Impéria GP

Founded in 1904 by Adrian Piedbœuf, Imperia is a hallmark of the most prestigious cars in the history of the Belgian car …

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iOS Sexy Interface Guidelines

Table view
Always provide feedback when users select a list item.

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Daily Inspirations no. 113

We live in the world, where physical objects are tightly interconnected with certain non-material or incorporeal phenomena. Ideas and inspiration are examples of such non-material world representatives. Indeed, both an idea and inspiration are invisible and we cannot feel them with any of our sense organs. Though there is hardly a person in the world, who would deny or question the existence of ideas or inspiration. Actually, any idea is nothing but the very first stage of anything; it is the beginning of all our deeds and creations, while inspiration is the key motivating force that helps a human transform an idea into a particular object or action in the physical world. Art is perhaps the best example to illustrate the process, where idea is born in the mind of an artist, and then cherished and raised to eventually become a mature and pretty much tangible art creation: a picture, a song, or a poem…

Old biker by Denis Zilber

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Daily Inspirations no. 112

Where do the creative ideas come from? After hundreds or even thousands of years this question still remains open: some people believe, an idea as well as its companion inspiration is nothing but an example of some divine influence; others persuade that this is just a random product of biological brain activity; there are also people, who believe that an idea can be “planted” into the mind of a human (think about ideological weapon, propaganda, or sophisticated marketing techniques for manipulating mass consciousness)… Well, though we are not going to manipulate anyone’s mind, we still cannot help trying to plant some creative ideas into the heads of our readers: through our daily showcases of inspiring photographs, illustrations, digital paintings, and other forms of modern design-related art we want to spread the idea of artistic approach to design and show that today anyone can contribute to the further development of design, either by creating some works or by sharing his personal opinion about a particular trend, movement, or creation.

Artwork by Ana Fagarazzi

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Edding – Wall of Fame

Eddings Wall of Fame by Kempertrautmann & demodern.

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30 of the Best Font Foundries

Typography is one of the most important parts of any design, whether it’s digital or in print. Good typography can take a mediocre design to new heights, while bad typography can make what would be a great design lackluster or even bad.
For web designers, typography choices have long been limited to web-safe fonts. But that’s changed in recent years, first with the advent of things like sIFR that let you replace standard web fonts with Flash for headlines or other small blocks of text, and now with @font-face and web services for embedding fonts.

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25 New and Weird Photoshop Manipulations Collection!!


Wedneday design and art inspi­ra­tions for all DYT readers :)

Casting By by Lance Dawes

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Daily Inspirations no. 111

Whenever you are unhappy, frustrated, depressed, or angry, it is best to give yourself a chance to direct those really strong emotions into some art-related activity instead of throwing them right into the faces as well as souls of the surrounding people. The swirling and seething world inside you is often exactly what is necessary to create such art pieces that will be capable of affecting, impressing, and grasping viewers’ minds and souls. And even if you are an amateur in art, or if you don’t even plan becoming an artist, creating something is always better than destroying. What is more important is that such captivating activity as creating is, probably, the shortest way to regain and restore your stamina, vitality, and emotional balance in order to later defeat the problems of life. Welcome to the daily inspirational set of images to feed your imagination for it to collaborate with your emotions and feelings while creating your own masterpieces!

Artwork by Jean-Sebastien Rossbach

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Crash photography project by Raúl Belinchón

Raúl Belinchón was born on 29 November 1975 in Valencia (Spain), where he lives and works. He won the third place of this year’s World Press Photo Prize/Arts and Entertainment Stories. In 2004 he also won the First Prize of the Fuji Euro Photo Awards. In 2004 he has shown in Murcia, Madrid and Valencia. In February 2005 he will hold his first individual exhibition in Milan, at the Davide Di Maggio Gallery.

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Departement signed an installation for Place des Arts. Montreal Canada.

This is an excerpt from an 18 minutes piece at Place des Arts inside the “Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme”.

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Water Talks

Richard Meier opens up apartment… how would you decorate it?

How would you decorate a Richard Meier apartment?
© Richard Meier Architects

mydeco have teamed up with renowned architect Richard Meier to bring you a very special competition to design your very own version, in 3D using mydeco’s room planner, of this ultra-desirable Meier apartment, from New York’s West Village.

How would you decorate a Richard Meier apartment?
© Richard Meier Architects

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Daily Inspirations no. 110

Creative souls are unique and unpredictable: some of the artists find inspiration in relaxation and peace, while others are motivated to create in the moments of intensive emotional outburst (either positive or negative). Still some others explore the works already created to find the internal desire and awake the ability to produce art. We believe Cruzine magazine can be equally interesting and helpful in providing inspiration to all the creative people: 33 images offered within the daily inspirational sets can give you the feeling of tranquility, as well as provoke strong emotions. These images are the experience and knowledge, which modern creative designers want to share with the wide audience, with you. So, observe them, dive into them, get inspired, and create!

Artwork by zalas

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Sunday design and art inspi­ra­tions for all DYT readers :)

Photo by Phil Poynter

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