Wadi Sannur Cave – Egypt Hidden Gem

Egypt’s is filled with photographic opportunities, including those below the surface. I recently took a beautiful mesmerising trip to Wadi Sannur Cave protectorate 10 km away from Beni Suef city and it was a very special experience.

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The Great Wide Open


Following today’s intrepid adventurers, this atmospheric book is a visual journey to the most beautiful and breathtaking places in the world. So pack your backpack, lace up your shoes–don’t forget your camera–and go.

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Beautiful Abandoned NYC

From Manhattan and Brooklyn’s trendiest neighborhoods to the far-flung edges of theouter boroughs, Will Ellis has spent the last three years photographing and researching the lost and lonely corners of the United States’ most populous city. His photo book Abandoned NYC is packed with 150 color images of sixteen of New York’s most beautiful and mysterious abandoned spaces, paired with detailed essays on the fascinating history of these forgotten sites. Here: the Gowanus “Batcave” was the home of a thriving squatter community in the early 2000s. Today it’s being renovated into artists’ studios and exhibition space. (Photo by Will Ellis)

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Northern Norway “In Search of the Northern Lights”

There is no guarantee to watch the Northern Lights when you want. You can just increase your chances by doing right things. Travel photographer Yigit Yuksel shares his travel notes from his recent Northern Norway trip.


To see the Northern Lights you should always improvise in your travel and search some places that suitable for watching the Northern Lights. This means that you should find a spot where away from city lights or busy roads and it must have an open wide view so you can watch it altogether.

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Iowa: America’s Heartland

Classic antique cars are seen at an auto dealer in West Branch, Iowa, March 6, 2015. Iowa, the American heartland. Endless farm fields and quiet towns. 56,273 square miles that are soon to become the focus of the nation as the long process of electing the next U.S. president begins. (Photo by Jim Young/Reuters)

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Below The Poverty Line: Living On A Garbage Dump In Cambodia

A woman searches for usable items among garbage at dumpsite outside Siem Reap March 19, 2015. Anlong Pi, an eight-hectare dumpsite situated close to the famous Cambodian resort province of Siem Reap, has recently become a tourist attraction in its own right. Sightseers pose for pictures with children who scavenge scraps for a living, making between $0.25 and $2 per day, according to a representative of a company overseeing the waste. Michelle Obama is due to visit to Cambodia to promote Let Girls Learn, a worldwide initiative that aims to help adolescent girls attend school. (Photo by Athit Perawongmetha/Reuters)

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Evgenia Arbugaeva’s Breathtaking Journey into Remote Parts Of Russia


Evgenia Arbugaeva was born in 1985 in the town of Tiksi. In 2009 she graduated from the International Center of Photography in New York. Since then she has worked as a freelance photographer, traveling between New York and Russia. In 2012 Evgenia received the Bright Spark award in the Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward Competition for emerging photographers, and a Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund Grant. Her work has been exhibited internationally, and has appeared in National Geographic, Le Monde Magazine, Marie Claire, and Io Donna, among others.

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A Look Inside Prince Charles’s Luxurious Private Aircraft


Heir Force One is an Airbus A320 chartered from Masterjet in Paris used by Prince Charles and Camila for their trips abroad. It is a luxury jet equipped with its own presidential area and is billed by its owners as The Head of State.

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The 24 Amazing Pools You Need To Jump In Once In Your Life


When is time for travel, we need to think what we will do on that trip and that can be our guide to travel destinations. This is an amazing idea for your travel plans. All of those magnificent pools are something that you need to feel and to see while you are on this planet. Like you can see on photos, all of them have something beautiful that you want to feel on you skin. So, think about this idea and enjoy in these amazing pools.

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Travelling Across Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula

In this March 3, 2015 photo, a group of California sea lions rest on a large bouy in the San Ignacio lagoon, in the Pacific Ocean, near Guerrero Negro, in Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. (Photo by Dario Lopez-Mills/AP Photo)

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20 Stunning Panoramic Around The World

These are the stunning panoramic shots of some of the worlds most beautiful locations. Company AirPano travel the world photographing its wonders from above. Their shots include famous cities – such as New York, Paris and Barcelona – as well as natural marvels, like volcanoes and waterfalls. The team, which consists of 12 members – nine photographers and three tech specialists – began looking into this style of photography in 2006. Project coordinator Sergey Semenov revealed after initially working with spherical panoramas on land, the group decided to take to the skies. They made a list of the 100 Best Places on the Planet, which they hoped to photograph over the coming years. Here: Downtown Manhattan, New York. (Photo by Airpano/Caters News)

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Off The Grid Rentals


“Off The Grid Rentals” is a new company in the US that lets you rent affordable expedition-ready gear for taking into the wild!

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The 10 Best Airports In The World Of 2015


London-based aviation research institute Skytrax has recognized the best airports in the world with the World Airport Awards. Changi Airport in Singapore has been named the World’s Best Airport by air travelers at the 2015 World Airport Awards. Below you can find all the winners of this award.

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“The Hidden Smiles Of Vietnam” by French Photographer Rehahn


For several years now, Réhahn, a french photographer, traveled across Vietnam. Along the way, his adventures have led to important meetings, which have naturally become the main theme of his photographic projects. When a complicity has been established between the two of them, then and only then does he gets his camera out in order to capture the moment. Very often on his photos, smiles are shyly hidden by their hands. Réhahn calls them his “Hidden Smiles”. During his travels, he’s noticed that many people often have the habit of covering their mouths when facing the camera, he assumes that this is by modesty or politeness, a sort of mark of elegance.

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68-Year-Old Woman Runs Across America

“Rosie Swale-Pope is on a mission to raise cancer awareness and to inspire people to live life to the fullest and to never give up. Her dedication to giving was inspired by a loss to cancer. “By the time my husband and I realized, it was too late to save him, and after he died in my arms, I felt if I stayed at home just crying and talking, who would listen to me? And I decided to run around the world”. In her trips around the world, the incredible 68-year-old has run 27 marathons, including the 300 mile Sahara Marathon, twice. In total, Rosie estimates that she’s run about 50,000 miles, sometimes across entire continents. She does all this with a small trailer that she wheels along behind her, which she holsters to her waist and around her shoulders. The trailer, which she has affectionately named “Icebird”, is her home when she’s on the road, and can sometimes weigh up to 300 pounds when it’s full with her belongings. Swale-Pope’s current journey is focused on America. At the beginning of this year, she took off running from New York and has so far made her way south, spreading awareness and raising funds for the cause that is so dear to her heart”. – Rachel Charlip

Sixty-eight year old cross-country runner Rosie Swale-Pope is interviewed while sitting in her cart, “The Icebird”, in Upperville, Virginia March 13, 2015. Swale-Pope, who is from Great Britain and once ran an unsupported 20,000 mile run around the globe, is currently running across the United States from New York City to San Francisco in support of cancer research. (Photo by Gary Cameron/Reuters)

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