Beautiful Australia Photos

Australia Photos

We like to collect great and beautiful photos. In this post, we are going to share 32 absolutely Beautiful Australia photos so that you can relax yourself and look at the natural photos when you are tired.

Australia Photos

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NEW: Oh yes very nice! – Visual Journal

Oh yes very nice – Now is the newest journal of global references. Lots of art, design, mode, trends, animation, packaging, videos, interfaces, photos and more. Do not miss. Welcome!

Mirador in Daya Vieja

The Mirador del Palmeral acts as both a vista tower and a brace for the palm trees. See more on collabcubed.

OSKARSHAMN, SWEDEN – travel through a local lens

Oskarshamn, Sweden, through the lens of local photographer Gustav Adbage. Read the full interview/travel guide at Global Yodel.


Hello everyone !

If you’re in France this summer and if you really love music and live performances, you must join me on this Facebook page! This musical project is called You LIVE It ! We’re talking about music, live music, musical news… And this is also a place to be if you like share and talk about your musical passion.

The You LIVE It application permits you to organize your French Tour of musical festival with your Facebook friends. This is the only tool dedicated to live music in France, and it’s an independent project!

The Goal : To thank the fans for their commitment and their love of music.

Add your friends, add your brothers and sisters, add your mum and your dad, add your pet, add everyone you love indeed !

You LIVE It is a nice concept, that we can find in one sentence :


Serene Luxury Yacht

SERENE luxury yacht

An enormous, but perfectly proportioned mega yacht, built to an exceptional standard, Serene may be a floating palace but she offers a personal and intimate environment where up to 24 guests can be truly pampered in 134 metres of sheer luxury. From her Reymond Langton designed interior to her Espen Oeino exterior lines, Serene is in a class of her own on every level, whether it be size, amenities, technology or style. [Watch the Gallery]

35 Fantastic Photos Captured In Sunlight

sunset wallpapers

Sunlight is the total spectrum of the electromagnetic radiation given off by the Sun. We are showcasing some of the most interesting and most amazing photos of sunlight.

sunset wallpapers

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Casa na Areia by Aires Mateus

Check out this wonderful place in Comporta, Grândola, Portugal. CasasNa Areia consists of four 30m2 double bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and fully equiped amenities ideal for groups of up to 8. More info and pictures!

Casa na Areia by Aires Mateus

Casa na Areia by Aires Mateus

More info and pictures!

15 Beautiful Shadow Examples You Never Seen Before

Shadow Examples

They can highlight emotions, create surreal images, and be used in a variety of ways. Shadows create fascinating photos on their own, and they also are gorgeous when paired with their parent object.

Shadow Examples


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Manhattan Print by @needledesign

Woody Allen: Manhattan Print by @needledesign

A Print Inspired By Woody Allen’s 1979 Film Manhattan

Size: 420mm x 297mm
Hi-Gloss 250gsm print.
Dispatched ASAP.
worldwide Postage and packaging included in price


(this is unofficial fan artwork)

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND – travel through a local lens

TRAVEL THROUGH A LOCAL LENS – Edinburgh, Scotland through the lens of local visual artist/designer/musician Tommy Perman. Check out the full interview/travel guide at Global Yodel.

World’s Largest Swimming Pool At Over 1,000 Meters Long

The swimming pool is 1,013 meters in length, or approximately 3,323 feet, and holds 66 million gallons of water.

Check out more pictures of World’s Largest Swimming Pool At Over 1,000 Meters Long

Nature in America: La Push, WA

La Push is in the northwest corner of Washington. Home of the Quileute Tribe, it is known for both its stunning beauty and rich culture surrounding whales. The tribes are good at hunting them while tourists love to watch them.

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Daycraft MyTravel Notebook

Daycraft MyTravel notebook is designed to survive a journey into space

You only have to look at a well-used suitcase or a spacesuit to know how hard travel can be on personal possessions. Determined to create a product with the potential to survive the most difficult journey, award-winning personal organiser brand Daycraft has released the extra-tough MyTravel notebook.

The notebook can be readily recognized by the handy world map graphic on the cover. The pages within are protected by a tough double cardboard cover. The back cover includes a handy pocket for snippets and souvenirs. And the irreplaceable records of the owner’s epic wanderings are all held together within an elastic clasp.

MyTravel notebook presents the impression that this is a very solid and dependable companion ready to accompany the traveller anywhere.

MyTravel Notebook

SANDHOLM, EAST YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND – travel through a local lens

Sandholm, East Yorkshire, England through the lens of Dom Wilson. Read the full travel guide/interview and see the photo series at Global Yodel.