3D Printed Silver is Awesome

KozoMan is here!

A new set of Kozo creatures came to life on the Kozo lamps front.

Daily Inspirations no. 136

Speaking about digital arts, we mostly mean the contemporary art works, created with the help of particular digital equipment or techniques, including but not limited to computer illustrations, photo manipulations, machine-generated images, etc. Such digital art is easy to distinguish among the other creative works because of their unique appearance, highly conceptual content, and unusual forms of presentation. For example, below you will see double exposure portraits, where buildings and trees are skillfully implanted right into a human head. Other digital arts, showcased below, represent digital painting techniques and fancy geometric computer drawing. 3D art is another example of the digital art, which we also included into today’s collection of the inspiring art works. Architecture, photography, typography, and even advertising graphics are also here to demonstrate the diversity of the modern design.

Bambina A Siena by Edgar Barany

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Daily Inspirations no. 135

Photography has one amazing feature – the pictures may often work like open windows into the new and previously unknown worlds. Photographic images can thus be treated as one of the possible ways to discover and learn the life around us in those its aspects, which lie beyond our reach or beyond the physical capabilities of human organs of sense. Take a look at the impressive photographs of the underwater creatures by Alexander Semenov below and you will see the truth of the aforementioned statement. Within the today’s gallery Cruzine will also acquaint its readers with the stop-motion photography by Stephen Dalton, fashion photography by Simon Procter, and amazing tree-focused photographic sceneries from the Crimea, Ukraine. Now let us enjoy the photography as well as other graphical works, presented in this showcase. The images are silent, but they are not speechless – if you can understand their language, you will be able to perceive the intensity of the emotions and the deep meaning contained in every art work presented.

Carrots are finished.. by Riccardo Zema

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From Horseback To Bullet Train: The History Of Internet Usage And Speeds

This is the first episode in a vast infograhic series WebHostingBuzz plans to release every other week, aimed to inform & entertain developers, designers, geeks and infographic addicts alike. In this piece we’re taking a look at the history of the Internet usage, observing how much has the game changed in the last few years, who are the biggest players, where are the most users from, who’s speedier and so on.

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Monday cre­ative inspi­ra­tions for all DYT readers :)

Artwork by Ian Naud

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Inspiration mars 2011 / Atomic United’s blog / Go!

JumpStart iPad Application

Throughout your day there are times when you need access to thee important pieces of information.

The Weather
The Traffic
Access to your calendar


JumpStart is the only iPad application that makes these three pieces of information simultaneously accessible so you’ll be able to make more intelligent decisions around your schedule and prepare for whatever the day throws at you.

Just click on the app and you’ll be shown your calendar, the weather and traffic. You can also navigate the web while still viewing critical information.

This information is even more critical the first thing in the morning. That’s why we’ve built in alarm functionality to wake you and then display your dashboard of information..

LINK >>http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jumpstart/id426661093?mt=8

Damn Branches! Illustration Work

Damn Branches!
Illustration Work by: Cláudio Cigarro

More about this work here


Saturday creative design and art inspi­ra­tions for all DYT readers :)

Art by Vitaly S. Alexius

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TV On The Radio – Will Do

The new single from their forthcoming album Nine Types of Light.
(via After the Circle)

Art, Where You Do Not Even Expect It…

Do you know the difference between classic old-school art and modern or contemporary art? There are must be many of them, but today we want to illustrate just one, which, we believe, is among the most prominent differences. It is the object, chosen by an artist, to be the model for his creative works. While Victorian Age or Renaissance painters mostly focused on the ideals of beauty, choosing only the aesthetically perfect landscapes and human models to depict on their pictures, modern artists tend to search for their own aesthetics, often in the most unexpected and unusual places and things.

Xylem and Phloem by Tom Giebel

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the Design Cove | Rachel: Timelaps Illustration

Daily Inspirations no. 134

The high blue sky, fluffy white clouds, bright sunshine, birds twittering behind the window, green buds on the trees and young shoots on the ground – all these attributes of wonderful spring raise our spirits and awake the desire to act, to make something useful, or to create something beautiful. The set of 33 inspirational images at Cruzine may work as a little or as a big hint about how you can use your elevated spring mood and creative thinking. Our photographs may inspire you on taking your own romantic pictures; the collection of illustrations may help you create surreal pieces of your own; our architectural ideas may inspire you on developing your own modern house designs… So, the secret to your creative work success is quite simple: just explore your surroundings and get inspired with today Cruzine collection!

Swan Lake by Hugh Hamilton

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