Guatemalan Grave Cleaners

A grave cleaner sits on a coffin next to a mummified body during the exhumation work at the General Cemetery in Guatemala City, April 15, 2015. If a lease on a grave has expired or not been paid, grave cleaners will break open the crypts to remove and rebury the bodies. Any remains that have not been claimed are packed into plastic bags, labeled and stored in mass graves. Bodies that have been stored in the upper crypt are exposed to dry and sunny conditions which means they do not decompose and instead become mummified. (Photo by Jorge Dan Lopez/Reuters)

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Clayoquot Wilderness Resort


Clayoquot Wilderness Resort offers remote Canadian wilderness vacations, but behind the five-star cuisine, the spa and the great white tents with their fluffy duvets and antiques, there is a deep and meaningful commitment to restoring the land.

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Lifestyle & Travel Photographer Brooke Duthie


Brooke Duthie is a commercial and travel photographer from California. Works with Amazon Advertising, BBDO, Cisco, Facebook, Google, New York Times, Rolling Stone HTC, Levis and many others.

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Deep blue Lazuli and Afghan flavors

Deep blue Lapis Lazuli and Afghan flavors Kutchi Deli Parwana by Studio Gram - HomeWorldDesign (1)
Kutchi Deli Parwana project, an Afghan restaurant is the achievement of the designers from Studio Gram from Adelaide, Australia. The owners have migrated from Afghanistan to Adelaide, developing later the Parwan restaurant to share the richness of Afghan flavors.

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Monaci delle Terre Nere / boutique hotel

Monaci delle Terre Nere boutique hotel situated on the slopes of Mount Etna - HomeWorldDesign (50)
Monaci delle Terre Nere is a boutique hotel situated on the slopes of Mount Etna, the highest volcano from Europe, in Sicily, at an altitude of 500 meters. Villa Monaci dates from 1800 and it has belonged to the monks of Saint Anna’s order.

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27 Reasons Why You Must Visit Norway in 2015


Wondering why you should visit Norway? Norway is a once in a lifetime destination and probably one of the most stunning landscapes in the world, truly spectacular nature with mountains plunging into the sea from hundreds of metres, fjords, tall mountain peaks, northern lights and midnight sun. So we’re putting Norway on our travel-list for 2015..

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Tokyo Makes Godzilla Tourism Ambassador

A real-scale head of Godzilla is displayed at the balcony of the newly-built commercial complex as a new Tokyo landmark during its unveiling at Kabukicho shopping and amusement district in Tokyo April 9, 2015. The skyscraper complex includes a hotel, movie theatres and restaurants will be open this month in the central Tokyo. (Photo by Issei Kato/Reuters)

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Villa O


Villa O is a luxury rental villa with stunning views, located in the Colla Blanche area of St. Jean Cap Ferrat, southeastern of France.

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Silolona Sojourns


Silolona Sojourns are the most sought after private travel experiences in South East Asia. These are not only individually crafted journeys, but journeys crafted for each individual to enjoy. Young or old, everyone is enthralled by these magical experiences.

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1872 River House Hotel / traditional Portuguese architecture

River House rehabilitation of traditional Portuguese architecture - HomeWorldDesign (3)
Situated in the historical area of Porto city, Portugal, 1872 River House is one of the hotels units of reference for the historical center, known as being a valuable “piece of history”.

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Melissani Undercover Cave and Lake in Greece


One of the Ionian islands in Greece, Kefalonia is definitely the greenest and greatest. There’s great quantity of gorgeous nature and breathtaking landscape there. Vacationers and travelers who arrive here are fascinated by the magnificent rugged mountain ranges and also the valleys in between them which are full of number of vineyards.

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Wadi Sannur Cave – Egypt Hidden Gem

Egypt’s is filled with photographic opportunities, including those below the surface. I recently took a beautiful mesmerising trip to Wadi Sannur Cave protectorate 10 km away from Beni Suef city and it was a very special experience.

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The Great Wide Open


Following today’s intrepid adventurers, this atmospheric book is a visual journey to the most beautiful and breathtaking places in the world. So pack your backpack, lace up your shoes–don’t forget your camera–and go.

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Beautiful Abandoned NYC

From Manhattan and Brooklyn’s trendiest neighborhoods to the far-flung edges of theouter boroughs, Will Ellis has spent the last three years photographing and researching the lost and lonely corners of the United States’ most populous city. His photo book Abandoned NYC is packed with 150 color images of sixteen of New York’s most beautiful and mysterious abandoned spaces, paired with detailed essays on the fascinating history of these forgotten sites. Here: the Gowanus “Batcave” was the home of a thriving squatter community in the early 2000s. Today it’s being renovated into artists’ studios and exhibition space. (Photo by Will Ellis)

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Northern Norway “In Search of the Northern Lights”

There is no guarantee to watch the Northern Lights when you want. You can just increase your chances by doing right things. Travel photographer Yigit Yuksel shares his travel notes from his recent Northern Norway trip.


To see the Northern Lights you should always improvise in your travel and search some places that suitable for watching the Northern Lights. This means that you should find a spot where away from city lights or busy roads and it must have an open wide view so you can watch it altogether.

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