MegaFon Sochi Winter Olympics Pavilion

MegaFaces Pavilion at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, awarded a Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Innovation. The first time either a Russian company or an architecture studio has been awarded this prestigious prize.MegaFaces is a pavilion conceived for and built at the Sochi Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games which took place from February to March 2014. Our client was the Russian telecoms network MegaFon.

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Sesame | Wireless Proximity Mac Lock


Simply put Sesame in your pocket or on a lanyard and walk away. Your Mac will automatically lock its screen to prevent anyone else from accessing your data. When you come back, Sesame2 will automatically unlock your screen, ready for you to continue your work.

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Do Droids Dream of Electric Sheep?

In this October 15, 2014 file photo, Katsu Nakamura, sky division manager for Yamaha USA, moves the RMax unmanned helicopter into position before a demonstration of its aerial application capabilities at the University of California, Davis’ Oakville Station test vineyard in Oakville, Calif. Researchers at UC Davis have been studying the effectiveness of the drone’s ability for spraying pest control and nutritional materials on the test vineyard in California’s Napa Valley. (Photo by Rich Pedroncelli/AP Photo)

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MOD Laptop Case


The inside pockets and slots were designed to hold all your creative gear as the perfect mobile office. The case’s leather will age & mold nicely based on what & how you carry – making your Mod uniquely yours.

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NomadPlus is an innovative 2-in-1 charging solution. Ideal for travel, it adds a 1800mAh battery to any Apple USB wall plug – and it can charge any smartphone or other USB powered devices. NomadPlus packs enough power to charge your phone up to 100%* after you unplug it from the wall.

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Garmin Fenix 3


Fēnix 3 is the rugged, capable and smart multisport training GPS watch. With feature sets for fitness training plus feature sets for outdoor navigation, fēnix 3 is ready for any training activity and competition. Access to the Connect IQ platform allows customization of watch faces, data fields, widgets and activities. And, fēnix 3 is a thin, light multisport training GPS that won’t slow you down whether for training or every day use.

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The Fantastic Mechanical Creatures of the Isle of Nantes


Due to the influence of Sci-Fi movies, many of us have an obsession with giant robots. How cool would it be to ride a gigantic robotic dinosaur or elephant? It would be even cooler to control one!

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Take your multitasking to a whole new level with the Mountie clip…Enjoy eye-level FaceTime video chats, monitor your Twitter feed, iMessage with family, or even host a live recording session with friends from afar.

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Flow Wireless Controller


Flow is a programmable, wireless controller for your computer and connected devices. Hand gesture recognition, sensitive touch and precise haptics make Flow the perfect tool for anyone who wants to work, play and create in the digital world.

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Hemingwrite Digital Typewriter Lets You Write Your Masterpiece

Hemingwrite Digital Typewriter Lets You Write Your Masterpiece (1)

Laptops and iPads are multi-purpose devices loaded with games, social media, work email, funny cat videos, and those birthday photos you still need to edit. Like many of you, when we tried to get down to writing, we quickly found ourselves down a YouTube rabbit hole which we rationalized to ourselves as research. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you are not alone!

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Somabar Robotic Bartender


Somabar is the world’s first app controlled automated bartending appliance created for the home kitchen. With its streamlined design you can thoroughly mix cocktails and infuse bitters to make the perfect craft cocktail in under 5 seconds.

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iXpand Flash Drive


iXpand Flash Drive is the easiest way to transfer photos and videos between your iPhone, iPad, PCs and Mac computers. Quickly free up memory on your iPhone or iPad, and instantly expand storage by up to 64GB.

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Colorado Dedicates $8M for Medical Marijuana Research to Understand Benefits

Colorado will spend more than $8 million researching marijuana’s medical potential – a new frontier because government-funded marijuana research traditionally focuses on the drug’s negative health effects. The grants awarded by the Colorado Board of Health will go to studies on whether marijuana helps treat epilepsy, brain tumors, Parkinson’s disease and post-traumatic stress disorder. Some of the studies still need federal approval. Though the awards are relatively small, researchers say they’re a big step forward. While several other federal studies currently in the works look at marijuana’s health effects, all the Colorado studies are focused on whether marijuana actually helps.

Among the projects poised for approval Wednesday:

– Two separate studies on using marijuana to treat post-traumatic stress disorder ($3.1 million)
– Whether adolescents and young adults with irritable bowel syndrome benefit from marijuana ($1.2 million)
– Using marijuana to relieve pain in children with brain tumors ($1 million)
– How an oil derived from marijuana plants affects pediatric epilepsy patients ($524,000)
– Comparing marijuana and oxycodone for pain relief ($472,000)

In this February 7, 2014 file photo, Matt Figi hugs and tickles his once severely-ill seven year old daughter Charlotte, as they walk together inside a greenhouse for a special strain of medical marijuana known as Charlotte’s Web, which was named after the girl early in her treatment for crippling severe epilepsy, in the mountains west of Colorado Springs, Colo. Colorado is poised to award more than $8 million for medical marijuana research, a step toward addressing complaints that little is known about pot’s medical potential. Among the research projects poised for approval on Wednesday, December 17, 2014, are one for pediatric epilepsy patients, and another for children with brain tumors. (Photo by Brennan Linsley/AP Photo)

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Wall.e Restaurant Staffed with Robots Opens in Hefei

A man checks on a robot at a restaurant in Hefei, Anhui province, December 26, 2014. The restaurant, with a space of 1300 square metres and a total of 30 robots to cook meals, deliver dishes and welcome costumers, was reported to be the biggest robot restaurant in China. (Photo by Reuters/Stringer)

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X Plus One Drone Hovers Steady And Goes 100kmh


Drones seem to be everywhere. The problem is that the vast majority of them are multi-rotors and they excel at one thing: hovering.

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