World’s Highest Tennis Court

The Burj Al Arab in Dubai is home to the world’s highest tennis court. The Burj Al Arab also happens to be the 4th highest and only 7 star hotel in the world.(more pictures here)
worlds highest tennis court dubai World’s Highest Tennis Court
See more photos of the World’s Highest Tennis Court. Via Enpundit

Orcas Island by Kirk Mastin for Global Yodel 750x500 ORCAS ISLAND   BY PNW LOCAL KIRK MASTIN
Name? Kirk Mastin – Place you live? Seattle, WA – Where is your favorite place in the world? The San Juan Islands in the summer. – Read Kirk’s full interview/Pacific Northwest travel guide here at

Vintage Postcards from Europe

amsterdam rembrandtsplein Vintage Postcards from Europe
Here is an interesting selection of vintage postcards from various places all around Europe.

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Daily Inspirations no. 406

I feel like starting with illustrations today instead of photos. How do you guys like the artwork by Jennifer Healy called Daydream? I personally love it! It’s not the only artwork I love though. Just few spots lower down in the art digital art section there is a nice illustration by Alexandra Bezrukova. I’m a huge fan of fonts, so no wonder I’m always eager to check the typography section. From today’s typographic artworks I picked one piece that is a mixture of various typographic styles. Check it out … it’s called Advertising Design: 7-Eleven & Tullamore Dew. Make sure to check today’s ads as well … it’s definitelly worth it. Enjoy!

i1a118 Daily Inspirations no. 406

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Fabulous Direct Oceanfront Villa in Thailand

Happy Thursday! A stunning oceanfront location with understated contemporary Asian design and a luxuriously appointed interior combine to make this four bedroom villa a home of unmatched character and comfort. More info and pictures!

1137 750x562 Fabulous Direct Oceanfront Villa in Thailand

1220 750x562 Fabulous Direct Oceanfront Villa in Thailand

More info and pictures!

Reportage from Salone Satellite 2012

A photo reportage of over 500 images from Salone Satellite in Milan.
1o31 Reportage from Salone Satellite 20124o1 Reportage from Salone Satellite 20129o Reportage from Salone Satellite 2012
MORE INFO & IMAGES > Reportage from Salone Satellite 2012
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Tremendous Hayman Resort in Australia

Island hotel 1 Tremendous Hayman Resort in Australia

Anyone who wants to spend their vacation in a five star hotel? You will be amazed of this island and it’s natural beauty. Let yourself drift away by this luxury oasis. For more pictures click here.

Tel Aviv by Natalie Kaplan for Global Yodel 750x500  TEL AVIV, ISRAEL   BY NATALIE KAPLAN
Name? Natalie Kaplan – Place you live? Tel Aviv, Israel – Occupation? photographer/filmmaker – A perfect day in Tel Aviv? Yom Kippur. It’s a day in which it is forbidden for cars or any kind of vehicle to drive. Its very quiet, the air is fresh and there are lots of bikes on the roads. – Read Natalie’s full interview/Tel Aviv travel guide at Global Yodel.

Daily Inspirations no. 405

You may remember photography by Mike Powell, it’s not the first time we featured his work here on Cruzine. Anyway, I like his photos with tiny bit of post production .) Check the runner … it’s the very first photo. Let’s move lower down though. From illustrations I would like to highlight Cover Trois Couleurs – FR by DAVID VICENTE as well as Abominable Snowman by Joel Hustak. These two are amazing. From art / digital art section I like the water painting called Water Spread by Sophie Song. If you guys could need a free postcard design, check our freebie section for Painted Postcards by FluxVFX. Enjoy!

i1a101 Daily Inspirations no. 405

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Transparent Bubble Tent

French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas has invented the see-through BubbleTree pressurized tent, which provides you with a 360° view of nature’s incredible scenic views (more pictures here).
bubble tent 3 Transparent Bubble Tentbubble pressurized tent Transparent Bubble Tent
Check out more pictures of the Transparent Bubble Tent. Via Enpundit

Piece of Paradise: Island Hideaway Resort in Maldives

resort 8 Piece of Paradise: Island Hideaway Resort in Maldives

Located on the crescent-shaped island of Dhonakulhi in Maldives, Island Hideaway Resort is definitely a quiet and fascinating holiday retreat. With complex accommodation options this resort will charm you. For more pictures click here.

Toronto, Canada by local Mark Peckmezian
Toronto by Mark Peckmezian for Global Yodel 750x764 Toronto, Canada by local Mark Peckmezian
Name? Mark Peckmezian – Can you sum up Toronto? Toronto is a really pleasant place, but perhaps a bit boring. It’s very livable: clean, safe, good economy, decent public transportation, lots of nice neighbourhoods, etc. But it also sometimes just feels like a very large small town. It’s not a terribly exciting place, and the people are, by many accounts, pretty uptight.- Read Mark’s full interview/Toronto travel guide here at Global Yodel.

Daily Inspirations no. 404

Today as every single day, we’re bringing you a mixture of various quality artworks for you to get inspired. I am sure you’re already curious what did out team put together. So, let’s take a closer look. My personal picks from the photography section are the very first two photos. I’m speaking about the baseball player and the calm full moon photo by Nicolai Perjesi. The section right below dedicated to illustrations brought us several cool artworks. The first one that deserves your attention is called Repressed by Jennifer Healy. I kind of like the Mermaid Pin-Up by Roberto Pena as well. The ones into traditional art such as paintings, should take a closer look at Stardust* by J. Luna. Web designers and programmers may look forward a nice jQuery banner / ad rotator by Coding Jack. Enjoy!

c1a20 Daily Inspirations no. 404

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10 Weirdest Trees On Earth

Take a look at our collection of the 10 Weirdest Trees on Earth (more pictures here).
chandelier tree 34 10 Weirdest Trees On Earthbaobab toilet tree 26 10 Weirdest Trees On Earth
Check out all photos of the 10 Weirdest Trees On Earth. Via Enpundit.