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Trucks Photography – This is a Man’s World

Growing din of an engine, smell of the burnt tires at startup, and sweet feeling of freedom and domination on the road – these factors are among those, capable of immediately increasing adrenaline levels in the blood of the majority of male population. However, unlike sport cars with their hot temper, powerful yet delicate aesthetics, trucks have their own story. This story is about pure, undecorated strength, roughness up to vulgarity, power, and a special type of grandeur self-respect. Trucks are not created to beat speed records or become another tool of seduction; overcoming the obstacles is their purpose. Aggression is what often displayed through trucks design, though this aggression has a very noble direction – to overcome the limits on a man’s way. Rocks or sands, swamps or impenetrable forests – trucks can become our allies in the most extreme environments.

Mother Trucker by Thomas Hawk
tr1a Trucks Photography – This is a Man’s World

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Hope you’ll like this Tuesday inspirations for DYT :)

Heinz Apple: Popeye by Leo Burnett

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SIMPLY LOVE Valentines Ring

by Salokannel, 3D Printed by Shapeways
Valentines ring shapeways 600x444 SIMPLY LOVE Valentines Ring
This is a valentines ring for the special one.
When you look at the quarter cut ball from front,
you’ll see the love in there.

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Daily Inspirations no. 85

Can you believe that the art of fashion photography is almost as old (or better to say: mature and well-established) as the photography itself, dating back to 1856? Driven by the state-of-the-art trends in clothes design, fashion photography not only showcases those trends, but it also creates a specific form of aesthetics, genuinely mixing beautiful bodies, trendy clothing, hot accessories, and unusual sceneries. Fashion photography is among the major motive forces and practical tools of advertising and fashion industry. Cruzine invites you to look into this fantastic world of beauty and visual fashion art. Today we are going to introduce fashion photographers Karine Basilio, Peter Gehrke, and John Wright to our readers. Of course, in addition to all these, Cruzine inspirations are also about a variety of illustrations, all types of digital art, interior and exterior architecture designs… Have a look and give a powerful push to your imagination and creative vision. We bet you won’t be disappointed with our today’s collection of inspirational design works.

KEEP UP WITH YOU by Like Minded Studio
di85a Daily Inspirations no. 85

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Monday design inspirations for all DYT fans :)

Photo by Carlos Nunez

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LOL of the Day – New 3D without Glasses Technologie

3D without Glasses Technologie 600x345 LOL of the Day – New 3D without Glasses Technologie
LOL of the Day – New 3D without Glasses Technologie

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Daily Inspirations no. 84

Portrait is not only about depicting the appearance of an object, whether it is a human or an animal, or some piece of nature; it is also about trying to recreate a particular emotional atmosphere. We have included a few portrait photos in this Sunday issue of inspirations from Cruzine to demonstrate the idea of emotional photography. Photography is an amazing art for its truth-revealing abilities – it allows us to take a good look at people and things around us, revealing the slightest signs of a particular emotion or feeling, which is too transient to be noticed in the dynamics of the real life. By the way, digital paintings can also be very emotional, so we have included some illustrations as well. So, enjoy the graphics, set your imagination free, and create something artful too!

The Odd Kitty by Lukas Brezak
di84a Daily Inspirations no. 84

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Great art inspirations for all DYT readers.

BGD Stray Animals Foundation: Lady by Markom Leo Burnett

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Daily Inspirations no. 83

Today World Wide Web works like the largest library ever with billions of books, magazines, articles and multimedia files, placed on endless shelves. Of course, we do have librarians here, called Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others, directing visitors to the appropriate aisles and shelves, but still finding a necessary book may turn into a challenging mission. Being a design-centered online magazine, Cruzine aims at gathering, indexing, and organizing multiple design-related resources, offered at the great WWW library, into a reliable and easy-to-use catalogue of materials. Our daily inspirations are nothing but the highlights of the most interesting works, which deserve your attention. Just favorite our site and stay informed about the most interesting, fresh, and innovative places of interest in the design section of the vast Internet library.

Photo by Gevorkyan Ashot
di83a Daily Inspirations no. 83

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When you do not know what you are doing, and what you are doing is the best – that is the Inspiration

Parking Agony by Christoph Martin Schmid

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MAKE your own Custom iPad Case on Kickstarter

Design agency Freedom Of Creation has launched an initiative to bring a new breed of iPad cases to the market, unlike anything injection molding has ever seen.

FreshFiber FOC Kickstarter Case Pledges 37 77 97 YNH2 MAKE your own Custom iPad Case on Kickstarter

Not only are all products in this range of iPad cases produced with 3D printing, they can be customized in 3D by their owner with for example text, logo’s, name’s or icons, each and every product will be a one-off piece.

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Daily Inspirations no. 82

If you are a fan of digital illustrations, featuring fancy worlds with monsters and all kinds of fancy yet scary creatures, we are sure today’s issue of inspirations from Cruzine would be of interest to you. Of course, along with illustrations, we also display digital paintings and photographs by Marc Hom, Kevin Mackintosh, Bruno Dayan, and others. Furthermore, get ready for a new portion of fresh font ideas, some advertising graphics, including the bright and stunning poster of French – Brazil soccer game. Also, we are going to introduce an interesting web project, called society6, which will be of interest to all the designers and artists who are looking for the opportunity to monetize their creative art works.

Yamaha F40 Outboards: Waldog by 1861 United
di82a Daily Inspirations no. 82

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ISO BALL 3 Online Game


Friday inspirations for all DYT readers :)

Photo by Sam Jones

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