Sunday design and art inspi­ra­tions for all DYT readers :)

ADDMINIMAL CREATIVE STUDIO 4 “ICONIC” _ campaign 2010 by Adriana Gerasimova

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Saturday design and art inspi­ra­tions for all DYT readers :)

Liza by Olga Vercholamova

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Friday design and art inspi­ra­tions for all DYT readers :)

Photo by Pino Gomes

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Daily Inspirations no. 119

Pablo Picasso, a world-known Spanish artist and painter, gave the world not only many fine art masterpieces, but he also presented us with a lot of wise thoughts, which earned him a place among the greatest thinkers of the 20th century. One of his saying refers directly to the scope of Cruzine and our daily inspirational posts in particular. So, Picasso once said: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working”. What an apt, witty, and wise saying! Indeed, we can spend hours sitting in the armchair and waiting for the source of inspiration to appear miraculously at the ceiling and endow us with numerous creative ideas and stamina for their realization. However, this is not how the things work in this world. Painters can find the inspiration only when mixing the colors and composers became inspired only when they are playing the piano… So, here is the clue: if you need some inspiration, start working on your project and the inspiration will soon arrive just like the best appetite always appears during eating.

The long road by Celine Artigau

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Daily Inspirations no. 118

A creative idea without inspiration is like a fancy car without fuel in its tank: the vehicle can be of ultimate design and it can be fully equipped with multiple top-notch gadgets, but if it has no fuel, it simply won’t start. Same with creative ideas – human brains can generate literally any idea and the imagination can even create the visual image of the final creation easily; however, if a man lacks inspiration, the idea is in huge risk of remaining unrealized. Imagination often works like some invisible yet almost physically tangible force, which makes us move and perform the actions necessary to transform an idea into some physical object or creation. That is why, people, especially, of those professions, where a creative or artistic component is essential, are always in search of fresh sources of inspiration. The world itself offers a lot of inspiration, but sometimes we do not have time to travel to interesting and inspiring places or to visit art galleries for inspiration. Fortunately, the Internet makes hunting for inspiration much easier: at Cruzine you can easily travel around the globe and enjoy the landscapes, portraits, paintings, illustrations and other samples of the digital art without leaving the comfort of your home.

Horror of horrors by Tim Marriott

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WOW ONE project, design by KFKS, Coming Soon.

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Mountain Trains – Symbiosis of Industry and Nature

At Cruzine we publish daily some interesting photography showcases, demonstrating multiple aspects of human lifestyle, culture, social and personal relationships, historical heritages, etc. In our showcases we have already touched upon the theme of trains and railroads as the most vivid symbols of the industrial revolution. Also we had many stunning photo galleries published, where mountains were at the key focus. Today we decided to display photographs, where these two incredibly interesting elements meet: mighty trains, created by men, and magnificent mountains, created by Mother Nature.

The Pike’s Peak Cog Railway at 14,115 Feet (4300+ m) by Michael Menefee

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iPad 2 – Thanks..

Daily Inspirations no. 117

Cruzine magazine daily set of 33 inspirational images welcomes you! We invite all our readers and visitors to the fascinating, unlimited, and unpredictable world of artists’ imagination. This world does not conform to the rules of physics; it denies the principles of logics. It lives its special life, where Idea is the master, and Skills of an artist are the tools. And the power, which makes this world exist, the engine, which makes it go round, is the Inspiration. The images you see are the windows, through which we can observe how diverse, multifaceted, and boundless this world is. The variety of shapes and colors, the obscurity and unexpectedness of meanings, the seamlessness, organicity, and combinative power – all these we so enjoy and try to take to our world to make it richer, brighter, more meaningful and beautiful. So let us open up the windows and become a part of the imaginary, but such a real world.

Regina by Sonia & Mark Whitesnow

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“The Art of Flight” – Epic proportions film shot on Phantom & RED cameras

20 Remarkable Design Portfolios – Ideas for Logo Designers!!


Wednes­day design and art inspi­ra­tions for all DYT readers :)

Photoart by Dariusz Klimczak

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Great iphone illlustrated game Sr Mistu

Daily Inspirations no. 116

As a wise man once said, all the different forms of art serve the only and the greatest art ever – the art of living. Indeed, whether it is a painting or a lyrical poem, an art work always tries to deliver some knowledge to us. Great landscapes on the photographs or paintings show the beauty of the Nature and thus teach us respect and love the environment, where we are not the only inhabitants. Some artists devote themselves to the social or street photography to reveal some drawbacks of the modern society and help people learn the art of kindness, generosity, and mutual assistance. The art of portraits highlight the beauty of a human body, but it also reminds clearly that body itself is faceless without a soul inside. Illustrators and caricaturists represent and bring fun to the art, teaching the audience to relax, enjoy the life, and be happy on the long run.

Lucky Monkey by Tom Hussey

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Daily Inspirations no. 115

Being an artist is, actually, synonymic to being a dreamer, isn’t it? Indeed, for an artist everything starts with a dream, and eventually it ends up with turning that dream into a pretty real piece of art work: a painting, a song, a poem, etc. Artists dream about creating some unique and earlier unknown shapes, color or notes combinations, some fancy aesthetic patterns and authentic designs; at the same time, they also dream about showing seemingly usual, common, and well familiar things from the absolutely different angles, thus revealing some peculiarities and zests no one noticed before. Such dreams lead artists to creating art works so diverse that they can impress and even shock with yet undiscovered capabilities of human imagination, vision, passion, talent, and skills. Daily collections of inspirational visual works at Cruzine are entirely about dreaming and ways of turning those dreams into reality.

Form minus Function by Paul Hollingworth

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