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JBL Voyager

JBL Voyager 31 650x433 JBL Voyager
It has a USB port and an aux-in jack charging speakers, tablets and smart phones. When the speaker is connected to the subwoofer dock it becomes a desktop 2.1 dual driver system. The two other versions of JBL (Herman Kardon Onyx and JBL Spark) are also available.

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ClearView CLIO Wireless Invisible Speaker

ClearView CLIO Wireless Invisible Speaker 51 650x433  ClearView CLIO Wireless Invisible Speaker
Unlike traditional cone speakers that push sound waves in one direction, Clio™ surrounds you with rich and clear stereo sound driven from both sides of the speaker. Place it anywhere and enjoy a 360° sound experience.

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Cubify’s 3D Printer: Cube 3

Cubify’s 3D Printer Cube 31a 650x433 Cubify’s 3D Printer: Cube 3

It is simple plug and play printer for everyone at homes, offices and schools, etc. with kids’ safety certification. The work is not done yet. The Cubify 2.0 is already on the way with more surprises to fulfill the lust of 3D printing.

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Nvidia’s Tegra K1 with 192 Cores!

Nvidias Tegra K1 with 192 Cores 31 650x433 Nvidia’s Tegra K1 with 192 Cores!
The innovative new Tegra K1 processor features the same high-performance, power-efficient NVIDIA Kepler™-based GPU that drives the world’s most powerful supercomputers and PC gaming systems. This means you can now count on even more unbelievable graphics performance, powerful computing, and truly unique features in every Tegra K1-powered mobile device.

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9 Incredibly Effective Habits of Successful Startup Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are a driven bunch of people. They start, build, run, promote, and manage businesses. That often takes a lot.

Often they fail, and start all over again. That’s why entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone.

Successful entrepreneurs, however, belong to a different class. There are certain traits and habits that make them who they are. There are secrets to their success. Thankfully, most of these habits run common among business owners with a successful DNA. Here are some of the incredibly effective habits of successful startup entrepreneurs:

Looking into Market Needs

entrepreneurship1 9 Incredibly Effective Habits of Successful Startup Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs look for what the market needs and not what they thought was a great idea. Ideas are plenty. As such, there’s not much value in an idea itself, as Paul Graham writes in his essay on startup ideas. He believes that many startup founders get into the abortive work of founding companies based on ideas that the market doesn’t really need. At Y Combinator, Paul and his team call these ideas “sitcom” ideas.

Paul believes that successful entrepreneurs work to come up with ideas that the market really needs. If there’s a problem that needs a solution, these ideas will help solve that problem.
It’s simple, but it’s elusive. For most entrepreneurs it could be too late before this fact sinks in.

Living the Unsettle Syndrome

Successful entrepreneurs don’t settle for anything – for them, life is never static. They don’t get used to either less or more of anything. They don’t need ratification of an accepted idea to lunge into execution. Show successful entrepreneurs an opportunity and they’ll take the lead. If a startup succeeds, the work involved in starting another startup begins.

Really successful entrepreneurs don’t even stop with a single business. They move on to create more startups. Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal, did not stop with the uber popular, digital payment services company. He went on to create Tesla Motors, SolarCity, HyperLoop, and SpaceX. He also invests in many other businesses.
Which part of his life looks “settled” now?

Learning Happens Everyday

never stop learning1 9 Incredibly Effective Habits of Successful Startup Entrepreneurs

You never hear a successful entrepreneur say “I’m an expert. I know.”

They only know that they never know enough. If they are not spending time executing, managing, and hustling, you’ll often find them learning. Meanwhile, everything they do is again a grand session of learning on the job.

Countless entrepreneurs dedicate their time to learning new skills, charting out into unfamiliar territories, and learn all they can.

It’s this learning that arms them with the skills necessary to move forward. It helps them multi-task, run their businesses, make money, and start all over again.

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iPhone Air Concept Phone by SET Solution

Phone 1 iPhone Air Concept Phone by SET Solution
Every year Apple fans impatiently await the arrival of the brand’s latest iteration on their immensely popular iPhone. The fact that Apple recently introduced the iPad Air leads a lot of people to believe that an iPhone Air is next. The team at SET Solution believes this as well, and has created their very own concept version. The end result is stunning.

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MakerBot Designs Affordable Replicator Mini Home 3D Printer

Printer 1 MakerBot Designs Affordable Replicator Mini Home 3D Printer
3D printing has really taken the world by storm over the past year. The problem still remains that for normal consumers, the price of 3D printers is just way too high. MakerBot is looking to change all that with their Replicator Mini. The brand is looking to bring the first high quality, affordable 3D printing solution to homes across the world.

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Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

sony 4k ultra short throw projector large 650x886 Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

Sony have presented a new projector at CES 2014. The state-of-the-art 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector delivers a 147-inch 4K image on your wall!

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Mophie Space Pack

mophie space pack large 650x858 Mophie Space Pack
Space Pack is the world’s first rechargeable battery case with local built-in storage made for iPhone 5s/5. Power through with up to 100% extra battery and your choice of 16GB or 32GB of extra storage.

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GoPole Reach

gopole reach large 650x827 GoPole Reach
GoPole REACH is a telescoping extension pole built for action and engineered for strength & durability. Its compact size makes it perfect for traveling; fitting in most backpacks & carry-on luggage.

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Python Slimpack | by Booq Bags

booq python slimpack large 650x804 Python Slimpack | by Booq Bags

Python slimpack is a compact backpack designed for 1-2 DSLRs, up to 4 mid-size lenses, 1 large zoom lens, tripod, plus a 10″ tablet or iPad. Its two-strap design and both rear and top-access camera compartment lets you reach your gear however you like.

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Carbon Aerogel – The New Lightest Material

179 Carbon Aerogel   The New Lightest Material
The lightest material ever made has been produced by a team of scientists in China, a Chinese university announced. The ultra-light substance, called carbon aerogel, has a density of 0.16 milligrams per cubic centimeter, Zhejiang University in China said in a statement. One sixth of the substance is air.

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Augmented-Reality Contact Lenses

Augmented Reality Contact Lenses 21 650x433 Augmented Reality Contact Lenses
The accelerating performance of mobile devices together with availability of HD and 3D content are catalysts for new and compelling user experiences. Innovega and its strategic partners are designing natural eyewear-based platforms based on the patented iOptikTM display system that promise to thrill us and transform how we use and share our social media.

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Webee Smart Home System

Webee Smart Home System 11 650x433  Webee Smart Home System

No need to hire someone to setup and optimize, it does it for you, right out of the box. Webee‘s plug’n play hardware can make nearly any electronic device you already own, a smart device through our Hub (Boss) and low cost devices designed for you.

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Lacie Sphere

lacie sphere hard drive large 650x821 Lacie Sphere

The LaCie Sphère is as practical as it is beautiful. It features high-speed USB 3.0, which makes file transfers and backups nearly three times faster than with USB 2.0. Its 1TB of storage also gives you enough space for years of backups or an extensive photo, video, and music library. The LaCie Sphère is even powered through the USB cable, so no power cord is ever necessary.

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