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Daily Inspirations no. 125

We live in the world of contrasts; and when we say so, we mean not only color contrasts, such as black and white, but we also mean the contrasting shapes, textures, and emotions on the long run, which we face around us on a daily basis. If you look at the photographs we have brought to you today, you will notice that contrasting color is a vivid and prominent, though not always key element of an image; often it is rather an auxiliary graphical means to highlight and emphasize the contrast, which lays a bit deeper than the color itself. Black and white, smooth and sharp, young and old, funny and scary, sweet and bitter, loud and silent – there are so many contrasts in the world around us, and each of those contrasts is important, for it is the contrast that helps us to better understand the true meaning of the things and even life itself.

Rapunzel Afro by Alperen Kahraman

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New Google Chrome Identity

the Design Cove | the New RED EPIC-M Camera Review

Peter Jackson’s two film adaptation of The Hobbit will be shot in 3D using RED DIGITAL CINEMA’S soon to be released EPIC Digital Cameras.

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Manta Concept by David Cardoso Loureiro

I for many Manta especially rhymes with the majestic ray which spreads its wings in the warm waters, it is also the name of the concept-car made by the engineer David Cardoso Loureiro.

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Daily Inspirations no. 124

Benjamin Cordozo, a famous American lawyer, once said a very wise thing: “Method is much, technique is much, but inspiration is even more.” Indeed, even a talented, well-educated, and skillful artist would not be able to create true art without inspiration. It is the inspiration, which helps to generate ideas, and it is also inspiration, which makes us move towards realization of those ideas. Cruzine does its best to provide informational help and support to the creative people, who deal with design either on professional or on enthusiastic level. Regularly we publish tips on the methods of design process and descriptions of the available techniques for designers. In order to give our readers “even more”, we offer daily showcases of creative works, representing multiple fields of visual design, to provide all our visitors with the essential component of the art elixir, namely with the inspiration.

Roughneck Rabbit Mutated by Kai Spannuth

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8 Tips to Boost Your Business Website’s Conversion Rate

There’s a phenomenal focus on generating traffic in the online marketing world. Businesses fight for clicks, stage immensely competitive bidding wars and spend thousands of hours pushing their websites to the top of search pages.
Top-ranking websites and prominent ads, often on auto-pilot, generate thousands of dollars a day.

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3D Print in Silver with Shapeways

Upload your own designs and have them 3D printed in Silver

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The Making of the Branca Chair

A result of innovation and technology the Blanca Chair is a product of the Italian brothers Nevi and Fabbiano Mattiazzi.
(via After the Circle)

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Web Culture: Grid-based Layout Designs

The semantic web has brought on a new generation of Internet technology. As designers and developers work together to redefine the rules of the web, the number of open-source projects and third-party APIs continues to grow.
The opinions of web scholars differ on the use of grid systems. Many argue that setting grid points limits the creativity of designers. Others contend that a grid provides a scientific basis for a design to be perfected.

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Daily Inspirations no. 123

The tenth of March… At a first glance, it seems to be an absolutely ordinary day. However, if we look back into the history we will see that many notable events occurred on this day: in 1535 Bishop Tomas De Berlanga discovered Galapagos Islands; in 1862 the USA issued first paper money; in 1876 the first phone call was made; in 1970 Barbara Streisand recorded her “I can do it”; finally, many famous people were born on March 10, including Sharon Stone, Chuck Norris, Timbaland, and even Osama bin Laden. So, you can see that even seemingly ordinary day is actually a very notable day in human history. Thus we know exactly that on March 10th, 2011 somewhere in the world something important will happen, a new talent will be born, a new song will be written, and a new picture will be painted. Who knows, maybe even our today’s gallery of inspirational images will motivate some creative soul to create a masterpiece that will eventually become a valuable contribution to the world heritage of design, illustrations, typography, or digital art.

Artwork by Rob Scotton

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Geminoid DK – The most realistic robot ever

iPad 2 Grove Cases & Skins

iPad 2 Grove Cases & Skins

Grove is pleased to announce the release of two new iPad 2 accessories to join their existing line of handcrafted bamboo iPhone4 cases. The first option, a hardback case, merges a bamboo back and a customizable leather smart cover and is now available for pre-order. The second, an engraved bamboo iPad skin, adheres to the back of the iPad providing protection and style, and is available beginning March 11th.

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Daily Inspirations no. 122

There is one rhetorical question about the art. Is the creation of a masterpiece a result of some spontaneous inspiration or, maybe, art is nothing but the end product of some well organized process with a preliminary defined goal and particular known techniques to achieve that goal? Since ancient times many philosophers have been trying to find the answer for this dilemma, but the question still remains open. In the meantime, each artist usually has his own view at the problem under discussion, though rarely questioning the essential role of inspiration in the art process. We, at Cruzine, have no single doubt about the importance of inspiration for any creative or designing activity. That is why we come back every day for our readers with the new collection of photographs, digital art works, illustrations, typeface designs, freebies and useful resources, where anyone can find his/her own bit of inspiration.

Artwork by Rob Scotton

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22 Most Horrible Logos Ever – When Logos Go Bad !!