Halfsis1 by Michael Slack

Hope and Fear by Mr Toledano

Photo by Christopher Wilson

Santachomp by Will Terry

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Daily Inspirations no. 53

Serious and thoughtful, funny and ironic, tender and seductive, modern and hi-tech, material and fantastic – whatever can improve your mood and inspire you on creating wonderful things, everything is here – in our daily set of 33 inspirational images. Some of them may shock you with details, others may perplex with unusualness; some photos may astonish with sincerity, while others may seduce with sensuality… Every single piece of this collection is carefully picked up with a thought about our diverse and creative audience so that everyone could choose whatever works for him best. Thus take your time to view it all, because inspiration never comes in the wink of an eye!

1954 Mercury Monterey XM-800 Concept Car by Mercury
di53a Daily Inspirations no. 53

My Sweets by Stuart Freeman
di53b Daily Inspirations no. 53

Paint by Giuliano Bekor
di53c Daily Inspirations no. 53

Nhamy! by Diego Maia
di53d Daily Inspirations no. 53

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@Shareable social network posters

Social networks viral campaign!
7526c241d2e5aa75bcf624067be59a8f @Shareable social network posters
8d3edcaab8d376ce6edbafa7db5449e7 @Shareable social network posters
d23140ebe87082bd4ffe0006be48d56c @Shareable social network posters
7a6a3a9ec75a4c9b47dd3e9701a9f60a @Shareable social network posters
856108d10926edfc47651b82745863bd @Shareable social network posters
36c54d889fd9c9a85b7432c0878926d1 @Shareable social network posters

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by Place.

The most 18 Redesigned Logos of 2010

TSA body scanners – What can they see?

TSA began deploying state-of-the-art advanced imaging technology in 2007. This technology can detect a wide range of threats to transportation. However, it’s caused quite a stir.

mmw large 600x347 TSA body scanners   What can they see?

See the other picture and video HERE. What do you think about body scanning technology? Intelligent design or just a hassle?

Daily Inspirations no. 52

December weather is so changeable: bright sun is rapidly covered with heavy snow clouds, frosty mornings are changed with rainy days… However, the weather here at Cruzine is always stable and pleasant to make the days of our readers exciting, enjoyable, and full of new interesting experience. That is why our inspirational sets are invariably offered to you every day. 33 works of the best creative graphic designers will hopefully raise your spirits, swing away dull seasonal depression, and tune you on the right working mood. Irrespective of what work you have to do, our inspiration images may help you do it creatively and easily, and in the long run you may actually find yourself really enjoying the whole working process, as well as its results.

Photo by Andrew McPherson
di52a Daily Inspirations no. 52

Spektrum XL 10 – Dillinja & Ntype by Martijn van Dam
di52b Daily Inspirations no. 52

Bird by Arturo Ramírez
di52c Daily Inspirations no. 52

Nike 10k: Street, 2 by Publicis Impetu
di52e Daily Inspirations no. 52

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Concept cars

Mercedes-Benz BIOME Concept by Mercedes-Benz
cca01 Concept cars

Astrum Meera by John Baltazar
cca02 Concept cars

Citroën Survolt by Laurent Nivalle
cca03 Concept cars

2015 Lotus Elise Concept by Lotus
cca04 Concept cars

Efficient Dynamics Concept by BMW
cca05 Concept cars

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Download web and graphic design template for free.


Designed by me. :)

Daily Inspirations no. 51

It goes without saying that Mother Nature is the perfect creator: its genuine masterpieces are sometimes grand and sometimes grotesque, pacifying and exciting, joyful and shocking. On the other hand, it must require some special and remarkable skills to discern all that beauty and extraordinariness around us. And this is the exact moment when we realize how talented our creative designers and photographers are: their works let us see what whimsical Nature created for us; they make the hidden aspects more visible, and lots and lots of them may often become the wonderful source of inspiration for the others! So here it is – our daily inspirational set to awaken your mind and creativity. Illustration, 3D and digital arts, architecture, advertising, technology – this all and even more is collected here for our readers to make this day of yours a success.

Pirelli Calendar 2011 by Karl Lagerfeld
di51a Daily Inspirations no. 51

Character Fairy by Eduardo Martin Julve
di51b Daily Inspirations no. 51

MTV: Happy End by Jung von Matt/Alster
di51c Daily Inspirations no. 51

Appreciation Nation by Rodrigo Jimenez
di51d Daily Inspirations no. 51

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Wrecks Photography – the Memorable Remnants of the Former Glory

It must be a trait of the human character to be captivated and even magnified with the pictures of some drama, tragedy, or sorrow. Our attention is often easily caught by somebody’s sad life story, shocking experience, and dangerous situation. It looks like negative things occurring in our lives tend to cause deeper feelings and stronger emotions than the good ones. And in fact, this may be the most important feature of the human soul, because it gives raise to sympathy, it makes us feel the need to help, support, and comfort somebody in trouble. And that is actually humanism, which makes us humans.

Diving the Wrecks of Bermuda by Julian Calverley
wp01 Wrecks Photography – the Memorable Remnants of the Former Glory

The Wreck by Alex Bates
wp02 Wrecks Photography – the Memorable Remnants of the Former Glory

Train wreck at Montparnasse 1895 by Studio Lévy & fils
wp03 Wrecks Photography – the Memorable Remnants of the Former Glory

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FLUD for the iPhone is here.. its awesome… and its Freaking Free!

FLUD for the iPhone is finally here and its beautiful! FLUD is, in a nutshell, a one-stop-shop for a fully customizable news experience. Gizmodo made it the app of the day on their site today! This app has been getting rave reviews all over the web and here is the kicker… both the iPad and iPhone versions are completely free. Awesome job FLUD team.



Mr Hot Pepper: Bomb by 1861 United

Garreth, the Silver Edge of Ga’Hoole by Jarold Sng

Beder B. Rodriguez by Roman Damin

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TDK Boombox | A Classic Redesigned

unnamed vtgw4eaa75 TDK Boombox | A Classic Redesigned

The TDK boomboxes are an awesome reinvention of the classic portable device, both aesthetically and technically. See more photos and read all about the TDK Boombox at LimeWedge.net

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Pantone iPhone Case

scenario pantone n57izc3lyo Pantone iPhone Case
Pantone iPhone case by Case Scenario.

the Black-on-Black project

future past the Black on Black project