Maha Shivaratri Festival in Nepal

Hindu holy man, or sadhu, applies paint to his forehead at his ashram on the premises of Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu February 15, 2015. Hindu holy men from Nepal and India come to this temple to take part in the Maha Shivaratri festival. Celebrated by Hindu devotees all over the world, Shivaratri is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and holy men mark the occasion by praying, smoking marijuana or smearing their bodies with ashes. (Photo by Navesh Chitrakar/Reuters)

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Carnival in Brazil 2015, Part 2

A reveller from the Mangueira samba school participates in the annual carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro’s Sambadrome, February 15, 2015. (Photo by Sergio Moraes/Reuters)

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Carnival in Brazil 2015, Part 1

A reveller from the Alegria da Zona Sul samba school takes part in the Group A category of the annual Carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro’s Sambadrome, February 14, 2015. (Photo by Pilar Olivares/Reuters)

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The Annual Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago

Ryan Sooknanan portraying “Phoenix” performs in the Junior Carnival King competition put on by the National Carnival Commission at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain, February 13, 2015. Picture taken February 13, 2015. (Photo by Andrea De Silva/Reuters)

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“Bloco da Lama” – A Traditional Mud Carnival Party in Brazil

A woman, covered in mud, dances during the traditional “Bloco da Lama” or “Mud Block” carnival party, in Paraty, Brazil, Saturday, February 14, 2015. Revelers in the seaside colonial town threw themselves into deposits of black, mineral-rich slime, emerging covered head-to-toe in the sludge. Bikinis and trunks disappeared beneath the mud, which highlights both gym-pumped pectorals and beer-fed guts. (Photo by Leo Correa/AP Photo)

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Romanian Salt Mine Turned into a Museum

Inside an old salt mine Salina Turda in Transylvania, Romania there is the largest museum in the world.

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Carnival Expectation in Brazil

Revelers dance during the “Ceu na Terra”, or Heaven on earth, carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Saturday, February 7, 2015. Rio’s over-the-top Carnival is the highlight of the year for many local residents. Hundreds of thousands of merrymakers are beginning to take to the streets in open-air “blocos” parties. (Photo by Felipe Dana/AP Photo)

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2015 Annual Carnival in Venice, Italy

A reveller poses on a gondola in a Venice canal near St. Mark’s square February 7, 2015. The Venetian carnival started on January 31 and runs until February 17, forty days before Easter celebrations. (Photo by Stefano Rellandini/Reuters)

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Around The World: A Look At Life In China

Passengers are seen through the window of a train at Beijing Railway Station, February 5, 2015. Chinese Ministry of Transport said a total of 2.807 billion trips are expected to be made during the 40-day Spring Festival travel rush, which will begin on February 4 and last until March 16, Xinhua News Agency reported. (Photo by Jason Lee/Reuters)

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Tobacco Production in Sudan

A farmer looks at tobacco plants at a farm in the Abu Shoak IDP camp for Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) in el-Fasher, February 5, 2015. Snuff tobacco is one of the North Darfur war zone’s main cash crops. (Photo by Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah/Reuters)

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The Adventure Log


The Adventure Log is a collaboration between Word. Notebooks and Bradley Mountain, and it’s designed to help you remember all those amazing trips and expeditions in your life. Each page has callouts for the Location, Date, and Conditions of your trip, along with a spot for Companions and a large Notes section for all you want to remember.

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Thaipusam: The Annual Hindu Festival In Malaysia

Hindu devotees go into a trance before starting their pilgrimage to the Batu Caves temple during Thaipusam in Kuala Lumpur February 2, 2015. Thousands of Hindus participate in the annual Hindu festival in which devotees subject themselves to painful rituals in a demonstration of faith and self punishment. Hindus believe they are cleansed of all sins and their misdeeds can be redeemed by observing prayers during Thaipusam. (Photo by Olivia Harris/Reuters)

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Discovering The Lost World Of Venezuela

Indigenous woven backpacks called guayare are seen in front of a house in Paraitepui village, before a walking excursion to Mount Roraima, near Venezuela’s border with Brazil January 13, 2015. A mysterious table-topped mountain on the Venezuela-Brazil border that perplexed 19th century explorers and inspired “The Lost World” novel is attracting ever more modern-day adventurers. (Photo by Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters)

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Schleicherlaufen Festival in Austria

A man with a painted face and traditional costumes takes part in the Schleicherlaufen festival in the western Austrian town of Telfs February 1, 2015. (Photo by Dominic Ebenbichler/Reuters)

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The Nomadic Life of a Man who Lives in a Camper Van

Mike Hudson chose to pack up his life and hit the road. He turned his van into a home and started a website called Van Dog Traveller to document his journey around Europe.

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