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Glyph Personal Theater Goggles

Phones 1 Glyph Personal Theater Goggles
The innovation team at Avegant have created the world’s first personal theater goggles. Designed to look like a pair of headphones, these things project HDMI video right onto your retina, and include noise canceling audio headphones.

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How to Make the Move into Freelancing

how to make the move into freelancing1 How to Make the Move into Freelancing

If you’ve been working for awhile and feel the need for a change, you should considering taking a shot at freelancing. Almost everyone that I know has thought, at one time or another, about working independently. Some have a passion that they want to develop while others dream of being able to use their work time creatively.

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Eclipse TD-M1 | Wireless Speaker System

eclipse td m1 large 650x851 Eclipse TD M1 | Wireless Speaker System

The new wireless speaker system by Eclipse looks absolutely stunning, the TD-M1 are equipped with a compact, high-efficiency digital amp, and wireless AirPlay capabilities.

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CycleNav | Bike Navigation Device

schwinn cyclenav large 650x964 CycleNav | Bike Navigation Device

Turn-by-turn navigation for your bike with friendly spoken and visual directions! Works with any Bluetooth Smart Ready Apple or Android smartphone.

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Zoom Q4 | Camera for Musicians

leobo private reserve large 650x807 Zoom Q4 | Camera for Musicians

The Zoom Q4 is all about bringing a new dimension to your music. It combines high-definition video with high-resolution audio, providing everything you need to shoot amazing videos with incredible sound. That means you’ll never have to compromise on creativity. The Q4 delivers audio nuance and quality that far surpass that of any other video camera.

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The Gun Box

the gun box large 650x724 The Gun Box

The Gun Box has cutting edge technology, state-of-the-art design, and incredible features that make safely storing firearms with quick access a reality. Take it with you wherever you go, secure, or mount it inside your home.

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Experimental “Ghost Box” Project from Leviathan Inspires the World

Last month, the principals of creative studio Leviathan decided to unveil their experimental proof-of-concept project entitled “Ghost Box,” which they designed to demonstrate how almost any product of any size can be brought to life by projection with you as the director. Distributed to leading creative industry media outlets worldwide as a video with a short description, the hope was to ignite enthusiasm and excitement around the project and Leviathan’s vision, artistry and craftsmanship.

As shown in the demo video, Leviathan’s first application for Ghost Box was an interactive art installation involving music from Waveplant, but they also revised it into a custom car configurator. The video concludes, “Such technologies could be used for anything from a storefront window to a large-scale event,” and asks: “Now that we know it’s possible, what do you want to build?” Here are some responses.

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JUMP Backup Battery With Charging Cable Organizer

JUMP Backup Battery With Charging Cable Organizer 11 650x433  JUMP Backup Battery With Charging Cable Organizer
You can get up to 3 hours of talk time when your battery is dying. The charging begins automatically and Jump takes half the time than usual. Another win for Team Lazy!It comes in with two small and lightweight accessories, a charging cable and a built-in backup battery. Just simply plug the cable in your phone and other side in the USB port.

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Xbox One Titanfall Wireless Controller

Xbox One Titanfall Wireless Controller 21 650x433  Xbox One Titanfall Wireless Controller
The controller is inspired by elite IMC Titan Pilots of the Frontier’s C-101 carbine. It is designed to hit the target with pure authenticity and maximum accuracy without compromising the colors and graphics. Enjoy the amazing, immersed and realistic artifact from the world wide award winning “Titanfall.”

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World’s first 50 megapixel CMOS sensor camera: The Hasselblad H5D-50c

Hasselblad H5D 50c Camera 650x753 Worlds first 50 megapixel CMOS sensor camera: The Hasselblad H5D 50c

Hasselblad is set to launch the world’s first 50MP medium format camera using CMOS sensor technology. The groundbreaking H5D-50c will be available in March.

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Beats Music | Digital Music Service

beats music large 650x832 Beats Music | Digital Music Service

New digital music service by Beats. Get unlimited access to over 20 million tracks. Play Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Country, Jazz, Speed Metal, Afro Beat, Classical, any genre. Plus expert curators to help you pick the right ones.

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Apple TV Holder | by Tinsel & Timber

apple tv holder large 650x444 Apple TV Holder | by Tinsel & Timber

Your Apple TV and remote finally have a home of their own. Introducing Apple Tray by Tinsel & Timber. This Apple TV Holder is available in your choice of sustainably sourced American Walnut (shown) or Maple, this beautiful and functional piece keeps your Apple TV and remote organized and looking great. Plus, won’t it be nice to always know where that pesky little remote it?

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Scanomat Top Brewer

Coffee 11 Scanomat Top Brewer
Equipped with 2 grinders and a brewing unit, Top Brewer is an all one coffee machine that lets you make espressos and cappucinnos from the iPhone controlled app, giving you coffee on tap. There is also an Android app to work with other smartphones and tablets.

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Wireless Charger For iPhone 5 / 5s By iNPOFi

Wireless Charger For iPhone 5 5s By iNPOFi 11 650x433  Wireless Charger For iPhone 5 / 5s By iNPOFi
The new 800mAh charger is radiation free and can do wireless charging and USB charging at the same time. You can charge your phone by simply putting the charger in the same pocket with the phone. It is very light weight and could probably be the smartest invention of the year in the mobile-charging field.

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Woodup Beat iPhone 5 Dock

Beat halfprofile1 650x487  Woodup Beat iPhone 5 Dock
The BEAT is not only our Dock for the iPhone 5: it is a sculpture carved by hand out of one piece of solid walnut wood. It combines functionality and style, while offering room for the battery charger and for the audio cable.

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