Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda, Italy

Located in Riviera dei Limoni, Italy this beautiful five star resort is softly merged with the amazing surroundings of the area: wonderful vineyards and olive trees. Live in the natural beauty of Italy! For more pictures click here.

Travel Photography by Kyle Anstey

Kyle Anstey‘s photographs aim to present a unique perspective on the experience of adventure travel across the seven continents. by Creative Photography.

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VANCOUVER, B.C. BY ALANA PATERSON – travel through a local lens


Travel through a local lens. Vancouver B.C, through the lens of local photographer Alana Paterson. Read the full interview/travel guide here.

New NASA Discovery Reveals Unprecedented Blooms Of Ocean Plant Life Beneath Arctic Ice

Thanks to a NASA-sponsored expedition to the Arctic Ocean in the summers of 2010 and 2011, scientists have found an area underneath the sea ice, which is richer in microscopic marine plants, essential to all sea life, than any other ocean region on the Earth.

The expedition, called ICESCAPE (Impacts of Climate on EcoSystems and Chemistry of the Arctic Pacific Environment), explored the waters in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas along Alaska’s western and northern coasts using optical technologies. According to scientists, the findings would help reveal a new consequence of the Arctic’s warming climate and provide a vital clue to understanding the impacts of a changing climate and environment on the Arctic Ocean and its ecology.

Sunsets started to tease the Arctic horizon as scientists on board the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy headed south in the Chukchi Sea during the final days collecting ocean data for the 2011 ICESCAPE mission. (NASA/Kathryn Hansen)

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MAELSTRØM, A short film by Tom Geraedts

London Trip

London photographs are like the captures of the moments of this great city’s life – each with its unique and specific beauty, energy, and emotions. Digital photography creates even more opportunities for artists to show the true character of London by increasing the contrast or applying specific graphic effects, like black-and-white or sepia, to the pictures. It is even possible to say that making photographs black-and-white helps to concentrate viewers’ attention at the forms instead of dispersing it for a great variety of shades on the color images. Anyway, every artist chooses his own technique when illustrating the city of London, but the common truth is that London has always been and it will always be the powerful and inexhaustible source of inspiration for creative souls and for those, who value the real art masterpieces.

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Creative photography by Nich Hance McElroy

Nich Hance McElroy is a 26 year-old photographer based in Seattle, WA, who ventures into the great wilderness and comes back with photographs that depict a wonderful outdoor universe at its most grandeur.

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Paradame Shift Series

Paradame Shift x Paradox by Marco Angeles

Paradame Shift x Perished by Marco Angeles

Paradame Shift x Prisma by Marco Angeles

Paradame Shift x Pristine by Marco Angeles

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Designed by Marco Angeles
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS by WALLO VILLACORTA – travel through a local lens


“I think people have seen too many photographs of the skyline and chicago city streets. These are photographs of human interventions from my surroundings here in Chicago.” Chicago, Illinois, through the lens of local photographer Wallo Villacorta. At Global Yodel!


The City of Light, Paradise of Sweethearts – Paris is known by many nicknames through which its history, modern life and atmosphere can be rendered. Our showcase will help you understand why it is called so, and maybe you will also find your own words to describe it better than any person has ever done…

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Travel through a local lens. Riga, Latvia, through the lens of local photographer Ivars Gravlejs at Global Yodel.

Beautiful Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort near Dubai

If you want a quiet and relaxing place to spend your holiday, Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort must be on your choice list! This piece of heaven is located only two hours from Dubai in a secluded bay on the Northern Musandam Peninsula. Nested between mountains this luxurious resort will absolutely charm you. For the rest of the pictures click here.

Uma Ubud in Bali, Indonesia

Check out this wonderful place! Opened in 2004, Uma Ubud is an intimate hotel offering exceptional style on Bali in Indonesia. More info and pictures!

Uma Ubud in Bali, Indonesia

Uma Ubud in Bali, Indonesia

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Daily Inspirations no. 440

Today we’ll start with two amazing nature photos. The first one is called Grasses of Pew Tor by Alex37 … love the atmosphere btw. The other one is right below and it’s from Fregona, Treviso, Italy. What a view. Let’s continue lower down in the illustration section. Again, I’ll pick two artworks I like the most. I am sure you’ll agree that Demos by Apofiss deserves to be featured .). Although I am not into fairy tales anymore, I do like the illustration called Knight by Pesare. For all the fans of photorealistic drawings, make sure to check Almost Famous by Andre Villanueva. Typography by Mircozett is a mixture of typography and 3d. Looks pretty hot to me. Do not miss the Mercado Magazine‘s vision of UK-Brazilian flag available in the Ad section :). At the end, got to mention there is a nice free font available called Gabba All Caps. Worth downloading .). Enjoy!

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RHINEBECK, NEW YORK – by JONAH ROSENBERG – travel through a local lens


Travel through a local lens. Rhinebeck, New York through the lens of local photographer Jonah Rosenberg. Read the full interview/travel guide at Global Yodel.