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Plan.b :: mapa para ciegos

trecool plan b 1 Plan.b :: mapa para ciegos
Plan-B, desarrollado por Oriko Designbüro (Alemania), es un gadget que traduce el mapa de una ciudad en un mapa táctil pensado para personas ciegas. More in Trecool.

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artylizer is a new twitter for creatives.

artylizerWEB artylizer is a new twitter for creatives.

artylizer gathers: artists, designers, creative & film directors, photographers, theorists, chiefs, createurs de mode, supermodels, celebrities and so on.. artylizer is a new twitteriti. You may post messages and art photos from this website or your iPhone / Android phones, with geolocation check-ins. Show your exhibition/your place.

FUforWEB artylizer is a new twitter for creatives.

Fans & Friends also call him “The European Jack Nicholson”.

Here is a good artylizer example of of a very respected european art director and fashion entrepreneur Francisco Huguenin Uhlfelder


E-Ink Powered Watches

iw1 E Ink Powered Watches
iw2 E Ink Powered Watches
iw3 E Ink Powered Watches

A great mix with design and new technologies combined into a Phosphor Watches. Phosphor E-Ink Watch
features an ergonomic black curved case with ultra-thin profile. Electronic ink is a proprietary material that is processed into a film for integration into electronic displays. Revolutionary in concept, electronic ink is a fusion of chemistry, physics and electronics to create this new material.

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Zombies and insane stuff by Saddo

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Halloween Light Show House

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More Than a Product Design

kb1 More Than a Product Design
kb2 More Than a Product Design
kb3 More Than a Product Design

KB Company. Experienced in construction, architecture, product design and communications. Awesome projects. Sorry, Russian language ahead.


10 Apps to Enhance Your Offline Experience

120 600x308 10 Apps to Enhance Your Offline Experience
Just what can we do to enhance our offline experiences? Check out 10 great apps that were built to help us out. Smartphone owners, this list was made for you. Check it out at My Life Scoop.

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A new print to mark the 20th Anniversary of Twin Peaks.
still considered to be a groundbreaking television show to this day, a cult following and inspiration to modern shows such as Lost.

“This print was created when i rekindled my love with Twin Peaks after purchasing the DVD boxset and watching all the episodes again, i wanted to create something that wasn’t so obvious (eg a dead body and a mountain, i had several versions of the design, some more complexed and layered with additional elements, but i think it detracted from the overall design and compromised the final solution, hence why i went with this simpler idea. ”

The print (along with others) is available from Needle Design Print Store



ref1 600x256 Fridgeezoo
ref2 Fridgeezoo

Think of these adorable Fridgeezoo animals as a smaller version of your parents, sitting inside your fridge, reminding you to close the door if you spend too much time window shopping for something to eat. As you can see they’re all themed after animals that live in cold climates like a polar bear, penguin, walrus and seal, and while they start out with a friendly greeting when you open the door, if you linger for too long letting out too much cold air they’ll soon get snappy about your apathy towards eco-friendliness. Via OhGizmo!

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Daily Inspirations no. 16

He is a fool who thinks that contemplating somebody’s work is a waste of time and basically a passive process. Neither will he be right believing that works created by other people can give only aesthetic satisfaction. We are deeply convinced that observing somebody’s creations is actually a very lively and hectic activity, which results in acquiring new experiences and knowledge; an activity, which, in fact, may become a push to working new miracles, especially in the area of creative arts.

Therefore, we are ready to give another push to all the Cruzine visitors with the following inspirational designers’ works. You are welcome to get affected by our images in the fields of photography, 3d arts, illustrations, typography, advertising and others, collected especially for the Cruzine visitors and creative designers.

National Geographic’s International Photography Contest 2009 by National Geographic
di16a Daily Inspirations no. 16

Indiana Jones by Mark Hammermeister
di16b Daily Inspirations no. 16

NIKE BASKETBALL by Nicolas Girard
di16c Daily Inspirations no. 16

More inspirations!

fbc74 Daily Inspirations no. 16

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Products Leading By Italian Manufacturers

andromeda 600x500 Products Leading By Italian Manufacturers

Italian manufacturer of handmade glass lamps

The new Hydroargentum chandeliers are designed to capture classic Venice style with a modern twist. The most notable design element of the chandelier is that it displays a sense of fluidity all throughout, both in shape and finish.
ferretti 600x500 Products Leading By Italian Manufacturers

Italian yacht building conglomerate Ferretti Group

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Eminem – Not Afraid video clip shot on RED cameras

Screen shot 2010 10 29 at 12.23.40 AM 600x312 Eminem   Not Afraid video clip shot on RED cameras
Eminem Rich Lee 1 600x313 Eminem   Not Afraid video clip shot on RED cameras

Eminem – Not Afraid video clip directed by Rich Lee shot on RED cameras – Full article Here
More info at the Momentum Blog
For News & Updates follow:

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Sacry aliens artworks showcase

Fred by Jerad S Marantz
aa01 Sacry aliens artworks showcase

Alien Warrior by Aaron Sims
aa02 Sacry aliens artworks showcase

Meat monster by Pecs
aa031 Sacry aliens artworks showcase

More aliens artworks!

fbc72 Sacry aliens artworks showcase

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Daily Inspirations no. 15

Our inspirational ideas for all the Cruzine visitors are diverse, surprising, and unexpected as ever. Some of them make you laugh, others shock; some works are romantic, while some others may even be hard to understand… An undeniable fact is that every single picture out of all those we have scrupulously collected for you affects a contemplator, provokes emotions and feelings, stimulates thinking, and this is actually the desired reaction. We believe this is the best way one can get inspiration for creating his own genuine works. No matter in what field you are going to use your skills – whether it is creative photography, advertising, or technology – we have it all for you!

Megan Fox by Emporio Armani 2010
di15a Daily Inspirations no. 15

Ray-Ban: Rare Prints, 2 by Cutwater
di15b Daily Inspirations no. 15

VietinBank Business Centre in Hanoi by Foster + Partners
di15c Daily Inspirations no. 15

More inspirations!

fbc70 Daily Inspirations no. 15