, 2014. The robot crocodile, costing around 80,000 pesos, or 1,818 U.S. dollars, is inspired by a giant saltwater crocodile, the longest crocodile on the earth, which died while in captivity in southern Philippines in 2013. (Photo: Xinhua/Rouelle Umali)

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Digital Tech Gets Creative

115 Digital Tech Gets Creative
Unwanted phones recreated as interactive birds, part of “Escape III” by Anthony Goh and Neil Mendoza seen on display at the Barbican’s Digital Revolution exhibition on July 2, 2014 in London, England. The exhibition brings together artists, designers, film makers, musicians and architects who push the boundaries of creativity that digitial technology can offer, and runs from July 3 until September 14, 2014. (Photo by Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images for Barbican Art Gallery)

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Gone on My Catwalk app, by Helly Hensen

helly hansen gone on my catwalk large 650x444 Gone on My Catwalk app, by Helly Hensen

Get inspired and spend more time outdoors this spring and summer, and get the chance to win Helly Hansen gear. Helly Hansen have hidden virtual gear all around the world, and the only way for you to find it is through the app. If you get close, they’ll let you know so you can claim it…

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iZZi Slim Camera Case

izzi slim camera case large 650x444 iZZi Slim Camera Case

Meet your iPhone’s new best friend! The award winning iZZi Slim gives every shooter instant access to 4 pro-grade lenses in a convenient, all-in-one package. Take your iPhone 5/5s photos and videos to the next level.

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The Best Mirrorless Cameras on the Market

mirr 1 The Best Mirrorless Cameras on the Market
Sometimes point and shoot compact cameras aren’t enough, and DSLR shooters are overkill. For those situations, you need a good mirrorless camera to capture all of life’s special moments. We’ve tested the 5 best mirrorless cameras on the market.

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Hard Graft Re-Process Camera Strap

hard graft re process camera strap large 650x888 Hard Graft Re Process Camera Strap

The Camera Strap with all the bells and whistles. It’s super adjustable, non-slip and can be converted into a camera handle for the days you want to take it light. The perfect ‘two in one’ strap to keep your options open.

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