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clockone twelve24 large 650x761 ClockONE

ClockONE, designed by Twelve24, is a beautiful minimal digital wall clock as thin as a sheet of paper….

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Eight | Natural Acoustic Amplifier

eight natural acoustic amplifier large 650x761 Eight | Natural Acoustic Amplifier

The sound of the build-in microphone and speaker of your iPhone is separated. Inspired by the shape of an ear, conically shaped chambers produce the perfect natural sound.

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powercube large 650x868 PowerCube

The PowerCube enables to always have a power outlet within the vicinity. With its unique mounting system, the Extended models can be mounted within reach. Despite its compact shape bulky adapters will not block one another, as all plug into a different side of the PowerCube. What is more, the PowerCube Extended USB comes with a 1.5 or 3 metre long extension cable and a dual USB port.

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JIBO | Family Robot

jibo family robot large 650x444 JIBO | Family Robot

Jibo is the World’s First Social Robot for the Home, it Recognizes you and each member of your household, to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time & place. It Politely reminds you of important tasks and events to help you stay on top of things. It uses natural cues like movement, speech, and smile detection to know when someone’s posing for a picture….

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The Best Blenders for your Kitchen

blend 1 The Best Blenders for your Kitchen
Blenders are a must have for any kitchen. They’re perfect for everything from quick breakfasts on the go to proper fruits and veggie consumption. We’ve rounded up the 9 best blenders for your kitchen.

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Arrow, The Rotating Camera Smartwatch

arrow 1 960x542 650x366 Arrow, The Rotating Camera Smartwatch

One of the most interesting timepieces that I’ve come across so far is a rather unusual one, as it offers something which you won’t find anywhere else.

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Kickflip | by BlueLounge

bluelounge kickflip large 650x852 Kickflip | by BlueLounge

Kickflip is on a hinge and stays affixed to the bottom of your laptop using a high-tech, yet removable and repositionable adhesive. It elevates your laptop at an ergonomic angle.

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klyp plus large 650x444 KLYP+

KLYP+ is the all-in-one photographic solution exclusively designed for iPhone 5/5s. The innovative photographic bumper not only protects the iPhone from falls and scratches, but it works as a portable connection system on which to screw in the lenses – wide angle, 1.5x telephoto converter and fisheye – and slide on the LED light and the tripod mount.

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HattrickWear: Creatively designed Augmented Reality Wear that’s more powerful than Google Glass but costs only 10% of its price!

Omar Isaac is all set to take the augmented reality industry by storm with his unique creation HattrickWear. With excellent design and features, HattrickWear is a powerful and affordable alternative to Google Glass.

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Sleep Talk Recorder

sleep talk recorder large 650x444 Sleep Talk Recorder

Sleep Talk Recorder is a great iOS application that records exactly what you say while you’re fast asleep and dreaming, it monitors your sleep, but it’s not just an ongoing recording. An advanced filtering function qualifies sounds and triggers Sleep Talk Recorder technology in a millisecond.

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qwerky1 650x365 Qwerkywriter
The Kickstarter funded Qwerkywriter combines the classic beauty of a mechanical typewriter with the functional accuracy of a modern keyboard, to nostalgic and truly stunning effect.

The Querkywriter looks very much like the typewriters of the past. Sounds emitted from the mechanical switches and round chrome keypads emulate the clatter of the original typewriters. The device will likely be available to the general public in about a year.

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Best Wi-Fi Routers Available

route 1 Best Wi Fi Routers Available
Everyone’s going wireless these days with their home network, but as you may already know, the hardware you choose makes all the difference in performance. We’ve tested the 9 best wireless routers on the market, helping you find what you need.

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Portable Arcade by R-Kaid-R

 Portable Arcade by R Kaid R
This portable R-Kaid-R is an old school arcade system that folds up into a briefcase allowing you to game on the go.

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The Best Robot Lawnmowers for Your Home

bot 0 The Best Robot Lawnmowers for Your Home
Forget having to break your back mowing the lawn, it’s time to let the robots do their jobs. We’ve rounded up the 5 best robot lawn mowers for your household needs.

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Aquila Electric Surfboards

aquila electric surfboards large 650x694 Aquila Electric Surfboards

Aquila presents an electric jet board to enjoy high speed over water. From cruising over the water surface for the most adventurous ones to the most extreme performances for adrenaline fans. They have designed several boards and propulsion systems so you can choose the best for you. Lightweight and fast. Its powerful electric jet is environmentally friendly and really intuitive to use.

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