15 Must-Read Books for Web Startups

We could all use a little advice sometimes. When it comes to treading unfamiliar territory while working on your web startup, sometimes it’s best to learn from the experts. Knowledge is power and the more you know, the more successful you can become. By reading from other people’s successes (and failures), you’ll know what works well in the world of entrepreneurship and what might be a total flop. If you’re looking to glean a little wisdom or just prepare yourself for the road ahead, these fifteen books will get you started on a path to success.

1. My Start-Up Life by Ben Casnocha

My Start Up Life by Ben Casnocha 15 Must Read Books for Web Startups

What a (Very) Young CEO Learned on His Journey Through Silicon Valley by Ben Casnocha: Ben first discovered his ability to craft a business from his own ideas at the young age of 12. Since then, he’s created his own start-up and this book tells his story of the way up. He has practical experience for turning your ideas into reality.

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The Perfect Stand For Your Smart Devices

The Ridge Stand 1 650x449 The Perfect Stand For Your Smart Devices

The Ridge Stand is a beautifully designed  lightweight, portable MacBook Air and smart device stand that weighs less than 15 ounces and fits in the palm of your hand. It offers greater functionality, aesthetic beauty, and stability for a MacBook air laptop or smart device such as a mobile phone or an iPad. 

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The Visual History of Video Game Controllers

CONTROLLERS1 The Visual History of Video Game Controllers

Javier Laspiur is an Art Director from Madrid, Spain. He began drawing when he was 3 years old and ended up as a senior Art Director at TBWA / Tequila Spain and has been creating campaigns there since 2006.

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Auris Skye | WiFi for your Dock

auris skye large 650x783 Auris Skye | WiFi for your Dock

In an increasingly Bluetooth-enabled world, Auris Skye is a great solution to bring older audio technology up to date without having to replace it…

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Dragon Device Holder

dragon device holder large 650x866 Dragon Device Holder

A pair of dragons make the perfect companions for your Apple Wireless Keyboard & your iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone. Made from lightweight coated aluminum, the dragons offer 2 viewing positions.

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Discreet Vibrator Necklace by Vesper

crave 1 650x433 Discreet Vibrator Necklace by Vesper
Designed by the team at Crave, this is the first luxury vibrator necklace ever created, and your lady is sure to love how discreet it is.

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navdy large 650x873 Navdy

Navdy extends the apps you already have on your phone, swipe left to answer a call, or right to dismiss an untimely notification. No more looking down to fumble with knobs, buttons or touch screens…

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Push for Pizza

push for pizza large 650x444 Push for Pizza

Introducing Push For Pizza, the easiest way to order pizza. EVER. Push For Pizza uses state of the art technology to make ordering pizza that much easier. Simply enter your address for delivery and credit card information, press the button, and hot pizza shows up at your door, all paid up, even the tip.

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Crock-Pot | Smart Slow Cooker

crock pot amart slow cooker large 650x444 Crock Pot | Smart Slow Cooker

Add flexibility to your dinner schedule with the Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker featuring WeMo. By downloading the free WeMo App to your smart device and syncing it to the Crock-Pot, you can enjoy remote access to all your slow cooker’s functions, no matter where you are.

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Most “Toxic” Superheroes

126 Most “Toxic” Superheroes
#1: Superman. According to McAfee, 16.50% of Web searches for Superman led to sites with viruses and other malicious software. Pictured here: The Superman costume that was worn by Christopher Reeve in “Superman: The Movie” on display at Profiles In History in Calabasas, northwest of downtown Los Angeles, on July 19, 2012 in California. (Photo by Frederic J. Brown/AFP Photo)

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The Best Fish Finding Gadgets on the Market

fish 1 The Best Fish Finding Gadgets on the Market
We love to fish, but we also know first hand how sneaky these little sea creatures can be. If you’d like to ensure you don’t go home empty handed on your next outing, be sure to invest into one of these 5 best fish finders.

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Trioh Flashlight

trioh flashlight large 650x695 Trioh Flashlight

Trioh is 3 lights in 1, a flashlight, an emergency light, and a accent light…

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Garmin Approach S6 Golf Watch

garmin approach s6 large 650x444 Garmin Approach S6 Golf Watch

The Approach S6 is a feature-packed hi-res color touchscreen GPS golf watch with built in swing metrics, including SwingStrength calibration, helps youimmediately know how hard you hit each club so you can train yourself to swing more consistent.

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The Best Security Cameras for your Home

cam 1 The Best Security Cameras for your Home
Security cameras not only help protect your house, they make it easy to get your insurance claims paid in the event of emergency. We’ve gathered the 5 best security cameras to help keep your home safe.

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Historic Building on the Move

1282 Historic Building on the Move
A historic building sits on wheels as it is moved down the block on New York Avenue to make way for a new construction July 28, 2014 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Brendan Smialowski/AFP Photo)

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