Examples of Architecture Photography

Today, we look at some of the some of the greatest prodigious photos of architecture. In this collection, we focus on large modern skyscrapers, bridges as well as a few great examples of classic architecture. The only thing they all share in common is the fact they will take your breath away!

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50 National Geographic’s Photography Contest Photographs – Best Photography Showcase

National Geographic is once again holding their annual Photo Contest, with the deadline for submissions. For the past eight weeks, they have been gathering and presenting galleries of submissions, encouraging readers to rate them as well. National Geographic was again kind enough to let me choose some of their entries. Collected below are 50 images from the three categories of People, Places and Nature. Captions were written by the individual photographers.

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Culture Kitchen Kits, spreading culture through food

Live Kickstarter campaign, Culture Kitchen Kits: Spreading Culture Through Food

Culture Kitchen’s mission to spread culture through food and make it possible for anyone to cook authentic ethnic cuisines in their own home. They offer a monthly subscription where each month we feature a different home taught cook (all immigrants to the US), their culture, three family recipes and all the hard to find ethnic ingredients to cook an incredible meal at home.

Photo by Bowerbird Photography

Retelly.com – A VIDEO MAGAZINE

Retelly.com logo
Retelly.com a video magazine


(Edit) NEW NAME: Retelly Magazine

A video magazine with a badass collection of videos. Bringing you new content every day! Go check for yourself! http://www.retelly.com

48 hours of video uploaded every minute and 8 years of content uploaded every day. Resulting in 3 billion videos being watch every 24 hours. With more and more videos being uploaded and watched, the only problem seems to be what to watch…

By creating a smooth video website and a WebApp. Compatible with iPhones & iPads, mixed with Facebook, Twitter and Email share features.

Redliight TV sets a new way of making a magazine. Without any borders or the limit of pages and the entire world as the editorial team. We tell our stories better and faster.

To bring a nice selection of videos, we gathered a group of carefully chosen editors and a monthly guest editor. It’s a mixture of different backgrounds, all with swag. Represented from Copenhagen, Amsterdam and L.A.

You can hit us up for any reason on hello@retelly.com For advertising or any business related please use business@retelly.com

Beautiful Holiday Villa in Thailand Offering Astonishing Views

Aqualina Residence is a modern and unusual looking holiday villa. The building is L-shaped and it’s wrapped around a beautiful swimming pool that is overlooking the sea. The interiors of the house are white with discreet splash of colors. For the rest of the pictures click here.


Check out this awesome, cinematic journey through the countryside where a man awakens to a world full of origami animals. Video and interview at Global Yodel.

Abandoned Boats

He was an old man who fished alone in a skiff in the Gulf Stream and he had gone eighty-four days now without taking a fish. In the first forty days a boy had been with him. But after forty days without a fish the boy’s parents had told him that the old man was now definitely and finally salao, which is the worst form of unlucky and the boy had gone at their orders in another boat which caught three good fish the first week. It made the boy sad to see the old man come in each day with his skiff empty and he always went down to help him carry either the coiled lines or the gaff and harpoon and the sail that was furled around the mast. The sail was patched with flour sacks and, furled; it looked like the flag of permanent defeat…. As always you can find high resolution photos on my website:

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Most Incredible Photos of Bridges from Around the World

In this article we present you the most remarkable photographs of beautiful bridges taken by some expert photographers from around the globe. For more details click the links above each photograph to view the original source.

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Shimotakaido, Tokyo, Japan – LOCALS ONLY – but you are invited – Travel through a local lens at Global Yodel.

IKEA France creates Airport Lounge

First time ever IKEA France creates a lounge open to everybody at the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport, Terminal 3 from July the 13th to August th 5th of 2012 !

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Baku City (Azerbaijan)

Baku City (Azerbaijan) (Designer: Ramin Nasibov)


Lago Alice – PWP 2.0

One of these small lakes along the Magra River (Italy), in this case the lake known as “Lago Alice” is the seat of Panda Wake Park 2.0… As always you can find high resolution photos on my website:

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Luxury Beach Resort in Mykonos

Thinking on going to Greece? Mykonos is an amazing island and it’s definitely a must visit place in Greece. One of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels of the island is Mykonos Grand Hotel, a paradise like place overlooking the beach of Ayios Yiannis and capturing stunning views. For more pictures click here.


Amazing vintage photography from Greece by Maynard Owen Williams / Wilhelm Tobien. Enjoy ;)

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Cave photography showcase

The art of photography makes it possible to travel into the enigmatic and unexplored, yet beautiful and attractive world of caves even without leaving the comfort of your house. Just scroll down your browser window and you will see fantastic images of caves with all the variety of their forms, colors, and textures. This photo gallery contains professional photographs of different types of caves, including underwater caverns. Furthermore, camera experts made their best not only to illustrate the world of caves, but also to highlight their most interesting and unusual aspects, subsequently turning photographs into real art masterpieces.

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